Feel awful

I've felt pretty awful since it happened, even though it was awhile ago now. Just a disclaimer - this will be a little graphic.

Myself and my girlfriend are into fairly "rough" s**, although I'm always making sure to ensure she is okay and nothing ever goes too far - I couldn't stand to hurt her! However, once when we were together I feel I did.

We were in a 69 position, and she was giving me oral s**. At one point, she removed my thingy from her mouth and said "Don't go just yet." judging from previous times she has said this, I assumed she meant, as she normally does for me not to e******** just yet as she wants to go on for a bit longer. I simply thought "Nah, I'm not gonna go for awhile" and put my thingy back in her mouth and went at it. Unfortunately, turns out I don't know my body that well and went pretty soon after. But that's not the problem.

Later, she revealed that she actually meant for me to give her a minute to catch her breath before we continued, laughing a little at the fact I put it back in, saying that she basically thought at the time "Oh...okay then!", stating she was having trouble breathing.

I was hit with a nuts load of guilt at this point. I asked her why she didn't just pull it out and jump off me, and she said she was unable to due to my legs' position around her head. I apologized to her a shitload, and have since then - to which she has simply stated she doesn't care and that she found it funny. Basically saying "I'd be p***** off if I had died =P". The fact she doesn't see it as anything bad is confirmed by the fact that not too long ago we had an argument in which she threw everything at me (Basically just other stuff involving jealousy and nuts, some problems we had much earlier in the relationship.)

Despite all this, I feel, honestly, like a rapist. I fell terrible and don't know what to do. So, essentially, I'm posting here to get opinions. How SHOULD I feel? Am I guilty of something on par with rape? I feel like a pretty nutsty person.

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  • good thing she didnt puke on you lol

  • Naw, youre good man. People get hurt a little during rough s**. Just the way it is. No harm, no foul.

  • there is nothing wrong with giving your chick a scuba steve

  • yea dont beat yoru self up like you are.... your not a bad person if you were then you wudnt be so worried about it but instead you are worrying about it when really you shudnt ok.

  • Don't beat yourself up about it. You've admitted your mistake--face it, a lot of crazy stuff can happen in the heat of passion--and she's forgiven you. Did you learn anything about yourself and her as a result? We all s**** up, sometimes with potentially life-threatening results. I'd address your guilt about it by being just a little nicer to her and by, every time you think about it, realizing how lucky you are to have her.

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