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I'm sure this is something a lot of you daily users see all the time, but since I'm going to be on the road doing community service projects throughout the U.S, I don't have the friends I have back at home to talk it out with. I'm 20 years old, back in November of 2010, I broke up with my fiance whom I was dating for 3 year, and it was a mistake I've regretted ever since, although I did it for the right reason. Now, it's two years later and I have just started trying to date again. The program I am doing community service for is a 10 month program and I didn't come here expecting to get with anyone, but I did and we have been dating for about a month. I'm not as happy as I should be in a relationship, and I know I'm not putting all of my effort into like I did with my ex fiance, so I'm starting to think it's time I brought it up to her and see what happens from there. Here is the twist though, before I came into the program, there was a another girl in whom I became really close with, and we have this unbreakable trust and she admitted to me today that she likes me and has thought about me in more than friendly ways, that she wants to go on a date when I return home, and this is a girl I can definitely see myself being with, someone I would give my all to, and move forward in life with. Here is the problem; the girl I'm with now see's me as the nicest guy she has ever been with, which is true, I treat her right and think she is a great girl, and I would never cheat on her or even think about it, but with that said, what do I do about the girl I've liked for awhile who I now knows likes me and I can see myself being with for awhile, and what should I do about my current girlfriend, whom I care a lot about?

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  • I had a similar situation. My now boyfriend left for 3 months to travel when we just started seeing each other. He said that he knew he really wanted to be with me through the time he was traveling. So ask yourself this question, if she really worth it the end things with the woman your with now. Just say that you just want to be single and prioritize other things.

  • You have to move on with this girl who asked you to go out with her. She likes you man and she would be the best person to make you at least move on with your life. Don't make the same mistake twice man. Go for it and wish you the best young man.


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