Lady behind me

One sat I was raking behind the garage when my neighbor behind me came over to say hello. She told me she knew of my divorce and was going through a divorce herself , she said it was very bitter and she hated her former husband because of it. She mentioned that she was forced to sell the house and that hubby did anything he could to get even with her.
She invited me in to see the house before it was sold. We went from room to room and she had a story for each room.
One of the bedrooms was where she caught hubby s******* one of his co workers at a party they were having.
I could see she was angry just talking about it , She suggested we sit down and have a few beers to cool off.
It was summer and all she had on was a pair of shorts and a tank top. She was one of those thin girls with small t*** but with great legs and a nice round ass. I couldn't keep my eyes off her legs and she noticed me looking and also noticed the bulge in my paints as well.
I guess we couldn't help it but before I knew it we were kissing like crazy and soon our clothes were off .
I got to see her nice round ass up close and personal. We spent most of the night making up for all the lost time we had with our former partners.
She wanted to f*** me so that when hubby came over the next day she would seduce him into s** and have him eat her p**** and my c**.
Needless to say . she was able to pull it off , he came over the next day and she got him to eat her out. She said she sat on his face , there was no escape for him, he was clueless.
She knew he was powerless when it came to s**, she knew which buttons to push to get him to do anything she wanted.
This went on until the house was sold, about 3 months. All that time I would go over there and s**** her and later have her ex hubby eat her out.
She once told me she wanted to tape the whole thing to make him look like a j*** , it never happened.
The house was sold and she moved on, I never told my new wife about it , better to keep some secrets rather than open a can of worms.

Jan 30, 2021

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