I can't escape fat women

I am separated, awaiting my divorce to be finalized. Over the holidays the loneliness hit a fever pitch and I opened up a dating profile on a social media app I already use.

So, I am 40, I'd consider myself reasonably attractive, active, outdoorsy, fit/athletic. I posted profile pics that supported this. I tried to draw attention from women who were also fit/athletic and interested in outdoors activities. I should also mention, my ex is a fat woman, and even though I didn't mind having a fat wife I decided now is the time to make a change to the kind of woman I was with.

Here's what I experienced.

Most women didn't even connect. The ones I most wanted to get to chat with and meet didn't even connect with me, so bummer. Some of the ones that had gym or bikini pics up, the ones I really wanted to get to know...nothing. Most of the women who did connect with me didn't really interact. It felt like pulling teeth to get a conversation going with some of them. After a few one-two word answers I gave up. Some never responded at all.

And because I do like fat girls too, I did try to connect with a couple of them, despite really wanting to pursue something with a more fit/athletic person. What I found were the fat one just ate me up. I spent the new year holiday with a fat chick and we were off to a good start but had several areas that made us incompatible so we broke things off. In the days following I started chatting with several different women of several different body types and fount the ones I connected with the most are all fat women.

I've sort of distanced myself from all but 2 of them. Both are fat women and I've now met both in person. They're both very aggressive kissers and enjoy being touched/held. One admitted she is probably going to gain weight if she gets involved with someone especially given her schedule. I appreciated her honesty.

I have to do this carefully because I truly do consider both of them viable partners for me. I need to make a decision on which one I want to pursue and put everything into that so the other one does not get hurt. Anyway, aside from that I just wonder if the universe has just decided I am meant to be with a fat woman. Like maybe I just never really had a choice? I know it's a small sample, but maybe there's just some kind of vibe flowing out there. Maybe I'm "reserved" for the fat women. It sounds ridiculous but sometimes it sure seems that way.

And if things work out with one of these two, maybe that's ok.

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  • Nothing wrong with a fatty. Especially if she has a pretty face and great personality. The excess weight just adds to the fun. Soft warm and cuddly like a woman should be. No real man's man wants to hug a boney coat rack of a woman.

  • No real man wants to be seen with a fatty. They are the kiss of death socially and professionally. When was the last time you saw a rich successful dude with a big fat pig on his arm? Never?... Yeah that's my point.

  • Most women on date sites are entitled and they are lazy with comments. You're better off meeting someone 'naturally' offline. Plus, based on what I read, I suggest you NOT settle for the fat women whom aren't even what you were generlly seeking. Women on date sites have a different experience than men. A regular plain Jane looking women gets attention online as if she's a ten due to all the silly simps, therefore, even though you may be in shape, a fat ugly chic wants you to go out of your way to 'impress' them before they show interest. Most attractive women worth meeting ain't on a date site. The ones that ARE on date site are mostly catfish fakes. In other words, DO NOT SETTLE FOR THOSE TWO FAT CHICS. Why settle for a used Ford ** that you haven't even test drived when there are Masaratis and Corvettes etc. out there waiting to be driven.

  • Mind if I ask what site you used?

  • Beauty starts from the inside all the time. Find a warm loving woman and just take it one step at a time.
    If your really conflicted talk to a therapist, there is nothing wrong with trying to figure out what you want and like!!!

  • Thank you. That is very thoughtful advice.

  • Good luck, just be smart. There's nothing wrong with fat women.

  • Haha, ** to be you! Only action you can get is the fat girls?

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