Getting fat

I've decided to let myself go. I've been dieting since my teens, and I'm tired of it. Now I'm 24 and just got married. I decided on the honeymoon to just let myself go and get fat. No more dieting. I'm just going to get fat like every other married woman. That is one of the perks of being married, isn't it? It's been 6 months, now, and I've packed on 22 pounds. Feels great to eat what you want and not care about getting fat.

Jan 9, 2016

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  • How does your husband feel about this? I'll bet not too good. I would never put up with some fat s*** for a wife and most real men wouldn't.

  • Let me know if your wife (on the miraculous chance a dope like you even has one) gets fat... i'll gladly take her off your hands and please her better than your sorry ass ever could.

  • That's exactly what my wife did. She was chubby when we met and fought constantly to keep her weight under control. Then once she got the ring she just said "F*** it" and just ate and ate. Now after 8 years and 2 kids she's fat as a pig. Over 480 pounds of sweaty, hot, heavy breathing, whale blubber and I would change it for the world. The s** is amazing...I'm going to pamper her, love her and just keep her eating and eating until her heart explodes... The I'll just find another obese girl to feed and start the process all over again. There is no shortage of fat pigs out there that would love that lifestyle. Some women are just meant to be fat hogs.

  • You're a sick SOB.

  • The fatter the better. No limits...That's the way I like my women.

  • I remember school days wouldn't give the big girls a second look. i now realize how stupid i was not too and trying to make up for lost time,if are frustrated with husband and are open minded take a run to your local wal mart and i bet you would be picked up in know time

  • If hubby complains, just make him FAT too!

  • Yeah probably a good idea to get him gaining with you. Less resentment that way unless you're sure he likes you big. But if he let's go too and experiences non-diet life with you, he might just come around and be your friendly happy eating buddy. If you decide to go for it, men are so easy to fatten. Never seen a guy resist home cooked food from his gal.

  • Many men like large women. There is nothing sexier than a 200 LB woman who denies herself no pleasures

  • Oink oink.

  • Forget these idiots big girls are sexy you're sexy no matter how much you gain they're just jealous because thin girls don't grab attention anymore, if you wouldn't mind please post pics of your weight gain progression, bigger is ALWAYS better. -BBWLvr

  • This is why men cheat and divorce is so high. Marriage isn't forever and he will leave your fat ass

  • How about a different approach.. Just be healthy and eat the foods you want, but in moderation. Don't do it to excess. If you aren't depressed now, you will be when you are heavier and can't find clothes that fit, don't have energy to do anything and the added weight puts a strain on your body and gives you health problems you can't imagine. Food can be a killer. Not to mention, you just got married..if you want children wouldn't you want them to have a mom who'll be around?

  • Why would you do that. What does your hubby think? Apart from the health risks you sound depressed. Does he want a fat wife. What if he started to look else where cos he thinks you've just given up on yourself.

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