Weight gain.

He said i am getting really fat. I told him he doesnt know what really fat is. He pointed at me and im looking at it. He will be away for the next 6 months. I am going to show him just what really fat is. I am a bit over weight at 180 yeah. But really fat. In six months i will be really fat. 300+. The look on his face will be priceless.

Oct 29, 2019

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  • Have some respect for yourself and don't get fatter. In fact you should lose weight and then dump his ass. Getting fat as a form of revenge or self satisfaction is the stuff of mental illness. Get psychological help and go to the gym.

  • Don't be surprised when your husband comes home one day with divorce papers for you to sign. If a wife gains a tremendous about of weight, it's grounds for divorce. A man is entitled to the woman he married not some lazy big fat, slob who doesn't respect herself enough to keep her weight under control. This is the problem with women today, too entitled, too narcissistic, too into themselves, too greedy, too selfish. When I see a guy with a fat wife I always say to myself "there for the grace of God go I". It must be intensity embarrassing and disappointing to be a man and be in that situation. Only little beta faggots will put up with their wife turning into a blimp.

  • "Really fat" in today's day and age is well over 400lbs. My wife used to think she was "really fat" at 5'-3" tall and 200lbs but now that she is almost 550lbs she understands what "really fat" is and she knows that I love it. She is so big around that I can't even get my arms fully around her and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Surely you've got to be at least 400+lbs by now?

  • Been almost a year now. Just how fat have you gotten!?

  • Practice cooking for yourself. Then when he gets back fatten him up too.

  • So, its almost six months since you posted this. How much do you weigh now, and how do you feel about it?

    If you're looking for someone else after all this, let me know. I'd love to have you and encourage you, just letting you enjoy yourself ;)

    Email me at feedthefatty2748@gmail.com

  • Sounds great. I know something about weight gain, being 330 or so myself. Eat before going to bed, eat LOTs of carbs and fat, and don't drink anything other than regular pepsi/coke or cream. If you eat a lot of sugar, you will become hungry all the time. Have FUN, because that is what it's supposed to be!

  • How much do you weigh after a month?

  • I’m a bit overweight , but I would have been fatter if I had gotten a car , so I am at the weight of 220 pounds , but I’m still in got average shape because I walk all the time 24/7 .

  • I let myself go and got fat, 250 pounds I'm only 5 feet tall. I also was a b**** to the only man until that time who loved unconditionally. I made his life h***. Finally, my husband gave up on me and left. Not for a skinny girl, but married a woman who was overweight too. I f***** up so bad.

    I was devastated, by what I had done. I ate more and got up to 300 lbs in 3 months.

    But I was saved by my son. He was 18 and just got in the shower with me one night. I was in shock as he kissed me I did not resist at all. He started touching me especially my stomach then my p****. He sat me on the shower bench and spread my legs and licked my p**** until I came. Tommy said, Mom you are so beautiful, l love your body. I want to marry you, how can I love anyone but you.

    I was crying as he brought me to my bedroom. He held my stomach caressing it, were still naked and he the more he touched my belly the harder he got. I knelt on the bed, and he was inside of me, he made love to me four times that night each time cummingin me. He held my belly each time.

    Two years have passed, I lost some weight down to 235. I know he has a fat fetish, but I'm more than will to give him my body. He likes me to be naked all the time so he can touch me any where. He masterbates me constantly as we watch TV in bed at night. I swallow his c** several times a day. I'm not going to make the same mistakes again. I have a young stud who wants me all the time. I'm giving him all the s** he wants to keep him. He take online college courses, so we can f*** all day long.

    As his mother I know incest is wrong, but I'm only 40, and want Tommy to knock me up. I didn't tell him, last month I went off the pill. We bareback so with luck I'm pregnant soon.

    I so glad a got super fat.

  • THIS is what you do with your imagination? Ok.


  • Nothing more unappealing than a fat person.

  • This is the result of giving women the right to vote.

  • What will this gain you. So you can say now this is fat?

  • It takes years for frigid, retarded women to become morbidly obese. Enjoy your loneliness, There are plenty of heathy women who want relationships with intelligent men.

  • Oh man that’s hot. He has no idea how lucky he is!

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