Biden 2024

Why do people think trans girl’s shouldn’t play sports l**** obviously you guys don’t know anything about medicine/ hormones it blocks the manly stuff out and let’s us grow b**** makes our hair grow faster all that good stuff so stfu and go play a sport

Feb 1, 2021

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  • Loser! You and that brain dead Biden.

  • You're a boy, go play sports with the boys, cheater!

  • Well you can’t deny that having a cis male (XX) puberty is going to give height and overall size advantages that a cisgender female (XY) doesn’t have. And it’s not something that hormonal replacement therapies can equalize for a fair playing field. I think trans athletes should be allowed to compete against other trans athletes.

  • It’s always the fat conservative losers who have health problems who are mad trans girls are pretty and better

  • Exactlyyy

  • You stfu you're a man

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