This man wants love

This probably sounds weird coming from a man, but I don’t enjoy casual s**. I’m not driven to be a player. I’ve had casual s**, and I never really enjoyed it. I just found it to be an awkward scenario where the intimate and the impersonal intersect, and I just couldn’t reconcile the two. It was meaningless to me, and I feel absolutely nothing when I remember those experiences. It is always the romantic part of a relationship that I cherish. I want love. I am a very passionate man emotionally, and I love the process of wooing a woman and falling in love with her. I love those quiet moments when I share my feelings with a woman. I love to say things to a woman to make her feel happy. I’ve even written love poetry. I love to see how they react to that. I would rather make love than just have s**. Throughout the course of casual s** I just feel disconnected. I’m not interested in hook-up culture. I value the memories of emotional congress the most. People ask me if I’m getting laid, and there are lots of people who believe that casual encounters are a cure-all for your problems. The few casual s** interactions I entered into didn’t leave me feeling happier or more confident. My mental and physical health didn’t reap any noticeable benefits, or at least none that I can recall. Society believes I’m a loser because I haven’t had s** with thousands of women. If the quantity leaves me feeling hollow inside, what’s the point? That doesn’t even qualify as pleasure. I would rather have the quality that comes from being intimate with a woman I love. For me, that’s what passion is all about.

Feb 1, 2021

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  • Wish we could meet IRL! Oh well.

  • We can email me here

  • You are a part of the solution, not the problem. The others like that are too plentiful and unimpressive. They make themselves known by attacking you and will probably speak about this post. Insecurities and disgust will show. Just enjoy watching them “out” themselves. No shortage of community d***.

  • Word. Same here, Anon.

  • Play with another people Feeling.Playing with other people's feelings, approaching with deceitful teasing wanting s**, solving loneliness. Whatever the reason, it begins with deceitful insincerity, making people fall in love, causing pain to others with love. Someday, when you experience the heavy sins of the person playing with the feelings of being loved by others. You guys will never have the fulfillment of love on the day you really want it. Someday, there will be no one next to you, because the person you approach starts loving you with a pure heart. But you and you play other people's feelings for fun and l***, overcoming, you are the lack of love, the cracks in life. The family is broken.

  • Https://

  • Dana Dyer Golson of Jasper Alabama is a w****

  • Dayum now she’s a w****

  • Why should a man want a w**** for a wife?

  • I don’t know. You should tell us.

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