I’m never going to love my stepson

So I’ve really been feeling like a monster because I absolutely do not love my 5 yr old stepson. I barely like him but I really care for and love my girlfriend.
My girlfriend and I are going on 3 yrs together. In the start, it was going good until I moved in and really got to know how her son is. First off, he’s an extreme momma’s boy. He has to constantly be up his mother’s ass. He never gives us space even if it’s just for 30 mins. He constantly interrupting when I try talking with her and he does it on purpose. How do I know? He can literally be into a show he’s watching and as soon as I start talking with my girlfriend, he quickly cracks his neck and starts screaming “mommy” several times and even sometimes tugs on her. We’ve taught him to say excuse me. (I’m big on manners and being polite) it’s going on 3yrs and I still cannot have a full conversation without him interrupting. He has to be the center of attention every minute of the day. Literally. He interrupts to show his mom for the millionth time in the day that he can roll his eyes or he can jump high and he’ll repeat 5x after the first to where I don’t feel like talking anymore.
At first, my girlfriend did baby him to the max until we talked and I told her he needs to learn if not he’s never going to grow as an individual. So yes, I did enforce grounds rules. I think all kids should follow at least a small set of rules where it builds character. I came from a home of rules. She’s stepped it up a bit in parenting and has detached a little bit but we’re still battling arguments revolving around him and his behavior. He’s aggressive all the time. He breaks everything he pretty much touches even after we tell him or show him how to handle things gentle. When he doesn’t get his way, he acts out by inflicting pain on himself and bashing his toys together loud with this wise guy smirk across his face. He’s also a huge ass kisser because he knows there’s certain things he can get away with with mommy. He’s even smirked at me a couple times when she’s giving him hugs because he’s being “cute”. Those are the moments where I dislike him the most. But the moments I really want to toss him is when he attacks my cat. In the beginning when he was 2, I heard a noise coming from the kitchen and my girlfriend didn’t check it out so I did. This boy put a chair to the table nearest to the fridge. Climbed all the way up with a broomstick to hit my cat. He walks by my cat and deep stares at him. Sometimes if I’m not behind him, he’ll try to be slick and kick my cat as he’s walking by. I have literally had the fear of him hurting my cat severely. Why do I say that? Because the one time he took my brother-in-law’s charger cable and was whipping my cat over the sofa and he was laughing enjoying it! At that moment, I wanted to grab that cord and whip him with it to see how he likes it but instead I got my girlfriend to take care of it because I won’t hit her kid. He’s not my kid and I will never see him as my kid. Mind you, we’ve been telling him to leave the cat alone for 2 years now.
He’s a spoiled little brat too! He has a whole room full of f****** toys and I’m trying to get him to build imagination and some independence. Since he was 2 we have been teaching him how to use the bathroom, brush your teeth and get dressed. The simple things for kids... he knows how but refuses to do it on his own. He just plain refuses to listen to anything. Now in the past couple months, whenever he gets in trouble, I’ve tried to have small talks with him and tell him what he did wrong or what he shouldn’t be doing because it’s bad and hes able to repeat what I said back to me. When I ask him “what is he not supposed to do” he answers me. So he knows, he’s just refusing and is being a little s***. I do believe it’s because I’m in the picture and with his mom. But then again I also think he can be a little psycho. Sorry for saying that but he’s already showed me signs of one like idk where he learned to choke but we were in the pool playing and he literally was trying to drown me. His face says it all. He bites his lip and you can tell he just wants to inflict pain. Now he’s actually undermining what I say and goes running to his mom as if she’s not going to back up what I say. I just can’t stand him. He’s smart but plays very f****** dumb. Even his f****** uncle sees through his bullshit but not his mom. My girlfriend actually stated one time that I sound ridiculous because he’s a kid. Like I get it but there’s seriously something wrong with her son. Something bad. He’s just bad. And I know with age he’s going to get worse.

Feb 3, 2021

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  • He sounds like he is playing his Mom.
    It is not going to end well, or in the future..A sick person growing up and no social skills...
    How sad!!!

  • No, boyfriend, there's something terribly evil about you and her son can sense it. No real man would hate and attack his girlfriend's young son. Break up with her NOW!

  • Or you’re just blind to the fact that children can actually be really bad and intend it, my friend. How tf do you think psychopaths come about? You think they just create them. No! They show signs when they’re older but it’s blind people like you that fail to see it because they can’t believe a sweet child can be that until it bites ya in the ass when they become older. And for the record, I don’t hurt the child at all. I observe. I’m also female thank you very much.

  • He's only going to get stronger and meaner. You have a choice. Keep the girlfriend and live with that psycho, or breakup. that is your only choice.

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