I want him

I like this guy he's in 2 of my classes and we've become really good friends, I think he's is one of the most gorgeous guys in the world and he's very shy which I think is adorable. The problem is he has a girlfriend and she's perfect she is really pretty and they are into the same things. I act like everythings fine and I tell him how cute they are together but the truth is I want him to be my boyfriend more than anything in the world.

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  • i feel ya gurl. just keep talking to him. dont stop being friends. maybe something might happen! but dont completely wait for him, get out there, im doing the exact opposite right now, nd it sux b**** :\

  • I no. that was rude! i hope u guys get togther. at least hes your friend and not your sworn enemy. so, i think that better than me. hope they break up ;)

  • I think one way to get what you want is to possibly shut the h*** up. Just a suggestion.

  • wow rude^^. but that really suxs i hope you guys get together :P

  • that really sucks :(

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