Two Boyfriends

I am seeing two men. Both are attractive, smart, funny. Both are great guys. And neither one knows about the other one. One lives close, and one is long distance. Maybe it's because I've had my heart broken so callously and so frequently in the past, but I don't even feel remotely bad about it. In fact, I intend to keep both until one of them breaks up with me (and I'm quite certain from my experience, that one of them callously will).

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  • You write your own ticket liberal. Fock I hate liberal websites.

  • also in regards to the first persons comment about guys have to earn your fidelity. That is a bunch of crap. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander, and a promise is a promise. If you are in an open relationship and you both know it, that is fine. but if one or the other of you thinks you are in an exclusive relationship and the other person is seeing someone else that is not cool for anyone.

  • First off you have had your heart broken right? And it sucked right? so what makes it ok for you to play around with these 2 guys in a fashion that could break one or both of thier hearts just so you can feel secure. That is not only selfish, but very callous on your part. You need to look in the mirror and see you are now no better than the jerks that have screwed you in the past. Either be honest with them both and keep the relationships, or break it off with one of them and keep your secret.

  • Nothing wrong with you in the least, the first poster was right, you're not married. I have a friend, she made a very real decision not to marry, dates when and who she wishes, is a careful and clean woman, and is much much happier than a lot of my friends that got married. The others are right though too, date who you wish, just don't lie about it.

  • Thing is, what if they find out about each other? Perhaps you make a mistake with email and the other gets it... questions will arise and it could all blow up.

    Bah.. you are here confessing it, so is there really any guilt?

    It all sounds like a self fulfilling prophecy.

  • U sound like a person I use to Know .. she use 2 go around with as many 4 to 5 guys.. & use to say she is clean..

  • Be truthful to both of them please. Thats honestly not fair to both of them. If you're two-timing guys now, then when you are married to one guy you'll be even more tempted to cheat on him. NOT COOL!

  • Until a guy puts an engagement ring on your finger, you are just dating. Don't make promises that you cant keep, and try to not lie out right, and its all good. Guys should earn your fidelity, they don't get it for nothing.

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