My mother used to verbally and emotionally abuse me when I was like 15/16. I remember swallowing rat poison after she told me to go and kill myself. I was already partially suicidal at 15 but that was the nudge in the right direction that I needed. She used to come home and scream for hours and hours at me and my brother. She would Just break us down emotionally! She told my brother he had a small p****. What kind of damaging ass parent would say that. She’d make fun of his man b**** when angry and as a result my brother is now painfully insecure. He never takes his jacket off. It will be summer and he will be a sweaty mess with his jacket on because heaven forbid anybody see his man b****. My moms a f****** idiot. As a child I always wanted to call childline because a part of me knew that the way I was being treated wasn’t right. My mom thinks that if she provides food and electric that she’s done her job as a mother. My mother has no idea the kind of issues she has given both me and my brother. She’s a toxic parent. A shambles of a mother and a waste of a human being. To the outside world she’s a philanthropic kind generous woman. To her family. A f****** raging lunatic. A typical narcissist but f****** stupid. Has no brain. No intellect. No f****** anything. Just a f****** idiot. I hate her sometimes. I like it when she gives me money or cooks me something that I like. I like that she houses me. But other than that I live with a f****** c***. When I’m
Able to house myself which is going to be very soon...I’m running as far away as possible from that b****. She’s a stupid dumb imbecilic moronic retarded foolhardy IDIOT. She’s actually so f****** stupid. Omg. Like her intelligence is laughable. Ahaha she’s like a 14 year old in a 55 year olds body. A dumb c***. A dumb b****. A dumb t***. F****** b**** uuugghhhhh I hate her sooo much!!!

Feb 6

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