I cheated with my young neighbor

My husband and I have lived in the same apartment building for 17 years since before we were married. The other tenants seem to just come and go, we rarely get to know any of them beyond just saying hi. A young guy in his mid-twenties moved in a year and a half ago. Right off the bat he had girls over all the time. Young good looking girls, they'd have really loud s** and my husband and I would laugh when they climaxed they were almost always so loud. We would joke about how great the guy was at s** and my husband liked seeing the pretty girls all the time.

I met the guy, he was friendly in the hall. Started seeing him a lot, he seemed very nice and was polite and respectful then later I'd hear him f****** some girl and wonder what it was that made the girls scream like they did.

He started complementing me here and there, and one night he and a girl helped carry in my groceries. The girl, who was beautiful, make a joke saying the guy was hoping to have me over. He laughed and said "yes it would be nice to be with a beautiful woman" and they both laughed and she squeezed my arm.

Later, I listened and got myself off while they f*****.

A few weeks later, he came to my door and asked to talk. He said he'd been thinking about me a lot and if I ever wanted to just knock on his door. He said that he got the feeling I wanted a little passion and he wanted to make love to me.

A month later, after a lot of thought and worry and back and forth, I knocked on his door. The idea was to tell him I had thought about it and wanted him to know I was flattered but that I couldn't. Instead, we were kissing and touching each other in seconds. His hands and mouth were all over me making me so hot I wanted him in me, wanted to feel what those other girls felt.

I found out why the screamed the way they do. His c*** is beautiful, perfect. It's the perfect size and he uses it like no one else. He spends so much time getting you close to c****** then slides that perfect d*** in and slowly pleasures you that by the time he's ready to f*** for real you're both so close that his fast hard f****** style makes you c** harder than you can imagine. I was no different, I screamed when I came and so did he. The best f*** of my life nothing else has been close.

I've f***** him many times since it's always prefect. He's no threat to my marriage, he simply f**** me when he wants s** and I'm available. And I love the physical part of it with him that I'm more at risk of damaging my marriage over it than he is. He has lived up to his word, he has been discreet. The pretty girl who joked with me about me f****** him has made similar jokes since. She has no idea we've been f******.

I feel guilty and figure to end this at some point but for now, I'm a 42 year-old wife entering middle age having the s** of my life and I don't really want to stop.

Feb 6, 2021

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  • YOU are one of the cool ones....most chicks are crazy when the affair starts...Bravo to you!

  • Sexy you. Enjoy. Wish I were that younger lover of yours.

  • If only I had a young neighbor like that. I am happy for you, enjoy.

  • You should just let your husband go. He deserves better.

  • Go girl, you have a right to be happy.

  • Maybe that pretty girl had an eye on you and is making the comments wanting a threesome with you

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