I’m a guy who loves wearing woman’s clothing

I want to become a woman I already ware panties all the time with pads and want to wear skirts and yoga pants out in the public is that bad I also like wearing bras

Feb 6, 2021

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  • Gender dysphoria is real..Seek professional counseling.

  • As long as you're happy do whatever

  • Whatever man you do you

  • People like you disgust me.
    You are an embarrassment to normal blokes
    Either keep quiet or kill yourself you perverted creep.

  • C'mon, you know if he dropped to his knees and said he wanted to service you - you would probably let him!

  • F*** right off. I despise faggots, dykes all other dysfunctional people.

  • You should probably leave this site and seek council It’s pretty obvious your a closet q**** and just haven’t admitted it to yourself yet

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