When my son was 13 i came out the bathroom and caught him spying on me,gave him a telling off but that didn't stop him caught him more time's,I didn't tell his dad as it would of only cause to much trouble,he's now 21 and im 39 we got chatting about the past and i brought it up, for a good hour we chatted mainly about that and he told me he had his first w*** while spying on me,I asked him when he was wanking what did he want to do and wow i was shocked when he came out and said he wanted to get in bed with me,we ended up in the kitchen and when i was making a drink for use he came up to me and said leave that and took my hand i asked him where we going and he said up to your bed, with his free hand his pulled down the front of his shorts and let his big d*** flop out,he's my son but i wasn't thinking it at that moment,I stood my ground and he came back and had me against the kitchen counter hands up my dress and i moved my legs apart and had the best s*** of my life,I got him to keep it in and c**.

Feb 8, 2021

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  • Same thing with my son. I just began leaving the door open in the bathroom so he could watch. I thought he grow out of it. He never did, at 16 he one day just got in the shower with me. 2 days later we were washing each other bodies. And after we shared my bed every night.

    I let him lift my night gown every night and he kneel next to me and j*** off over me and c** on my t***. I began masterbating to as he did it. 6 months into it I took him in my mouth and swallowed.

    He 40 and I'm 67 now, we are so in love. Only a son can truly love his mom that completely and satisfy her sexually. He is my perfect man.

  • I’m 49 and all for teaching young men how to really pleasure a woman. I mean I feel that as an experienced woman I need to teach the young men how to do it right. That way young ladies can enjoy s** rather than endure all the bad s** I have had to endure.

    But NOT your own son!

  • B!!!!!!6666

  • Perfectly normal.
    Can't beat a mature hairy f****.
    Been there. Done that. Got the t shirt.

  • What.

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