Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

Last summer my wife's sister and her husband came to visit us at the lakehouse, We got carried away drinking and after putting the kids to bed things got more carried away and somewhere along the way we switched from beer to hard alcohol and then my sister in laws husband stumbled off to bed at one point, A little later I did the same and the girls went to bed a bit later.
I woke up at some point and stumbled out to the kitchen, My wife's sister was standing there at the sink looking lost and completely wasted, She looked at me, I looked at her and without saying a word I put my hands on her shoulders, Spun her around and she put her elbows on the counter. I grabbed her bikini bottoms and pulled them to the floor then dropped my trunks and stepped up behind her. She reached back between her legs as she spread them and grabbed my shaft, and pulled me into her. We never spoke a word but when I shoved it in her she gasped a bit then put her head on her hands, I pulled her boobs out and pinched her nipples as I pounded her, She started breathing heavy then crossed her ankles squeezing her thighs together and let out a little whimper and her ass shook and then went limp laying on the counter, I had already finished but gave her a couple thrusts and she pushed me back, Dropped to her knees and started sucking me.
I was oversensitive and could only let her do that for a couple seconds and pulled back, She stood up and looked at me as she swayed back and forth then put her finger on my lips and whispered in my ear "Did you come already?", I nodded and she stumbled off to the bathroom. I went back to bed and in the morning made coffee and sat on the couch, That was when I noticed her bikini bottoms still on the kitchen floor, I jumped up and grabbed them off the floor stuffing them in my pocket and a few minutes later my wife got up then her sisters husband.
Her I got up to go to the bathroom and opened the door, My wife's sister was still passed out on the bathroom floor, On her back, Legs spread and one tit hanging out, I took a peek then closed the door and went back to the kitchen, I whispered to my wife that her sister needed her help in the bathroom and she looked at me then went and opened the door, While my wife was in the bathroom I tossed her bikini bottoms on the floor in their room and my wife woke her and wrapped a towel around her, She stumbled off to the bedroom and returned red faced a few minutes later, Everyone laughed and teased her about the fact I had seen her pussy.
I don't know if she remembers or not but has never said a word.

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