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For 10 years I have had an attraction to my wife's mom, Nothing crazy but just think she has gotten more attractive as she has gotten older, She is now 55 and looks great, short, brunette, Attractive mature woman.
My wife is 35 and we got married when she was 25 and also I feel she has gotten more attractive as she ages but her mom just catches my attention, I started spying on her 5 years ago anytime I get the chance and over the last 5 years have basically seen it all, She is single, Never married and as such she apparently gets...Urges so I have seen it all, Usually through her bedroom window which she assumes no one can see in due to her living in a raised bungalow but with the help of some outdoor furniture rearranging I have been able to witness a LOT.
I am not tryng to brag about myself but I have an impressive c***, 8" from pelvis to tip but my wife has always said that more than the lenght it is the girth that is in her words "Intense", We had stayed at her house for a night before leaving on a flight for a family vacation last week and I had forgotten my phone on the kitchen counter, I heard my phone "Ding" at somewhere around 5:00 am and thought I should go get my phone but was being lazy, It made a sound again and I decided to go get it, My wife and I sleep nak3d, Always have and I felt around on the floor for my shorts that i keep handy because we have kids.
As I felt around in the dark I heard my wife's mom's bedroom door open and I laid back on the bed, I heard her walk to the kitchen and wondered if she was going to investigate the noise, I thought for a second and heard her muttering something then the hallway light came on, I quickly made a decision to flash her and laid back with the covers pulled to the side and of course had full morning wood, I laid my arm across my face and peeked under my arm as I watched her shadow come down the hall, She quietly stepped up to the door and then poked her head around the corner, She opened her mouth to say something, Assumably to wake me but she stopped, She looked away and then looked down at the floor, If I wasn't fully hard then I definitely got fully hard as I watched her look back right at my c*** and I swear to god, No bullsh!t I seen her nippl3s on her saggy little b**** get rock hard, She stood there for a solid 3-4 minutes staring, Took a deep breath making her n!ps press harder against her thin nightshirt and then shook her head.
I watched my wife's mom look down at my phone then back at me, She bit her bottom lip nervously and then went to turn away, She stopped and looked again, I watched her gulp like she had a frog in her throat and then she shook her head again and walked away, I later found my phone on the kitchen counter so she had gone and put it back but she came back to the bedroom doorway and stood there looking at me, She put her hand on her chin with her finger across her lips and I could see she was breathing heavy and had rock hard p0kies, She stood there for another couple minutes and then tip toed away and turned off the hallway light.
As quietly as I could I snuck out of bed and went to retreive my phone, I passed her doorway and got my phone, On the way back I could see that her lamp was on by the dim light under the door, Knowing her house well I knew there was no way I could get out of the house without making noise so I just stood outside her door and listened, All jokes aside I heard rustling then as I listened I heavy breathing, I pressed my ear to the door and Could hear her panting then I heard the unmistakable sound of her f!nger!ng her wey pu$$y, She must have been dripping wet because I could hear as she quickly and quietly rubbed one out, I heard the slapping of her hand in her wet pu$$y and then listened to her make a little sound and moan quietly, then listened to her whisper "hoooo fuuuu@k, ooooh my g0d" as she finished, I tip toed away and went to bed, I laid there hard as hard could be until I heard her shower turn on.
When I went to the kitchen the coffee had been started so I poured a cup and sat startegically in a kitchen chair with my one ankle on the other knee and had my c*** hanging out the leg of my shorts, Staying only "Semi Hard" was possibly the most difficult thing I have ever done but eventually she emerged from the hallway and came into the kitchen, She gasped a little and said "Oh crap, haha, Good morning, You scared me", I said "Good morning", When she sat down at the table She very obviously could see my k*** and an inch or two hanging out of the leg of my shorts. It was hilarious to watch her as she tried not to look but I caught her looking a dozen times before she excused herself from the room and left.
We went on our holiday and I swear she got caught looking at my bulge 20-30 times and every time it was funny to me, I think there may be more flashings in her future.

Jul 30, 2021

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  • Love the story. I used to be a serial flasher and for women it was like a magnet they cannot resist....that first time when they see it...the shock on their faces and that lingering look beyond an acceptable amount of time...their eyes locked on what they are seeing...suddenly their realisation and as they look up and away .....u catch their eyes...now u have caught them...their embrassment so evident...you leave a a hint of a smile that just says....u dirty girl.....it was like a drug.

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