Gay mess

So I recently realised I'm a lesbian, at first I thought I was bi but I'm not. I have been talking to my friend online now for like three months every single night and we are already so close, we just click. He is trans and gay, I am non binary and lesbian. But somehow I think I'm catching feelings for him. It's not that I don't see him as a dude, I definitely do, sometimes I literally forget he's trans! And now his boyfriend has broken up with him he keeps joking that we are dating now and is literally drawing us making out! We talk to each other like we are dating too, and I'm so confused. Btw we are both 14. What do I do now?

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Mental Health, keep scrolling if it makes you uncomfortable!

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  • Transtards are mental health train wrecks!

  • Grow up, get right with Jesus, study your Bible KJV. Pray your demonic homosexuality away. Find a guy and marry him. Simple.

  • Immature child. ** grow up.

  • Okie then I'll go have ** with a woman if that's what you want babes

  • Yawn. You know you crave a man's touch. Go marry a man. Its normal. Get right with God

  • No, you suffer from mental illness, and you surround yourself yourself with those willing to feed your delusion its normal

  • Exactly 💯

  • ** actually he's my only gay friend. My whole family is homophobic and all of the people I associate with are straight, I live in an area which is filled with old homophobes. He has never pushed me to be gay or straight. He doesn't give a ** about my sexuality. Also it isn't delusional, have you ever seen a woman? Holy **, they are so gorgeous and amazing and one day I will probably have a wife. Right now I'm just questioning if I like men as well.

  • Grow up

  • Have you ever TALKED TO a woman? I'm one myself, a full grown one unlike you, and let me give you some advice that you will ignore because you're too delusional and full of yourself: Just because a surface looks nice does not necessarily mean you want any part of what's underneath it.

    "Question" all you want, but if you want to be considered intelligent instead of just another drama-starved teentard, try LISTENING too. I don't think you can.

  • You sound like you don't like women **. I did listen and almost committed suicide bc it made me hate myself so much <333

  • See how miserable you alphabet ppl are? High suicide rates, mental issues, fighting your demons. And now the trannies are "brave" to come out...go back to the smelly demonic closets. ** is your next destination

  • You should have gone through with the suicide then, because you are too self centered to care about anybody except your precious little self. The people around you are not homophobic, they are stupid-phobic. If you were a lot more mentally stable you could tell the difference =)

  • No such thing as homophobic "fear against humans"

  • counseling

  • If you want to pay for my therapy be my guest, I'm ✨poor✨

  • Poor sweet little victim, and you will be ALL YOUR LIFE. Sad!

  • Not a gay mess, just a fucken mess.............

  • Exactly. 15 and trans.....riiiiight.

  • What's wrong with that?

  • Every other teenager is "trans" now, only because it's what's fashionable. That's what's wrong. That and of course you fools always have to take it up a notch so you win the Edgy Olympics. Trans AND gay? Oh, just throw in "being a furry" and get it over with. Yay, y'all are freaks. Good for you. Yawn...

  • Aww does it upset the likkle person that teenagers identify with a different gender to what was assigned at birth? Yawn... Go ** to your favourite furry ** something instead of worrying about what other people identify as.

  • L M A O... you little fools are no different from MAGAts. Who's "upset" that the rest of the world rolls their eyes at your desperate need to assign a label / flag / pronoun / special name to every random feeling you experience? Not us, children. Go ** to a mirror like you usually do instead of bothering the rest of us with what you "identify" as today. Oh, did I trigger you? Poor little mite.

  • Im not triggered lolz, also I don't ** to a mirror I ** to boobiez, but anyone who does ** to a mirror? Props to them honestly, stan that type of confidence. Also im not upset, I just think that you're dumbasses. I'm literally only here rn replying to comments bc I'm bored and find it funny. Btw, not everyone likes lables. I'm guessing you don't from the way your speaking, so you don't identify as straight?

  • You take a step back and concentrate on life for a while. School, hobbies, other things that interest you. You stay off of online sites that are full of people who are not what you think they are. Join a school club and get involved in something in "real life". Take a few months to not think about "what" you are and just concentrate on friends and real people in a non-sexual way.

  • You've confused the two. You're not gay, you're experimenting. It's NOT the same thing. It doesn't matter what politically correct "label" you gave yourself. It's total BS. The story of the human race goes like this. Man. Woman. You don't like it? Too fvcking bad...

  • 1000% agreed!!!!

  • Thank you. The contest to be the most fluid or ace or whatever is stupid and disruptive, and it is no coincidence that so many kids are suddenly "confused" at a time when social media likes are more important than food and water.

  • ** you don't even know what your talking about. A contest to see who's the most fluid? Or more ace?? Please. That doesn't even make sense. I was confused at 5 years old and I hadn't been told what a lesbian was, I just knew I liked women and not men as the media pushed onto me.

  • Media pushed you?! Its biological since God created MAN and Woman. The ** compliment each other! They create life. A gay man with a gay man creates death, same applies with 2 women "in love". God is love. Grow up. You're confused because of your father the devil is the author of confusion. I bet you think of suicide often because of the demon in you... YOURE SUPPOSE TO LOVE A MAN!!!! Duh!

  • Of course it doesn't make sense to you sweetie, it's not your delusion du jour. And why do you worry so excessively about what other people think if you're so right about everything? Oh right, because you're not and some part of your overheated brain realizes that despite your constantly-running mouth.

  • You really don't have anything to say so you go with delusional **. I bet you're hella manipulative and hope you don't have kids. Also btw I don't worry unless I am genuinely afraid of being killed just because I like the ** and not the **. I'm only here rn bc I am so bored.

  • Tell us you're a moron with an underdeveloped brain but an overdeveloped mouth without actually saying that you're a moron with an underdeveloped brain but an overdeveloped mouth. Go be "bored" somewhere where nobody can hear you, you pathetic little munchkin.

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