I can't stop seeking out teenage girls for s**. I'm 44 but have rarely had s** with a girl over the age of 20. My most recent GF is only 17. Over the last 25 years or so I've had girls as young as 13 but only occasionally over 19. I'm still young looking, slim and toned, but this obsession gets me down. The girls only stay for a while then move on to someone more their age. I end up feeling used and then repeat the cycle all over again...

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  • They don't call it "jailbait" for nothing, you're a fool!!

  • I've been in similar spot, only they have to be 18. Mostly girls from local sports bar I go to. They hire all the pretty, young hotties who are so easy to work on and eager to please. I have no problem with, in fact, am sometimes relieved, when they find guys their own age, as long as I've had my fun with them. Youngest I've gone has been freshly 18 (once), and another who was just 19 but looked much older.

    Have fun with it, but..Keep it legal. If they're 17, they better be close to 18 when you start up with them.

  • Pedophile

  • There is nothing wrong in f****** underaged kids if it is consensual. I'm a divorced mother, and I let my son suck and f*** me whenever he wants. He's 13, and his 4-inch b**** turns me on. I often c** as he's ramming me.

  • Next step will be his friends coming over to use mom too!!

  • Maybe you should find a woman your age that knows how to fu ck. you got small dic k syndrome. Thinking you only want tiny puss y to make yourself feel like a big dog. Fuc ken molester.

  • Ha ha ha you got big head syndrome, thinking you know what the f*** your talking about when you really don't know s***!

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