Needing advice

I suffer from huge anxiety as like my wife.
we have a neighbour who has given us grief (young girl with young kids).
we have tried to tone down her lanuages on phone and loud music to be told no F...Way.
now to make things worst she sent a threatning text to say she has info on me that she would tell my wife and destroy our marriage.
something dumb and stupid i did when were both pretty low with the anxiety last year.
i am having councelling which she tells me not to worry but i cant stop doing this.
this Neighbour shifts out in 14 days but its the unknown till then as she can be so dangerous.
any help or ideas would be so apprechiated.
have prewarned my wife with this text who so far hasnt said or done anything but wouldnt want to loose her just through this issue. have done simular stuff before but learnt from this but this just surfaced recently.
should i worry bout this or how do i relax till her moving day.
have had suicididal thoughts with this.

Feb 11, 2021

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  • Pray for her and she won’t be able to hurt you

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