Can she really be this naive?

My wife is a beautiful blonde blue with a body built for ** including a firm 37D chest and shaved from the neck down. I love her but she is not very bright and can be incredibly naive.

In the summer she likes sunbathing letting her skin get a golden bronze with very defined tan lines.

One warm summer Saturday we took a ride on my Harley and landed at a local lake to take a break. My wife told me that she wished she had worn her bathing suit. She wanted to lay on the grass next to the lake.

“Aren’t you wearing a bra and **?” I asked. She doesn’t normally but when we ride she does for reasons of her own.

She said she was. “So isn’t that like a bikini?” I asked. She paused for a moment and asked if I thought it would be OK. After all there were about a dozen guys there fishing. I asked her what color her bra and ** were and was told they were black. I told her it should be fine.

Without another word we waked to within 15 feet of the shore line and the group of fishermen where she kicked off her Sandals , stripped off her top and dropped her shorts laying them nearly on the grass so she could use them as a blanket.

My beautiful wife stood there busy with arranging a place to lay. That’s when I noticed that her bra and ** were very sheer and see through. I could see her ** and areolas easily. She laid on her back with her legs slightly parted and her knees up with her feet on the ground.

Still standing I thought about the potential view between her legs. I was sure her ** had that cotton patch at the **. Didn’t they? I walked to her feet to confirm and found I was wrong.

As my wife lay there with her eyes closed the sun nicely illuminated her body and her **. I could see her ** in detail.

I laid next to her propped up on my elbows and watched as each of the fishermen began to take notice. Over the next 45 minutes as she relaxed her legs opened more and more as they each had a good long look at my wife’s illuminated ** and mostly naked body.

When she had enough sun she stood, dressed and we left. She never said another word about that day.

It was a very hot day for me!

Next Confession

Does any other woman like to do this?

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  • Of course she’s not too bright! She married her equal.

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