Caught her spying

I caught my girlfriends 12 year old daughter spying on me while I got ready to take my shower. This wasn’t the first time. I talked to her mom and she dismissed me saying “she’s just curious”

This time I was in the walk-in and had already taken off my suit. I grabbed my t-shirt and as I stripped it off I saw movement on the hinge side of the door. It was the 12 year old girl. At first I was p***** that she was spying on me but then I thought if she wanted to see me naked I would let her see. I pulled off my boxers and kicked them aside and stroked my c*** getting it hard before I moved to walk out of the closet. When I started her way she ran off. When I saw her later she wouldn’t look me in the eye.

Feb 12, 2021

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  • I was like this at 11, i had a 17yr old brother who would give me 's** lessons' he taught me to French kiss, licked my p**** to show me what it feels like, taught me how to give a b******* and eventually f***** me. I remember the 1st time he shot his load down my throat lol i wasn't expecting it! Just ask her if shes curious, ya never know u might get a w*** out of it, trust me 12yr olds are dirty!

  • I only lived with my dad when I was in school. I wasn't the most popular girl in school so I didn't have a lot of friends. I was 14 and curious about s** and my chances of getting a boyfriend was slim to none. I just asked my dad word for word, "I want to know about s**. I want to see a real d***." I've never been the one to hold back but my dad was at a loss for words and looking back yeah it was a poor choice of words. He was very respectful about it while he did show me his d*** he didn't do anything. Just pointed out certain things and that was it.

  • I was curious as a child i use to spy on my mum and dad, giving them selves pleasure and at times enjoying each other, it didn't do me any harm that's how you learn things, what i saw are fond memories, so it your girlfriends daughter want to have a peek its ok as long as its only peek.

  • If your girlfriend discovers it and you break up with her she might use it against you.

  • 23 years ago my then girlfriends daughter Kelly did a similar thing she was 15 and very mature for her age she also hated her mother. Differences is she didn't run away. For the next 3 years when her mother went to work in the morning, we strip and sit on the bed and m********* each other or go 69. She swallowed every time. On her 18th birthday she simply said, "F*** me, I'm legal and I'm in love with you.

    It was the best s** of my life. Two weeks later I got my own apartment and I dumped her mother and Kelly moved in. We got married a week later. S** is still incredible, even after 3 kids. She is a total shut in bed.

  • She is a kid with desires and wants. She wants you cause she's curious and you teased her by showing her your d***. That's not only pedo mode on your part, it's also weird as well. With you knowing her age and still doing what you did, you deserve to be in prison.

  • Unless she's trying to touch your meat. I wouldn't worry about it. My 2nd Cousin was all about checking me out. Asking questions, asking me to show her my p**** etc. I was safe for her to ask, not to be judged/ridiculed (Her Dad, is an a****** Flanders). She asked me to buy her a vibrator, and I did, with the help of a close female friend of mine. She never touched me, and I never touched her. But jerking off in front of your GF's daughter, is a tad much.

  • Did you never peep at your parents when they were naked or having s** i know it did its just curiosity that's how you learn

  • You're sick and a borderline child predator

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