I feel so guilty

I'm in my 40's now and I never told anybody this. When my girlfriends and I were in middle school we thought we were hot stuff. We were semi popular and we're full of ourselves.

Me and three other girls were at my girlfriends pool wearing our bikinis and talking trash about anyone we could think of when we heard a noise from behind the pump shack. It was Elains 10 year old brother. She was p***** at him spying at us. To make matters worse for him he had a tent in his shorts.

Elaine saw that and lost it calling him a perv for playing with himself while looking at us. She berated and threatened him for about 10 minutes before ordering us to hold him down. We forced him to the grayness and that's when Elaine said let's see how you like it. I turned to see her pulling off his shorts as he protesred. His underware followed and then his t shirt and he was naked and erect.

Elaine ordered him to play with himself. The poor kid was so humiliated as we all stood around laughing and belittling him. Over the years until we graduated the poor guy could never be in the same room with us. I this always bothered me.

Feb 26, 2021

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  • You should find him and f*** him. You get completely naked, tell me what you did was wrong, and now it is his turn to play with you.

  • Your sick for writing this bs

  • Well that’s how fetishes are born.

  • Have you ever heard of Karma?
    It could come back and get you!!!

  • Burn in h***!

  • Well u post it and got it of your back,stay safe

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