Embarrassing Part of my Sexuality

I'm turning 20 next week, but I'm attracted to girls as young as 13. The adorable youthful face with the maturing body is very attractive to me.

I had a lot of trauma in when I was 13/14 which could be a factor- a wish to return to a more youthful place. Dispite that, I would never ever lay a finger on a 13 year old, nor would I flirt with one. That is morally wrong.

Ironically, I like women in their 30's the most, but younger girls get me in another way. Blonde braids, firm cheeks and b****, gorgeous.

I'm not a "pedophile" because I'm only attracted to pubescent/post-pubescent girls.

Feb 17, 2021

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  • It be ok f your same age, man NO!

  • I understand, as my abuse has me locked onto 14-17 girls. I control myself, by meeting very young looking s** workers. They're usually open to dressing in certain outfits, and sometimes make up requests. I've even told two of my regular SW, the specifics of my abuse. So they understand. Don't act on it, I know it's not easy, but do your best.

  • Your not a pedophile yet you haven't touched an under age person but you can still go to prison for it I did so becareful

  • Normally this would be comment calling you a disgusting human, but unlike most I understand that you can’t control it, try getting help and make sure you don’t do anything to kids, as long as you try to fix it you’re not a bad person

  • If you're attracted to girls as young as 13 then that is paedophilic.

  • Pedophillia: sexual attraction to prepubescent children.
    Hebephilia: sexual attraction to those who in pubescent and in their early adolescence. Typically 11-14.
    Ephebophilia: sexual attraction to those who in pubescent and in their late adolescence. Typically 15-19
    Mental health in US consider ones to have pedophilia if they are over the age of 16 and have at least 5 years gaps between them and the prepubescent child they are attracted to.
    But I guess many of the public considers any one who are over 18 that is sexually attracted to somebody who is less than 18 to be pedophile.

  • Actions speak louder than words... keep your distance from them

  • Yep.

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