Likes younger girls

I'm a 32 year old man who likes younger girls. Currently I've been flirting with a 16 year old. Now before you go flaming off I wanna make something my state it's perfectly legal to have sexual encounters with girls as young as 16....anything younger is in fact illegal. She knows how old I am and is perfectly comfortable. We've got a lot in common and we're both very into each other.

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  • Many women your age are now so cold and demanding, it's no surprise you'd find a 16 year old more attractive. In particular, girls can often be more 'mature' in their teens than in their twenties. Weird.

  • No problem dude I was in your situation 20 years ago when I was 32 also! and so just do what makes you two happy and don't let these negative people who have never experienced what we have, get you down because it's all normal and as natural as mother nature herself.....

  • Sounds cool man as long as you both feel comfortable with each other and the age difference and she's of legal age, I see no problem. carry on!

  • Hmm... well 16 is young and I think she should be at least 18 and able to decide as an adult but I am 19 and my fiance is 32 and he is the man i always wanted we are very happy together i was never this happy with my younger exbfs

  • A 32 year old MAN has a lot in common with a 16 year old GIRL..that's still in high school. Okay...whatever..Legal or not...You are in different places in your lives.

  • Being in a different place in their lives makes no difference if two people can connect intimately and both feel comfortable together, plus they have some things in common makes it that much more better! Only people that would say or believe that he's and her age makes it wrong are people who lack experience, understanding and who think they are in some way superior then others in their way of thinking...

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