I Wish to Change my Eye Color

I was born with the darkest shade of brown eyes. My mom is 50% Spanish 50% Irish. Dad is 100% Irish. My mother loves my eyes because they are the same exact ones as a family member of hers that died before I was born.

Despite that, I day dream about having been born with blue eyes. There is an experimental lazier surgery that removes the thin brown pigment coloring the eye to make them blue.

They're just so beautiful to me. I've met some people who blue eyes that are some real mosnters, but I think blue eyed people as a whole are just better. The blue eyes are a signifyer if their status. Removing the melonin from my eyes will not change my brown-eyed blood.

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  • Brown eyes are the best.

  • Don't denigrate yourself.Be happy and proud.Many aren't born even with vision.
    Irish ideally have red heads and green eyes, don't they?

  • I wouldn't ever suggest that anyone mess with their eyes for purely cosmetic reasons. You can get colored contact lenses if you really want the different look. Imagine how horrible it would be if something went wrong during the surgery...

  • Honey, the most beautiful woman I ever been with was a brown eyed girl.

    You are beautiful

  • Wow, that's pretty extreme. How about starting with colored contact lenses.

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