Getting felt up at a Valentine’s Banquet

My youngest son (17) and girlfriend planned a Valentine’s Day Banquet for their friends. It was a formal event, guys wore a suit & tie and the girls wore prom dresses. Masks were required for everyone except when eating or drinking. The parents paid for the event center, DJ and food. Originally, I’d planned to leave once the DJ and caterer got started so I wore a mid thigh LBD with comfortable ballet flats.

One of the parents gave a quick tutorial on ballroom dancing. Everyone needed a partner but a Logan didn’t bring a date so I volunteered to dance with him. He’s a high school senior (18) at an expensive private school, got invited last minute and didn’t bring a date. He’s over 6ft tall, blue eyes, muscular and tall. I’m 44, vegan, 5”1” 32B. I work hard so I can still wear size 2/small. I raised three athletic boys so I’m always playing soccer with them. I also played soccer in college.

The lighting was dark and we positioned our hands. He put a hand on the small of my back. While counting off the steps he’s slowly moved it down to my butt. I didn’t say anything at first then he asked what school I go to. ‘he thinks I’m still in high school’. I showed him my ring, told him I was married and G**’s mom. He squeezed my butt and said, “You’re ass is tighter than my ex’s.” For a women my age, that’s a high compliment! I could feel I was blushing but it was dark and we wearing masks. The tutorial was over and we danced once before the meal. I tried to step away but he asked me to continue because he didn’t have a date. We danced and he kept squeezing my butt. The couple’s tables were spaced wide apart for social distancing. He asked me to have dinner with him. I thought ‘what the h***’ didn’t want him to sit alone. My husband was either working late or at home drinking bourbon & watching college basketball.

It was a ‘tasting meal’ designed to get each couple involved. We sat next to each other and turns feeding each other. He put his hand on my thigh and slowly slid it up. I’ll admit, I was enjoying so I let him explore. I don’t know why but I uncrossed my legs and open them a little. I was wearing pantyhose and he found the road block. He rubbed his fingers up and down my crotch. whew!! I felt my panties getting wet. H***! who wouldn’t! He knew it too. After the meal, it was back to dancing.

We slow danced and his hard p**** was pressing against me. His hand slid up my dress and squeezed my butt. Now I was REALLY turned on! He whispered I have a great body, his parents were gone to Charlotte for the weekend and asked me to come back to his place to have s**. (I cleaned that last part up lol). I took a deep breath then I showed him my ring and politely declined. He never stopped begging me to have s** with him.

Since this is anonymous…. I confess, I was tempted because it’s been 3 months since I had s**. I had thoughts ‘oh the things I could teach this young man!”

The next morning, he found me on instagram and sent a DM. It was a rose emoji with compliments. We message using SnapChat daily actually we are sexting. Any advice?

Feb 19

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  • Michelle

    Pretti asked me if I would take her to the OBGYN tomorrow. She was so cute. She said, “Mrs Andrea, you are very special to me. You are my first sexual partner. You have shared your husband with me. You allowed me to have s** with you both in your wedding bed. I love you and I LOVE Mr Jim. I will be a great mother to our baby, but I want you to be there as it is as much yours as it is mine. I would not have this great experience or this opportunity if it was not for you. “

    Then she gave me the biggest deepest heart felt kiss. I was laying by the pool so Pretti could see my nipples were aroused we then proceeded to the bedroom and had a passionate girl session. Pretti is so beautiful. Her dark complexion perky b****** and huge dark areoles are gorgeous. And her bush is soo dark but not real curly. And the contrast between her complexion and the pink within her v***** makes my mouth water and my kitty all wet.

    It was probably the most amazing sexual experience I have had with another woman. As it was happening I was praying that Jim or Allison would not barge in. I wanted Pretti all to myself.

    Tomorrow is my 25th Anniversary. Sounds kind of crazy. But I don’t even want to have s** with Jim tomorrow. I’d prefer to celebrate with Pretti alone one on one again.


  • Andrea!
    Happy Anniversary! I hope you get everything you want! 'wink wink'.

    I wish I could be your gift!


  • Michelle

    Thank you my love.

    I took Pretti to the OBGYN….. And you guessed it Jim did it again! He doesn’t know yet. I did not want to distract from our anniversary.

    When Pretti and I got back to the house Allison was sun bathing in the nude. Pretti saw her and she could not stop staring. She was taken by her pale complexion and fire red bush. I changed and went outside to give Allison a glass of wine (I actually stripped down and went out in my short bath robe). Pretti was shy and stayed inside.

    Allison asked me what the results were and she was happy. Allison then asked, “Is she still here? Was she watching me? Does she enjoy life like you and I? If so, let’s give her something to watch!”

    Allison then stood up. Put down her wine glass and began to kiss me passionately. She then removed my robe dropped to her knees and said happy anniversary as she began to lick my kitten.

    I pulled her head closer and then plopped down on the chasse lounger. It didn’t take long for Pretti to come outside as she stripped down leaving a path of clothes behind her. Pretti then began to kiss me. Allison stopped and told her “who are you? This is our anniversary. I’m trying to have s** with my lover and best friend on our 15th anniversary”.

    Pretti looked confused. I laughed and said, “Pretti, this is Allison. She is my best friend for almost 20 years and this is indeed our 15th anniversary. I had forgotten that the first time we were together was when we had a three way with Jim on our 10th Anniversary”

    Allison suggested we have a foursome tonight to celebrate our 25th, but we just enjoyed some girl time and Jim and I have spent the night alone.

    I’m taking a break right now as I’m a bit sore and poor Jim can’t c** any longer. The monster is dry heaving. I’ve been riding hard and going to bed wet tonight.


  • Andrea,
    It was the last weekend in July and it started out pretty boring.
    Friday night, my husband & Edward went to hang out at a Sport Bar to drink and watch a baseball game. I worked on processing claims, house work then went for a 10 mile run. It was HOT! I got home around 4:30pm. I was soaked when I hopped in the shower. I got dressed and was walking down the hall to the kitchen when I heard my son and his girlfriend having s** in his room! They must have came in while I was showering.
    Andrea! I’ve said this before, she’s very vocal!
    I admit, the sound of two young bodies slamming into each other and hearing her moaning for more had me aroused! WHEW! I went to my back to my room to pet my ‘kitten’. Andrea! Fingers and toys are not the same as having a man’s warm thick p e n i s doing the work! I was able to get satisfied but it’s not the same.

    I knew my husband would come home late, if he does at all. Plus, I knew he’d have ‘whiskey d**k’. I won't get to see Mark the pilot until next week. Since his wife won’t be able to satisfy him for a few weeks, I plan to reward his beautiful huge p e n i s for becoming a father again! Andrea! I plan to spoil that man and his hard p e n i s! He knows how to pound it out of me!


  • Cont

    It drove me crazy when he said he and the guys were watching Allison on the big TV in the conference room and they were all going crazy when I arrived, but he turned off the camera when he saw the door open as he did not know who was coming out and feared it may be Kimmy or someone that could be recognized.

    He said he watched the footage alone in his office as he stroked his monster.

    It has been an amazing night. I only wish you were here to enjoy as well.

    Love 💕


  • Cont.
    My next option was Logan! We’ve been texting back and forth all summer. He’s been busy at the Marina but summer is winding down. I sent him a ‘Hi’ message. WOW! Andrea! He replied back quickly. He said the boat owner left for the season and asked Logan to stay on the boat until he can make arrangements for it to get serviced and shipped. Logan will be living on the boat for 3 more weeks. Until then, he’s alone and needs to make a deposit from his ‘sexy first mate’. OMG! Andrea! He’s so mature! I don’t know how this boy is still single! During our messaging time, he said I was the last person he’s had s e x with too! He said he was saving it all for ME! OMG! I got so aroused thinking of all the warm s p e r m he has built up inside himself!

    I called my husband and told him ‘something just came up’ LOL. He stepped outside to take my call. Plus, he doesn’t want Edward hearing. I told him I’m going to spend the night with a ‘friend’ and will be back Saturday afternoon. I also told him our son and his girlfriend were here so don’t come home too drunk. LOL He said he’d just crash at Eddie’s place. He told me to have fun then said, “Tell your ‘friend’ not to hold back, cause it ain’t gonna break. I tried for years to wear your p&&y out and never did.” Andrea! Guy humor. LOL He told me he loved me and have fun.

  • Cont.
    I stepped on the scale. WHEW! 97.1 lb. I put on a tiny bikini, thin sundress and heels. I packed a few things in a bag and was in the kitchen grabbing a fresh bowl of fruit to take. My son’s girlfriend walked in. She know’s I’m aware they have s e x here often but she was shocked I was home.
    I’m so glad they met at Private Catholic School. She’s a devout Catholic girl from a large family. I told her I was going to a wine tasting and festival with friends at their lake property and would be back Saturday evening. I also told her my husband is out drinking and will be staying at Edwards. I winked and insisted the two of them stay at the house tonight and ‘have fun’. I asked if they had plenty of ‘protection’. She smiled and told me the drawer is full. I left.

    I arrived at the marina around 8pm and Logan was shirtless holding a dozen red roses and a bottle of my favorite Duplin Hatteras wine! WHEW! We kissed passionately. I could feel his p e n i s poking me so we went inside quickly. I pulled it out and gave him oral. Andrea! He’s so mature and I love giving his beautiful p e n i s oral! OMG! I was so aroused! I straddled him, pulled my swim bottoms to the side and lowered down on him. We kissed as his p e n i s entered me! The warm feeling of him stretching me open felt amazing! He held my butt as we had s e x! We have amazing chemistry and know our body’s well so we were able to keep each other ‘on the edge’. I climaxed then he exploded deep inside me right after. We kissed till he went soft. I did a bathroom dash while he readied the boat to cruise.

  • Cont.
    We anchored at the cove Logan prefers. He’s so mature! OMG! We talked and snacked while watching the sunset. He vented about the ‘crazy’ girls he’s tried talking to and got nowhere. He opened the gate for one girl and she cursed him and reported him to the Marina for harassment. The marina reviewed the security cameras and it cleared Logan. The girl’s hands were full and Logan ran to the gate and got it for her.

    He converted the aft lounge couch into a bed and we had s e x for a long time. I rode him, he got on top and we finished with rough doggy. He filled me full again! This time when we finished he rubbed my belly and said, “I wish I could knock you up!” OMG Andrea! That’s the second time he’s said that to me! I don’t know about you but I think that’s the highest compliment a woman can get from a guy! I felt my face flush and we kissed and had s e x one more till we were exhausted. He grabbed a few blankets and we slept under the stars.

    I made coffee and prepared Logan a fruit bowl. I surprised him by bringing it to him naked. We had s e x. I straddled and rode him while feeding him pieces of cut fruit. We went for a swim. We had s e x three more times! I didn’t wear anything until it was time to leave for the marina!

    After he docked the boat, I went to the master cabin, took off my bikini, bent over the bed and told him to pound me as long as he wants! He did! WHEW!! His p e n i s pounded my cervix for 40 minutes!! I’m still sore today!! LOL I LOVE THAT FEELING!

    I helped clean the boat before leaving. He’s so mature!

  • Wow that is sooo sexy.


  • Michelle

    It was a crazy weekend. Jaideen and Hope were in town and spent the night Friday. They are really starting to show. And boy are they “frisky” and their b****** are filling out and their l**** are engorged. I remember when I was pregnant my l**** were so engorged I developed varicose veins on them. I was so embarrassed, but Jim found it arousing that he caused the changes in my body. He was aroused by the girls as well. I was sooo cute. He was sooo proud. They kept him up all night but he loved it.

    On Saturday Pretti came by the house while Jim was at the driving range. She said she was “late” She asked if I would help her with a pregnancy test. She took the test and it’s official Jim is a baby making machine. He has number 7 is in the oven! Jim came home and Pretti and I were cuddling. Jim took a shower and made sure to “forget” his underwear. He came out into the bedroom gave us both a kiss. Pretti could not resist the erect monster.


  • Cont

    She began to suck on Jim. Jim unloaded in her mouth. She laid on the bed and Jim pulled her to the edge of the bed and began to pound her. I was so h**** I could not resist stripping down and I sat on Pretti’s face and she licked me with her mouth full of Jim’s juices and I kissed Jim and he f***** her hard.

    It was amazing. We then went out to lunch with Pretti and the kids to celebrate our 25th which is on Tuesday. It was sooo hot knowing that Pretti was there with us carrying Jims baby and dripping his juices while having lunch with us. It made me soo WET I was dripping as well.

    Then today the neighbors came by asking for some “help” with a plumbing issue and Jim went over to “work on their toilet” for about an hour. When he came back he had a huge smile on his face. He gave me a kiss and I could taste their p****. We end to the bedroom and his monster was still hard and wet. His pubic hair was covered in their juices. I was in heaven. He went next door to rock their world and rushed home to make love to me.

    Hanna and Stacy are going to the OBGYN later this week. They are both “late” as well. That could be 8 and 9.

    I just wish you or I could be number 10.


  • Andrea!
    That wonderful NEWS! I also wish I could be #10 but we both know that's not possible. Bummm..
    Your post got me aroused and I had to pet my 'kitten'. Whew! I wish my husband could get 'h****** demand' again!
    Andrea! I don't know how you do it! When I'm around a pregnant woman, I get super aroused! I view pregnancy like God has personally touched my womb! I felt like I was walking on clouds each time I was pregnant! Again, I wish I could get pregnant again!
    I can't wait to ride Jim's monster! I want him to pound me until my insides are sore!
    A p e n i s like that needs to be pleasured. I know I can't bring him a baby but I will make sure he's treated well when we meet soon!
    I really hope Stacy and Hanna are pregnant together. That would be the greatest gift from God for them both.

  • Andrea,

    It’s been a slow week. My former boss went back home and Mark’s wife had a boy. 8lbs 2 oz. WHEW! He’s taking a week off but will be in Charlotte next week. We messaged last night. Andrea! To feed his ego, I told him I wanted to be the first to give his p e n i s oral and pleasure him after his wife gave birth! I told him his p e n i s did a wonderful job creating a new member of his family. I told him I know his wife will not be in a position to pleasure him for a month or so so I’d love to be her ‘replacement’.
    He sent me a laughing emoji because he’d already had s e x with a ‘friend’. His wife was in the hospital and he told her he was going home to shower and change cloths. He went to a ‘friend’s’ house for ‘fun’. LOL Guys!
    He promised I’d get to meet him next week.

  • Andrea,

    Sorry I haven't replied lately. Things have gotten busy the past few weeks. I'm so glad you and PJ finally had s**! I can understand your concerns with having s** with a smaller p e n i s since you have access to a 'monster' every day!

    I can somehow relate, Logan and Bishop Gilliam are not as big as my husband but I enjoy both. Logan is so mature and I enjoy his stamina! Bishop Gilliam's p e n i s is average size but beautiful! I love sucking it! I love submitting to him! Both have given me so much pleasure lately but Bishop Gilliam's p e n i s has given me to most intense o******!

    Sadly, I'll have to mention my experience with Bishop Emeritus Joseph. I hate to 'kiss and tell' but he was not much bigger than my index finger. Thankfully he wore a condom. If it wasn't as a favor to Bishop Gilliam, I would have never agreed to having s** with him. He was very unkind to me. He said mean things about my body as I was dressing to leave he said I was the worst 'piece' he'd ever had and planned to call a 'real professional' to take care of him. He didn't even give me a blessing! That's why I agreed to have s e x in the first place! He promised he'd give me his blessing! I even brought my head covering and rosary for prayer afterward! Sorry to vent! I do not need to do that. What's done is done!

    I'm so glad you are having a fun summer with your 'girls' lol!! I wish I was one!

  • Michelle

    I wish you were one of the “girls” as well


  • Andrea,

    I'll try to be brief before I leave for mass.

    Edward has been between 'girlfriends' so I've been cleaning his condo and giving him lots of oral lately. BTW: We have yet to have intercourse.

    Logan messaged me last week and I spent Friday evening and Saturday with him at the marina on the boat he's living on and 'boat sitting'. LOL He's so mature! He could have asked any girl his age to spend the weekend with but he said I'm his 'go to'. WHEW! Andrea! He got rewarded well for that comment!

    Mark has flown into the Charlotte area 3 times and I've met him for s e x. Nothing to go into great detail about. I meet him at his hotel, we have hot steamy s e x and I leave. His wife is due in a few weeks.

    Last week I had s** for the first time with my first boss. When I was a young college graduate trying to get an entry level job. He took a chance on me and I've been with the company ever since! He's 10 years older and has always been very flirty! On my first day, he admitted my outfit got me the job! He's always been a flirt and when we were alone he'd grab my butt. I made sure to let him know I was fine with that! I've always worked h****** my body and I'm fine with a little 'touchy feely' behavior. When traveling we'd have dinner together and he'd beg for s e x.

    Andrea, don't take this wrong, I've always loved my husband and been faithful until last February but I almost allowed temptation to take over. This was over 15 years ago and I held firm. We never had s e x but I'd let him rub my leg, pat my butt and we'd sit in the hotel hot tub together. He's HOT! and still is!! Plus, I wasn't on BC and trying to get pregnant! Not a good idea to have s e x when not on BC. I don't care if it is protected. LOL He tried everything in the book to get in my panties!! I loved it too!

  • Cont.
    I told my husband and he was excited! He loves hearing when other men give me attention. He looks at it like I'm a prize that other men desire! LOL

    I was presenting at a conference in Charlotte last week and ran in to him. He's a Regional Director now. We had lunch then went to his hotel room and had s e x. It was everything I'd hoped for! He gave me a climax and I was able to give him one too!

    I met him after the conference for s e x and dinner. Then s e x again. This went on for two more days then he had to fly back to Missouri.

  • Michelle

    Did he have protection. You need to take are of that glorious kitten


  • Andrea,
    I have more time to explain.
    After my presentation we were in the lobby talking and he was being Very Flirty! OMG! WHEW! He got my chair, gave my butt a pat then we sat. He placed his hand on my thigh while we talked. He gave me an update on his wife & kids. So did I. While we were talking, He kept complimenting me. I was so aroused! I messaged my husband, I told him who I ran into. I asked for my husband's permission and he replied, "DO IT! & tell me about it later!" LOL
    I told him my husband's issue and our marriage is now 'open'. He smiled. I said, "I know you've asked in the past, I'm finished having kids and a little older now. Would you still be interested?" He whispered in my ear. "Yes".
    We left for his room.
    Andrea! He's average size, already hard and gorgeous! I wrapped my hands and lips around his beautiful p e n i s and sucked him. It felt so smooth! I love giving oral! He put on a condom and we got busy with the 'mattress dance'.

    We used a condom until the last time. My husband asked for 'sloppy second'. I told my former boss to 'fill me up' so my husband can pound me when I get home.

    Andrea! My husband was actually hard and we had s** when I got home!

  • Michelle

    I’m happy your husband enjoyed it.

    I was thinking. Maybe I should join Jim for his trip. We could spend some time together and maybe I could spend some time with your husband while you spend some time with Jim.

    I’ve never done a swap but it could be fun. What do you think?


  • Andrea,

    I told my husband about you. I told him you were a gorgeous lesbian that looks like Sandra Bullock. I told him you were married and your husband has a ’monster’ 9 inch p e n i s that’s as thick as a Red Bull Can. I also told him you don’t mind sharing your husband and so far he’s knocked up numerous women. He said, “Are you asking permission to F her husband’s monster?” Andrea! I asked him about a swap.

    Andrea, I don’t know if my husband has ever had s e x outside of our marriage. I don’t care if he has. However, I know with his condition I’m confident he has not.

    He told me he’s not interested in a swap. I think he’s concerned about not being able to ‘rise to the occasion’. Andrea, don’t take it personally, I can vouch he has a hard time getting hard. We rarely have s e x and it takes me a long time doing oral to get him ready. Lately, the only thing that helps get him hard is when I get home from Mark or from my first boss. My husband admitted he’d love for me to hook up with Jim. I told him there’s a good chance that Andrea would be there and I plan to have s e x with both. He was a little hesitant about me being with another girl. Actually, he said he’d prefer I only have s e x with Jim but I’m free to do what I want. He said if I do have s e x with you, he doesn’t want to know about it.

  • Michelle

    No that’s fine.

    I figured that seeing you with Jim or even hearing you with him would drive your husband crazy and make him rock hard. I figured I could be there to pleasure him and make him feel like a king.

    I just say this because nothing makes me more aroused than seeing, hearing or knowing that some woman is getting her world rocked by my husband and that I have the power to allow that to happen or not.

    I truly believe that the situation I mentioned will cure his ED. Allison suggested we do the same for her husband but we decided to keep our relationship a secret as we have a very intimate threesome.


  • Michelle

    Jim was traveling this week

    I had a great week. Allison and I spent most days together while her husband was at work.

    Stacy and Hanna had me stay over the other night to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Oh my those girls should get a Platinum medal for what they can do with their tongues.

    On Friday I went to Kimmy’s and PJs to watch their daughter while they went out for an anniversary dinner. It was crazy but I ended up in bed with them on their anniversary night Kimmy and I were kissing when Pj came in from the shower. He saw us and was rock hard in no time. I was about to leave but Kimmy wanted oral and PJ would not do it. She began to cry, “Saying you won’t kiss me down there when I’m pregnant. It’s so sensitive when I’m pregnant. I want to be kissed and licked. I know you like regular s** but it’s hard to find a position where I am comfortable and you can get inside me.”

    I then went to give Kimmy a hug and tell her bye and she whispered. “Eat me”. I smiled and did as I was told. Kimmy gushed in my face. PJ stood there watching and playing with his “little guy”. I dropped to my knees and sucked him with Kimmy’s juice in my mouth.

    Kimmy pulled down my panties and began to pleasure me while I was sucking on her husband. I was sooo WET.

    She stopped and told me to lay on her bed. Then ordered PJ to have s** with me. It was not very satisfying with his little pecker but it was the first time I had another man’s p**** inside me in more than ten years and it was my pastor and his wife was watching. I climaxed hard. He came inside me and Kimmy licked me clean.

    When I left Kimmy said, “ Thanks for the best anniversary present ever. You are an incredible friend”. PJ said,”Yes, you are a special lamb. I did not expect for this to happe, but it was incredible indeed. I don’t know what to say, but I hope I can do I mean we can do this more often”


  • Andrea,
    That a nice anniversary gift! You are a wonderful and 'giving' friend! LOL

  • Michelle

    The sad thing is Kimmy thought she was giving me a gift by allowing me to have s** with PJ.

    The fact is I preferred having s** with her not PJ. And she was NOT aware that PJ and I had a*** s** several times before.

    After service today she pulled me aside and sad,”Andrea, I hope to enjoyed PJ. He can’t stop talking about it. But I can’t stop thinking of how Jim stretches my kitten and how lovingly you kiss it.”

    I smiled and said, “Kimmy, I was honored to have PJ c** inside of me and you drove me crazy licking my wet kitty clean. I can’t wait to return the favor.”

    She had such a huge smile and gave me the biggest hug. That girl had her husband have s** with me on her anniversary so she could turn it around and ask for time with Jim. If she was not soo darned cute and the sexiest moaner I may have said no. But she moans so loudly and man’s words in Mandrin when she is about to climax with Jim. I wish I knew what she was saying.


  • Michelle

    Allison came over for dinner. We had 1.5 bottles of wine before Jim arrived home from work. Allison and I were wearing matching teddies. We were a bit tipsy and our nipples very pokey as we were doing a lot of French kissing and kitty petting while preparing dinner.

    We quickly began stopping Jim of his suit. We enjoyed a little more wine and home made lasagna. Jim had two pieces of kitty pie for dessert while Allison and I shared a cream brûlée and some more French kisses. He made both of us gush at the dinner table.

    Hanna and Stacy came by while Jim was in the shower. They said that they were in their back yard and could hear us “moan in delightful sexual ecstasy”. They said, “We came over to get Jim to help us with a plumbing emergency” and smiled. Allison looked at the girls and said, “ ladies. I have not had that incredible monster inside me for over two weeks! I need him. You can’t have him until I get my p**** filled”. I was shocked. Allison has never been that blunt.

    She went into the bathroom and showered with Jim. Then she brought him into the den told him to lie on the couch and rode him in front of Hanna,Stacy and I. Allison said,”this man has the best c*** on earth. He can make a Barron woman pregnant and I love having him deep inside of me. Andrea, I love you and I absolutely love f****** your husband.” Then she gushed as Jim exploded.

    Jim left with Hanna and Stacy. I don’t expect to see him much this weekend but I do intend to try some new tongue tricks on Allison’s Red hot fire red bush.

    We went to the pool to finish our wine. I licked Jim’s juices from Allison’s beautiful bush And we could hear the Hanna And Stacy enjoying the monster. It was soo hot. I was licking Jim from Allison’s p**** poolside while we could hear him pleasuring the woman next door inside their house.

    Oh sooo HOT


  • Michelle

    Jim was at the office every day this week. He left the house before 6:30 and did not return till after 7 pm each day.

    He has been exhausted.

    However, I have had an amazing week. I enjoyed some one on one time with Pretti on Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon Allison walked in when I had my face buried in Pretti’s kitty with my bare ass in the air. Allison snuck up behind me and started fingering me. We ended up having a 2 hour long three way. Then Allison left and Pretti and I prepared an Indian supper for Jim. We tried to seduce him after dinner but he just went to bed. Pretti and I had a little 69 as an after dinner treat.

    On Wednesday and Thursday I enjoyed some time with Hanna and Stacy. Those girls are very talented. I thought Jaideen and Hope are talented. Hanna and Stacy take p**** eating to a new level.

    I can’t wait to try what I learned on you. But guess I will have to practice on Allison.

    Hanna and Stacy said they hope to get with Jim this weekend as Hanna ovulation calendar shows she is prime this weekend and Stacy was prime last weekend weekend. I told them Jim I’m had been tired. If they want him they will have to lure him over by saying they need help with home repairs or something as he can never turn down a damsel in distress.

    Something tells me Jim is not going to get much rest this weekend.

    I bet those girls are going to work Jim dry again.

    They may be lesbians and very talented lesbian lovers but they love Jim’s monster

    The kids are out of town this weekend and Allison’s husband will be fishing so I guess I will practice some of my new moves on Allison while Jim works hard this weekend


  • Andrea!
    That's so HOT!
    I can't wait to have 'girl time' with you!
    I can't wait till Jim and I can hook-up! I want his Monster so bad!!

  • Michelle

    I have to admit I can’t wait till we get together. I think of you often when I eat out other women.

    I also dream of watching your petite body riding Jim


  • Andrea!
    Sorry for the delayed reply. Bishop Gilliam is officially in Rome now. He flew out Wednesday around noon.
    He came over for lunch after Sunday Mass. Sorry, no excitement to tell. BTW: We haven’t had s** since that last time. Both of our schedules were crazy and there were many people coming by the church and his place to say ‘good bye’.
    I’ve had a busy week working claims and I’ve had to go to the office for presentations 3 days. 
Ok this was kind of exciting for me! I don’t want to come across as boastful but Andrea! This is up there with “The Big Ones”, you know. 1 Accepting Christ. 2. Marriage. 3. Giving birth 4. Serving as an Alter Server!!!!
    The local priests scheduled Bishop Gilliam’s “Holy Orders” Ceremony for Sunday evening. It’s a private ritual. In the past, only males could be Alter Servers until Pope Francis recently allowed women to serve. Bishop Gilliam asked me!! I was excited and told my mom and she drove to town to help me prepare. Of course, she brought the scales. 94.8 lb. Barely missed a scolding lecture. LOL
    I put on the Tesettur with no ‘underclothing’. I’m not allowed to wear make-up when wearing the Tesettur. Mom spoke in French. It’s rare for her to compliment me but she told me how proud she was of me for this honor. She said, “vous êtes belle” She placed her prized St. Genevieve necklace around my neck and tucked the matching rosary in my belt. Andrea! This is a big deal! I know my mother cherishes these items like she does her Bible and wedding ring! She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “je te donne ça maintenant”. My mother left and I did my honored role! WHEW!
    Andrea! I must confess! I was so ecstatic! When Bishop Gilliam came out in his dress robe, I actually got aroused. I felt myself get wet and I was actually dripping!!! At the end, I received a blessing from each of the priests! WHEW!!!

  • Cont.
    I was so wet and aroused! On my way home, I couldn’t help but think of riding my husband. I got in the door, he was passed out drunk. I did everything to get him hard. Nothing! OMG! I had to rub my ‘kitten’ alone!

    Thankfully! Mark messaged the next morning. He was flying in Monday night. We met and Mark got to enjoy the benefits my husband would have enjoyed from the night before!

    Andrea! Poor guy! Mark didn’t know what hit him.I didn’t let him do any work and I climaxed three times!! I bet he’s still in shock! I ROCKED his world then left! WHEW! I needed that!
    I hope he called room service for new sheets. I gushed so much, there was a large wet spot in the middle of the bed. LOL
    How was your week?

  • Did Mark wear a condom?


  • Andrea,
    Things happened so fast.
    Mark did not wear a condom.

  • Michelle

    You need to protect that kitty. I want to eat it but not if she is not protected


  • Andrea,
    Mark feels much better without. I was so aroused and needed to a good pounding we both forgot.
    My cervix is so sore this morning! It always is afterward. LOL WHEW!! I can't wait to experience Jim's monster. From your description, I believe Mark and Jim are the same length, 9inches. However, Mark is not as thick as a Red Bull can. He can get the job done though. My husband, when healthy, is 8.5 inches and fairly thick. Mark is about the same thickness. That's why I always loved having s e x with my husband over the years. I'm a size girl.
    I have more time to type about my evening with Mark.
    I got to his hotel room, he was already naked and I told him to lay on the bed because I need to ride him. I slipped off my dress, the dress had a built in bra and I wasn't wearing panties. I gave him oral. I love giving oral!! I crawled on top and straddled his p e n i s. I lined it up and I was so wet, he slide in easily. He placed his hands on my b****** as I rode him! He goes so deep! I positioned the head of his p e n i s so that it was rubbing my cervix. I began gushing! I learned to do that with my husband. I had my first climax when he sucked my b******! I went faster and faster while I was in mid climax! I know this is TMI but there was a lot of thick white cream all over him. I didn't stop! I kept it up until I climaxed two more times. He did well controlling himself and he exploded inside me. WHEW! The warm rush of his manly s p e r m filled my womb. I was shivering and numb when I finished but I knew I needed to go.
    TMI: When getting off the bed, a large glob fell out and on the bed. Sorry.
    No words were spoken as I quickly got dressed, put on my heels and left.
    Andrea! The funny part was I didn't even go to the bathroom to drain. I just left. As I was walking to the elevator, I could feel his s p e r m leaking down my leg.
    Mark probably thinks I'm some h**** crazy woman. I hope so! I love having s e x with him!

  • Michelle

    You should really have the Bishop come over to “bless your home” before he leaves for Rome.

    Make sure it’s just you so that the Bishop feels comfortable. Have him bless every room. Then save your Master Suite for last. Have him bless your bed and the. Bring him to your master bath. Drop to your knees and “blow his mind”. Take a shower together and then bring him back to your bed. Let him have his way with you in your marriage bed. Tell him how much you will miss him and how incredible it is to finally have s** in the bedroom once again. Tell him how he makes you feel so much better than your husband ever did.

    Then when he is done. Lick his p**** clean and then ride him till you climax together

    And if you can film the action in the bedroom or at the very least record the audio for your husband to listen. It will drive your husband absolutely nuts. He will be rock hard in no time without any assistance


  • Michelle

    Last night was great. As expected we had a little 4 some before dinner and after. Hanna and Stacy were very h****. They tried to include me which I enjoyed as they really know how to treat a woman but after dinner I could tell they wanted Jim’s monster more than even each other. So a left after about 30-45 minutes.

    I told them I was going home and that I would leave the back door unlocked so that Jim could come home after he was done with his “hard work” and that he would be needed for his “husbandly chores”.

    Well it’s 6:30AM and he is still not home. I hope they did not drain him dry. They are lesbian and have been “married” to each other for the 7 years we have been neighbors, but last night they have a desire in their eyes for Jim.


  • Michelle

    Jim finally came home around 1030 this morning. Poor guy was exhausted. He said, “ Honey, I’d hate to have spent the night with Hanna and Stacy if they were straight. Those girls wanted me to go all night. They kept riding me long after I was dry e**********. After I told them I could not do it any longer they took turns sitting on my face while the other kissed & licked my b**** and c*** saying, “thank you get better fast as we need more.”

    He said they were insatiable, but fun.

    He also said that they were going to talk to me about “borrowing Jim more often”. He said that he doubted she would agree if I was not involved. They told him’ “Don’t worry about that. We will invite her, but we also need you to ourselves. Just be sure you don’t waste yourself as we need you inside us. We want your babies”

    Those girls are monsters for the monster

    I went to church this morning and Kimmy asked where Jim was. I think she wanted some time with him since she could not show affection last week with PJ at the party. I told her Jim had a busy night and did not make it home. She said, “ Awe, your so sweet to share Jim. He is a very talented man. I’m so jealous. Maybe we can get together sometime later this week?”


  • Andrea,
    OMG! That was so hot! Those two young ladies are so lucky to experience the monster! I'm so jealous! I wish I could get pregnant! I hope Jim can make them happy and help them expand their family. As I've said before, I'm a fan of getting pregnant the natural and old fashioned way. It's much more fun!

    My Sunday was good. I read scripture at mass and Bishop Gilliam made his announcement. My husband and son's attended with me. Everyone came over for a cookout afterward. Nothing got naughty at our house. My oldest is getting engaged soon and had his girlfriend with him. She's Protestant but sounded interested in becoming Catholic. Bishop Gilliam and I talked to her about it. Since she's already been baptized her journey to join the Catholic family will but easy. I hope she decides to do so.

    It was a normal "After Mass Sunday" for us. Edward came over and my son's tossed a football and hung out in the back yard.

    Around 5pm my son's left. Edward got online and set up a tee time for him and my husband. They invited Bishop Gilliam to play with them but he said he had some packing to do and asked if I could help. My husband winked and said I should.

    At Bishop Gilliam's, we waisted no time getting busy. I gave him oral for the longest time ever! I kept him on edge. I held his massive b**** and each time I felt them twitching I took a pause to lick his p e n i s up and down to calm him down. I love sucking his beautiful p e n i s and I will miss it. I'm so honored he get hard for me! He's a very powerful man with great authority and will be in Rome soon! It may sound silly but I feel special that he allows me to pleasure him!

  • Cont
    I finally allowed him to erupt in my mouth. He tastes as sweet as nectar! I love licking every drop of his Holy juice! I brushed my teeth and we continued. We kissed and he became hard again for me! WHEW! We had passionate s** and after a long session he filled me full.

    I did the bathroom dash and got dressed.

    I asked if we could meet at the church to pray together. He agreed.
    I went home, showered, wore no make-up not even lipstick! I only wore my white Tesettur, grabbed my Catherine of Arogan necklace and rosary, put on white flats and went to to church.

    Bishop Gilliam met me in the sanctuary and we knelt at the alter and prayed for an hour.

    Andrea! That was the best soul cleansing experience I've ever had! My heart felt like it was going to explode while praying next to Bishop Gilliam.

    Sorry this is long and not very exciting but words can not explain how I felt last night! My mind and body was exhausted! I've never felt that drained before but it felt amazing!

    I hope you have a great week!
    Thanks for not thinking I'm crazy!

  • Michelle

    I went to the grocery store and to run some errands this morning and our kids had to go to work so Jim was home alone doing yard work.

    When I came home Pretti’s car in the driveway. I rushed in as I told Pretti that she should not come around unless she was there hang out with my daughter. I told her I know that she enjoyed her time with Jim but she was too young to be sexually active and that she should focus on school.

    When I walked in I saw her kissing on Jim. He was soaking wet with sweat. It was kinda hot but disgusting.

    I said, “Pretti, I told you that you needed to focus on school and that s** at your age is a distraction.” She turned to me wanted over to me and began to kiss my neck. Pretti said, “Mrs Andrea, you don’t understand I love the feeling of Mr Jim deep inside me and the thought of licking your wet hairy p**** keeps me up at night “. That made me soo h****. I then gave her a kiss. It was a passionate moment between us. And Jim left to take a shower.

    As he left Pretti, “Yelled, No Jim wait!”


  • Cont

    Then Pretti ran into the Master Bath and I followed. Jim had taken off his shirt and jeans and was about to take off his boxers. Pretti began kissing him and licking his neck and chest moaning and saying how she loved the taste of his sweat.

    I thought yuck.

    Then she dropped to her knees pulled down his boxers and said’ “I saw you so hot and sweaty. It made me so WET. I just want to lick the sweet sweat off of your b****.” Then turning to me she said, “Mrs Andrea, may I?”

    I replied, “Pretti, ah.... Sure if that’s what you want”

    She did. It was weird but it made me WET seeing her soo hot and happy. I took off my clothes and moved in to kiss Jim. Jim said, “ OH my god! This feels soo amazing. I need you right now Andrea. I’m soo HARD it hurts. I need you NOW”

    We went to the Bed. Jim pounded me doggie style. He did me rough which I like , but he usually is only rough with others. Pretti did a strip tease in front of us while Jim pounded away. Then she slid beneath me she began to lick my kitty. Then Jim moaned, “OMG, I’m f****** my wife and this sexy little Indian s*** is sucking on my b****. OMG!”

    I then started to finger Pretti as I could barely reach her kitty with my tongue

    Within no time the three of us climaxed. Pretti and I licked the monster clean together. Jim went to the shower. Then Pretti laid on top of me and we kissed while rubbing our bushes against each other.

    Just as we began to climax Jim walked out. He spread our legs and began to eat us both.

    It was the hottest sexual experience ever. I was trying to push Pretti away. But after this I am going to have to find more ways for us to spend time together


  • Andrea!
    That was HOT! I needed 'alone time' to pet my 'kitten' after that! WHEW I'm jealous and wish I was there too.

  • It was amazing. Pretti is so exotic and beautiful.

    She is 17 but very talented and eager to learn.

    Tonight we are to go have dinner with Hanna and Stacy. I’m sure there is going to be some activities to work up an appetite and some really sweet and saucy dessert


  • Andrea,
    Let me know how your evening with Hanna and Stacy goes!! I'm so excited for you! I'm also jealous!! WHEW

    I just got back from Bishop Gilliam's. He's back in town and plans to make a big announcement. He's been commissioned to Rome for two years!!
    I serviced his "Holy Staff"! I love giving him oral!
    We had incredible passionate s e x afterward!!
    I cooked dinner and we had s e x again.
    BTW: I was still a little sore from Mark's pounding the night before.

    Bishop Gilliam's last day is next Friday and the church is sending the movers to pack for him this week.
    I'll miss Bishop Gilliam. We connected so well these past few months. I'll miss cooking, cleaning, praying and servicing his "Holy Staff"!!
    My husband and I will have him over for dinner this week. My husband was concerned for my loss and asked how I'm handling it. He knows I've been so happy since I started having s e x with Bishop Gilliam. I felt so blessed he was willing to have me! WHEW! I had earth moving and body shivering o****** with him.
    Andrea, I actually told my mom I was having s e x with Bishop Gilliam and she so proud of me. My mom has a naughty side. LOL My mom is devout Catholic!
    Bishop Gilliam gave me a few custom rosaries and a crucifix cross necklace.
    After s e x we went to his prayer room and he anointed me with oil!! OMG I'll miss him!!

  • Michelle

    Sorry to hear the Bishop is leaving. When you have him over you should arrange for your husband to be away or hide in the next room and seduce the Bishop and beg him to take you in your marriage bed.

    It may be difficult to get him to do so but the s** will be incredible. You can convince him your husband is not around and then have fun allowing you both to be quite vocal. You can moan and he can groan while your husband is in the other room listening.

    I’ll bet you if the bishop leaves soon there after your husbands ED will be solved and he will be begging for sloppy seconds.


  • Andrea,
    Not much going on here this week. I tried and tried to get my husband hard nothing..:(

    Early yesterday morning, Mark messaged. He was at a hotel in getting ready to leave and waiting for his shuttle.

    He spent the 4th of July weekend working long hours. Things were crazy with the Tropical Storm on the East Coast. Delays and everything. He got added to a flight that’s landing Charolette around 8pm. I liked his blunt approach. He asked for a hook-up.

    He told he’d have to be on an early flight the next morning. He didn’t have time for dinner, a sleep over & anything extra. He just wanted to release some steam and I’d leave afterward.

    I replied, “PERFECT! I’m good with that.” I reminded him of my situation but fibbed a little. I said, “You have the only p e n i s I’ve been with in 2 years. I LOVE your HUGE p e n i s!! After the pounding you gave me, I’m willing to be available anytime you’re in the area.”
He knows I live close to the hotel he’s staying at so he said he’d just send me a text when he’s on the shuttle to the hotel. He said he didn’t want me waiting at the airport because of unexpected delays and the 8pm time is just a guess. He also told me I didn’t need to go out of my way for him. He just wanted s e x. LOL
    Plus, he has to do paperwork and get stuff. It would be easier if he did all of that with the crew and rode the shuttle. 

    I agreed.

    He messaged at 8pm. There was a 20 minute delay but he’s still interested. He messaged at 9:30pm he was on the shuttle.

  • Cont.
    I was wearing a casual sundress mid knee and 8 inch white sandal heels. 
He met me at the lobby and we went to his room. He complimented my outfit and thanked me for meeting him with little notice. I rubbed his crotch and told him I’m available for this anytime he’s in town. I made sure to say anytime slowly….LOL

    We undressed and he was already hard. Andrea! I love his p e n i s! It’s beautiful and he is well groomed!
    He sat on the bed so I could give him oral! I was so aroused and wet!! I jumped on top of him and rode him and it went in fast and easy!! I rode him till I climaxed!! He wanted doggy and pounded me hard! He flipped me over and was his final thrusts, about to finish when he spoke the first words. “Where do you want it?” Then it hit me he wasn’t wearing a condom. I told him I didn’t mind. He asked if ‘inside was ok.’ He had me close to another climax so I said, “Don’t stop and YES!” He did. He swelled and popped inside me!! The warm gushes of his s p e r m hitting my ‘kitten’ sent me over again.
    I did the ‘bathroom dash’. TMI: It was a lot!
    I got dressed and we agreed to do that again. I left. I got
    I got home and my husband was passed out drunk. He knew I was meeting Mark and he wanted to pound my ‘kitten’ when I got home but that didn’t happen. I showered and went to bed.

  • Michelle

    I have to admit I have mixed feelings about your story. It got me soo hot and WET, but you said Mark “gets around”. Why did you let him “soil” your beautiful kitty.

    I really wanted you and Jim to enjoy some time together in September but I’m a bit worried about what exposure Allison and I may have from Mark.

    Yes Jim has been active but with women I know and with women that were either virgins or not very sexually active.


  • Andrea,
    I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Mark’s a nice guy and there’s nothing going on between us other than I’ll meet him for s e x when he’s in town.
    BTW: While I was draining after he filled my ‘kitten’ full, he told me not to worry. He said he’s ‘clean’ and never had anything. I’ll can tell he’s picky by the way he takes care of his manscape! I love giving him oral but he’d rather ‘get busy’ LOL. Guys always think with their p e n i s. LOL

    Mark commented that he wasn’t worried about me because I haven’t had s** in 2 years. LOL Plus, he thinks I’ve only been with my husband too. LOL

    Mark’s an attractive man and knows it. He’s very arrogant but sweet to me. I think his wife is lucky.

    You are correct. Mark ‘the pilot’ does ‘get around’. haha No pun intended.
    He loves to brag about his numerous ‘conquests’ while overseas in the military. He also bragged about all the young flight attendants he has s e x with. I’d never ask but I’m sure his ‘number’ is very high because he’s a pounding machine and VERY GOOD at the ‘mattress dance’. His p e n i s goes so deep during doggy! WHEW! My insides are sore the next day from the pounding!! I can tell by his body language and his attitude when we meet, he does this often and a lot! He’s very calm & cool.

  • Cont.
    Mark told me I’m the oldest woman he’s had s e x and impressed with my ability to ‘keep up’ with him.
    BTW: That made me blush!
    He loves his ego to be fed. You should see the cocky grin he gives me each time I tell him his p e n i s is much larger than my husband’s. I also tell him he pounds me harder and better than my husband ever has and we’ve been married for over 20 years!! I said, “My body has never felt so satisfied after you finish pounding me.” Yes Andrea, Mark loves his ego to get fed.

    I have no problem meeting Mark when he’s in town.

    I told him in the future, I prefer his direct approach. He can send me a message ‘when and where’. I’m willing to show up for s e x and leave.

    Andrea, you don’t have to worry. I also told my husband that Mark’s a ‘major player’ & I’m just one of his ‘many’. He’s not concerned.

    If makes you feel better, before I have s e x with Jim in September, I’ll research and get a test beforehand. I can’t wait to ride Jim’s raw monster. I get aroused thinking of him pounding me doggy too! If Mark can make my insides sore, I’m sure Jim will rearrange my intestines!! I’m getting wet thinking about his thick monster stretching me!!

  • Michelle

    Ok. But you need to make sure Mark keeps it wrapped in the future.

    I don’t want you catching anything before I have a chance to plunge my tongue deep inside of you.


  • Michelle

    Hanna and Stacy invited us over for diner tomorrow

    Hanna told me, “We really enjoyed our time with Jim the other night and hope that you will allow us to do that more often. Stacy and I are committed to each other, but we both really enjoyed our time with Jim. Neither of us had ever been with a man before and you made it and incredible experience”

    So I’m guessing tomorrow night will be a lot of fun.


  • Andrea,
    As I said earlier, our small town North of Charlotte shoot fireworks the day before the 4th. The city council said people go to Charlotte to watch the ‘Big Show’.
    My son and his girlfriend decided to hang with us. She’ll also stay over. We’re cool about it and so are her parents. Edward and his ‘girlfriend’ hung out with us.
    A few neighbors stopped in but left when it started getting dark.
    I put on red, white and blue eye make up and put red, white and blue streamers in my hair. I rarely do this but I used hair spray to give myself an 80’s updo! It took a long time but I looked like someone in an 80s rock band! LOL
    I wore a USA flag bikini top with a tight fitting white USA flag tank top, a denim skirt and brown sandal heels. I had to show off my new pedi!! LOL
    Edward’s ‘girlfriend’ left at 9:30pm because she was working the midnight shift at a local gas station.
    The fireworks started at 10pm and my husband was already passed out & drunk from hammering a bottle of Maker’s Mark. He was asleep in his recliner while watching a baseball game. I made sure he was comfortable and went outside with Edward, my son and his girlfriend.
    When the fireworks were over, I was cleaning up and I told Edward to stay the night in the guest room. He does that from time to time. It’s his room away from home. LOL He didn’t want to impose but admitted he was too buzzed to drive and our town was setting up check points all over. He checked into getting an Uber but it would be 1:30am. I told him to stay the night.
    I was in the kitchen and Edward told me to follow him. We walked down the hall and we could hear my son and his girlfriend in his bedroom having s**! It was obvious LOL She’s very vocal! We heard the sound of bodies slapping, my son was pounding her hard! She was screaming, “OH YES! HARDER! HARDER! F**K ME HARD! I’M SO CLOSE! I WANT IT DEEPER!”

  • Cont.
    Edward and I giggled and left them alone.
    I noticed Edward was hard so I pulled him into the bathroom, turned on the shower to make noise and gave him oral. He took control, grabbed the back of my head and forced himself deep. The head of his p e n i s slammed into the back of my throat and gag reflexes kicked in. Sorry for TMI but my eyes were watering and I was slobbering all over him. It was so HOT! I LOVE giving oral! BTW: My hair was still huge!! LOL

    Edward told me he was about to pop. I quickly took all my cloths off and he sat me on the counter. We kissed and he slid two fingers inside! WHEW!! We kissed passionately while he fingered me and rubbed my c*** with his thumb. He had me gushing quickly. I was already aroused from hearing the sounds of my son and his girlfriend having s e x but ANDREA! I was ready to explode! TMI I also had to pee. You’re a female and I hope you know what I’m talking about. I didn’t want the moment to end. I only drink water and knew I’d pee clear.

    While Edward was fingering me fast and hard, I released and acted like he made me squirt. Thankfully it was clear!! I was kicking my legs while a stream of clear pee shot strait up!
    Sorry for that gross graphic and I hope you don’t think I’m a bad person. The look on Edward’s face! I told him I’ve never squirted that much before! He acted like he’d accomplished something. LOL I told him not to stop and I REAL climax! I pulled him close and we kissed! I took my feet and rubbed his p e n i s again while still shivering from my climax. I told him to stick it inside me! It’s ok! I’d never tell.

  • Cont.
    He grabbed a bottle of lotion that was sitting out. He squirted a glob on his p e n i s and grabbed my small feet. I wrapped my small feet around his p e n i s and he clamped them with one hand. He squeezed them tight around his p e n i s and started moving them up and down very fast until he erupted with loads of warm thick s p e r m. That was so HOT!! OMG!!
    I had sticky gooey s p e r m all over my tiny toes and toe nails with my French pedi. LOL. We looked each other in the eyes and laughed as he erupted. It was warm and felt amazing! I wiggled my toes all in it! WHEW We kissed and I played with his p e n i s until he went soft. He stuffed it back inside and snuck out of the bathroom.

    I took the streamers out of my hair, cleaned the bathroom floor the hopped in the shower. Thankfully we have ‘on demand’ hot water or I would have been taking a cold shower! LOL That hair spray was like glue and took a long time to get it cleaned out.
I got out of the shower and walked around the house again to check on everyone. Edward was passed out in the guest bedroom. My husband stunk of whiskey but was sleeping sound. I could hear the bed creaking and soft moaning from my son’s room now. It sounded like they were having passionate s**.
    I was exhausted and went to my bed. Andrea, I had thoughts of sneaking into bed with Edward and riding his beautiful p e n i s but I was tired. I figured he was spent too.

  • Andrea,
    I couldn’t sleep thinking ‘why does Edward not want to have s e x with me?” I worry about these things. I know I’m not very attractive nor his type but since my husband started having ED issues I can’t help thinking I’m the problem. Why doesn’t want Edward want to have s** with me!

    I got up early and made crepe’s, cut up fruit and had coffee. I heard Edward taking a shower and he joined me out back for coffee.
    He gave me a peck on the lips. BTW: We do that. We always have and my husband never cared. It started back in college and we never stopped.
He told me he had a wonderful time and apologized for the mess in the bathroom that I was left to clean. I told him it was no big deal and that’s the first time he’d given me a climax and made me squirt. We complimented each other then I boldly asked him why he doesn’t want to have s e x with me.
    I was shocked at how quick and honest he was! He was so sweet! I had tears in my eyes!
    He said, “M, you are my best friend’s wife but you are my BEST friend! You are an amazing woman, wife and mother. You are special to me because I can confide in you and you never judge me.” He added, “You’re ‘kitten’ (I cleaned that up ) is pure and reserved for your husband. You know I’ve been with lots of women. Some I’m not proud to brag about and I wouldn’t want you added to that list. You know the women I ‘date’ are w**rs and we only have s**. Please understand none of them are as caring or passionate like you. I don’t want to ruin our friendship. I was afraid we’d went too far last night. That why I left. I wanted to have s e x. I REALLY WANTED TO F**k YOU but I’d rather keep you pure and have you as a friend.”

  • Andrea! WOW!
    That was so sweet! I believe him! I also told him he’s my best friend too! I fed his ego and told him I loved our time together last night. I said, “Eddie, thank you for your kind words. We should never regret ‘going too far’ Remember, I was begging for it. Thank you for being the calm head in the room last night. You kept me pure. You know my husband’s issue right now. I have needs and thank you for helping me out during this difficult time. I love giving you oral. Your p e n i s SO HUGE! I get so aroused every time I give you oral! Thank you for allowing me that pleasure. I can’t believe you made me squirt and climax with just two fingers!!” I also said in French because he’d never know what I said, “Je veux faire l'expérience de ton énorme pénis en moi un jour.” Andrea, I said, “I want to experience your huge p**** inside me one day.” LOL
    I noticed he was rearranging his p e n i s in his shorts. LOL We stood to kiss, of course he rubbed my tiny b****** and squeezed my butt. LOL

    I thought, if Eddie only know I’ve secretly had lots unprotected s e x with Logan & Bishop Gilliam lately.
    If he knew I had s e x with Bishop Emeritus Joseph and was treated like his cheap w**re for the evening. Thankfully that was protected s** AND it didn’t last long!!!
    If he knew about my recent my casual hookup with Mark the pilot, which BTW my husband insist I experience. If Eddie only knew Mark gave me honeymoon s** and pounded my ‘kitten’ SO hard and SO long like a machine! If he only knew my ‘kitten’ was sore for two days later! WHEW! I still get wet thinking of that night!!
    If Edward only knew about the secret agreement my husband I just made about our ‘open’ relationship.
    If Edward only knew about the plans I have to meet your husband in Charleston in September to get pounded by his monster! With my husband’s approval too!!

  • Michelle

    The 4th was great. The picture of the baby mommas was great. Such a beautiful picture. A picture of women from 19-55. Three beautiful black women (youngest and oldest), 2 beautiful red heads and an amazing Chinese woman.

    Pretti arrived while Allison and I were arranging the photo. Pretti was very flirtatious with Jim and the ladies urged her on and begged Jim to make Pretti number 7.

    Our lesbian neighbors came by today and asked if I would be open to sharing Jim as they have tried AI and it is not working. They are a sweet couple. Two blondes in their. Early thirties. They are an interesting couple and I enjoyed having s** with them in the past. They have very bushy p******. One of them blonde and the other more brown.

    I’m considering their request but seems crazy that Jim is getting so much p****.

    What do you think, Michelle?


  • Andrea!
    I'm so glad everyone had a great 4th. All those beautiful pregnant woman in one place! WOW! I'm so jealous!
    I'm a traditionalist and not a fan of AI. I work with a woman that did that. She's kinda nerdy and chief statistician. She's never dated and when she tuned 30 she wanted to get pregnant. She did the research and went to a s p e r m clinic to pick out what she wanted. It took her multiple tries but there was success. However, each attempt was very costly.

    When she was venting about the process. I asked why don't you fined a HOT guy at a club or bar, HAVE FUN WITH HIM!!! and let nature take over. Heck, if the first time didn't work. Call the guy and DO IT AGAIN!! LOL

    That idea never made sense to her.

    I believe Jim is in his prime right now. You should let him have his fun.

    Do both woman want to get pregnant or just one of them?

    We have a couple in our neighborhood that did that years ago. They both got pregnant at the same time. I don't know the details but their children are teenagers now.

  • Michelle

    Funny that I am reading your note today. The girls next door (Hanna and Stacy) were over last night.

    We grilled steaks to celebrate Jim’s promotion. The plan was to get Jim a little tipsy and have Hanna seduce him while Stacy and I watched. Stacy is the more masculine one in the relationship.

    Stacy and I were kissing and petting each other as Hanna seduced Jim. It was fun to watch as you could tell Stacy had not been with a man before and you should have seen Stacy’s eyes when she saw Hanna sucking on the monster. It did not take long for Jim to realize what was happening and that Stacy was new to heterosexual s**. He had Stacy lie down. He kissed her while petting and gently fingering her. He then began to suck on b****** and then lick her kitty. I could tell Stacy was getting a bit uncomfortable by how much Stacy appeared to enjoy being with a man. Then Jim began to slowly enter Hanna and she began to moan.


  • Cont

    Hanna was so vocal. She was begging for more. She kept saying “OMG, Jim. I don’t want you to stop! Go deep. Do me hard and fill me up. I don’t want this to end”.

    Then I dropped down between Stacy’s legs and began to eat her out. Stacy got super wet. We did the 69. Jim made Hanna climax Multiple times and he popped inside of her twice. He rolled over and caught his breath while Hanna and Stacy cuddled. Hanna was all smiles. I gave Jim a kiss and told him how proud I was of him and how much it turns me on to see him rock other woman’s world.

    He smiled and got hard again.

    Then Stacy grabbed his c*** and said, “Jim, your work is not done. It’s Stacy’s turn to have fun and then she said, “Andrea, Jim rocked Hanna’s world. Now I need your coaching to help return the favor”. I then had her give Jim 69 (his favorite) and then guided him inside her and coached her on how best to “ride the monster”.

    As we all cleaned up. Stacy said, “ At first I did not want to be a part of this. I did not want a man in my wife much less inside of me. Then I became jealous of the pleasure Hanna was having. Then I decided why can’t I enjoy that same pleasure. Thank you both for sharing this special moment. I do hope we become pregnant but I also hope it does not happen to quickly as I don’t wan this to end.”

    Then Jim pushed her on the bed spread her legs and f***** Stacy’s brains out while Hanna and I just watched in awe

    I think Jim has two new fans


  • Andrea,
    What a way to finish the 4th of July!
    I got so aroused! I had to sneak off and pet my 'kitten'. Those two ladies appear to be amazing and beautiful too! I'm jealous of both for getting to experience Jim!
    I hope this couple are 'open' enough to include Jim more.
    Don't take this wrong. I'd love to play with you Andrea! Each time I see Sandra Bullock's picture or watch one of her movies again I get so aroused thinking of you being my first! However, I LOVE the feeling of a warm p e n i s inside my 'kitten'. It gives me great pleasure knowing I can make a man's p e n i s explode inside me!
    It's wonderful feeling the male pound his p e n i s inside you for the purpose of pleasure. Then feel it swell and release it's manly s p e r m inside. The rush of the warm juices inside my womb drive me insane and usually make me climax!!!
    You're neighbors are so lucky!
    I wish I could get pregnant again with Jim's baby!
    I'm glad my husband and I decided to have my tubes tied after #3. If we hadn't, I'm sure #12 would be running around in my house right now!!

    It's great hearing from you Andrea!
    I'm glad you had a wonderful 4th! I'm very glad Jim's monster got to enjoy some local 'kitten' and explode!! LOL That probably sounded silly. Sorry. I'm not good with that stuff.

  • Michelle

    Tomorrow is the 4th!

    That means all the expecting baby mommas will be at our house for BBQ. It’s supposed to rain so not sure how it’s going to work out. But there will be 6 beautiful women here with little babies inside of them which are I was there to watch and participate in their conception. Im excited nut nervous as Jim does not know about Jaideen’s mom and grand mother expecting or that Kimmy’s baby is his. I want to get a picture of all of them together, but I don’t want PJ to know.

    I may send PJ out with my son and daughter to get fireworks while we take the scandalous picture.

    Only wish I could be in the picture. Or even Allison. But I guess I already carried 3 of Jim’s kids and Allison miscarried twice.

    Any way. I’m excited. Going to bed soon.

    Love you


  • Andrea!
    I'm excited for you too! I wish I could get pregnant again! I'm so jealous of all those beautiful women. Especially Jaideen's mom and grandmother. I'm 45 and would love to carry Jim's child. I loved the warm feeling of each of my son's in my womb.
    With my second and third son, I taught yoga for pregnant women. It works! I did weigh over 100lb during pregnancy but I quickly ran that off! Mom was my 'personal trainer' lol. The other part I loved about being pregnant was my breast size became a true 32B. I'm really a 32A but buy 32B padded bras to have a figure. Actually, that was mom's idea. When I lived at home, she'd allow me to not wear the padded bra during my morning and evening 'weigh-in's'.

    During yoga class, I would wear a cotton knit yoga sports bra and xsmall shorts. I never gained enough weight to 'up size' in panty or bra. Again, mom made sure I stayed healthy during all my pregnancies.

    Yoga also eases the pain during labor. I experienced natural child birth with each of my sons and I do not regret it.

    You should recommend it to all those beautiful women! They would all look beautiful with full bellies and only wearing a sports bra and shorts.
    ANDREA! I miss being pregnant!!
    I had some excitement with Edward last night. I'll try to post before I go to mass this morning. I'm supposed to read scripture and there is supposed to be an announcement about Bishop Gilliam!
    Have a great 4th.

  • Michelle

    I had thought that you may have some difficulty “bagging” Jim in September but I’m beginning to think not. Your plans seem quite sexy. But you should spend the night with him if it’s a 3 hour drive. Besides I’m sure you are going to want more than one “ride” on the monster.

    But you are not going to believe what happened today. I came home from doing some work at Church. PJ was very flirtatious but his little guy is just not fulfilling. So I came home all “worked up & ready to go”. I pulled in the driveway and saw Preeti’s car. I walked in the house and did not see anyone. Looked out at the pool and no one was outside. As I walked towards our bedroom I could hear her moaning and hear bodies pounding.

    I walked in and Jim was pounding her hard. Pretti noticed me and she said, “ OMG. More, Harder. don’t stop. I need your husband. I need him to fill me with c**.” All as she was moaning. And Jim turned to look at me smiled and then continued pounding Preeti.

    I think I have created a sexual monster!

    What should I do? What if he gets Pretti pregnant. Pretti is my daughter’s best friend!

    That being said she looked amazing laying in my bed and seeing Jim’s large white monster pounding her petite brown body was soo arousing. She looked amazing laying on our ivory colored silk sheets


  • Andrea,
    The plan would be for my husband and I to rent the house at Folly Beach we usually stay at.
    I can meet Jim at his hotel and once he's finished pounding me with his monster and filled me with every drop of his manly s p e r m, I'll message my husband to pick me up at the hotel. My husband doesn't think I'll be able to drive after Jim's finished. LOL I told him I've given birth 3 times. I'm sure I can take anything Jim can offer. LOL

    My husband want's to have s e x with me as quickly as possible after Jim finishes with me. This is sounding exciting!

    That's the plan. I wish Jim could get me pregnant but that's not possible.

    My husband said if I enjoy my first night with Jim, he's willing to have Jim over to the beach house and Jim can pound me there.

    Too bad you can't make the trip. I want you to be my first girl. I want to feel your soft lips and tongue inside my 'kitten'.


  • Michelle

    I can still be your first woman. But I really had hoped you would spend the night with Jim. That way you get a good stretching


  • Andrea!
    My time with Logan was well needed! He’s so mature!
    He met at the entrance. WHEW! He looks amazing with a tan! He was wearing a tight tank top, board shorts and flip flops. OMG! Andrea! I do not know how this young man is single! If I was younger and single, I’d be all over him. Heck! I’m 45 and can’t stop l****** after him! Seriously! He could be a male model! I’ve seen him get shot down by girl’s his age. One time we were at a nice restaurant, back when we were hanging out and hooking up, I noticed him checking out a girl his age. I encouraged him to talk to her. I told him I’d act like his aunt if things work out. He held the door for her and she unloaded the most vile comments to him for acting like a gentleman! She screamed how degrading toward women his actions are!
    When she said the words, “You are a pathetic excuse of a human being” I stepped in and told her to act like a ‘lady!’. She insulted me for taking up for him. She told the Matradee’ she felt violated and we’ve attacked her. She asked the Matradee’ to have us removed because she didn’t feel safe around us. We were finished anyway. I paid our tab and we left. I felt so bad for Logan because I encouraged him to approach her. While I was driving, I placed his hand on my leg and I remember him telling me, “I get that reaction all the time.” Andrea, my youngest has a girlfriend but before they became an item, I witness him getting treated bad for offering to open a door!
    I was raised to appreciate that!
    I apologized to Logan I promised to make up for that incident. We had heated s e x! OMG! He’s so mature!

  • Cont.
    At the marina,
    I was only wearing a white linen coverup dress with white platform Louboutin heels. I knew we’d have s e x first. I also wanted him to pick my bikini to wear while we’re at the marina and in route to our private cove.

    I was so excited to see him! I jumped up and wrapped my legs around him. We French kissed! OMG! I missed his lips! He’s so mature!! I was so wet and aroused!

    I took my heels off before getting on the boat. He took me to the “Captain’s Bedroom” and had amazing s e x!! He’s so mature! We kissed, he got on top and tapped the outside of my smooth ‘kitten’ with his p e n i s. WHEW! He rubbed the tip up and down my entrance! I was so aroused! He smiled and said, “If you want it. You need to beg for it!” WHEW! He’s so mature!
    I said, “PLEASE! I want your BIG p e n i s! inside me! Pound my tight ‘kitten’ with your big p e n i s!! I’m begging you!!” He smiled and slowly entered me. WHEW! I gushed a lot and he picked up the pace. I climaxed suddenly! It was obvious! I felt flush with embarrassment. I rolled over and he finished inside me during doggy. I love the feeling of him pulling me tight, his p e n i s swelling inside me and filling me full of his warm s p e r m! I dashed to the bathroom. Sorry but I was there for a long time. I think he’d been saving up for me. LOL
    I asked him to dig in my bag and pick out a bikini.

  • Cont.
    I packed a tiny neon pink bikini I normally wear in private. It’s basically a thong and leaves nothing to the imagination when it get’s wet. It has no liners. He picked it!
    I put it on and helped pull the ropes in. Some HOT young guys on the boat next door whistled and gave me nice comments! WHEW! I put my hands on my hips and said, “Why thank you! Y’all are SO HOT and such sweethearts!” One guy asked if I’d turn around. I did! Logan walked by and gave my butt a loud smack and squeezed it. They asked me to twerk. I did! and grinded on Logan. He laughed while I was having fun! He’s so mature!

    We cruised the lake for an hour. WOW! Being on a boat this size was so nice! The wind felt amazing. I gave Logan oral while he was driving. I love giving him oral but he’d rather have s e x. While he was busy driving, that gave me a chance to pleasure his amazing p e n i s.
    He set the anchors and I was the first to remove my bikini and get in the water. It felt amazing! I watched his hard p e n i s pop out as he pulled down his shorts. He jumped in. We swam, played, hugged and treaded water while kissing. It was a little difficult but we had s e x while in the water. When we got out of the water, I bent over and he rammed himself inside me from behind. WHEW!!!
    We applied sunscreen on each other and sat on the aft deck and talked. He’s so mature! He converted the couch into a bed. We laid together and kissed!! WHEW!! I noticed he was hard again so I got on top! He knew I was on the ‘edge’ so he squeezed my small b****** and pinched the nipples. WOW!! I had a strong climax and gushed all over the outdoor cushions! Andrea! At the same time, he exploded and filled me FULL! We collapsed together then went for another swim.

  • Cont.
    We had fun for the rest of the day. When it was time for bed, I got on top. Andrea! You should have seen the look on Logan’s face when I positioned his p e n i s at my backdoor. He smiled as I slowly lowered down. Not to give TMI but I wanted a n a l with him. Logan is very special and his p e n i s is the only one to ever go in there. He’s amazing at it.
    Beforehand, I took extra time in the restroom preparing and putting coconut oil in there. I still get nervous something might go wrong.
    The closest thing I’ve had to a n a l lately was Mark’s large thumb going in there. LOL I can’t complain. I was getting the pounding of a life time, he needed something to grab onto and it felt amazing at the time!
    Logan and I had a n a l s e x for a long time. We were both passionate. He rubbed my ‘kitten’ and we both climaxed together then went to sleep.

    The next morning, I took care of his ‘morning wood’. I bent over and he pounded me doggy till he popped. I helped him clean the boat, he pulled anchor and we went back to the marina.

    My husband was gone playing golf with Edward so I had time to shower and clean up. I did a few chores and I’m getting ready to start making snacks for our cookout. This afternoon!

  • Wow. Amazing

  • Michelle

    He is going to be in Charleston not Charlotte

    I’m sorry for the confusion

  • Andrea!
    I understand the confusion.
    Charleston is only 3.5 hours south of me and a very easy interstate trip!
    That’s always been our family’s vacation destination! Folly Beach is beautiful!
    I know Charleston VERY well!! I love that town!
    Andrea! I already told my husband I plan to meet up with Jim and he’s fine with it.
    I took one of my son’s Red Bull cans out of the refrigerator and sat it in front of my husband. I said, “I have a friend that’s willing to give me the opportunity of a life time. Her husband’s p e n i s is this thick and 9 inches long. She has no problem in sharing it! He will be in the area this September and I want him to pound me with his monster until I can’t walk.”
    My husband got so aroused! He said, “I agree! You DO need to get pounded with that!”
    I got his approval with one catch. My husband asked me to come straight home afterward so he can put his p e n i s inside my ‘kitten’ while it’s still loose and full of Jim’s s p e r m!!!
    I’m so excited for this opportunity! My husband has really opened up with our ‘open’ relationship!! LOL
    I want to take Jim to Hyman’s Seafood Restaurant in the Historic district. He will love their famous shrimp and grits.

  • Cont.
    I’ve been giving it some thought on how to seduce Jim without his knowledge of me.
    First, what type of ‘look’ get’s Jim’s attention?
    I’m not good at thinking out of the box. I was able to get Mark’s attention wearing a business skirt suit.
    You said Jim will be in town for a meeting so I’d could seduce Jim with a business skirt suit. I could wear my hair in a messy bun and have on my black rectangle reading glasses, a garter belt with black nylons. I have cute lace thigh highs that will show when I sit on a tall seat. Jim’s tall so I’ll need my 6inch Louboutin platform pumps.
    If you tell me what Hotel he’s staying at, I’ll wait for him at the hotel bar.
    You could get involved and ask Jim to go to the hotel bar and describe it to you while your on the phone. I’ll get his attention while you are taking to him and do the rest. LOL
    I want to give Jim oral for a long time! I love giving oral but it’s not fun with my husband any more. It talks him so long to get hard. Edward has always enjoyed oral from me but we’ve never had s**. Logan is ‘ok’ with oral but he’s young and says he’s rather have s e x. LOL
    I REALLY LOVE giving Bishop Gilliam oral. I could suck on him for hours! He has a beautiful p e n i s! It’s so smooth and I can deep throat him!

    Does Jim like the ‘Country Girl’ look? I have some denim mini skirts I could wear with a tight t-shirt with brown sandal heels. I’m not a big fan of using this look to seduce a HOT man like Jim. I have tan legs but I feel more comfortable wearing something with nylons. My mother always taught me nylons make a woman look ‘classy’ not ‘trashy’.

    I have lots of lace dresses. I could wear something southern belle. You know ‘prim and proper’. I can act innocent and tell him I’m in town for a friend’s wedding and I’m so h o r n e y for a hookup.
What’s your idea? Please help!

  • Michelle

    Jim has many types. I mean this year since I have opened up our relationship beyond Allison he has impregnated 6 women. He has been with women from 17 -57 years old. He has impregnated 3 African American women, A Chinese immigrant and 2 Anglo women. He has also had s** with a young woman from India.

    I would say Jim’s type is exotic. He goes crazy over women that are different from me. If they are petite, of a different race or have red or blonde hair he goes crazy. I guess after 25 years tall and dark brown hair gets boring.

    If you speak with a French accent it will drive him crazy for sure


  • Michelle

    OMG! Your not going to believe it!

    I’m so EXCITED!

    Jim is going to be in Charlotte for a week in September. I won’t be able to go due to a mission trip but Jim is going to be in Charlotte.

    Would you like to meet up with him? I would love it if you could. He is NOT aware of our “relationship”. He would die if he knew I was sharing all the details of our s** life with some random woman on the internet. But you are not a random woman. I actually think of you as a close friend or sister.

    Let me know if your interested in meeting him and I will think out a way for you two to meet!


  • Andrea!
    OMG! YES!!!
    I would love that! You are so sweet offering up your husband and his monster to me!
    Will he be in Charlotte long?
    I'm interested in spending one night, an entire day or if he can stay longer, I'd love for us to drive to Asheville to spend a few days! We can tour Biltmore Estates and taste wine! I will arrange all of that!
    There are nice quiet restaurants we can visit along with amazing bars with the best micro brew beer!

    I promise to show him a good time! I also promise to entertain his monster!
    I can't wait to lick and suck him! I want to give him a foot job!!!
    I can't wait to watch it enter my tiny 'kitten' and stretch me like I'm I'm giving birth! I want to feel his large b**** slam against my tiny body and drive deep inside me. I want to feel the rush of his warm s p e r m flowing inside me!

    I hope Jim will find me attractive.
    I'm not one of the young ladies he's recently knocked up! OMG! I wish I could get pregnant again!
    I'm 45 & as of right now I'm 95.2lb and 32A. I promise to wear cute dresses and heels! He's tall so I'll have to pack my Louboutin platform pumps and sandals!

    Actually, I'll wear whatever he asks me to wear and 'his wish will be my command' in the bedroom!!! LOL BTW: I have lots of role play costumes too!

    I haven't had s** since Sunday and I'm so wet right now! I must go and pet my 'kitten' while thinking Jim!!!
    My husband used his 'role play' coupon for me to wear a white crop top and micro mini plaid skirt with knee socks. I went all out and did pig tails. I did oral for so long and couldn't get him aroused. I've tried all week to give him an erection and nothing has worked.
    I hope I can get Jim aroused!

  • Michelle

    He is going to be in town for about a week of meeting. I was thinking he could come in a day early or stay over an extra night. He will be with a group so not sure how much time you will have.

    He does not know about us. So I need to think it through on how to get him to go early or stay an extra night.

    I also don’t know how or if I want to tell him about us. I kinda was thinking of sending you a description of him or something. Then have you meet him somewhere and seduce him. Afterall, I’m not going to be there to watch or enjoy any girl on girl time, I think it’s only right that you work a little to earn your time with the “monster”.

    You have to share with me your plans and all of the details.

    Regarding getting Jim aroused, I don’t think you have to worry about that. He is quick to get ready for action and a bit quick to pop. But he keeps going like the energizer bunny. We have had sessions where he has popped 3-4 times before we were done


  • Andrea,
    As I posted earlier, I’ve had no luck getting my husband hard all week. I was beginning to think my 4th of July weekend was going to be with out ‘fireworks’. LOL I couldn’t resist that…..LOL

    Late last night Logan messaged. We flirted like was always did. He got a summer job at a local marina at Lake Norman. He’s so mature! He made friends with a man that owns a large cabin cruiser style boat. Sorry! I don’t know anything about boats. Logan sent me pics. OMG! That thing is huge!!
    Logan only works part-time for the marina and the boat owner hired him to stay on his boat to keep it clean pilot it when they go out.
    The owner and his family are staying at the Florida Keys for the 4th. Logan asked if he could have a ‘friend’ over and take the boat out. The guy said ‘It’d better not be any partying friends.” Logan showed him my photo and said “Nope, it will be a ‘female friend’. LOL He said the owner is ok with it.
    Logan is so mature. He asked me to spend the weekend and be his ‘first mate’! Clothing Optional!! WHEW!! He’s so mature! He loves to see me naked and has missed giving me ‘deposits’. LOL I miss him too! I miss the feeling of his warm s p e r m filling my empty womb!

    At home, I’m grilling lunch Saturday and I have to read scripture at Sunday Mass. So, I’m meeting Logan tonight and coming back Saturday early morning! Lake Norman is not far from my house. 45 minutes.
    Andrea! I just finished telling my husband about Logan. He know all of it and didn’t get mad! He’s also aware of Logan’s age and I told him we had LOTS of s e x.
    My husband smacked my butt and said “I wish I could have been nailing a MILF like you when I was 18.”
    While trying on bikinis and packing. I noticed my husband was hard. I gave him oral and wanted s** but he didn’t want Logan to have seconds today so I finished him off. It was nice! It’s been so long since he popped on me.

  • Cont.
    I’m packing light. Three bikinis, two cover ups, a tooth brush, hair brush and lipstick. I don’t plan on wearing cloths when we get anchored in the cove he’s been taking about. We will skinny dip and have lots of s**. I can’t wait.
    My only other errand will be to pick up a bottle of wine for me and fresh fruit to snack on. Logan loves hot wings so I’ll make him some fresh. He said the boat has a built in grill on the aft deck.
    I’ll post how things went later!
    Happy 4th of July!

  • Michelle

    We just got back from NOLA. AnneMarie looks amazing. She was radiant and sooo happy. It was not obvious that she was pregnant but you could tell there was something different she had “the glow” and her bosom was noticeably more full.

    When she arrived at our table Jim said, “AnneMarie, you look amazing. I mean... thank you so much for joining us for dinner to share your Tulane experience.”

    Then she walked to Jim and gave him a hug saying, “It’s because of you Jim” and sat down. Jim looked puzzled. We had dinner and AnneMarie shared her experiences at Tulane where she received her nursing degree.

    After dinner we went to her loft. Allison then took my daughter and AnneMarries two daughters to Cafe du Mond. While the girls were gone AnneMarie announced to Jim that she was carrying his child. She did so with me in the room. Jim looked at me and I smiled at him.

    He walked over to me and gave me a kiss whispering, “baby I’m sorry I did not mean to”. I smiled and said, “Jim, I love you and will always love you. You need to go over their and hold your baby’s momma”. AnneMarie smiled at me and you could see her melt in Jim’s arms especially when he put his hands on her belly.

    AnnMarie was so cute. She said, “Andrea, I don’t know how I can ever thank you. You are my sister’s BF. We hardly know each other yet you knew it had been years since I was with a man and that I had never been with anyone but Brad. My life had been empty without Brad. But now the girls and I have so much to look forward to. They can’t wait till their little brother arrives in time for the holidays. Yes, I said brother! It’s a boy. Given that I am north of 40 the doctor did an early sonogram and he could see that he was a BOY. He said that is the earliest he has ever been able to s** a baby”


  • Cont

    She then reached for Jim’s crotch and said, “Jimmy has his daddy’s monster!” With the biggest smile on her face.

    I then walked over and gave Jim a kiss. Then gave AnneMarie a French Kiss and said, “Well, mommy. The girls are going to be back soon if you want some time with daddy you better get busy.”

    AnneMarie popped up quickly smiled and said, “Andrea, really? You are the best! You don’t know how much I need that monster inside of me.” They went off into the room. I could hear Jim moaning. So I knew she was giving him oral as he is vocal when receiving oral. I herd him climax and then heard AnneMarie call my name.

    I entered the room. She had a mouth full of Jim Juice and she gave me a kiss. She said, “Jim is the father of the baby inside of me and a wonderful lover but first and foremost he is your husband therefore I would not feel right enjoying him without your blessings. Please join me in celebration of our friendship, this wonderful man and the baby within me.”

    I then directed Jim to lay down. I sat on his face and AnnMarie rode while I suckled her b****** and we kissed. Then I licked her out while she lay beneath me while Jim did me doggie style.

    We had to stop before I climaxed as Allison was nearing the building

    It was amazing. I can’t eat till Saturday when all the expecting mothers are at our house.

    Also can wait till Jim learns that Jaideen’s mom and grandmother are expecting as well.

    Also can’t wait till Jim finishes what he started with me on Monday night in AnneMarrie’s loft.


  • Michelle

    Allison is such a great friend. She said that she developed a plan. She said AnneMarie wants to come to our forth of July party but did not want to make the drive without another adult driver. So Allison is flying to NOLA this evening.

    She said, “You guys can meet at Commander’s and have a nice dinner. I’ll stay with AnneMarie’s girls then you guys can come back to the loft. I’ll take Faith and the girls on a ghost tour. Then you, Jim and AnneMarie can “celebrate”. I said perfect!!

    Allison said, “But there is one catch. I want to spend next Friday night with Jim, Hope, and AnneMarie at my house.” I was no time to say “YES”.

    I also got a text from Jaideen last night. She said that she would be coming down with Hope on Thursday and that her Mom and Grandmother would be at the party. She also said “My mom and Granny have some great and surprising news! They are pregnant! We are all carrying Jim’s babies!!!”

    It’s crazy! Let’s assume they are all girl babies. Jaideen’s daughter will have a sister that is also Jaideep’s sister who is also the babies Aunt. And Jaideen’s new Aunt will also be her babies sister.

    PJ and Kimmy will be there as well.

    I need to go. I need to go to Church. I have a presentation at all services today about the outreach program Kimmy and I are working on for underprivileged single mothers


  • Andrea!
    That's great news! All of those pregnant women from Jim and I'm not one of them. BUMM!! I'm so jealous.
    My husband and I just finished our morning run and yoga. I also just got out of the shower and I'm getting ready for 11am mass. I don't have a role this morning and I don't have anything exciting to share. Bishop Gilliam is still away at his conference.
    Mark and I messaged a little last night. Nothing exciting. Just amazing conversation.
    I left my husband a hand written note telling him how much I love him for giving me this opportunity to explore.
    As a reward, I told him this is 'one coupon for one night with me wearing any role playing outfit you wish.'
    I'll let you know later how that plays out.
    Good luck with your presentation! You are the perfect person for that role!

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the kind words. Sunday was interesting to say the least. Kimmy did not attend church as their daughter was ill. So I stayed late to help PJ clean up the Church and prepare for a funeral on Monday.

    I was wearing my sexy white sundress with blue polka dots with no bra or underwear

    When I was moving some flowers around PJ got an eye full. He came to help me lift a plant but “accidentally “ rubbed the back of his hand against my kitten when he reached from behind to help move a pot. I did not say anything just let out a faint moan.

    Then when I reached on to the alter to grab a vase PJ reached from behind up under my dress and put two fingers in my kitten. It startled me and I spilt the vase all down my dress. PJ quickly removed his fingers and apologized. I grabbed his hand and stuck his wet fingers in my mouth and moaned. I said,” pastor, your being naughty. I let you take my a*** virginity but that part belongs to my husband.”

    I then winked and smiled as he slid his hands on to my aroused b******. My areoles were visibly aroused and nipples hard. All visible through the wet linen. Next thing I knew PJ was taking off my dress and he dropped to his knees licking my kitty.

    I then found myself laying on the ground on the alter near the communion rail. And yes PJ was on top but it was so small I could barely feel it. So I then made him lay down and then I rode him. He climaxed twice and I faked it.

    He wanted it so bad I just couldn’t resist. Afterall his wife is carrying Jim’s baby and he doesn’t even know.


  • Michelle

    It’s 11PM. Allison just sent me a text. Her sister AnneMarie is going to have dinner with Jim, my daughter and I on Monday evening in NOLA. She is going to meet us for dinner at Commander’s Palace. Jim does not know she is carrying his baby. According to Allison she is radiant and showing. She said AnneMarie is so happy and her daughters are excited about having a little brother.

    Yes! It’s a boy. She had an ultrasound yesterday. The doctor said it was probably to early to tell the s** of the baby, but she said “it’s definitely a boy!”

    I can’t wait till Monday night!

    I only wish AnneMarie could enjoy some alone time with Jim. But we have a two bedroom suite at the Hilton and the next morning a tour of Tulane with our daughter.

    I want AnneMarie to have some time with Jim after he learns he is going to have another son. Hope and Jaideen, keep sending me texts saying tanks for allowing them some private time with Jim and for the most intense group s** ever.

    Any ideas of how to get that time for AnneMarie? But the tricky thing is I want to be there as well.

    BTW, Pretti is coming by tomorrow after church for a swim. She asked if Jim was going to be home.

    Jim is getting very popular these days


  • Andrea!
    I am so jealous of AnneMarie! I wish I could get pregnant again! I love the warm feeling of a baby growing inside my womb. I miss everything about it. I used to go for long walks and did special exercise and stretches to keep the weight off and to help during labor.
    I actually taught exercise classes for pregnant women after my first son was born.
    Being pregnant was on of the few times my weight was over 100. For my first son I gained too much weight and had a hard time getting back to my 'ideal weight'. I was careless and got to 132. I got up to 124 for my second and 119.3 for my third. They were all born healthy and today they are over 6ft tall. I miss being pregnant!
    As for advise on how AnneMarie can meet up with Jim....I don't know. Sorry.
    I'm always getting that advise from you! LOL
    Please let me know how Jim's day goes.

  • Michelle

    Jim and I had some incredible s** last night. He was very h****. I told him that I saw the was he was looking at our tour guide and how she was looking at him. He said that she slipped him her number and that he texted her thanks. She replied, “Thank you for taking the time to tour our beautiful university with your wife and daughter. It was my pleasure to be your guide and spend some time with you. Your wife is a very lucky lady and your daughter blessed to have you as her daddy. If you are ever in town again let me know and I would be happy to give you a more personalized tour. I would love to give you a tour like no other. I’ll send pics of some of the places I want to show you”

    She then sent him an up skirt pic of her in her cheer skirt with no bloomers and a nude

    We both laughed and joked but I knew it drove him crazy. I could see his erect monster while we were on the tour and I’m sure she did as well. Her pics made him so hard. I took a pic before and after s** and sent it back to her on his phone saying. “Sweetheart, you are so young. I could be your father but look what you do to me. I’ve been like this since I first saw you. Your beautiful face, gorgeous baby blue eyes and perfect petite body drives me crazy.” Then sent the pic of his monster.

    I then waited about 30 minutes and sent her a pic of his monster after s**. Still very hard put glistening with his c u m m and my p**** juice. It was right taken right after he pulled out and it was still “pulsing”. I added a caption, “After seeing the pics you sent me it drove me crazy. I took my wife to the bedroom and made passionate love but in my mind I was doing those things to you.”

    She replied with a movie of her fingering herself saying I need my daddy. I need my big daddy.

    Can’t wait till Jim wakes up and sees the texts.

    I’m going to wake him up with a Saturday morning BJ. And Breakfast in bed.


  • Andrea,
    That's so hot! Please let me know if Jim hooks up with her. I'm jealous!
    I'd love to get pounded by that monster. WHEW!

  • Michelle

    Kaylee sent Jim some more pics. See the text I copied below that accompanied her shower pic.

    Mr Jim, I know I’m being forward, but my mother and father told me if I see something I want if I work hard I can get it. Well I can’t stop thinking of you. You seemed like am the perfect husband and father. You held open doors and gave your wife a kiss several times on out tour. You are so handsome and I could not help but see how you looked at me and how you smiled back when I smiled. I also could see that the Lord has blessed you with some sizable equipment. It was NOT an accident that I bumped into you when we left the dorm room. “WOW”. I hope we can meet up soon. I know that I may be too young for you but I just turned 20 and I want you to be my first.

    I so want Jim to be her first and I want to watch.

    She is so beautiful and so tiny.


  • Called Allison.

    She is coming over. Jim is going to be so surprised. Allison is going to wear Hope’s HS cheer outfit with no bloomers

    He is going to get his favorite two bush breakfast in bed along with a 58 year old cheer leader who can fit in her daughters HS outfit and has a body many cheerleaders would envy.

    And best of all. I’m going to to get to eat the creamy filling out of her and she will eat the creamy filling out of me.

    I’ll let you know what Kaylee texts if she send further replies after the monster pics I sent last night

    I feel so naughty. But I want to watch Kaylee and Jim but most of all I want to lick the creamy filling out of her petite little body and get a closer look at that perfectly manicured bush. It looks so cute and perfect in the pics she sent


  • Andrea,
    I've got a costume cheerleader skirt set too! My husband used to ask me to wear it with no shorts or underwear and knee socks in the bedroom.
    I've worn it to a few theme parties but with shorts of course. LOL I always got compliments and attention from guys that didn't know I was married. I hope you three have fun. Please keep me posted. I love reading your exciting posts.

  • Michelle

    We had a great morning.

    Allison and I took turns sucking on the monster and licking on it together and kissing. Then Jim said, “Ladies, don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying this but I am hungry. I need my beautiful wife to ride it and I need that beautiful neighbor’s red bush in my face. I’m hungry”

    I rode his monster for a while and Allison and I rubbed each other’s b******. Then I started my rocking back and forth. The feel of Jim flicking back and forth over my cervix drives us both crazy. I then started to French Kiss Allison we all three climaxed at almost the same time.

    It was so intense I was shaking and Allison gushed in Jim’s face. He LOVED it. He was so proud he rocked our world. Allison quickly went down on my kitty. She said, “Andrea, your kitten is so messy. Let Ms Allison clean it up and make it all better”. She moaned as she slurped up the mess. Within a minute or so I began to near climax again. I began to moan. Then Jim went behind Allison and started f****** her hard. He said,”you girls are amazing. You can’t have all the fun.” Allison started to near climax and Jim went at it harder and faster. I could feel Allison’s face push hard against my kitty when Jim thrusted.


  • Cont

    Then it happen Jim thrusted deep. He popped inside of Allison. She gushed like I have never seen before. I never saw such volume in a gush. And as the all happened she thrusted her tongue deep inside of me.

    Then Jim slapped Allison’s butt and mouthed to me “that’s for Kaylee”

    I asked him this after noon if he was thinking of Kaylee when he did Allison hard from behind. He smiled and said yes.

    “I dreamed last night of you me and Kaylee doing just what we did. But prior to that before we went to dinner you coached her and held her hand as I became her first. But Kaylee is soo tiny I’m scared I’ll break her.”

    I smiled, gave Jim a kiss and said, “Baby, Hope is small and you were her first. It hurt her so good that she decided to share you with her girlfriend and now they are carrying your baby”. Kaylee is a young lady. If she wants it and she works hard we have to give it to her. I can’t deny such a sweet girl Can you?”

    He smiled and said, “no, I guess not”

    Now I need to figure out a reason to go to back.


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