Getting felt up at a Valentine’s Banquet

My youngest son (17) and girlfriend planned a Valentine’s Day Banquet for their friends. It was a formal event, guys wore a suit & tie and the girls wore prom dresses. Masks were required for everyone except when eating or drinking. The parents paid for the event center, DJ and food. Originally, I’d planned to leave once the DJ and caterer got started so I wore a mid thigh LBD with comfortable ballet flats.

One of the parents gave a quick tutorial on ballroom dancing. Everyone needed a partner but a Logan didn’t bring a date so I volunteered to dance with him. He’s a high school senior (18) at an expensive private school, got invited last minute and didn’t bring a date. He’s over 6ft tall, blue eyes, muscular and tall. I’m 44, vegan, 5”1” 32B. I work hard so I can still wear size 2/small. I raised three athletic boys so I’m always playing soccer with them. I also played soccer in college.

The lighting was dark and we positioned our hands. He put a hand on the small of my back. While counting off the steps he’s slowly moved it down to my butt. I didn’t say anything at first then he asked what school I go to. ‘he thinks I’m still in high school’. I showed him my ring, told him I was married and G**’s mom. He squeezed my butt and said, “You’re ass is tighter than my ex’s.” For a women my age, that’s a high compliment! I could feel I was blushing but it was dark and we wearing masks. The tutorial was over and we danced once before the meal. I tried to step away but he asked me to continue because he didn’t have a date. We danced and he kept squeezing my butt. The couple’s tables were spaced wide apart for social distancing. He asked me to have dinner with him. I thought ‘what the h***’ didn’t want him to sit alone. My husband was either working late or at home drinking bourbon & watching college basketball.

It was a ‘tasting meal’ designed to get each couple involved. We sat next to each other and turns feeding each other. He put his hand on my thigh and slowly slid it up. I’ll admit, I was enjoying so I let him explore. I don’t know why but I uncrossed my legs and open them a little. I was wearing pantyhose and he found the road block. He rubbed his fingers up and down my crotch. whew!! I felt my panties getting wet. H***! who wouldn’t! He knew it too. After the meal, it was back to dancing.

We slow danced and his hard p**** was pressing against me. His hand slid up my dress and squeezed my butt. Now I was REALLY turned on! He whispered I have a great body, his parents were gone to Charlotte for the weekend and asked me to come back to his place to have s**. (I cleaned that last part up lol). I took a deep breath then I showed him my ring and politely declined. He never stopped begging me to have s** with him.

Since this is anonymous…. I confess, I was tempted because it’s been 3 months since I had s**. I had thoughts ‘oh the things I could teach this young man!”

The next morning, he found me on instagram and sent a DM. It was a rose emoji with compliments. We message using SnapChat daily actually we are sexting. Any advice?

Feb 19, 2021

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  • Michelle

    Where are you? I miss you and have soo much to share with you


  • Michelle

    Not sure where you are. Hope all is fine.

    Jaideen, Hope and the boys arrived at Allison’s yesterday evening. The babies are so beautiful. Jaideen and Hope are beautiful happy mother’s and Jim looked so handsome holding the babies with his cute young baby mommas by his side.

    Allison whispered in my ear that she was jealous and wet when she took the picture.

    Anne Marie is coming to visit Allison later this week as well. Can’t wait to see her as Allison said she is so big.

    Jada and Janice are due soon. Kimmy and Anne Marie are due before the end of the year as well.

    Preti texted me that she needs me to take her to the OBGYN next week as she still has not told her parents as she fears they will kick her out.

    Hope all is well with you.



  • Michelle

    OMG. Last night was incredible. It was our last night in San Antonio before heading back home.

    As I said earlier I spent Tuesday night in the hospital with the girls and spent Wednesday night with them in the apartment. They did not want Allison or Jada (Jadeen’s) mom around. They said they wanted to allow me some time to “enjoy what I made possible”. I loved holding those cute babies. And it was an additional treat to have the girls lick my kitty and allow me to taste their sweet milk.

    On Thursday evening I had dinner with Allison and Dan. We went back to their room at the Marriott (Jim arranged for three suites: one for us, one for Allison and Dan and one for Jada and Janice). Allison stepped away pour Dan and I some wine. When she came back she was just wearing a silk robe but it was wide open exposing her beautiful red bush.

    She set down the wine and began to kiss me. Thanking me for being such a good friend and for sharing Jim with Her, Hope and Jaideen. Dan started taking off my clothes. I reached across for my wine and felt Dan was rock hard.

    I didn’t want to be a third wheel so I told them I needed to use the bathroom. As I walked away I whispered in Allison’s ear, “he is hard as a rock. Take him while you can” and went to the bathroom. I quietly listened through the door but did not hear the sounds of sexual intercoarse. Instead I heard frustration.

    I had no way out but into the bedroom and my clothes were in the living room so I wrapped a towel around me


  • Cont’d

    Then I saw Allison laying on the bed and Dan near the edge of the bed kissing her feet with his limp c*** right near her beautiful fire red bush.

    I crawled on the bed and gave her a kiss and said, “Allison, I’m sorry. Let me have a taste before I go.” I then proceeded to go down on Allison. She was moaning in no time. I then began to suck on her b****** then began to kiss her while rubbing my bush against hers. Then I felt Dan spreading my legs apart and trying to penetrate me. I squirmed away and said, “no, no, no. Your being a bad boy Daniel. Your wife needs what you want to give me.” He then penetrated Allison but soon after he penetrated her she wispered in my ear, “ he is going limp”.

    So I told Dan, “Put my legs around your face! I want you to eat my p**** while you make love to your wife”. He did. And I began to passionately kiss Allison. We climaxed at the same time. Allison gushed, but Dan was not done.

    He then f***** me hard and fast right next to Allison as she caught her breath

    I then left to go to our Suite.


  • Cont’

    Upon entering our Suite I found Jim laying between Jada and Janice. There was my husband laying naked between two beautiful pregnant black woman. A mother and daughter impregnated by the same white man stroking his hard c*** and kissing on his face and chest.

    Jada, Jaideen’s mother, continued to stroke and kiss but Janice got up and greeted me saying, “Ms Andrea, I can’t thank you enough for sharing Mr Jim. As a woman now in my 50’s I never thought I could enjoy s** much less carry a baby. Now Jada, we have had plenty of time with this wonderful man. Let’s allow him some time to be with his beautiful bride.”

    Jada then got up and cam over to me and said, “I’m sorry. I just love Jim’s big white c***. He is incredible in bed. I’m so happy you have allowed mom and I time to enjoy him and I hope you know how blessed you are to have him. “

    She then began to give me a passionate kiss and the next thing I knew I was on the bed with Jada and Janice sucking on my breast and Jim devouring my p****. My p**** filled with Daniel’s c**.

    Knowing that I had begged Jim to eat me out after s** since we met but he always refused, it made me so arroused knowing he was eating Daniel’s c**. Jim came up for air a couple of times saying,” honey, Oh honey you are so wet. Oh baby it’s so hot seeing these ladies suckle your b******. It makes you so wet”. Then I orgasmed.

    Then Jim began to make love penetrating deeply but passionately while he stood at the foot of the bed with my legs in the air and the ladies still suckling.


  • Cont

    When we were done Janice gave me a hug and said as she got dressed, “Now Jada, did you see what I saw? This man has given my grand daughter, my daughter and myself a baby. He is incredible in bed. Better than any lover any of us have know. Or will Ever know. But he will only love Ms Andrea. she is the love of his life. Did you see how passionately he ate her out. How he made her o***** so intensely with just his tongue and then how passionately he made love. He penetrated deeply but oh so softly. He made sure that once he entered her she would enjoy every inch of him but he made sure not to ever take it out until she was fulfilled. That is love. Hard and passionate but soft at the end to assure every inch is enjoyed without pain and that she was never without. He may know how to drive us wild. But he truly knows how to make love to Ms Andrea. Andrea, thank you for sharing and may God Bless you.”

    When she finished I stood up gave her a kiss and told her I loved her.

    I hope that Janice and I can enjoy some special time after the baby arrives. She is indeed a special lady.

    I still can’t believe that Jim lapped up Dan’s c**. It makes me wet just thinking about it


  • Michelle

    Jaideen and Hope had their babies this week.

    OMG it was incredible. They were in the same birthing room in labor at the same time. Jim stood between their beds holding their hands. It was so cute.

    Jaideen had a beautiful girl. She named her Jasmine.

    Hope had a cute boy that looks just like Jim. She named him Raymond James.

    Jaideen’s mom and grand mother looked so cute. They looked like they were about to pop. I spent Tuesday night with the girls in the hospital while Jaideen’s mom and grandma enjoyed some time with Jim.

    It was a great week. The babies are so beautiful. I can’t wait till the others arrive


  • Michelle

    Where have you been. So much happened this weekend see below.

    On Sunday morning Jim came home before going to church. He looked exhausted.

    We went to church and attend the celebration for PJs appointment to Senior Pastor. We were invited to sit at their table in front of the congregation. Talk about awkward. Kimmy invited us to their house afterwards but Jim declined. PJ sent me a text and begged me to come over. So I did while Jim napped.

    I learned why Allison loves to join Jim and I in bed. PJ filled my kitten while Kimmy layer beneath me watching. Then she began to lick my kitty while PJ went a***.

    It was the most amazing feeling to be eaten out and f***** up the butt at the same time. Then I thought. OMG, the man pounding my butt is my pastor and his pregnant wife is licking his c** from my kitty. When I then thought how incredible it was watching her conceive I had the most incredible gushing o*****.

    I then went home and tried to have s** with Jim, but he was exhausted and his monster and testes were sore. Hanna and Stacy wore the man out.

    Can’t wait to hear about your weekend!

    I’m tempted to ask Allison if she would be interested in doing what I did with PJ and Kimmy. I think it would be amazing and maybe Dan would be aroused enough to do Allison as well. She told me she is jealous that Dan got hard when he saw me but would not become hard with her.


  • Andrea.

    I was right. Kimmy and PJ asked us to be Godparents. Kimmy also revealed the gender and the name of the baby which is due in early January. They are going to name the baby Jonathan James!

    I was horrified when Kimmy said, “ I’ve decided that I had to name my son after the two most important men in my life. My loving husband and the incredible man that put this glorious baby inside of me!” Jim smiled walked up to Kimmy placed his hand upon her baby hump and lace her a peck on the lips which she turned into a passionate display of affection.

    I turned away and saw PJ smiling. It was so awkward. We finished eating and then Kimmy and I put their young daughter to bed.

    Jim and PJ were smoking cigars and having a glass of bourbon on the deck. Kimmy then began flirting with Jim even though I was by his side holding his hand. Before I knew it Kimmy was holding Jim’s hand and walking him to the bedroom. I was uncomfortable to say the least. PJ smiled and said, “Andrea I knew I was not the father. Kimmy had listed for Jim and I knew you were close friends. I knew she had difficulty conceiving our daughter without medical help. So if she had conceived it was not mine. By the way Jim must have a gift because JJ is definitely a boy. Boy he is a big boy. He must take after his daddy.” Then he leaned over and gave me a kiss while sliding his hand up my dress till his fingers found my wet kitty


  • Cont

    PJ smiled. I said I was sorry. He said “don’t be. You have brought great joy to this house. Kimmy is a mother. She craves “Jim’s Monster as she calls it” and she said you and her have discovered each other. That is very special and has made her very happy. Shoot we have even had some of our own fun in the Church as well. As a matter of fact I have decided to take the position of Senior Pastor and wanted you to be the first to know.”

    Then I gave him a kiss and dropped to my knees and said, “Sr PASTOR, hmmm. I never had such a powerful c*** in my mouth. May I give you pleasure.” I took that little thing in my mouth took it all, sucked it, hummed and blew his mind. He was moaning like a girl. When I was done we could hear Kimmy and Jim still going at it.

    So I bent over and him, “ PJ this summer you were the first man to have a*** with me and I promised you it was all yours. Well SR Pastor, your servants tight ass needs some attention”. He wasted no time and was inside of me before I completed the sentence. He said, “Andrea, I never did this until we did this together in the Church Kitchen. I’ve tried to get Kimmy to try it for years. But she refuses. This will be our secret pleasure”. Then just as PJ was making his deposit Jim and Kimmy stepped out.

    Jim laughed. PJ, congratulations I been trying to get in there for 25 years! Kimmy then said, honey I’m ok with you and Andrea doing that if your ok with Jim making us another baby after JJ is born.

    Pj then pulled out with his c** dripping from my butt and said yes with a smile.

    I think we may have a new type of relationship starting

    It was a great night which was topped off with me riding the monster as soon as we got home. Jim wanted to shower but I told him I wanted to smell Kimmy and have some of her juices inside of me.

    Tomorrow night Jim is “rented out” to Stacy and Hanna as payment to keep them from telling Jim about all the time I spent with Dan while he was in SC.


  • Andrea,

    I’m scared to ask for an open marriage. I’ve been married to Jim 25 years. He now knows he is a “super stud”. He knows that women are literally lining up to be with him and that he could have anyone he wants.

    Right now I control the door. No one gets to play with the monster except through me. That is a power I enjoy. I also like that I know who he is with and when. Shoot most of the time I participate. Not to mention I absolutely love watching him pound other women and crave the opportunity to lick his c** from their quivering kitty.

    I can’t give up that control. I can’t give up the opportunity to lick up the mess!!

    I love the pounding I get from Dan, but will he become board with me and impotent with me like he is for Allison.

    I guess I’m just going to have to give Stacy and Hanna a night with Jim each week to keep them quiet. The problem is they are teachers and they are going to want that night to be a Friday or Saturday night.

    BTW, Kimmy and PJ are coming over tomorrow to watch the Astros. Kimmy said that they want to share with us the baby’s gender and ask a go or if us. I fear she is going to ask us to be God Parents. That is going to be uncomfortable being that PJ does not know Jim is the father and Kimmy is not aware of the sexual encounters I have had with PJ.

    This is all getting complicated. It was fun and exciting but now it’s complicated.


  • OMG Michelle!

    I can’t believe it. I am traumatized. Allison shared the pic I sent her of Jim in the bed with Jaideen and Hope with her sister Marie Anne and with Stacy and Hanna!!!

    I got a text from Marie Anne saying that she can’t believe how cute the picture was and asked if it was posed for or natural. When I replied natural. She said that she wishes that she was here and was jealous that the “girls” had time with “the baby making monster”.

    I was actually ok with Anne Marie and told her she needed to visit soon and that I would love for her to spend time with Jim and that he would love it as well.

    But I was traumatized when Stacy and Hanna came knocking on the door with huge smiles on their face. They said they saw the pic and wanted to take a pic with Jim and begged for time with Jim. I was hesitant to reply and they said, “Andrea, we know that you and Dan were doing the naughty while Jim was away. You either give us access to our babies’ daddy or we will let your little secret out. We are sure that Allison and Jim would love to know. After all, Jim is an incredible man and we just want a little fun. Kinda like the fun you have with Dan”

    I’m scared. I told them anytime they need Jim they can have access to him. I can’t let Jim find out about all the escapades Dan and I enjoy.

    What do I do?


  • Andrea!
    I'm so jealous of you! I wish I could get pregnant again! I'd love to be lying with all those beautiful pregnant girls, holding Jim's monster with one hand and his baby in my belly. Another pic that would be great would be to have all the pregnant girls hold the 'monster' with one hand. Kinda like in softball when everyone held the bat and moved a hand up to the top to see who takes the field first. I'm sure there are not enough hands to cover that monster! Whew! I'm getting wet thinking of that HUGE 'Monster' stretching and pounding my tiny 'kitten'.

    Andrea! Just a suggestion. You should talk with Jim about an open marriage. Be careful but I think it will work for you. I'm surprised at how well it's working for me.
    I think with my husband finding Kaytlin to hook-up with has been a help. I'm still having wonderful s** with my husband twice a week. BTW: It used to be 6 or 7 times or more. But now he encourages me to spend the weekend with Logan. I think Jim will be fine with it. Remember. You are openly allowing him to enjoy other women. You should be able to enjoy some quality "Dan Time".

  • Michelle

    I can’t wait for you to enjoy Jim’s monster. And if you are the petite hot momma you describe I’m willing to bet Jim’s s** drive will rival Logan.

    The pic of the girls laying on either side of Jim with their Prego bellies and holding his monster is priceless.

    I sent it on to Allison and to Jaideen’s mother.

    Jaideen’s mom said she was sooo jealous. She said that Jim was an incredible lover and that I was a saint for allowing her family to “enjoy his God given talents”.

    She sent me a pic of her with Jaideen and Jaideen’s granny. It was so cute to see three generations of beautiful black ladies with pregnant bellies. It made me wet knowing that My Husband was the single man responsible.

    Makes me WET writing about it just now.

    Today was just a pleasant fall day in Texas. Allison and I enjoyed a day by the pool. The type of Enjoyment only a couple of ladies can have together if you know what I mean 😜

    I only wish you were here to enjoy the day with me and maybe we could enjoy Jim together in the evening.

    But this evening will be boring. No visitor. 😢


  • Andrea!
    WOW! Your weekend was amazing! I wish I was as outgoing as you! I’m so jealous! I’d still love to ride Jim’s ‘monster’ one day!

    My weekend went well too!
    Andrea! Logan made countless deposits! WHEW! He’s so mature. Not to toss shade at my husband but WHEW I experienced the most intense s** in my life this weekend. My legs, butt and insides were SO sore when I got home Monday. I felt like I’d been on my honeymoon! Logan has an amazing s** drive and his stamina has improved since we first began having s**!! I’m so glad he can last for long periods of time now.

    I got up early Saturday morning and went for a 10 mile run, came home and showered. Stepped on the scales. 97.2lb. I did the grocery store run to stock the fridge with beer then pre-ordered everything my husband and Edward would need for college football. Sorry Andrea, I know your Texas A&M vs Alabama is big and congrats for winning but I live in ACC land. LOL

  • Cont.
    Our home is UNC all the way! UNC was playing Florida St. uggggh!!!! I don’t care about sports much but when I was in college. UNC needed to win agains Florida St. in any sport. Do you remember the UNC team of 1993? I was a college freshman then and they had a TALL player Eric Montross that played center…WHEW! I was dating my husband at the time and he got rewarded each time I had a dream about that guy!! Sorry Andrea! The guy was HOT….I’m sure he still is!!
    Sorry Andrea but I have to toss this out too…..I know his much older but Lawrence Taylor is a UNC alum…..LOL

    Logan wanted to take me out to a nice restaurant so I wanted to find the perfect outfit. My husband knew I was staying with Logan for the weekend so he helped me. To start with he picked out a black lace bra with matching thong & garter belt with black thigh highs. I prefer nude pantyhose but when you let a guy pick your outfit, that’s the first thing they go for….LOL

  • Cont.
    I had a dress picked out but my husband actually had a good idea. He said, “I bet your boy toy will blow early when he sees you wearing this. I know I love seeing you wear it.” Andrea! I love a good flirty conversation from a man. Especially my husband! I said, “While I’m putting on my bra and panties, you pick it out and I’ll model it to see if I can make your big c o c k hard!”
    Andrea! He dove into my closet and came out with classic black leather pencil skirt that fit above the knees and a sheer white blouse. OMG! I loved this look in the 1990s and used to wear it all the time!
    Andrea! He was hard! I gave him oral and offered s e x but he told me to keep my ‘kitten’ he said something clean and tight for my boy toy. LOL
    I brushed my teeth, packed a bag with a dress for mass, put on smoke mascara, black eye liner for ‘cat eyes’, bright red lipstick, 8 inch black platform Louboutin’s, pulled my hair back into a ponytail then drove to meet Logan.

  • Cont.
    Andrea! Logan LOVED the outfit! I wanted to give him oral but he pulled me to the bedroom and we instantly began having s e x! My husband was right! Logan popped early. That was ok because I knew he’d be ready soon. We had s e x again then we went to a restaurant for dinner. We held hands and talked. We began talking to a couple and Logan introduced me as his ‘girlfriend’. OMG! Andrea! He’s so mature! I got so aroused by hearing him say that! WHEW! I felt myself get wet! I made sure to give him lots of PDA after that! WHEW!
    Back at the boat, we went to the fly bridge and talked. He said he’d like for us to be exclusive.
    Andrea! I’ve been honest with Logan with the men I’ve had s e x with this year and Logan does not care but now he’s asking me to become exclusive! My brain was screaming YES! I admitted I no longer meet up with Bishop Gilliam, Bishop Emeritus Joseph was a one time thing, not great but an amazing emotional ‘bucket list’ item for me. I no longer meet Mark the Pilot or Jamie the Marine. Plus, he knows they were just for s e x. He told me he’d understand if I didn’t want to become exclusive and he didn’t want me to stop having s e x with my husband either or get a divorce. He just want’s me to be his girlfriend! I could feel my body flush! I love hearing him call me 'girlfriend'. Long story short, we had s e x all night long! We missed Saturday night vigil mass so I made him attend Sunday morning mass. Andrea! He agreed! We attended mass, had s e x then I cooked Sunday lunch and went home! OMG! Sorry! I’m so emotionally spent and my body is still sore from the s e x!

  • Michelle

    When I woke up this morning I went into the bedroom to grab my robe and could not resist taking a picture of Jim, Jaideep and Hope. It was soo cute!! ❤️

    Jim was laying on his back between Jaideen and Hope. The girls where on their sides facing Jim. The girls where in a fetal like position on their sides with their pregnant bellies and knees up against Jim. They each had one hand beneath their head under their pillow and they each had their other hand firmly around Jim’s monster.

    They were all asleep and soo peaceful. And Jim was hard as a rock in his sleep.

    I made breakfast and we ate together. Jim told the girls how they are the most beautiful mothers in the world and that they will raise beautiful children. They packed up to go back to San Antonio, but not before Jim asked, “Baby Mommas, do you mind if your baby daddy makes one last deposit?” The girls giggled and dropped their bags and went straight to the bedroom.

    Jim gave them a kiss before they left and told them, “I can’t wait to be there is a few weeks for the birth. But you have to make me a promise. That my deposit will be the last till the babies are born and that I can make the first deposit after the babies are born”. The girls replied, “Mr Jim no other man has been inside nor do we want another man inside. You are our babies daddy and the only man we need”

    It was soo cute.


  • Michelle!!!

    Those girls are incredible! They did the impossible. They pulled Jim away from the Texas A&M v Alabama game at the end of the first quarter. I could never accomplish such a task. And believe me I’ve tried. Shoot Allison and I couldn’t ever pull him away from his Aggies.

    Jaideen and Hope were sitting on either side of Jim. They gave him kisses after every score (as it’s the tradition to kiss your date when the Aggies score). I have to admit I was jealous. Jaideen sat on Jim’s lap at the end of the first quarter. She said, “Jim, your young baby mommas came down to be with you. We need more of our babies’ daddy. We are going to go back to San Antonio tomorrow. You don’t want us to go back unsatisfied do you? I can tell that your baby maker doesn’t want us to go unsatisfied. As a matter of fact, he feels ready for action. “ She then gave Jim a kiss and got up and grabbed his hand. He turned back to me and Allison and smiled as he walked to the master bedroom with Jaideen and Hope. Jim smiled and said, “Ladies, I’m sorry but my young baby mommas need some attention. I just can’t say no. I have to hump those baby humps and enjoy some of their fresh milk”

    Then it didn’t even take a minute after the door closed to hear the girls giggling and moaning.

    Allison and I were in shock. We continued to watch the game and drank a couple of bottles of wine.


  • Cont’

    At the end of the third quarter we were feeling pretty drunk so we decided to break up the party in the bedroom.

    Jim was spoon f****** ing Hope when we walked in and Jaideen was French Kissing Hope. It was soo hot to see two women so pregnant they are about to pop laying in bed together naked kissing while Jim was doing what he does best.

    The girls got mad because Jim stopped when we entered the room. Hope was so upset she actually left the room. Jaideen sat up on the bed and was visually upset. Allison went to her and began rubbing her belly and kissing her cheek telling her she was such a beautiful young mother and that she was sorry. Next thing I knew Jaideen was taking off Allison’s clothes. I took that as a cue to get undressed as well. I looked at Jim and he was smiling and hard as a rock. Allison directed jaideen to get on all fours and for Jim to do her Doggie Style. Allison and I took turns watching Jim’s huge white c*** enter Jaideen’s beautiful black p**** from below.

    Then I felt Jaideen drip milk on me. I quickly moved so I could enjoy Jaideen’s lactating breast and Allison did the same.

    It was amazing!


  • Cont’

    Jim was pounding Jaideen Doggie Style while Allison and I were enjoying Jaideen’s milk filled b******. Once we started sucking her b****** it did not take Jaideen long to produce the most intense and longest lasting o***** I had ever seen. The screaming and moaning brought Hope into the room. Hope then began to eat out Allison. Allison moaned, “Hope honey, that feels sooo good. And mommy is really enjoying it. But you shouldn’t eat your mommy’s p****. Go give Ms Andrea some luv’n”. Then Hope began to eat me out.

    We then had Hope take Jaideen’s place and Allison and I enjoyed Hope’s engorged b****** as Jaideen rested in the sitting area. Jaideen was so weak after her o***** that we had to help her to the love seat as she was so weak she could stand much less walk.

    Needless to say we didn’t see the rest of the game.

    Tonight the girls are going to stay with Jim again. Allison is back at home so I’ll be alone tonight again. But boy was that incredible. And I never thought anyone could pull Jim away from his Aggies. But Jaideen has the mystical power.


  • Michelle

    My daughter and son are out of town this weekend with friends to watch a college football game so I went ahead and told Jaideen and Hope they could spend the weekend here.

    Last night I slept upstairs and left the girls to the Master Bedroom and their babies daddy. It was crazy. I could hear the girls moaning as they orgasmed even though I was upstairs and on the other side of the house with the bedroom door closed. Allison texted me an said she “could hear jim providing much pleasure and that she was dripping wet just hearing it and thinking how she wanted to be there.” She also said that she couldn’t get Dan aroused and that she could tell he was frustrated as she thinks he thought it was me getting my brains f***** out by Jim.

    It’s getting crazy. Everyone wants Jim. I want Jim to F****** me the way he pounds everyone else. I don’t want passionate love. I want to be F****** E D like a s***.

    And now my neighbor and lady lover’s husband who won’t get hard for Allison is jealous when he thinks Jim is pounding me.

    And when I read her text I start to think of Dan and begin fingering my kitten. Thinking of how I wish he didn’t stop with a kiss and finger dip this morning at the door. How I wish he would have taken a lick and just F***** me hard and kept doing it in front of Jim saying “Jim, you have a beautiful wife. A wife that gives you so much. All she wants in return is a good F U CK. You F UC K my daughter, her roommate, my wife and sister in law. But you can’t give Andrea what she needs? All I can say is I am happy I can give her what she needs”. And then he explodes in me. All the while I am moaning and begging for it harder and deeper.

    I am getting out of control


  • Andrea!
    You're NOT getting out of control! Actually, I'm jealous of you!
    That post is HOT! Sorry this is short. I drove up to meet with Logan today. He's wearing me out and I'm loving it! LOL
    We're going to Saturday night vigil mass in a few.
    I'll post tomorrow or Monday.
    Please keep me posted on your weekend! You're beautiful and an amazing friend!

  • Michelle

    Have fun. You say your jealous of me. That is silly. I’m jealous of you. You are so beautiful, so petite and so desirable.

    Love you sweetheart


  • Michelle

    I replied to your hot message below.

    Hope and Jaideen arrived this afternoon. Jim and Dan went to the Astros game after they worked completed a brake job on Jim’s truck.

    It made me wet seeing Jim being all buddy buddy with Dan. If Jim only knew how much s** Dan and I had while he was on SC playing golf. I was in a silk robe and teddy when Dan came to the door in the morning. Dan was so naughty he snuck a kiss and a finger in my kitten before Jim came to the front door. Dan smiled as I was wet. Actually Jim and I just finished having s**. I smiled as Dan licked his finger clean and smiled.

    Back to the girls, they are soo freaking cute. They look like they are about to pop. We talked about being mothers and how they want Jim to be there at the birth. Jaideen is expecting a girl and Hope is carrying a boy.

    They asked if they could spend the night with Jim. They said they wanted to have s** one more time before they give birth. They said their OBGYN told them it was OK to have s** now but only doggie style or while spooning. They said their OBGY told them no oral s** except for gentle licks around the surface. They said they like deep oral so they have not had s** in months and need Jim.

    I smiled and said, “how can I tell two beautiful mothers that they cannot enjoy time with their babies daddy. Of course you can barrow Jim.”


  • Cont

    They looked at each other smiled and began to kiss on me. Before I knew it I was naked and had two pregnant young ladies sucking on my b****** and then fighting for the first lick. Once Hope went down on me Jaideen began to passionately kiss me. I swear her tongue went down my throat. Then Jaideen placed her b****** in my face and I began to suck as she began to lactate. Her milk was sooo sweet. Now I know why Jim loved to feed when I was breastfeeding the kids. Once I gushed in Hope’s face they switched places and I got to taste a little of myself as Hope kissed me and Jaideen took care of my kitty

    Boy is Jim in for a night to remember with two young, h**** lactating prego ladies.


  • Andrea,
    Monday was spa day. I got a fresh mani and pedi for the week.
    Tuesday, I put on a tight pair of capri, did my hair and went to yoga class Tuesday. Dionta wasn’t there but his friends told me he’d be there Wednesday.
    Since I knew he’d be at the health club on Wednesday, I wore a pair of thin light gray cotton capri with no panties and a matching sports bra.
    The capris don’t look slutty but when I bend over they leave nothing to the imagination.
    I arrived early and waiting for my class. Dionta was wearing a tight tank top with very tight & tiny MMA shorts. Andrea! I could see the impression of his HUGE p e n i s! He’s clearly thicker than my wrist or ankle!
    He caught me staring!
    I took off my shoes and while he was looking my direction, I bent over to set down my mat and bag. It worked! He was looking and he even nudged his friends to check me out. I turned, smiled and walked over to him. They acted like they were looking up at the lights. LOL He’s so tall and MASSIVE! He gave me some compliments and I said, “You are HUGE!” while staring at his p e n i s. He smiled and said, “You white gals are all the same. I hear that from ya’ll all the time.” I told him those shorts are good advertisement. My flirting was working!

  • They looked at each other smiled and began to kiss on me. Before I knew it I was naked and had two pregnant young ladies sucking on my b****** and then fighting for the first lick. Once Hope went down on me Jaideen began to passionately kiss me. I swear her tongue went down my throat. Then Jaideen placed her b****** in my face and I began to suck as she began to lactate. Her milk was sooo sweet. Now I know why Jim loved to feed when I was breastfeeding the kids. Once I gushed in Hope’s face they switched places and I got to taste a little of myself as Hope kissed me and Jaideen took care of my kitty

    Boy is Jim in for a night to remember with two young, h**** lactating prego ladies.


  • Cont.
    I told him I’d like to warm up before class. He smiled. I asked if he’d show me how to use the squat machine. He was standing behind me and I backed into him on purpose. He’s so tall, his p e n i s pressed against my back. WOW! He suggested I try a few squats with no weight first. I did but acted like I was unbalanced. His hands are HUGE! I asked him if my butt looked firm in these pants. He gave me a sexy grin and said ‘yes’. I said, “You’ll need to feel it before I believe you.” He said, “Are you sure?” I reached out and took his hand. OMG! It’s larger than both of my hands! I said, “Squeeze me”. He did! OMG! His hand covered my entire butt! One of my butt cheeks fits perfectly in my husband’s hand. Dionta’s hand cupped my entire butt!
    Andrea! I instantly felt myself get wet! I was thinking I should have worn panties! He said, “Feels firm to me.” I said, “Thanks but I think these pants might be giving you the wrong impression. I’d be more convinced if you squeeze it bare.” My intentions were for him to squeeze my butt when we were alone. However, we were standing against a wall and he boldly slide his hand down my cotton capri and squeezed my butt bare! Andrea! My ‘kitten’ started panting and I got so wet! I felt him slide a finger between my butt cheeks. The tip of his large finger rubbed my a***, then slide up as he pulled his hand out! He said, “It’s firm! and very wet.” I turned around and made a point to brush my hand across his p e n i s. He smiled.

  • Cont.
    I asked if he’d like to hook-up. He said, “I thought you’re married.” I told him I am but we’ve agreed to be open. He was polite but told me he didn’t feel comfortable about that and told me my class had started. I told him I didn’t come here to take the class. He rolled his eyes and said, “You’re persistent.” I asked him to sit at the smoothie bar and we can talk about it. He watched me bend over to get my bag and mat. I looked in the full length mirror and Andrea! This is embarrassing but my wet spot was showing.
    We talked and I was trying everything I could to get him to agree to a hook up. I told him he’s huge and I’d like to experience him.
    I tried everything but he was polite and kept brushing me off. At first he told me he was exclusive with ‘someone’. I told him it’d be ‘no strings attached’. He said he hears that all the time. Girls hit on him all the time at the club he works at. He said he wasn’t into older women. I rubbed his leg, looked up at him with pouty eyes and said “Please”. He said he’d split me in half. I said, “I don’t think so. I gave birth to three boys. I can take anything you have.” I said, “Let’s exchange numbers. You can message me anytime and I’ll be right there.”
    I thought I was making progress. He took out his phone and said, “Michelle, I can’t and here’s why.” He showed me a photo of him kissing another guy and told me he’s gay. His boyfriend is Jarrod and a bartender at the club. A skinny white guy with red hair, beard and man bun. The two of them just got an apartment together. Dionta found out he was gay his sophomore year in high school when he was on wrestling team.

  • Cont.
    The guys at the gym know he’s gay. Actually, he told me they all were. He said, “You’re the hottest woman at this place and very nice. I get hit on by white girls at the club all the time and at work I can be D**k but he considered me a friend and didn’t want to come across like an a$$ with you. I didn’t want you to feel bad. I was afraid the other guys would laugh and I didn’t want you to go through with that. I tried to brush you off easy first you’re persistent.” I told him I’m not good at picking up guys and thank him for being nice. We had an amazing conversation.
    He asked if I was just looking for the ‘experience’ or a regular hook-up. Andrea! I told him I have a bff that’s had the BBC experience and when she found out my marriage became ‘open’ she told me to add it to my bucket list.
    I told Dionta I wanted him to be my first BBC! He told me he was honored.
    He asked me if I’m going to pursue the BBC experience or is it over. Andrea! That was a good question. I told him I’m interested. He said, “Do you have a backup? or will you go after a random?” I told him I’d probably find a random and let it be a ‘one time thing’.
    He said ‘I know someone.’ He took out his phone, opened flicker and showed me a pic of a black guy standing between two white girls. He’s 41 years old, covered with tats, probably 7ft tall. He was in prison for 6 years for robbing a store. Andrea! This guy is crazy HOT! and a REAL bad boy! His name is Malcom but Dionta said he goes by MK. He’s a bouncer at the same club Dionta works at.
    WHEW! One pic MK was naked facing forward and flexing. His back and butt are VERY MUSCULAR! He showed me another pic of him wearing a small speedo. WHEW! He’s packing!!!

  • Cont.
    Dionta told me he’s an awesome guy, he'd treat me right and give me the experience I’m looking for. He said MK’s also a good source for pot if I’m into that.
    He asked me to stand and took a full body pic of me. He sent it to MK and copied me. He said, “She’s a good friend looking for her first BBC. Interested?” He replied back with a thumbs up emoji.
    I talked with Dionta more about it. Dionta said if I was nervous, I could meet MK at his apartment and he’d leave while we had s**.
    This would truly be a ‘meet & hookup’ situation.
    What do you think? Should I?

  • Michelle

    Go for it. You need to experience it. I warn you once you have a BBC you won’t be satisfied with anything else except maybe my Jim.

    But be sure there is a mirror you will want to see that big black anaconda as it slips inside your tight white kitty.

    It will be an incredible experience. And I bet it won’t be a once and done with MK. If it is, you will be on the prowl for more dark meat.

    I’m sooooo excited for you. I wish I could have seen the wet spot on your yoga pants. That’s sooo cute. You are all excited like a teenage girl. MK is soo lucky. He is going to beg for more.

    Enjoy! And tell me all about it.

    I recommend you buy a wide d**** and get that kitty stretched and ready otherwise she is going to tear.


  • Michelle

    I’m so jealous of Kaitlyn. I wanted to swap hubbies with you.

    Hanna and Stacy came by for dinner tonight. They were so cute holding hands and both with that pregnancy glow. They invited Jim to go to their sonogram session next week. Jim declined, but they kept pushing and begging. Hanna said, “Jim it is important to us you be there. You are the reason we are blessed. If you can turn down our advances you can stay home. But if we awaken the monster you will go with us and we get to play.”

    Jim smiled. When he stood up you could see he was already aroused. Stacy smiled ran to Jim and un did his pants and said, “I know what I’m having for dessert” and she dropped to her knees and gave Jim a BJ in the backyard right at our outdoor table.

    Jim then pounded them both in the outdoor kitchen area. I was so embarrassed. They were sooo loud I just knew someone was going to look over the fence.

    I wanted to pet my kitty, but decided to clean up the dinner dishes instead.

    By the time I was done cleaning up Jim had made them both o***** and they came into the house naked. It was impressive to see Hana and Stacy’s bushes dripping wet. They sat down next to me on the sofa and began to kiss me taking off my blouse and skirt.

    The girls began to pet my kitty. Jim downed a glass of bourbon and then he began to make love to me while Stacy and Hana sucked on my b******. Stacy and Hana told Jim, “don’t make love to Andrea. That is boring. She deserves a good f******. F*** her hard deep and fast!”

    He then started to go deeper and harder. As Stacy and Hana moaned Jim started pounding me faster and then I let out a scream and a few pumps later Jim exploded.

    We then took turns kissing and licking the monster.

    How I wish Jim would give it to me like that when we are alone.


  • Andrea!
    Sorry! This will be a long and I hope it doesn’t bore you.
    First of all, your post about watching Jim and his ‘monster’ pounding all those women got me aroused! OMG! I had to ‘pet my kitten’!! WHEW I confess, I have naughty thoughts of Jim pounding ‘my kitten’ with that monster! WHEW You are so lucky to experience the feeling of being stretched and pounded by him! I hope one day to experience him! I would let him do anything to me! WHEW!
    Thanks for your confidence and support in me. The next time I go to yoga at the health club, I’m going to wear something very tight. If Dionta is there and we flirt, I’m going to ask if yoga is working and he can squeeze my butt. I may tell him my marriage is open too. I don’t know about that approach. As far as not being able to handle Dionta’s BBC, I’m sure I can. Remember, I gave birth to three boys. I’ll be fine. LOL

  • Cont.
    I love my husband and we always had a great s e x life! However, I admit, I would love to watch him pound Kaytlin! I’d actually love to see Kaytlin riding my husband. She’s so tiny!
    My husband shared a few details lol!! He goes ‘on and on’ about her fake ‘bolt on’ t***. He says “I wish you could see them in person.” However, he’s quick to say, “But I love your’s the best.” I smile and say, “You’d better! The fed three boys and one husband” LOL Sorry for the TMI but when I was having kids, he had to take a turn. LOL Guys are funny!
    I also remind him that I’ve basically seen her naked when she wears the ‘so called’ bikini/g-string thong with a top that has enough fabric to cover nipple. I think she looks kinda fake with
    As I stated earlier, Katylin’s 32 years old and had a lot of surgery to look the way she does. Please don’t think I’m being jealous or unkind but I’m 15 years older, bust my butt to stay 97lb and I think her waist looks abnormal with the lower ribs removed. My husband has stopped drinking as much and cleaned up his diet some too. He’s lost a few pounds since he’s been hooking up with Katylin. When I have s e x with him now, he lasts longer just like he used to. I guess this arrangement is working. At first I was afraid Kaytlin would drop him after a few times but she told my husband he’s her favorite and Terry doesn’t mind if we don’t swap. She said most of the couples they swap with are in their 60s and my husband is by far the closest in age to her.
    Final vent……..My ankles are thinner! LOL

  • Cont.
    I had a great weekend with Logan. He so mature. He can satisfy me emotionally and sexually. Last Friday, I finished teleworking and ran a few errands. I stocked the fridge with food and beer. My husband and Edward planned to spend Saturday watching college football. He had plans to ‘hookup’ with Kaytlin Friday night at her house. Terry’s away on a golf trip. Andrea! I forgot to mention the two times I had ’jackrabbit’ s e x with Terry. Well, it was over so fast I guess that’s why. LOL
    My son’s girlfriend is staying at our house this weekend. It’s a good thing I’m visiting Logan. I didn’t want to be home alone 5 days without s e x, reading your arousing posts and listening to my son pound his VERY vocal girlfriend. LOL The last time that happened, I had to give Edward oral! WHEW!
    I packed a small bag and got dressed. Fall is here and the temperature has dropped. It’s very chilly and foggy in the mornings and it gets dark and cool early.
    I wore a black padded bra that ads a cup size with a fitted black long sleeve shirt. I dug out a pair of black tights. I wore a tight above the knee orange pencil skirt with 4 inch orange Hot Chick 100 Louboutins. I did my hair and lipstick and was out the door. Logan is so mature. He insists I not wear makeup, just lipstick when we get together.

  • Cont.
    On my drive to the marina, I stopped and picked up supplies for our dinner for two! Salad ingredients for me and a 3 inch thick cut ribeye for Logan.
    I was so glad to see Logan! We hugged, kissed and I gave his beautiful p e n i s oral. WHEW! I was so wet! We had s e x! I rode him fast and hard! Poor guy! I was close but he popped early. That was ok. I did a bathroom dash and he was ready again! This time he held me in the air and pounded me. WHEW! We did missionary and he made me climax. It was so good! I put my heels on and bent over for him. He pounded me deep and hard till he popped again.
    I put my outfit back on, with tights, because the temp was dropping and we planned to eat dinner on the fly bridge and sit out till late.
    After dinner, we took a blanket and sat on the fly bridge together. I put my head on him and we held hands and kissed. He couldn’t stop talking about my legs. LOL He loved the tights and kept rubbing them. He’s so mature. We talked till 11pm. He had me so aroused, we decided to go to bed. He took a quick shower while I secured everything for the night. I took a quick shower then got in the bed with no cloths on. I knew Logan would be hard and waiting for his ‘bedtime s e x’ lol.
    He started on top! The moment quickly turned into one of the best ‘love making’ sessions I’ve ever had! We French kissed the entire time! WHEW! He used his beautiful p e n i s to keep me on edge! I came countless times! We climaxed together. He remained inside me until he went soft. We went to sleep afterward. He placed his hand on my stomach as we went to sleep. I remember thinking, “I wish I could get pregnant with his child.”

  • Cont.
    I woke up early, did yoga and was getting ready to make crepes. I read your post and got aroused. Andrea! Normally I’d have to ‘pet my kitten’ but I didn’t need to. I have a mature 19 year old with a constant hard-on and a beautiful p e n i s in the next room and he will satisfy my needs. He was awaken with ‘wake-up’ oral then ‘Cowgirl Michelle’ riding him. LOL
    I spent the day helping him wash and clean the boat. That’s a constant job.
    Andrea! At lunch he asked if I was going to Saturday Night Vigil Mass! OMG! I was so excited but I forgot to pack for that. I had planned on going home after the boat was clean. He said, “Remember the deal. If I go to mass and take the ‘Becoming Catholic’ course, YOU will stay Saturday night.” OMG I was so happy! I left for home so I could change into an evening mass dress, get a rosary & chaplet and head covering.
    We attended mass, went out to dinner and spent the evening having passionate ‘love making’ s**.
    Before I left Sunday morning, we did doggy until he popped! It was a lot!
    Have a great week!

  • Michelle

    Next week Jaideen and Hope are coming to town. They are due in 5 weeks!! I can’t wait to see them. :)

    Jim is excited as well. He is planning to go to San Antonio and be there for the births. The girls have made arrangements with their doctor to be in the same birthing suite. Jim reserved three suites at the River Center Marriott. One for Allison and Dan, one for us and one for Jaideen’s mother and grandmother. Jaideen’s mom and grandma are doing well and are due the week after Thanksgiving.

    Jim is such a proud pappa.


  • Andrea!
    That's great news! Congratulations! I hope everyone does well and all the babies are healthy!

  • Michelle

    You have to go for Donte. But I warn you after a real BBC your kitten will be ruined. She will likely tear and you will never be satisfied sexually again unless you have another BBC, a huge monster like Jim or just plain rough s**.

    I have to admit though. That I wish we could hook up. I really want to see you with Jim and I want some time with your husband. I’m sure I can be better than Kaitlyn.

    I wish we lived close as I would love to coach you. Not only on how to bag your Donte but also be there to help coach you in bed. I would arrange it so Donte saw us together and walked in while we were enjoying som girl time. I would be fingering you and licking your c***. Donte would be so hard. Being almost 7 foot I bet he is 10 inches or more and I bet he is bigger around than Jim.

    I will say oh my. That’s too big. He will say, “ Well mam, that’s fine because he is for Ms Michelle”. I’ll then begin sliding in my 3rd and 4th fingers to stretch your kitty. He will see my fingers disappear inside you and he will smile. As every BBC craves a white woman but very few find one who can handle the equipment.

    He will lay on the bed. You and I will lick on his big black monster. Then you will straddle his torso and begin to kiss him passionately as I continue to suck on the BBC. Then when you are ready you lie flat on top and begin to slide down as I guide that monster into its tight new home.

    OMG. I’m dripping wet just thinking about it!

    Did I ever tell you that one of my son’s track friend’s father ended up being my BBC. My son’s kindergarten best friend’s dad ended up being the guy I lived with my senior year off college and almost married. And my daughter’s BF’s dad was one of my lovers as well.

    Trust me being a s*** makes for some uncomfortable situations. Especially since my family doesn’t know how I used to be.

  • Michelle

    Don’t be jealous. I was a s*** in HS and College. My best love was Jim and that’s why I married him. I’ll never forget our first time. I was riding him and as I climaxed I moaned that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and he exploded inside of me. I rode him till I climaxed a second time and we fell asleep as I laid on top of him with Jim’s monster inside of me.

    We had just met less than a week prior. That will be 26 years ago on Sunday. He asked me to marry him on New Years and we were married the following summer.

    I only had 2 other lovers since then until this Spring. Allison has been my Lady Love for almost 20 years now. The other lover was the weekend that Allison asked me to spend with her son in preparation for his wedding night.

    The last 26 years with Jim and his Monster has been extraordinary. I love the way his c*** makes me feel sooo full even today. Only time I felt more fulfilled was in college when I had my BBC phase. Michelle, you have not lived till you have experienced a BBC.

    I digress, it’s always turned me on how Jim pounds other women. The sound of his body slapping against theirs. The sight of his huge b**** bouncing of their l**** as I lay beneath them while they get the monster doggie style.

    It’s a beautiful sight.

    Is it wrong for me to crave it


  • Andrea!

    It is not wrong of you to crave it! Actually, I envy you so much! You are an amazing person and I wish I could have met you earlier in life. I wish we were friends in college! I bet you could have helped me satisfy my sexual fantasies.
    I dream of having the experiences you have had! WOW! I’m so jealous of you being between two BBCs!
    There’s a group of ‘big muscle’ ‘gym rats’ at the health club where I take yoga and spin class. Six of those guys are over 6 ft tall and black! They wear tight tank tops and tiny shorts. I’ve admired the large bulge and the impression of their long thick p e n i s e s in their tiny tight shorts too! Each one looks to be as thick as my wrist! They check me out as I walk by wearing my tight yoga capri. The black guys are friendly and flirt when I’m waiting for class to start. To tease, I do stretches in front of them.
    Dionta is tall (close to 7ft), muscular, nipples pierced and numerous face piercings. He’s also covered with tats. He’s 28 years old and a bouncer at a downtown bar. BTW: He said I don’t look old enough to have 3 grown boys. LOL
    I’m barefoot for yoga and Andrea! I’m 5’ 1” & 97lbs and looking directly into his chest. We were flirting one day and he called me a Spinner MILF. I made a comment about his HUGE hands. He placed it on my head like he was holding a basketball! WOW! One hand is larger than my head! Andrea! I was actually hoping he’d squeeze my butt with that huge hand! LOL When yoga class starts back, I may ask him to one day. Or do you think that would be too naughty??

  • Cont.
    I had a dream one night:
    I was naked on my knees surrounded with those HUGE BBCs giving them oral!
    Suddenly Dionta picked me up and sat me on his BBC. I got passed around until they started to c u m.
    In this dream, I was fertile and begging them to knock me up.
    They each put me in a different position and ‘popped’ inside me.
    I became pregnant and had a boy!
    The guys had a competition to determine who had the strongest s p e r m!
    Before I woke up. I was standing with a baby on my hip and the results in the other.
    I read the DNA results and Dionta was the winner! LOL
    Andrea! I woke up with a wet ‘kitten’.
    It’s a silly dream but I get aroused each time I think of it.
    I admire you Andrea! You are amazing!
    I’m still with Logan this morning and using my iPad it has a small keyboard.
    I’ll post about my weekend when I get home.
    Have a great Sunday!

  • Andrea!
    OMG! I'm SOOOO jealous of you now! You experienced a BBC! I need to hear details!
    Sorry this will be short. I'm using my phone. I stayed with with Logan and got up early to do yoga and make crepes. btw he's still sleeping. lol He's so mature.
    I was checking for a new post and OMG!
    You are so gorgeous! I'm imagining a HOT Sandra bullock look a like getting it from a sexy BBC! WHEW You don't know how aroused I am right now. I bet you made the BBC pop early!
    I think each man you've been with his lucky!
    When Logan awakes he will be in for a surprise. I'm going to give him 'wake up' oral right now!!! Thank you!

  • Michelle

    I was 19 and a Freshman in college. So it was like 31 years ago so the details are a bit foggy. I went to a party with my roommate. There were a bunch of athletes at the party, mostly track and basketball athletes. I guess it would have been about this time of year in 1989 as it was early in my first semester. My roommate was a sophomore so she knew where to parties where.

    We had a great time. I remember this tall DARK and handsome guy was hitting on me. He was either a junior or senior. He was a sprinter on the track team. He was so strong. He was tall about 6 foot 4. My roommate had been trying to seduce his friend who was also a handsome black man, but the two guys kept flirting with me.

    Long story short, on a dare I gave the taller guy a BJ. It was huge. His c*** was so thick long and black. I could barely open my mouth wide enough. But once I had it in my mouth my instincts took over and I deep throated him and sucked on him hard till he exploded in my mouth then I sucked down every drop. It was the first time I swallowed. I wanted to gag but at the same time I wanted more.

    We ended up bringing the two guys to our room. Pam and I had s** with our “dates”. But Pam went to sleep and I got to enjoy her BBC as well.

    I did not have the guts to DP like they wanted but I did have a BBC c** in my kitten and mouth at the same time.

    I never hooked up with them again, but that was indeed my sexual climax.

    Oh and by the way, they were rough and I did suffer a tear. But though I don’t share that story I have to admit it is still one of my proudest moments.

    That’s why I was so excited to see Hope ride Jim and so proud of the tear she earned doing so.


  • Andrea,
    I am so jealous of you! I love my husband, he’s the only man I’d been with until this past year. Please don’t take this wrong, when we were dating and even after we were married, he’s always satisfied me! Heck, he knocked me up 3 times! However, I wish I had gotten more experience before I became exclusive.
    I’m not boasting but in college I had numerous offers to hook up with ‘no strings attached’. I played soccer and guys were hitting on me all the time. I loved the attention but I never acted on it. Looking back, I wish I had. I also wish I could say that I had s e x with 35 guys in one year! WHEW! Andrea! I had to rub ‘my kitten’ when I read that! WHEW! Oh yeah, sorry about Robert not giving you #36.

    I was monogamous with my husband until this past February with Logan.
    Andrea! I’m glad we found each other. You are amazing! I’m so thankful you talked me into having s e x with Logan. WHEW! That opened the door for me! You are awesome! Now my marriage is open! My husband is having so much fun with Kaytlin now. BTW: I’m having wonderful s e x with my husband 2 or 3 times a month now. I know it’s not as many times as before but it’s just as intense and he can still make me climax!

  • Cont.
    I can relate with you about enjoying a good pounding! At first, Logan and I would have honeymoon s e x. He’s so mature! He’s young and full of sperm! LOL
    Andrea! I had to work with that young man to pace himself to last but at first I just wanted to be pounded by him as many times as he was able to. WOW! I was shocked how quickly he could recover! Now that we’ve become intimate and connecting, s e x is mind blowing! We’re having passionate s e x and ‘make love’ often. However, he still enjoys pounding me doggy! LOL

    S e x with Bishop Gilliam was out of this world! He’s an amazing man and I LOVE his p e n i s! It’s beautiful! I was merely doing a favor for Bishop Gilliam when I agreed to have s e x with Bishop Emeritus Joseph. It was an honor to be Bishop Gilliam’s gift.
    I’ve said before, the experience wasn’t great but I’m glad I had s e x with him. It’s an honor to have s e x with a man with that much authority! WHEW! I know the experience wasn’t great but if he came back to town and requested me to have s e x with him. I would. Looking back at that experience and his position of authority, I wish he had not used protection. It would have been a high honor for him to spray his HOLY seed inside my womb.
    I can’t get pregnant so it would have been nice to experience the feeling an Archbishop’s (Bishop Emeritus Joseph’s title is Archbishop) warm HOLY sperm inside me.
    It’s silly but that’s something I can add to my “Bucket List”. I’ve had s e x with a Bishop and Archbishop. Do you think I should pursue a Cardinal next? WHEW That would be an accomplishment. LOL
    The first time Bishop Gilliam released his Holy sperm inside my body, I had an out of body experience! My body shivered uncontrollably for minutes. I didn’t stop till he kissed my forehead!
    Andrea! I never thought I would say this but just the thought of having unprotected with Bishop Emeritus Joseph again or a Cardinal is making me aroused right now!

  • Cont.
    I miss Mark the Pilot and Jamie! They could satisfying me like you are talking about! If I was craving a nice and HARD pounding, I could count on either of them. Mark is great but Jamie could pound my insides for hours! WHEW! My cervix would be sore for two days after a hook up!

    Sorry for my rambling and this lengthy reply. It’s been 4 days since I’ve had s e x. BTW: It was with my husband. WHEW! He’s meeting up with Katylin tonight. I’m going to drive up to the Marina this afternoon and spend the night with Logan. I’ll post details later.

  • Andrea!
    That’s so HOT! I got aroused reading your post! I just finished rubbing ‘my kitten’ thinking of Allison licking your beautiful ‘kitten’ clean! WHEW! I would love to do that to you one day!

    My weekend with Logan was wonderful. I stopped at the grocery and picked up a few things. I arrived at the Marina and Logan helped me carry my bag and things to the boat. Before I could put up the groceries, I was on my knees giving his p e n i s oral! WHEW! I get so wet giving him oral! I started out on top and climaxed instantly! Then he took over and filled ‘my kitten’ full of his warm s p e r m! I wish I could get pregnant with his baby!

    We cooked dinner together and hung out on the fly bridge. We covered with a blanket and kissed till it got dark. We went to his bed and had passionate s e x for a long time. I woke up and made him breakfast. We had s e x one more time and went to the Fall Festival.

  • Cont.
    We had fun and when we got back to the boat I asked if he would go to Saturday night vigil mass with me. ANDREA! He agreed! We got dressed. I wore a long flowing dress with ballet flats and he wore jeans, shirt & tie with a sports coat. WHEW He looks sexy! I told him he will get rewarded later. I grabbed my rosary and put on a chaplet and left. Logan had never been to mass and I helped him along. We held hands during the service. He chose to remain seated as I went forward for the Eucharist. After service, I asked the priest if they were offering a ‘Becoming Catholic’ course soon. He gave Logan the information and the church number to call. He said he would go. I ‘sweetened the deal’ and said I’d go with him. I also told him if he attends the course, he will get a big reward after each session. Anything he wishes! Andrea! He gave me that naughty grin.

    At the boat, I asked Logan to unzip my dress. It fell and his eyes popped out because under the dress, I was wearing a white lace bra, white garter and matching thongs with nude nylons. He quickly undressed and we had passionate s e x for a long time.

    The next morning I made breakfast, washed sheets and towels and did some cleaning. As I was making the bed, we had s e x one more time. That was my last deposit before I left to come back home.
    I’m glad you had a great weekend too! It’s so good hearing from you. I hope you and Dan can connect more. It’s nice having s e x with someone that cares for you.

  • Michelle

    Jim loves me and I love him. The problem is he is a bit on the large side and we are together we make passionate love. There is no doubt that God made his manhood to perfectly fill my kitten, but he “makes love” to me.

    We have been together for more than 25 years and with the exception of recent escapades with PJ and Dan along with some practice s** with Allison and Dan’s son (at Allison’s request). I have been faithful. But the recent time with more average to slightly below average hung men it’s brought back the joy and desires I had back in my teens and early twenties. That time between 14 and 24 before I met Jim when I would spread my legs for any c*** I could get. AND I ENJOYED Them ALL.

    As I stated earlier I remember one year I slept with 35 men! I was p***** when my dates friend on New Year’s Eve of 1993 got too drunk to have s** with me and passed out. I planned on Robert to be number 36!!!

    I am much older now. I don’t want to sleep around but I miss a good hard f******. Dan is a good rough f***. I just wish Jim would F*** me like he does the others. I don’t want to be made love to like a wife. I long to be F***** LIKE S*** I was 25 years ago. Once a s*** always a s***.


  • Michelle

    I had a great week while Jim was in SC. I hadn’t had that much s** in a single week since college. Thursday night was incredible! I barely got any sleep. Shoot even when I was sleeping I was dreaming of having s** with Dan.

    I can’t believe that Dan has not been sexually active with Allison for years. He said that it is true that he was impotent. He said, “Allison just doesn’t do it for me. I love her. She is my wife and my life. I do love Allison. But, Andrea, I LOVE having s** with you! You make me feel 18 again!”

    We spent Friday acting like teenagers. We did not get dressed all day and that old impotent man stayed hard all day without any meds!


  • Cont’

    Around 2 o’clock in the afternoon while Dan and I were having one last sexual encounter, before I headed home to prepare dinner for Jim upon his arrival home from SC, we were surprised by an unannounced visitor.

    Dan had just finished giving me incredible oral as he kneeled at the side of their marriage bed (where we had incredible s** the night before). I was laying across the bed with my butt on the edge of Allison’s side of the bed and my legs in the air. Then Dan entered me and began to pound me hard. He f***** me so hard. I had not been f***** like that in 30 years! I began to moan, “harder, harder, f*** me harder. F*** me like a s***!” Dan didn’t disappoint. He pounded me and as he popped he moaned, “I love you Andrea”. And as I wrapped my legs around him I turned and saw Allison watching. She stood there and clapped.

    Dan looked like he saw a ghost as he pulled out. He then went to the bathroom to clean up and then the unthinkable happened. Allison dropped to her knees and licked me clean. She actually climaxed while licking me clean.

    Dan walked out as Allison where in a passionate kiss and embrace with his c** on our lips.

    Looks like we have two threesomes now. And now I see why Allison loves our escapades. It’s amazing having s** with another woman’s husband and then having her lick you clean!


  • Michelle

    Sorry to hear that Mark and Jamie have faded away and that Terry did not satisfy.

    I’m glad you still have Logan. I was just thinking how I wished we could have been swap partners rather than Terry and Katlyn. I told the kids that I was going across town to spend the night with my sister, but parked my SUV in Allison and Dan’s garage.

    Dan came over again today and we had s** several times. He said, “ Andrea, I think that I am falling in love with you. No woman has ever made me feel as good as you. When I am inside of you I feel like I am in heaven. Will you please spend the night next door. I dream of you every night. I even dream of you when Allison is by my side. It would be a dream come true if we could play husband and wife at my house.”

    So I’m next door. We have been watching the Texans. During half time I gave him a BJ and he exploded with such force. He tastes incredible. He also made me squirt as he ate me out while I was in the kitchen preparing our second half snack. Dan made me strip down after his BJ and then asked me to wear an apron in the kitchen. It was so hot cooking in the kitchen with just an apron and being eaten out. It didn’t take long at all to squirt. It was so embarrassing as I did it all on his face and on the kitchen floor.

    I can’t believe I’m going to spend the night here. I don’t think we are going to get much sleep.

    Wish me luck. Wish me a very WET night!!


  • Andrea,
    What's going on with this site? I've been posting replies and they get dropped! Sorry.
    I wish you luck and hope you have a wet night! I hope Dan gets the pleasure he deserves from a HOT Sandra Bullock look-a-like! WHEW!
    BTW: I spent the night with Logan last night and we're going to the Fall Festival today and tonight. I'm replying from my phone so this post, if it doesn't get dropped, will be short.
    Let's share details of our weekend later. I can reply much better from my laptop at home.
    Before I close, Logan was amazing last night! WHEW! We had passionate s e x and I climaxed 3 times! He's so mature!

  • Michelle

    Jim is in SC for his golf outing. Our thread disappeared from the website for a while. Otherwise I was going to have you meet up with Jim. He always enjoys hitting the 19th hole hard and often. It’s too bad you couldn’t have met up with him. I know I am bummed, he is always extra h**** after a day on the lynx.

    I know that I am having fun while he is away. Allison is still in NOLA helping out her parents and Anne Marie so Dan is home alone. The kids are home so no sleep overs, but Dan comes over around 7:30 and stays till about 2:30. He does some work but spends most of his time with me. Dan had TEAMs call early today. He had to be on video and had his computer set up on our kitchen table. We just finished having s** before his call so he rushed to put on his shirt and tie.

    And I just couldn’t resist. He was sitting there with no slacks or boxers. I always wanted to give Jim oral on a conf call but he wouldn’t allow it so I took the chance and went under the table and gave it a “blow”. He was talking when he popped. I could hear his boss say, “wow, Dan that was a great presentation. You really blew that away.” Then she kinda giggled and the team laughed. Dan replied, “”yes, I worked really hard to put that together. Thank you everyone for your time and support.”

    Then the meeting ended. Dan chased me into the bedroom and we had s** again. That man is about to retire as VP of a big company and I blew him during his presentation. In return he filled both of my other holes with c**


  • Cont.
    We swapped with Terry and Katylin last weekend. Nothing exciting. It was something I had to do. LOL My husband and Katylin were having so much s e x, Terry asked when WE were going to swap again. LOL
    So, I put on a LBD with nylons and heels and we had dinner with Terry and Katylin. I stayed in the master bedroom with Terry and Katylin and my husband spent the evening in a guest bedroom. Terry did a lot of ‘blow’ with bourbon and could only perform once. Five minutes of ‘jackrabbit’ and he was out for the night. I spent most of the evening in the back yard messaging Logan.
    The marina Logan is staying at is hosting a Fall Festival and he asked me to be his ‘date’. OMG! My husband encouraged me to go spend the weekend with him. He’s making plans to take Katylin to the outer banks to golf.
    Logan gives me the emotional connection I need right now. He’s so mature and understanding. I wish I could get pregnant again! Each time he makes a ‘deposit’ I wish I could wake up 9 months pregnant with his child inside my womb!

    I haven’t heard from Mark the pilot or Jamie the HOT Marine in weeks. I have a feeling that chapter is closed. It was nice having s e x with them. Sometimes a girl needs a good pounding. LOL

  • Contd

    It’s crazy that he doesn’t get aroused for Allison but that man is a c** machine for me. It kinda crazy but I really hope Allison stays gone for a while longer. I’m beginning to enjoy Dan. He is not as big as Jim, but he lasts longer. And in my old age I’m beginning to realize I prefer either a good old fashioned pounding or a slow deliberate love making session.

    Jim is a great lover but he refuses to be rough with me and he is a little quick on the draw. He keeps it up and keeps going till I climax. But Dan is slow and we are starting to get in the rhythm of climaxing together which is incredible!!!

    I think that I am falling for my threesome partners husband. I don’t want Allison to know. I love our girl time and there is nothing better than watching Jim pound her and licking up the mess. I don’t want to lose that.


  • Michelle

    Had a great weekend with Jim and the kids. Not much in the way of sexual exploits.

    However, this morning while Jim was at the office and the kids away at school Dan came for a visit.

    We spent the entire morning exploring each other’s body by the pool and in the pool. I love making love in the pool. Dan even went down on me in the pool that was erotic, especially since Jim would never do that because he hates having his head underwater.

    Around 12:30 or so I went in to prepare lunch. I was wrapped in a towel. When I called Dan inside for lunch he tore off my towel lifted me onto the bar and said, “All I need is a sweet appetizer”, then proceeded to eat me out till I gushed all over the place. Then he bent me over the table till I gushed a second time.

    It’s kinda crazy, but when it comes to one on one sexual encounters I prefer either Allison or Daniel.

    But the best is watching Jim with other women.

    I think that I have become some sort of sexual deviant.

    Michelle, have I become a freak?


  • Andrea,

    You are not a freak! I'm glad we're friends. You've been an inspiration for me and because of you, I've had confidence to leave my comfort zone. Since I've began chatting with you, I moved past dreaming of being with another man to actually having s e x with other men. Sorry to admit this but I dream of your husband pounding me silly with his 'the monster'.
    It's because of you that I took action and had s** with Logan! He was the second man to ever experience my 'kitten'. Thank you Andrea! I've also had confidence to enjoy s e x with my favorite Bishop Gilliam. WHEW! I also had confidence to step into the bedroom with Bishop Emeritus Joseph. I didn't have a great experience with him but it was exciting to fully submit and enjoy s e x with someone in his position of authority.
    These experiences allowed me to have the conversation to open my marriage. Since then, I've met Mark the Pilot and Jamie the SEXY HOT Marine that can pound my uterus sore! Sorry about the TMI but it's true! LOL

    I'm so glad you are connecting with Dan. I know the feeling!
    Right now I enjoy meeting Mark and Dan for s e x but I enjoy my time with Logan the best! Logan is fun to have s e x with and he's so mature. BTW: Logan has matured into a passionate lover in the bed too! We connect so well now. He knows when my 'kitten' is in need of a good 'pounding' but he also knows when I want to cuddle, submit and have passionate s e x. Logan's p e n i s is the first to go in my back door he's also the second man I've made passionate love to! WHEW! There's a lucky girl out there that's going to enjoy this young man one day! I can't wait till he find her!
    Sorry but I've got to start my work day!
    Have a great day and stay safe!
    PS Thanks for being my good friend!
    Love M

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