Getting felt up at a Valentine’s Banquet

My youngest son (17) and girlfriend planned a Valentine’s Day Banquet for their friends. It was a formal event, guys wore a suit & tie and the girls wore prom dresses. Masks were required for everyone except when eating or drinking. The parents paid for the event center, DJ and food. Originally, I’d planned to leave once the DJ and caterer got started so I wore a mid thigh LBD with comfortable ballet flats.

One of the parents gave a quick tutorial on ballroom dancing. Everyone needed a partner but a Logan didn’t bring a date so I volunteered to dance with him. He’s a high school senior (18) at an expensive private school, got invited last minute and didn’t bring a date. He’s over 6ft tall, blue eyes, muscular and tall. I’m 44, vegan, 5”1” 32B. I work hard so I can still wear size 2/small. I raised three athletic boys so I’m always playing soccer with them. I also played soccer in college.

The lighting was dark and we positioned our hands. He put a hand on the small of my back. While counting off the steps he’s slowly moved it down to my butt. I didn’t say anything at first then he asked what school I go to. ‘he thinks I’m still in high school’. I showed him my ring, told him I was married and G**’s mom. He squeezed my butt and said, “You’re ass is tighter than my ex’s.” For a women my age, that’s a high compliment! I could feel I was blushing but it was dark and we wearing masks. The tutorial was over and we danced once before the meal. I tried to step away but he asked me to continue because he didn’t have a date. We danced and he kept squeezing my butt. The couple’s tables were spaced wide apart for social distancing. He asked me to have dinner with him. I thought ‘what the h***’ didn’t want him to sit alone. My husband was either working late or at home drinking bourbon & watching college basketball.

It was a ‘tasting meal’ designed to get each couple involved. We sat next to each other and turns feeding each other. He put his hand on my thigh and slowly slid it up. I’ll admit, I was enjoying so I let him explore. I don’t know why but I uncrossed my legs and open them a little. I was wearing pantyhose and he found the road block. He rubbed his fingers up and down my crotch. whew!! I felt my panties getting wet. H***! who wouldn’t! He knew it too. After the meal, it was back to dancing.

We slow danced and his hard p**** was pressing against me. His hand slid up my dress and squeezed my butt. Now I was REALLY turned on! He whispered I have a great body, his parents were gone to Charlotte for the weekend and asked me to come back to his place to have s**. (I cleaned that last part up lol). I took a deep breath then I showed him my ring and politely declined. He never stopped begging me to have s** with him.

Since this is anonymous…. I confess, I was tempted because it’s been 3 months since I had s**. I had thoughts ‘oh the things I could teach this young man!”

The next morning, he found me on instagram and sent a DM. It was a rose emoji with compliments. We message using SnapChat daily actually we are sexting. Any advice?


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  • Michelle

    Yes Jim was busy. Kim developed an insatiable desire for Jim.

    However, she did behave during our lunch at their house. However, she was a bit flirtatious, but I don’t think John noticed. She did tone it down after I flirted a bit with John.

    She pulled me aside and said, “Andrea, we have a very, very special relationship, but John is a Pastor. He cannot learn about the relationship we have developed and by all means he can never participate. “ I smiled and said, “OK, but I would love to be with a man smaller than Jim. I would love to suck on a p**** that will fit inside my mouth.”

    She looked at me and said, “NO. no way, that can never happen.” I just smiled. I wanted Kim to know I hold the keys to Jim.

    But I agree with your statement. If she is indeed ovulating she will be pregnant as Jim filled her up yesterday and twice again this morning before lunch.

    I have to admit it was hot when Emma hugged her leg and said “ooooo mommy your icky”. I turned to Jim and he was all smiles. That’s my husband. He is a baby making machine. He is in his 50’s and is procreating like crazy.

    Kim asked how old we were in a text this afternoon and I told her. She replied with an “OMG. You are my Mom’s age and Jim is older than my Dad!” She said she just turned 26.

    You need to come to Texas this summer. I can’t wait to take a photo of all these pregnant bellies surrounding Jim this summer by the pool while he sits there with a cigar and d*** in hand.


  • Andrea,
    Good move for you to keep Kim in check. I would never want my husband to stray away for a younger woman. That's why my mom always taught me to eat right, exercise and alway look my best. It's all for my husband!
    I hope Kim has learnt a lesson not to mess with an older woman. You can have fun but at the end of the day, Jim is going home with the gorgeous Sandra Bullock look-a-like!

    I agree, that would have been HOT to see when Emma grabbed her mommy's leg and got the sticky cream on her hands on the sticky cream from a man that's not her daddy. The same cream from the monster p**** that had just pounded and stretched her mommy to the max during church service! The same cream that will give her a brother or sister in 9 months. I bet Emma will never know that.

    I wish I could get pregnant again! I'd love to be in that photo too!

  • Michelle,

    I sent you a post before we went to Church below so read that on first.

    Kim wore a short white cotton sundress to Church. She sat down next to me at Church. She whispered in my ear that she wore the dress for Jim and asked if I thought he would like it and added that she was not wearing anything underneath

    When it came time to share the peace she gave both Jim and I a kiss on the cheek. After the first service she asked Jim if he could help her rearrange some items in John’s office while I watched Emma her daughter who is almost 3. I’m willing to bet she had Jim do the naughty in the pastor’s office. Sure wish I could have seen it but I’m sure Jim will give me details later.

    After about 15 minutes Kim emerged from the office with a huge smile. Emma and I were in the cry room / parlor watching John read the Gospel for the second service. Then Kim whispered that she was needing some “Jim time” and asked me to take Emma to the play ground and that she would meet me there in a few minutes. I smiled as I knew she was going to be with Jim in the cry room while John was preaching. They would be able to watch John preach but could not be seen due to the one way glass.


  • Contd

    I could not believe she was that bold. I also did not expect Jim to go through with it but as I turned to close the door they both had big smiles. It was then I realized that I turned the “monster” into a fiend.

    About 15 minutes later Jim met me on the playground and said Kim would be there shortly that she was freshening up. He said that our family was to meet with Pastor John after the last service. That Pastor John was going to grill hamburgers and wanted our family to represent the congregation at the regional synoid (we both grew up Catholic but now attend a Lutheran Church).

    I was shocked. Then Kim walked over and said, “ oh I guess Jim told you the good news. Can’t wait to have you over for lunch so John can share more.” Then she bent down to pick up Emma but before she could grab her Emma gave her a hug and said, “Mommy, your icky”. Kim replied, “Emma, that’s not a nice thing to say. Now give Ms Andrea a kiss and say thank you.” Then Kim gave me and Jim a peck on the cheek and said, “Jim, thanks for all of your hard work this morning. See you guys for burgers in a bit. “

    I then turned to Jim and he smiled and said, “ How could I say no? She was ready to go.” I slapped him and said, “ You know the rules. Next time I want to be there. I don’t want Kim thinking she has access to you any time she pleases.”

    We are driving to their house now. I told Jim that he needed to promise and keep it in his pants. I told him that it was not acceptable to carry on with Kim in their house with John there and with our son and daughter present.

    He said he understood, but that I needed to tell Kim to calm down.

    I hope this lunch goes well and that nothing crazy happens


  • Andrea,
    Jim has had a busy 48 hours with Kim. Whew!
    I was thinking Kim would probably still be leaking Jims seed while in church from the night before. However, after reading the rest of your story, Jim kept giving her deposits all morning!!
    That is so bold and HOT for the two of the to have cardinal knowledge inside the church building!
    Andrea, Kim has to get pregnant now! Jim has planted his seed inside the holy land while in a holy building during her husband's holy sermon. WOW! The only thing better would have been if the sermon was on Sarah allowing Abraham to sleep with Hagar to produce an heir.
    It was selfless of you to watch Emma while they snook off and had cardinal knowledge in the church. WOW!

  • Michelle

    Kim sent me a test last night telling me how sore she was and that yesterday was the most incredible day in her life.

    She said she doesn’t know how to repay me. She said that when she came over she was hoping something would happen but it was beyond her dreams.

    She also told me that John wanted to have s** last night but she turned him away. She said, “ Andrea, for the first time I have turned away my husband. But after having Jim inside me John’s p**** just did not excite me. I also know that I am ovulating and I want to carry Jim’s baby. He planted his seed so deep. I just know he will bless me with a child. Thanks you for being such a great friend. I’ll see you at Church.”

    We are heading to church now. I woke up this morning and Jim was hard. I started sucking on him and he was woke up calling out “Kimmy”. I gave him a hard time about it and rode him hard but would not let him touch me or kiss me As a punishment. It drove him insane as he love to suck my b****** as I ride him. I put them in his face a few times but would not allow him to kiss or suck on them.

    I can’t wait to see Kim. I hope she sits with us today.


  • Michelle

    Jim had to go to the office today and work on a project but promised to be home for lunch. The kids had to work so I was home alone. I invited Kim over for a “Bible Study” and she was quick to arrive.

    Kim arrived around 11AM with Bible in hand but quickly set it on the sofa table and met me in the kitchen. She gave me a big hug and passionate kiss (which she initiated). She then asked, “Are the kids here?” And before I could answer she followed up her question with, “is Jim here or are we alone?”

    I told her we were alone. I didn’t tell her Jim would be home soon as she seemed interested in some Girl:Girl time. She asked for a tour of the house. We finished the tour in the Master Suite. When we got to the Master Bath she was amazed by are large shower and began to undress and asked, “ do you mind if I use your shower it looks amazing? I would also love it if you would join me”. And how could I say no to her. She was naked in my bathroom begging me to bathe with her.

    We showered together and washed each others hair. It was in innocent at first but then as I finished rinsing my hair she dropped to her knees and started eating me out. There was no doubt she planned the whole thing. It didn’t take long for me to climax


  • Contd

    Then I gave her a passionate kiss ( I love the taste of my kitty). Then dropped to the my knees for a
    Taste of her kitty.

    We then went to my bed and I sat Kim on the edge of the bed. I made her lie back as I fingered her. She was very tight. I could barely put in 3 fingers. Kim was moaning loudly and said she never had anything other John inside of her. She also asked, “ I googled things to do with another woman. Can we try the 69 so we can enjoy it at the same time?” I said sure and we did the 69.

    I saw that it was after noon so I got off her and was going to get dressed to prepare Jim’s lunch. Kim pushed me back to the bed made me sit down then pulled off my panties saying, “ Andrea! ! I want to eat you for lunch. No need for you to prepare me a meal. God prepared both of us to enjoy each other’s bodies”. I then lied back with my legs hanging over the bed as Kim knelt beside the bed with her head buried in my crotch


  • Contd

    I then climaxed twice as she licked my kitten. As I was moaning loudly for the second climax Jim walked in. I heard him close the door and say, “ Andrea, who is your friend? I can’t believe you are having a visitor in our house without telling me”. I wrapt my legs around Kim’s head and said, “I sorry Jim. Please forgive me.” (I knew he was kidding and he was already naked and rock hard)

    Jim then said, “Anyone who can make Andrea moan like that must be very speacial”. He then grabbed Kim by the hair and she turned toward him and started sucking his Monster. I then situated my self on all fours below Jim so that I could lick her kitty. She tried so hard to take Jim deep but she was gagging on his monster. We then made Jim lie down as we both licked, kissed and Stroked his monster.

    Jim made sure he did no pop. He then gave Kim an passionate kiss and said, “Kim, every Sunday when I see you it is like being in the presence of an angel. You see how hard you make my p****? It gets that way when I see you every Sunday!”

    Kim replied, with a smile, “I know. I can see the bulge in your pants. I dream about it all the time. And it’s so much bigger than I imagined.”

    Jim then said, “ so we have been l****** for each other. Now I see you are even more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed.” Jim then took a deep breath and said, “ Andrea, it’s been my dream to make love to you both. Would that be ok? Kim, would you be interested in that?”

    Kim replied, “YES!!!” Then Jim gently entered Kim as I sucked on her b******. Jim was extremely gentle. She moaned as he pushed it in. And kept say “Oh MY GOD! oh MY GOD! He is so BIG and It feels soooo GOOD”.

    Jim was supper gentle and a minute or so after getting it all in she asked, “Andrea, would it be ok if Jim leaves his seed inside me. I want his seed deep inside of me”. I smiled and said, ...


  • Contd

    “Kim, any woman that can make me feel the way you did today and make Jim hard every time he sees you deserves what ever she wishes. So YES! Please Jim. Give Kim her fill”.

    Jim then popped and piped hard. I saw his body go limp but he continued to pump until he was finished. Kim was smiling and glowing with excitement. When Jim pulled out Kim asked for Jim to give her a kiss. I then asked Kim, “his seed is dripping out of you do you want me to lick you clean.” She replied, “NO, but I want us both to lick his p**** clean”. So we did and I grabbed my robe and went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

    I prepared lunch but no one came when I called out that lunch was ready. I then headed to the bedroom and could hear Kim screaming and moaning for more. Jim had her on the edge of the bed and was pounding her HARD. Kim was orgasmic and screaming for Jim to go harder and faster. I walked in and cleared my throat. Jim slowed down and between huge breaths Kim said, “Andrea, I’m sorry. I just can’t get enough. You are so blessed to have a husband like Jim.” Jim smiled and pulled out. I licked his c*** which was dripping wet. And told him to lie down.

    Jim lied down diagonally and the bed as he always does when I tell him to lie down. I wanted to ride him so bad, but before I could take off my robe Kim was on top reverse cowgirl. It was amazing seeing that monster enter such a petite woman and her beautiful Asian bush was covered in “s** juice”. I had to get a taste. I did and licked her c*******. She climaxed quickly. I slipped my tongue down a bit and could taste blood. I pulled away and saw she was bleeding. After I pulled away she continued to ride Jim in a circular motion. Jim said,” Oh MY GOD. That feels amazing. I keep topping out are you ok? Does that hurt? I’m going to C U M M.!

    I then grabbed a robe for Kim and we had lunch.

    After lunch we all cuddled and kissed Kim’s torn kitten.

    It was an amazing day.


  • Contd

    Jim said he can’t wait to go to church tomorrow and asked if we could have Kim over more often.

    He said, “ Andrea, Kim really seems into you. I never heard you so vocal with another woman. Maybe she can come over more often?”

    I replied,” Jim, she is really into you! And yes I enjoyed being with her. Nothing more erotic than thinking I am having s** with the Pastor’s wife!”

    Jim said “I KNOW. It was so fricking HOT”


  • Andrea!
    OMG! That's amazing and so HOT! You are so lucky! Kim is so Lucky! WOW! I wish I could have been there!
    I'm so glad Jim got to stretch her tiny kitten open and fill her with the seed of a real man. WOW! I'm sure she will be pregnant soon! She may never want to have s** with her husband after that.

    I still have images in my mind of how gorgeous you are. No wonder Kim couldn't resist the Sexy Sandra Bullock look-a-like. I bet you had her super read for Jim! I know if we were in a room together, I'd let you do anything to my body! OMG We need to meet soon! I want you to be my first 'girl' and I want to experience Jim's monster pounding me silly.

    Church service should be interesting. Please let me know what kind of dress she decides to wear. That says a lot.

    I'm Catholic. Before I met my husband, I could only date guy that went to mass with me. My mother taught me to flirt by wearing certain dresses to mass. Above the knee always meant 'I'm interested'. Times have changed.

    Have a great day!

  • Andrea,
    Logan told his parents I will be coming over 3 to 4 times a week for yoga lessons. Being a naughty joker, he told his parents they are more than welcome to join us. He said they quickly told him they will give us all the space and privacy we need. After Logan told me about the relationship with his parents, I had a feeling once we started having s** at his house this would happen. LOL
    We’re telling his parents my name is Laure’. It’s my mom’s middle name and I don’t want his parents to know my real name.

    My son and his girlfriend got a job at a local call center. They work a few days a week until 10pm. Edward and my husband are starting to play golf after work now. They’ll play golf and have drinks at the golf course afterward. It’s usually 11pm before he drags in. I’m home alone most evenings but still don’t feel comfortable brining Logan to my house for s**.

    I’m still doing my run in the morning and afternoon. Last week I added an extra 5 miles. Now, I’m getting 30 miles a day.
    Logan asked me to come over after my afternoon run for a yoga and a ‘deposit’.
    We messaged the details and he told me he’d like to create a setting so his mom and dad would have to talk to me. Logan’s right, they will leave as soon as I come to their house. He sent a long text explaining the plan.
    Andrea, have you secretly been giving Logan ideas?? He’s naughty and I like it!

  • Cont.
    After my afternoon run, I showered and changed into compression dance shorts & sports bra. I looked in the mirror and felt confident with look so I switched out belly rings from the plain captive ring to something that dangles. It has three crosses dangling and the middle cross is the Catholic crucifix. Finally, I put on a white loose mini cover up dress.
    The plan is I will arrive at Logan’s house early. He will have already messaged his mom and dad to tell them I’m coming over for his yoga session. He’ll be a little late but wants them to ask me to stay and not leave.
    Logan asked me to socialize with his parents during this time. That way I can see what kind of parents they are.

  • Cont.
    Andrea, that worked! I arrived barefoot with my yoga mat. Logan’s mom answered the door wearing pajamas! Sorry to sound rude but WTF! It’s 5pm! His mom’s toes are as big as sausages! She told me to come and wait for Logan. She didn’t offer to change cloths! Logan’s dad walked through the house with his face in his phone & wearing ear buds. I sat on the couch, crossed my legs and asked if they’d like to chat. They sat down but his dad was preoccupied. His mom huffed like I was bothering her. She had been in bed watching a Hallmark movie and I’d interrupted her. I tried to start a conversation but they were kind of snooty. I told them Logan is friends with my son and they didn’t care. The only thing his dad asked me, while his face was buried in his phone, “I hope you’re not expecting us to pay you to teach Logan how to stretch? I wish I had an easy job getting paid to teach stretchin’. I got news for ya lady, we’re missionaries and don’t have the money to pay you. Can you do it free in the name of the Lord?” Very proper, I said, “I’m not expecting payment! Logan is my son’s friend and he asked me to come over to teach him.” His mom asked, “Then why don’t cha’ teach him at your house?” I probably sounded snippy but I said, “That’s a great question. Why don’t you ask Logan? He asked me to come over here.” His dad started into me ‘I hope you’re not one of those people that lecture other people about food and diet. I don’t want to hear it!”

  • Cont.
    Andrea, this was awkward! It lasted 10 to 15 minutes but it felt like a couple of hours!!! Thankfully! Logan came in the front door. I stood up, walked over to him and we French kissed. He picked me up and we kissed more! He put his hands on my butt while I was in the air. He sat me down pulled my loose coverup dress over my head. I was wearing my sports bra and compression shorts. He felt my new belly ring, popped me on the butt and said, “Let’s go to my room so I can change then we’ll get started.”
    We held hands and walked away. His mom and dad said, “We’re going to Dunkin’ Doughnuts.” They left.

    We went to Logan’s room, I took off my shorts, bent over and he pounded me doggy until he popped.
    I got home before 6pm. LOL
    We will do that again.

  • Michelle

    Looks like your having a lot of fun with Logan.

    But boy are his parents odd.


  • Andrea,
    I am having lots of fun with Logan. We are becoming very close.

    You are correct about his parents being odd. You should have been there. I felt very uncomfortable around them. Logan acts more mature than either of them.

    Logan's grandparents did a great job raising him. I don't know what happened to his parents. Logan warned me, they are very self centered and obsessed with their phones. He was right.

    I will definitely schedule more 'yoga sessions' at his place! Logan said if the day arrives and they don't leave. We should have s** anyway. He thinks they'll never notice.

    That's risky. What do you think?


  • Andrea,
    I was up late messaging with Logan last night. He’s so mature and fun to be with!!
    He give me compliments that make me blush. I love he’s being flirty with me. What 44 year old woman wouldn’t want to get flirty with a hot 18 year old hot guy. WHEW! I still can’t believe I’m having an affair. I can’t believe how much s** we are having too! OMG He’s getting bold and very naughty. To keep this from getting censored I’m going to paraphrase the things he messages…..
    He loves making ‘deposits’ in my tight kitten, I keep him aroused, he thinks about ‘having s**’ with me all the time, our bodies ‘fit’ well together, I look good naked, ‘my tiny kitten’ looks good when he’s pounding me, my butt looks ‘nice’, he wishes we could ‘have s**’ many times every day.
    Finally, the ultimate compliment any man could ever say to a woman, “My husband is the luckiest man in the world because he got me pregnant three times and still gets to wake up with me each morning. That one really makes my heart melt! WHEW!! I love hearing the naughty compliments but that one really get’s me aroused!
    He’s said this to me three times and knows it makes me blush. “I know you can’t get pregnant but you’d look good carrying my baby.” OMG! Where did he learn that? WHEW! I keep saying he mature but WOW!!
    I remember the first time my husband first said he wanted me to have his children! I wanted to wait on him hand and foot! He gave me ring soon afterward!
    Andrea, what’s the best compliment a guy could ever say to you?
    Also, I’m not good at being naughty.
    All I can think of to reply back is:
    You are a great kisser
    You’re harder, bigger and thicker than my husband.
    You go deeper than he ever has!
    You make me climax like I’ve never experienced before!
    I enjoy giving your hard p**** oral
    Andrea, I need your help with some stuff to say back.

  • Michelle

    I think Logan nailed it with by saying your husband is the luckiest man alive. I can’t think of a better compliment. That one would melt my heart

    As far as compliments to give him. I think you have a great list but I would add.

    1) I can’t stop thinking of you
    2) when my husband and I have s** I can’t stop thinking you.
    3) while my husband and I make love I close my eyes and think of you, but when he is done I realize immediately it was not you because he can’t fulfill my needs the way you do, Logan
    4) Logan, I have only been with you and my husband but I can’t imagine a better lover than you
    5) I really wish I could get pregnant and carry your baby
    6) I regret that you weren’t the one to be my first. If you were. You would be my only

  • Michelle

    Below I have an account of this morning with Kim.

    But I need to share a bit more while Jim is in the shower.

    Jim asked me tonight if what he thought was true. I said what do you think. He replied, “ I think my lovely wife was having her way with the Pastor’s young in innocent bride.” I replied, “well sweetheart I wouldn’t call her innocent and she has been quite a sinner. She has been coveting my husband for some time and now she has tasted my kitten and I hers.”

    Jim laughed, “I thought so. I could not get that image out of my head during lunch”. I told him I know and that I could feel his hard c*** when he hugged me and that Kim said she felt it as well. He lashed an said “good. I hope she liked it. She makes me hard ever times I see her at church”

    I smiled. I’m not going to tell him our plans. I want him to be surprised. I want him to feel the naughty pleasure of getting naughty with the Pastor’s lovely wife who looks like Brenda Songs twin.

    Got to go and do my wifely duty : )


  • Michelle

    Your yoga session sounded like a lot of fun. Would have been better if his parents stuck around more. I know that talking with Alison prior to me having s** with her son made me so WET with anticipation.

    And congratulations on the weight. Wish I could lose weight so quick and easy.

    As for Kim, she came over this morning we talked and she asked where Jim was. I asked her why. She replied, “ No reason, just thought he worked from home and I did not want to disturb his work.” I then looked at her and smiled saying, “ you came here hoping to see Jim didn’t you?” Kim replied, “ I can’t lie to you. Yes, I covet your husband. I’m so sorry. After we talked on yesterday I could not stop thinking of you and how blessed you are to have a husband like Jim.”

    I quickly stopped her from saying more. I put my index finger on her lip then gave her a kiss. I intended it to be merely a peck, but it ended up being quite passionate as she began to return the favor I could not resist and hold back.

    Within no time we were standing in the living room with no shirt or bra. Kim then began to kiss on my b******. I was in shock and borderline orgasmic as the thought of being naughty with the pastor’s wife who is 1/2 my age was sooo arousing.

    Her breast were small and perky her nipples stood at attention and her areoles dark and beautiful with such a sexy contrast with her pale complexion.

    Kim then abruptly stopped and said, “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what has come over me.” I then began to lick circles around her beautiful areoles and nibble on her hard nipples. I could feel my panties getting wet as Kim began to moan and say, “Oh my God! Oh my God! How could something so wrong feel soo heavenly”

    Kim then began to unbutton her shorts and before she finished her OMGs I had those shorts and her sexy little pastel panties around her ankles.

  • Contd

    I then let my tongue slowly slide down towards her sexy kitty. Her kitty is hairy but the texture is very peculiar the bush is much less curly almost straight and jet black.

    I then could not resist. I pushed her onto the couch and buried my face between her legs. She moaned so loudly. She was fanatical in her moaning. Once she climaxed I slowed down and gave her a passionate kiss. Kim said, “no one has ever done that to me. That was incredible. Thank you. Thank you so much. Can you teach me? I want to return the favor. I liked the flavor of that kiss and want to taste you and allow you such pleasure as you have given to me. “

    I smiled and said that I would be honored. Then Kim quickly took off my tennis skirt and panties. She began licking my kitty. I coached how and she eventually brought me to climax as well. It didn’t take long as having the pastor’s wife between your legs knowing that you are her first was quite arousing in its self.

    Once I climaxed Kim continued to lick it was so intense that a climaxed a second time. I then pulled her face up to mine and we kissed. We lied on the floor and gently petted each other.

    Then I whispered to her, “Kim, I never intended for that to happen, but it was quite wonderful and I don’t know how I can ever repay you for such a wonderful experience. I only hope we can do this more often and I would be honored if you would like to include Jim at some point.”

    Kim pushed away and replied, “Oh my God! YES, YES, Yes!! I want is to do this many times more and I am so honored that you would share Jim with me. I promise that I will be submissive and let him do as he wishes.”

    Then we heard the garage door open as Jim arrived home for lunch. We grabbed our clothes and dashed to the bedroom to get dressed. We then met Jim in the kitchen. He gave me a hug and noticed I was not wearing panties. He looked at me and I smiled as he smiled back.

  • Contd

    Then as Jim left to go back to the office he gave both of us a big hug. I could feel his hard bulge against me.

    After he left Kim said, “He never gave me a hug like that before. And I could feel his hard erection. I think he is bigger than I imagined. Do you think he knew what we were doing?” I smiled and said, “No he doesn’t have a clue. He came home wanting a quickie and when he hugged me I had no panties. He was just wanting some dessert. “

    Kim then replied’ “I’m so sorry, I kept you from your duties he must be upset with me. I’m so sorry”. I then smiled, “Kim, no problem. Jim gets plenty of dessert any time he wants it. I’m sure he gave you such a hug as to let you know he wouldn’t mind having you as well. He has told me many times that you are so beautiful and that Pastor John is so blessed to have you.”

    Kim then blushed saying, “OK. If you say so. Just let me know when we can meet again”

    I told Kim to come by again tomorrow and if all goes well we can both make sure that Jim get his fill

    Andrea 😘

  • Andrea,
    OMG! You had an amazing day! You are so lucky! WOW! Kim looks like Brenda Songs! Well, there is no way she could resist a beautiful & gorgeous Sandra Bullock look-a-like! I admit I am jealous of Kim. I'm jealous of you too! Kim sounds HOT! I'd love to meet you one day and we could have 'girl time' before Jim comes into the room. WHEW! Your details got me so wet, I had to 'pet the kitty'. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.
    I can't wait for you and Jim to finally have s** with Kim. I hope she'd ovulating and Jim can knock her up. I wish I could get pregnant again.
    I remember you saying Kim is a small woman. How much does she weigh? I'm just curious how thick her ankles or wrists are compared to Jim's monster. Do you think she will be able to take all of Jim's 9 inch monster?? I have skinny wrists and each time I buy my son or Logan Red Bulls, I compare the thickness to my wrists.
    I also think it's hot knowing that her husband it small and when Jim's monster p**** finally penetrates monster enters that beautiful asian woman's body. Jim will quickly have gone to a place further and deeper than your pastor has never been. When Jim finally pounds my kitten, I will be able to admit that.

    Andrea, Jim's p**** is thicker than my wrist! The images in my mind of that thing stretching and pounding my kitten drive me crazy! Kim is so lucky to admire Jim in person. I can only create images from your amazing detailed descriptions. WHEW!
    Good luck tomorrow! Please post an update!

  • Michelle

    Kim is tiny. Maybe 5 foot 2. Not sure of her weight but she can’t be much over 100 pounds of that.

    I did look at her bra size she is a 34 B but have to admit that was probably a bit over sized for her. Her panties are XS.

    She gave birth to her daughter by cesarean so her kitten has not been property stretched. I’m also confident she does not use toys. So she bill be in for a BIG surprise. I just hope Jim is a bit more gentle and does not tear her like he did Hope. That being said, Jim admitted last night that seeing her makes him aroused.

    After sharing that with me we had some of the roughest s** I have ever had with Jim ever. I thinks Kim is in for a real pounding. I just hope Jim doesn’t hurt her and I hope she enjoys it.


  • Andrea,
    OMG! Kim is beautiful! She's going to enjoy Jim! I hope he doesn't tear but if it does, the 'pleasure pain' will be worth it for future 'Jim time'. LOL
    I hope the three of you can get together soon.
    I hope Jim can get her pregnant too.

    You are the ultimate friend. It is so selfless of you to allow Jim to pleasure all these women with is monster and help them get pregnant too. Providing a living being to this earth is so rewarding!

    I wish I could get pregnant again! I would love to carry Logan's baby or Jim's or both! It would be nice to carry Logan's baby this year and Jim's soon after but that's not possible.

    Andrea, you are a gorgeous friend and I can't wait to hear the details if Jim pounds Kim.

    BTW: Is Jim's monster thicker than her ankles or wrist? If she's 100lb I could imagine it is. I'm getting closer to my desired weight and my ankles and wrists are thiner than a Red Bull can.......I'd love to have Jim inside me right now! I'd love to feel him explode too!

  • Michelle

    Hope your visit with Logan’s parents goes well.

    Things are very quiet here. The girls are back at college and Alison left to New Orleans to spend time with her sister (Anne Marie). She said Anne Marie is suffering from morning sickness.

    Jim went fishing with a couple of his old work buddies. I did some volunteering at church with the junior pastor’s wife. Boy Kim is so sweet and cute. I’m hoping to develop a close relationship with her as I stated earlier she and Pastor John are having problems getting pregnant.

    Kim said they try a lot but they never get pregnant. She said that they went to a fertility specialist to help them conceive their first. She said that it was an uncomfortable process as they would have s** in the counselors office on a special bed. The bed was a giant wedge and she had to lie on the wedge and doing so caused headaches as blood rushed to her head. But she had to lay on the wedge bed for 15 minutes after s** to promote the movement of the sperm deeper into her v*****

    She said that she told her husband that she was not willing to do that again, but Pastor John wants a son. They have a beautiful 3 year old girl.

  • Andrea,
    I wore a pair of tight & tiny yoga shorts, a sports bra and loose tank top with no sides. Just as Logan requested. I picked up a few things at the produce department and went to his place around noon. I texted and he met me at the door. I was barefoot as Logan requested, carrying a bag of fresh vegetables and had my yoga mat under my arm.
    His mom and dad greeted me as planned. I don’t know why but when Logan greeted me and was taking the bag of produce. We both leaned in and kissed with a little tongue. His parents didn’t notice. They were looking at their phones.
    Logan told them I was the mother of a friend of his and I was there to teach him yoga and make them lunch.
    They nodded ‘ok’ and said, “OK, we’re going to Shoney’s. You two have fun.”
    We went to the back yard and did some yoga poses together. I got on top like I was riding him and we kissed. We heard the front door slam and their car leave.
    Logan said, “I told you they’d never suspect anything.”
    He asked if I wouldn’t mind if we stopped the yoga think and have s**. I pulled off my shorts and bent over. He did me doggy for a few and popped inside me.
    A large glob fell out on the grass when he pulled out. I did the bathroom dash got dressed and left soon afterward.
    We will do that again soon.

  • Contd

    Kim then whispered in my ear. The problem is John is very small. He is a great man and an excellent lover. I love him, but the counselor told me he is just too small to leave his seed deep inside.

    She asked if I ever heard of such an issue. I lied and said yes. She then laughed and said, “yes, but I don’t think you have had that issue. I can tell that God has blessed you with Jim. He is tall and very big. I sometimes find myself looking at his pants as it looks sooo big. I hope your not offended. “

    I told replied, “ no, I’m not offended. I am a bit embarrassed though as I did not realize it was obvious. “. Kim said, “it’s not real obvious. I guess it’s just easier to spot things you covet.”

    I laughed. I told her that she was silly. There is no reason to covet Jim. He is just a regular guy nothing special. I told her I covet her youth and beauty and the close relationship she has with Pastor John.

    She then leaned over and gave me a peck on my cheek. I returned the kiss with one on her lips.

    Kim blushed and said, “ I am so embarrassed. I shared too much and told you I have been watching your husband who is almost as old as my own father. Please forgive me. “ I then gave her another kiss and she met me 1/2 way and slipped in a little tongue.

    I winked and smiled. I told Kim that it was getting hot and that maybe we should get back to work, but she could come over to the house any time so we can build on our friendship.

    Kim replied, “Yes I would like that very, very much”

    Michelle, I think I have Kim chasing the bait!


  • Andrea,
    OMG! That’s so HOT! It’s so hot, after I read your reply, I had to ‘pet my kitten’. WHEW! The thoughts of a sexy Sandra Bullock look-a-like making out with a beautiful & young asian woman. Thank you Andrea! After I ‘pet my kitten’ I slept very well! Does Kim look like anyone famous? Asian are so sexy! I hope Jim can knock her up soon. Her husband will be so proud to think he did it. I hope you can do something similar to the story of David and Bathsheba but in reverse.
    Tell Kim to recently have s** with her husband’s small p**** but the next day meet up with you and Jim. Then let Jim knock her up with his 9inch monster. I’m sure Jim will fill her womb with enough of his ‘manly sperm’ to give her male triplets. If she’s been going to a fertility doctor, there is a chance she can have twins or triplets. That beautiful young asian woman would look so hot carrying Jim’s triplets. WHEW! I wish I could get pregnant again!
    I know you are gorgeous, if you can tempt the pastor’s wife into kissing, OMG! I bet she thought about having s** with you after that! I know I think of us having s** all the time and I haven’t met you yet. I also dream about Jim and his big monster plowing me too!
    BTW: I’m at 104.3 lb.

  • Michelle

    Hope your Easter was good.

    My Easter was wonderful. Had a great Easter morning with the family. Then the kids went to spend the afternoon with their BF and GF.

    After they kids left Alison, Hope and Jaideen came by for some Easter fun. Jaideen brought 5 sets of bunny ears and tails. Is girls wore our bunny ears and tails. Jim smiled and grabbed a cigar saying he was Hugh Hefner. Then Jaideen said, “Mr Jim, we are not your playboy playmates. We are little sexy bunnies and if you want to play you need to put on your ears and tail. Then we can all welcome the Easter Bunny home and show him how much we love him. Now put on your damn ears and tail and f*** us like a bunch of rabbits!”

    Jim set his cigar down put on his ears and tail then pushed Jaideen over the arm of the couch and pounded her hard and fast. He had a ball doing it hard and rough. We took turns getting our fill. It was so much fun watching Jim do it so hard and fast.

    BTW, I’m pretty sure the girls are pregnant, their b****** were very aroused and sensitive.

    They are going to be so beautiful. Alison and I were so aroused by the action. I licked Jim clean between the action and Alison did all the licking. I thought it was so hot when she licked Hope during the cherry pop weekend but she really got into it yesterday and she went wild licking Jaideen.

    After the girls headed back to college. Allison stayed for a more intimate threesome as she headed to Louisiana this morning to spend some time with Anne Marie.

    Guess it’s just going to be Jim and I for the next week or so.

    Wish you were here.


  • Andrea,

    I'm glad you had a fun Easter. I did too! My husband came home and he wanted to try having s**. I spent a long time with oral. My mouth got sore. I got him hard enough to get on top but he kept going soft. He got most of it inside before it went soft. I'm glad he still wants to try.

    I'm meeting Logan's parents today. He get's home from school at noon and I'm going to meet him at his house to 'cook' vegan and do yoga.

    I'll post how it went.

    Have a wonderful day!

  • Andrea,

    Saturday morning was too cold to do anything outdoors. We wanted to hike but it was COLD! After I got caught up on everything. We practiced yoga together for when I meet his parents. LOL

    We kept taking s** breaks. LOL
    Logan prefers doggy so they’re quick breaks.
    He’s so mature but funny too. He’s become bold and asks me for s** when he’s hard. I find that flattering and I told him that’s what couples do. That’s what MEN do!

    I told him I couldn’t wait for my husband and I to get married and live together. We had s** all the time. I’m a submissive and sexual person. My husband has always said, “If we hadn’t met early in life. I bet you would have been a p*** star.” He’d also say, “As much as we have s**, I’m shocked we don’t have 50 kids.”
    For the first three months of marriage, my husband was chasing me around for s**. For the next three months, I chased him around for s**. When I was pregnant, I wanted s** all the time. I LOVED pregnant s**! I got on top all the time!

    I told Logan when he finds ‘Miss Perfect’ she will want s** when he wants s**. Hopefully it will be all the time. LOL.
    He playfully said, “What if she doesn’t? Can I call on you?”
    We kissed and had s** one more time before I took him back to his car.
    He’s going to Easter Service with his parents, however, he sits with his grandparents and will spend the day with them. His mom and dad got invited to the senior pastor’s for Easter Lunch but didn’t think it was a good idea for Logan to go with them. His parents are planning a ‘mission trip’ in a few weeks and don’t want the senior pastor to think they are taking Logan.
I’ll be busy Sunday morning. I have to get up early for the sunrise mass because I sing with the choir.

    Happy Easter and Happy Birthday Andrea!
    You’re a great friend!

  • Michelle

    We just got home from our family outing. I usually look forward to such things and spending time with the kids on my birthday, but today all I could think about is that Jaideen and Hope are at Allison’s and we are not home.

    I can’t wait till tomorrow afternoon. We will go to Church for Easter. I get to see our associate pastor and his beautiful little wife. Then we will celebrate with an Easter Lunch. The kids will go off spend time with their BF and GF leaving Jim and I at home alone. Allison’s husband is going to visit his parents so after lunch we are going to have Jim humping like the Easter Bunny in a bunny hutch filled with 4 h**** female rabbits

    I hope the girls are pregnant. Pregnant s** was amazing. And like I said earlier. I want to taste their milk, but that will not be till Around Christmas time.

    I was thinking of tomorrow afternoon all day long.


  • Andrea,
    Happy Birthday!

  • Andrea,
    Happy Easter!
    I'll be busy all day too. I'm going to Easter Mass then my husband and son are coming home this afternoon.

  • Andrea,
    My ‘date’ with Logan last night was incredible!! I hope you don’t mind the length. I’m so excited but I don’t have anyone to tell!! Logan thinks I’m working a few claims while I type this. I don’t forget any details.
    Spoiler Alert!
    S** was so amazing, I told Logan to sit in my husband’s chair, watch TV and if he needs anything, call for me! WHEW!

    After my husband left, I went to the spa because I have ten ‘The Works’ visits. I made a 1:30pm appointment and went all out. I got a cucumber treatment, fresh manicure, pedi, hair wash and a ‘messy’ updo. She had some cute charms to put in my hair. I normally don’t wear much make-up but this was a special occasion. I asked for pink glitter eye shadow with ‘cat eyes’ eye liner. I know I’m 44 years old and I’m sure I’m not that attractive but Logan thinks I am. This is silly but since he was bold enough to ask me on a ‘date’, I want to shock him by looking my best.

    Please don’t think I’m being arrogant. I feel it’s time to let you in on a secret I’ve been reluctant to share. Heck! Logan doesn’t even know this.
    Back in my college years, there was a show called Party of Five. My teammates said I look like Jennifer Love Hewitt. I got the nickname “Love”. Of course when my husband and his friends found out, they’d yell, “Hey Love can you bring me another beer?” LOL They’re guys, LOL, I know it’s an honor so I tolerate it but it’s embarrassing. I prefer Michelle. It’s the name my mom & dad gave me. I bet Logan doesn’t know who Jennifer Hewitt is.

  • Cont.
    My husband and his friends say my short height, tone legs, firm butt and small feet are my best asset. That makes me look younger than my real age. OMG! When I re-read this to proof it, I sound so conceded! I hope you don’t think I’m struck on myself. Please!! I’m just trying to give you better image of what I look like because you are so good with detailed descriptions. I feel like I could pick you out of a crowd! You would be the sexiest woman in the room! I also think I could pick Allison, Hope and Jaideen out too.

    The dress I wore is a xsmall wine color above the knee halter swing dress.
    My legs aren’t tan yet so I wore light tan pantyhose. My dress is short but not inappropriate for Bentleys’. I’ve worn it there before with my husband. It is thin and sways very EASILY! I know this doesn’t sound naughty but I wore dance shorts underneath. This is one of the top restaurants in the Charlotte area and I’m not taking a chance of accidentally flash anyone. I’m sure Bentley’s would toss someone out for that. I want this to be the best ‘date’ Logan will ever experience. Andrea, I was so nervous putting my dress on. I felt like I was going to my HS prom. Sorry to sound silly. I finally got to wear my new Lou “So Kate” pumps my mom got me. They’re black with red bottoms. Andrea, I have a lot of shoes! My mom get’s me a pair of Louboutin’s each year for my birthday, Easter and Christmas. btw; have I mentioned my mom was strict and thinks I should wear heels all the time?? LOL If I’m around my mom, I’m wearing heels! LOL

  • Cont.
    I met Logan at a secure parking garage to leave his car. He looked amazing in his coat and tie. I wish you could have seen the look he gave me when I got out of the car. OMG! He looked me up and down like he’d won a million dollars! I instantly felt flush. He handed me a had a dozen RED roses and said, ‘You look like Anna Kendrick!’ OMG! What a compliment!! She’s beautiful and in my favorite movie series The Twilight Saga! I love her! She’s an amazing young singer and actress. My mind was spinning! He said my face and neck were as red as my dress.

    Without thinking I said, “Mommy’s gonna to reward you later!” He whispered, “I’ve got a BIG deposit to give mommy.” WHEW!
    I sat the roses in the car and jumped up and straddled him. He held me in the air and we French kissed. A sweet older couple witnessed the entire moment and stopped to say “It’s nice seeing young couples showing public affection toward each other.” Just like at the Hostel, Logan had his hands on my butt and my legs were wrapped tight around him. He said, “I’ve been away at college and haven’t seen my mom in 3 months. I’m so excited!” I had my hands on his cheeks and passionately French kissed. I heard the woman tell her husband, “THAT’S HIS MOTHER!”

  • Cont.
    We had a wonderful time at Bentley’s!! I took my roses with me. Logan didn’t know you could do that. LOL I was cradling them like a baby when we walked in. The Matradee smiled and said, “Special occasion I see.” I held Logan’s hand, I was shaking with excitement and he could tell. I said, “It’s our first date!” In French I whispered to him, “je suis tellement nerveux” which means “I am so nervous!” He smiled, took the roses and said, “I’ll have your waiter prepare them for your table while you wait.”
    Logan is so mature and a gentleman! We shared the Escargot Bourguignon. Keeping with my diet, I had the French Onion soup. Logan got the Hawaiian Seabass and loved it. I tried a couple of his grilled asparagus. WOW! He held hands the entire time! The atmosphere was romantic! I could fell myself being aroused and wet the entire time.
    We flirted and talked. We walked outside and enjoyed Charlotte’s skyline. It was cool and he put his sports coat around me. We didn’t stay long. He offered to pick up the bill. I insisted because I made the reservations. We held hands and drove back to my house. He put his hand on my thigh as I drove. WHEW! I felt myself get wet! I’m so sorry to babble about the details but I can’t get this night out of my mind! I know I’m married but I really enjoy going out with Logan! WHEW!!
    We went to the bedroom and slowly removed each other’s cloths. I got on my knees and gave him oral. He returned the favor! OMG! He’s amazing now!! I got vocal and he gave drove me to climax! WHEW
    We had passionate s** in my bed. We took turns but at a slow pace. Logan was amazing! He found a rhythm that kept on the edge and gushing! He gave me a second climax. This was the embarrassing one! It came out of no where and my entire body shivered on the bed. He actually asked if I was ok. LOL When I finally came down, I kissed him and said, “You’re doing everything right and I love your p****!”

  • Cont.
    We started kissing and soon our bodies were in a slow unison rhythm until we both climaxed at the same time. It was toe curling and I went totally numb afterward! I made a quick dash to the bathroom do discover his deposit was HUGE! We sat in bed, kissed, cuddled then passed out. I was exhausted, physically and mentally.
    I woke up at 5:30am and went for a run. It was COLD! Brrr.
    I made crepes because he’d never had them. He walked in the kitchen only wearing his underwear and a t-shirt. He smiled and said, “WOW! My parents have never cooked me breakfast.” I kissed him and said, “You were so good last night. I wanted to cook you breakfast. Also, I plan to serve and spoil you all day!”
    We talked. He’s so mature and amazing OMG! It was a hot moment! WHEW!
    During our heated conversation, I was honest but also wanted to build his ego.
    I told him again, “last night was AMAZING! I want you to know that YOU and my husband are the only two men that have ever taken my mind and body to that place of extreme pleasure and emotional cleansing! I felt our bodies and minds connect as one. YOU DID THAT to me!” He smiled!
    I said, “I hope you understand. We ’made love’! You are a romantic beast in the bedroom. THANK YOU!” We kissed!
    I told him it took my husband years before he could do that to me. I admitted I could count on my one hand how many times we ‘made love’. We’ve had a lot of crazy s** over the years but we’ve only emotionally connected in the bedroom a few times.
    Thankfully we both kept our emotions in check and agreed we’re just having fun and neither of us wanted anything more. I told him I still love my husband.

  • Cont.
    I told him it took my husband years before he could do that to me. I admitted I could count on my one hand how many times we ‘made love’. We’ve had a lot of crazy s** over the years but we’ve only emotionally connected in the bedroom a few times.
    Thankfully we both kept our emotions in check and agreed we’re just having fun and neither of us wanted anything more. I told him I still love my husband. Logan is so mature. He said, “I enjoy spending as much time with you as I can and I love having s** with you.” I felt my self flush. OMG!
    I felt better when he said he wasn’t falling for me. Then he said, “I know you’re married and will never leave your husband. I cherish you so much in my heart. I enjoy each moment we have but also know this can stop at anytime. I want each experience to be like it’s our last time together.” Andrea! That was emotionally deep coming from a 18yr old! My heart melted. We hugged and kissed.
    I said, “With that attitude and bedroom skills, I pray you will find the perfect girl to spend eternity together with.”
    We spent the rest of the morning talking.
    I told him what my mother taught me. A perfect girl will always want to look her best for her man. She will be thrilled each time you come home. After amazing s** she will want to spoil her man.
    I told him to sit in my husband’s chair and watch TV while I clean the house. Being playful I asked if he’d ever watched “I dream of Jeanie”? He had. I told him, “After last night! You are my ‘master’. Your wish is my command.” LOL
    He winked and said, “Anything I wish?” I said, “Anything.”
    He stood up and I could see the large tent in his underwear. With no words we rushed to the bedroom and I bent over the bed. He pounded me doggy until he popped. I made the quick dash to the bathroom for a quick shower and shave my legs.

  • Cont. I put on a dress and heels so I can serve my master today. LOL I hope you don’t think I’m being too silly. It’s flattering for a woman my age to get this much attention from a hot young guy. It’s also nice to have amazing s** when my husband can’t perform. Sorry.

  • Michelle

    I’m so happy for you. That is awesome.

    When I found out Allison’s hubby wasn’t performing and she caught Jim’s wondering eye and found him attractive I couldn’t say no.

    A woman needs good s** in order to stay in touch with herself and it is the key to being a WOMAN

    You are blessed indeed


  • Michelle,

    See my reply below to the Anne Mary pregnant post.

    If my hunch is correct regarding Jaideen and Hope that is absolutely crazy.

    But it got me thinking. Our neighbors on the side opposite of Alison are a lesbian couple who have been trying invetro to conceive but are not having any luck.

    Maybe I should wait till the summer and have all of Jim’s baby mommas over for BBQ. They should all be showing by the 4th of July I could get a pic with them all kissing him. Make sure they see that and tell them he is the father.

    Then offer his services. It is amazing that he spends one night with Anne Marie and boom. He spends a few nights with the girls and boom.

    The ladies next door are not very attractive, but how amazing would that be if he got them pregnant as well.

    I know our new associate pastor and his wife have been trying as well. Maybe Jim can help them. She is so cute and petite. She is a little Chinese girl. I would pay to see her take on the monster.

    Oh my, I’m getting crazy here I better go downstairs and blow off some steam. Suck on that monster and then take it for a ride.

    I’m so happy it’s my monster.


  • Andrea,
    I got up early and did my morning 10 miles, some housework and filed a few claims for my job. My son took the day off of school so they could leave early for a 1pm tee time. btw: As of today 3-2-2021, I’m at 105. 8lb. I’m so close.

    OMG! I am so excited for everyone! That’s impressive Anne Marie got pregnant with just one dose of Jim’s sperm!
    It would be amazing and wonderful if Hope and Jaideen are pregnant too!
    I’m so jealous!
    I know I say this a lot but I REALLY DO miss being pregnant! I wish I’d never got my tubes tied after my 3rd. Knowing what I know now, I wish I’d had more. I wish I could get in that photo.
    I can’t remember but can Allison still have kids. If so, maybe Jim can get her pregnant too.

    A photo with all the women Jim’s go pregnant would be a great idea. They could stand in a line with their bare bellies showing. Jim could have a cocky smile while smoking a big cigar wearing his cowboy boots and hat. I hope you work on your pastor’s wife so she can be in the photo too.
    OMG! I’m getting aroused thinking of Jim standing with his arms out like he’s saying “Look at my work.”
    Those women will be so glad Jim got them pregnant. I LOVED each of my pregnancies. WHEW! My husband is over 6ft tall and I’m short and petite. Having a tall man’s baby in your womb made me feel invigorating every day. All of my sons are very handsome and 6’5” or taller. Each time I see them and hug them, I can’t believe each one came from my womb. 
I’m so jealous!!
    I have to go. I have a busy day and night planed with Logan. It’s our first date! I’ll post tomorrow.

  • Michelle

    I hope the girls are pregnant. I want to hold the babies and watch them while the girls enjoy some time with their baby’s daddy

    Jim loved nursing on my b******. That was so sexy. Riding the monster while he fed on my milk. I can’t wait to see him enjoy that again after all these years. And this time I get to experience it as well.

    I can’t wait


  • Andrea,
    I hope they are pregnant too!
    I'm still jealous! I wish I could get pregnant!

  • Cont.
    Logan will tell his parents I’m the mother of one of his friend’s. I’m also a spiritual life coach and vegan chef. We started running together at the park. One day I was doing yoga and he wanted to learn but not at the park. He asked if I could teach him how to cook vegan and do yoga at his house and in their backyard.
    Andrea! Logan is a naughty young man!
    He suggested the first time I meet his mom and dad, I should wear my tight yoga shorts, tank top with sports bra. I blushed with he messaged ‘You’re so beautiful, please only wear that light pink lip gloss.” WHEW!!! LOL He asked me to be barefoot and carrying a bag of fresh veggies and have a yoga mat under my arm.
    I will sound like a ‘spiritually free and open person’. Logan will open the door to let me in and in front of his parents, we peck on the lips. Logan want’s us to act very flirty in front of his parents. He swears they’ll never think anything weird. Then, Logan will put his hand on my butt as we walk to the kitchen for cooking lessons.
    OK. Andrea! If Logan is going to have his hand on my butt in front of his parents! I have the perfect outfit! I’m actually going to a bikini. It’s xsmall with cheeky bikini bottoms with my tank top that has open sides.
    I’m supposed to act super annoying with ‘healthy energy’ and insist they participate with cooking lessons then work out with us afterward. Logan said his parents are so self centered and swears they will leave. Then we will have the house to ourselves. If they don’t leave immediately, he wants us to to some sexy yoga posses in the backyard together. The kind that look very naughty. LOL
    Andrea! That got me SO HOT and AROUSED!
    What do you think? Do you have a better taboo idea? Think this will work?
    Please advise!!

  • Michelle

    I think that is perfect, but unless his dad is gay I doubt he will leave.

    If the do leave you guys should do yoga. But you should do naked yoga and make Logan keep his close on. Then when you see he can’t stand it any longer you tear off his close and allow him to have s** while you are in different yoga poses.

    Allison did that with Jim once it was soo sexy.


  • Andrea,
    Sorry I’m late replying. I was busy too.
    I’ve been packing my husband and son’s bags for the weekend trip. Edward came over and flirted a little when my husband wasn’t around but that was about it. He starting ‘dating’ someone new and said she’s keeping his s** craving satisfied. LOL I’ve known him so long, I get details just like I’m on of the guys. Plus, I have had his p**** in my mouth lately. LOL

    I like Edward’s attitude, he’s direct & to the point. He can also get a little ‘bedroom graphic’ too. His new ‘friend’ is Bi and loves a***! That made me think of Hope. Also, when we finally have s**, he’s wearing a rain coat!

    I had a very hot chat session with Logan last night! OMG! I had to ‘pet the kitten’ afterward! LOL He so mature and knows what drives me insane!! I told him your idea and I want to meet his mom. He got excited and asked if we can do it SOON!

  • Michelle

    You are not going to believe this.....

    Anne Marie called Alison today and told her that she took a pregnancy test and it was positive!

    Alison rushed over to tell me. While Allison was visiting Anne Marie called me and told me the news. I Anne Marie on speaker and told her that I was so sorry. She replied, “ why are you sorry? You allowed me to have an incredible time with your husband. The most memorable night of my life was the night I spent with Alison and Jim in your bedroom. Don’t be sorry. I want to say thank you! I had not been with a man other than Tom and he has been gone for 4 years. Now I have a little person inside me to remind me of the time I became a woman again!”

    I know Jim is very fertile. Every time We had s** during ovulation I became pregnant. Shoot even Alison conceived from Jim but mis carried a few years back.

    I hope the girls were on the pill.


  • Andrea,
    That's exciting news! Congrats!! I'm so happy for you all!!
    I wish I'd never got my tubes tied. I miss being pregnant. There's been a few times I wish Logan could knock me up! I'd love to carry his child. He's so mature and we have amazing s**.

  • Andrea,
    That would be so HOT if Hope and Jaideen got pregnant too. Jim is a sperm bank!
    I miss being pregnant. I can't say that enough. When I first got married. I wished I would get pregnant each time my husband left a 'deposit'. If that had happened, we'd have 20 kids. LOL

  • Michelle

    Jim is a baby making machine. Every time I stopped birth control we were pregnant within in no time.

    The first time he had s** with Alison she conceived but mis carried. The man is a baby making machine!

    I guess the cervical pounding and leaving the deposits so deep make it easy for those little guys to take a short swim and fertilize the egg.

    Hope texted me this morning and said she was sad that we were not going to be in town this weekend. That her and Jaideen were going to visit Alison and that they wanted to give me a 50th Birthday licking.

    I told them we would be back late on Saturday so we could arrange it then or on Sunday. That I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

    She then replied. “ On Easter we were hoping Mr Jim would be our Easter Bunny. We were hoping he would hide his monster inside us leaving deposits for our eggs. Oh and f*** is all like a bunch of rabbits”.

    She went on to say that both her and Jaideen’s b****** were very tinder. She asked if I ever had that and asked what it might be.

    Michelle, I think Jim impregnated the girls as well!!!


  • Andrea,
    I was dreaming about Jim and his monster 9inch Red Bull can p**** pounding me last night.
    I dreamed I was on the edge of the bed and Jim was allowing me to give him a foot job with my tiny feet. BTW: I tried to wrap my feet around a Red Bull can when I woke up. That’s a lot of p**** between Jim’s legs. OMG!
    In the dream, dream he didn’t say anything. When I finished my foot job, he pressed the head against my shaved entrance then started walking toward me. I dreamed it stretched me open and we both watched it enter. I’m flexible and can put my legs behind my head. I dreamed Jim bottomed out inside me and filled me with his sperm. I dreamed you! “Sandrea Bullock” LOL. Came up and kissed me then licked my kitten clean. OMG! I which that really happened. If we get together. I’d love for Jim to pound me with out kissing. I want the only kissing to be between me and you!! OMG! I bet you’re gorgeous.

  • Michelle

    I’m so sorry. Been real busy. I’m so excited that you have been dreaming of Jim and I. With al of your opportunities with Edward and Logan I feared we would not be too interesting.

    Your dream sounds so exciting. It made me a bit WET. I love the idea of you and I kissing, but that will drive Jim nuts. He is a passionate kisser and loves to show his affection in every way possible. That will drive him absolutely nuts. Alison and I tried that once and he got so worked up he pounded her so hard the only way she could get him to slow down was to engulf him in a passionate kiss which led to an huge “deposit”

    As for topping out, damn right he will. I still don’t think you will be Abe to handle the girth and length.

    That being said, Jaideen and Hope did it but Jim actually tore those poor girls. They loved it and use it as a reason to perform oral and give each other “kitty kisses on their Mr Jim love rips”

    Jaideen wants Jim to meet her mom and granny. I really don’t want that as her mom is like 36 and very beautiful with a great body (so jealous) and her granny only 52 and a very beautiful bi-ratial woman.

    I fear they may seduce Jim. He really loves the whole mother / daughter thing with Allison and Hope. He says he prefers mature s** but the two together are “heavenly”


    PS. Saturday is my birthday. What type of sexual arrangement should I ask for? I don’t know how to tell Jim but after seeing Jaideen. I am craving a BBC. I have not been stretched like tat since college. I’ll be 50. And my kitty needs special attention

  • Andrea,

    If Jim’s that great of a kisser and you don’t mind, I’m in!! I’d love to French kiss Jim while he’s pounding me!
    Also, I’m a passionate kisser and Logan is too. When Logan and I are together, if he’s not pounding ‘my kitten’ for a deposit, we’re kissing like h**** teenagers. WHEW! He’s that GOOD!

    I still want my first time with Jim to be. We meet. He pounds me as hard as he can. Fills me with his ‘sperm’ smacks my butt when he’s finished and walks out of the room without talking or kissing.
    Then you walk in and clean up!!
    If you don’t mind, I’d like my next experience with him to be passionate. I’d love to experience his oral skills then we could get into kissing while he pounds my smooth ‘kitten’. I know my body would love feeling him deep inside. I can’t wait to feel him explode inside me!!

    As for your birthday? I can’t help you with that! I’m sorry. You are so open and have great ideas. I’m not. I’m so vanilla. You give me the HOT ideas!
    I wish we could have been friends when I was in college. I bet we would have had lots of fun. I could have learned so much from you. I’m sure we would have drove guys crazy by making out in front of them at parties. When I played soccer in college, there were a few HOT girls that would to that at parties and it would drive the guys insane!
    If you’re craving BBC, does Jim have an African American friend you haven’t been with? Can Hope and Jaideen can help? I don’t know her situation but maybe Jaideen’s dad could hook you up a friend while Jim pounds her mom and grandmother?
    I’m just guessing here. Could Hope & Jaideen hook you up? I’m sure any guy would LOVE to pound a gorgeous Sandra Bullock look-a-like.
    I want to hear what you have in mind and what you actually go through with!!
    I bet you are gorgeous!! Whew!!

  • Michelle

    Regarding your first time with Jim. Remember, I need to be there. If you can take all of him he can be yours for the evening. But I need to be there the first time.

    As for college, I was only into guys and A LOT of guys were “inside of me”. I was a real s***. I would try and steal guys away from other girls just as a game. I would try and bag as many as possible.

    I remember at one party I f***** 5 guys and not as a gang bang either. One at a time. Nice and lady like.

    I since the first time Jim and I were together he has been my only one except for Kyle (Allison’s son), but Jim doesn’t know that and it was a favor and not truly sexual. Although he still tells me that that was the best night ever and that I am incredible.

    Jim knows that I was not a virgin but is not aware of how big of a s*** I was. But without all that experience I would have never known how special Jim is. To be so talented and huge and for me to be the first to experience that monster. I had to make it my own. That is why it was like less than 9 months from the time we met to the time we were married. I had to make that mine. I did not want any other woman to experience that.

    But now I love watching other women experience the most wonderful s** ever. It’s amazing to see how they react when they see him. It’s a combination of fear and excitement. Then when he is stretching their kitty they are in heaven. But the best is when he explodes and leaves a huge deposit. They are in awe because no one has ever felt such a forceful explosion of warm love juice. Not to mention the volume and the depth.

    He is incredible. But watching him with Jaideen is so sexy. Her dark skin and his white c***. OMG. I remember when I was I. College and did a few black guys from the football team. Watching that big black monster enter me was incredible

    But I don’t want Jim to think he is not enough.


  • Michelle

    In an earlier post you said that you saw pictures of Logan’s parents. Have you ever met them?

    You should meet them one day. Pretend your a teacher or tutor or something. Also how did Logan’s dad look? Was his mother cute?

    Maybe when he is off at college you can foster a relationship with the dad or maybe the mother of both. How hot would that be to have a sexual relationship with the son and Father


  • Andrea,
    Logan’s parents are adorable. They look like Mike and Molly from the TV show.
Don’t take this as rude but I don’t find either of them attractive. This might sound harsh but his mother is younger than me (Late 30s) and a very large woman. I’m guessing 220lb with fake blonde hair & black roots.
    His dad’s a music director for a mega church in the Charlotte area. He’s maybe 280lb to 300lb with a beard and spiked hair. He’s also wearing a bowling shirt in all the pics. I’ve not met his dad but from the appearance, I’m guessing he tries to act young. Logan confirmed it.

    At a young age, Logan’s mom got pregnant and they got married. Both families helped them when Logan was young with an apartment and bills. Logan’s grandfather tried to incorporate his dad into the family house siding business but his dad didn’t want to work a regular job. His mom and dad signed up to be missionaries but thought it wouldn’t be good to take Logan. He was 2 at the time. Long story short, Logan’s grandparents raised him and paid for him to attend a private Christian school.
    After traveling all over the world doing ‘mission work’, two years ago Logan’s parents decided to come back to the states because things were getting dangerous.
    Logan’s grandfather was restoring a house to flip and Logan was helping him. When his parents showed up with no notice, then needed a place to stay. His grandfather gave them the house. Logan’s grandfather helped his dad get a job at a local mega church with numerous satellite locations. His mom works for a non-profit. Logan said his mom mostly hangs out there to socialize. The church allows his parents to travel all over the US to do ‘mission work’ but Logan doesn’t travel with them. I guess you have figured it out. Logan doesn’t have a great relationship with his parents. They never check on him and the let him do whatever he wants.

  • Cont.
    After Logan told me how his parents treated him and his grandparents raised him, I wish I had left a big glob of Logan’s sperm on her counter top and kitchen floor. LOL

    I LOVE your idea that I should meet his mom one day. When Logan messages me tonight, I’m going to toss that out! THANK YOU!
    So you think I should pretend to be a teacher or tutor? I love that! I have a nice business skirt suit I could wear.
    I’ll ask Logan what he thinks I should be…. Thanks again for your HOT ideas!

  • Andrea,
    I was busy all day Sunday.
    After mass, I cooked lunch for my husband, son and his girlfriend. Edward came over later to watch sports and hang out.
    I hope you don’t think I’m complaining or whiny but TMI: I am sore today! Logan was a machine! I’m still red and raw on the outside and my insides are sore! I know I’m a 44 year old woman having casual s** with a h**** 18 year old fit & hot male so I don’t mind being sore.
    My husband can’t ‘rise to the occasion’ so why not have fun with a young man? LOL
    Logan’s stamina has improved so much since the first time we had s**. Having s** with Logan is like having pre-baby s** with my husband but he never got that intense after our first son. However, we’ve always made time to have s** 3 to 4 times a week. It was only a few years ago he started having issues.

    Andrea! I can’t say this enough THANK YOU! for the idea!! OMG! After I said, ‘Give Mommy a Big deposit’ OMG! He turned into a man on a mission. He pounded my inside’s loose. LOL He left me sore but now I’m wanting more! I forgot to add I used another one of your ideas. However, it was true! I said, “My husband has never pounded me that hard!” I wish you could have seen the look on that young man’s face.

  • Cont.
    I messaged with Logan today. I told him I LOVED his cooking and wish I could have brought home the flowers but that would be hard to explain. He understood but wanted to ‘spoil’ me for being so nice to him. I was naughty and said, ‘You spoil me with your hard p**** and all those deposits’. LOL Guess What? He asked me out! For real! Whew!! That caught me off guard! I reminded him we’re just ‘friends with benefits’. He sent me a OK emoji and a winking smile. He asked if I’ll play along.
    Logan’s had zero luck finding a girl his age and I admit we do get along well. I’ll play along.
    He’s so mature and adorable! Things got very steamy and I had to take a break to ‘pet my kitten’. WHEW!
    BTW: I put my belly ring back in. A group of us got our belly buttons pierced my freshman year of college. I left it in until my first pregnancy. I kept putting it back after each one until a few years ago. I thought it wouldn’t look right on a woman in her 40s. Not to brag but my stomach his tone and I wear sports bras and shorts to run in. Plus, Logan has been kissing my belly button before s**. I put a captive ring in for now. I have a few cute dangly one’s to wear later. Logan and my son have told me the young girls don’t get belly rings any longer.

    My husband & Edward are going to Spartanburg, SC Friday through Sunday to play golf. I suggested they invite our son because he loves to golf and he’s getting older and will be in college soon. Everyone agreed. I made the reservations for them.
    Logan will tell his parents he’s going camping for the weekend with friends.
    Now, I can have some “Logan time” this coming Friday & Saturday.
    I’m making us reservations at Bentley’s for Friday evening. I love their French onion soup and I have the perfect dress picked out. I have a good feeling about this weekend. I’m sure I’ll be sore again! LOL

  • Michelle

    oMG, you are amazing. I can’t wait to be with you. When we first met you were shy and lacked confidence and now you are a very confident woman and have turned Logan into a man. It’s going to be hard for you to quit Logan.

    I hope you get a similar experience like I had with Kyle (Alison’s son). I made love with him the night before his wedding and till this day he tells me it was the best night he ever had. I was so jealous of Susan when she said I do.


  • Michelle

    Just got this text from Alison which she received from Hope. “Mom, Jaideen and I just got home. Wanted u to know we made it safe and wanted to tell you thank you. Thank you for showing me that a woman can enjoy both men and women. Thank you for sharing your love for Mrs Andrea and Mr Jim. I always loved them like a second mom and dad, but now I can’t stop dreaming about how Mr Jim feels inside of me and the way if feels when his warm sperm explodes into me. I also love the way Mrs Andrea takes such satisfaction in watching her husband drive other women crazy and the way she loves licking his c** from the other women’s kitten. I hope to find a husband like Mr Jim one day and be just like Mrs Andrea. “

    Allison then called me crying. Saying how thankful she was for me and Jim and how glad she is that Hope is now interested in men.


  • Andrea,
    You and Jim are wonderful people. I LOVE that you are willing to share him. I think it's hot he was able to take the virginity of two beautiful young women. That's something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

  • Michelle

    Hope and Jaideen just left to head back to college.

    This morning/afternoon was incredible. Jim was working on the pool when Alison brought the girls over. Hope went outside in her birthday suit and told Jim that he needed to finish up so that jaideen and her could head back to school with some of him inside of them. Jim smiled and said he would be right in.

    When Jim entered the bedroom he has surprised to find me naked on the bed with Hope and Jaideen on each of my b****** and Alison’s head between my legs. He had his wish, all 4 of the women who have been blessed to enjoy him inside all in the same room buck naked.

    Jim stripped down in no time flat and was rock hard. He slapped Jaideen and Hope on the ass and gave them both a kiss on the butt telling them, “Andrea is a great woman and the love of my life. Make sure she feels like the queen she is”. Then he walked behind Alison started to lick her from behind. I could feel Alison quiver as she licked my kitten. Then Jim began to slap her with his monster.

    He then pulled her away from me and had her lie on the edge of the bed. He then said, “ Girls, as I said earlier make Andrea, the love of my life, feel like a Queen while I f****** the h*** out of the most beautiful p**** in the world. The beautiful fire bush responsible for bringing all of us together and making me the happiest man on earth.” Then he pounded Alison. I never saw Jim go at it so rough. Her b**** were slapping her in her face she climaxed 3 times before he was done. He popped in her twice. Hope, Jaideen and I watched in amazement.

    We swapped around numerous times. At Alison’s request the girls headed back to school at 2pm with plenty of Jim’s juice inside each of them.

    It was incredible. Jim is “comforting” Alison as we speak. She always cries when Hope leaves. But now she is moaning for MORE.


  • Andrea,
    I am so jealous! I bet you are gorgeous!
    I admit all that much ‘girl action’ would intimidate me!
    However, I’d love to experience my first time with you. I’d also like to experience all of Jim’s monster! Whew! Other than my 3 sons when they were in my womb, Jim’s monster would go where no man has ever been before.
    Is he going to need another day to recuperate? LOL
    I know how Hope and Jaideen feel. Lately, I’ve left Logan’s full of his sperm. It’s the best feeling to come home and still leak a little. I hope that wasn’t too gross for you. Sorry.

  • Michelle

    No. It’s fine. I love the feeling when Jim drips down my leg.

    Alison just left. She was so sweet. She thanked Jim for saving Hope. She said Hope was not supposed to be home this weekend but came home because she “needed time with Mr Jim”. She said that all week Hope was telling her how much she and Jaideen enjoyed their time with Jim last weekend.

    Alison said that Jim has saved her marriage and saved her only daughter from being a life long lesbian. She said she was so thankful to have such a lovely friend and neighbor.

    She is so sweet. Jim told me he was sorry for losing control when the girls were here. He said, “ I love you. You are my entire world and my Queen, but there is something about Allison and her thick fire red bush that drives me insane. Not to mention that she allowed me to take the virginity of her only daughter which led to taking the virginity of her daughter’s lover. I couldn’t resist her.

    He is so sweet, but I can’t help but think he actually enjoys making love to Alison more than me.


  • Andrea!
    Thank you again for the wonderful advise!
    I’m so glad I was able to have s** with Logan yesterday! We messaged until late and meeting up again today! Things go steamy! The best part is I did as you suggested. I told him I’d love to have s** in as many rooms as we can. I said, “I want to have s** on your parents bed!” Andrea! That got inside Logan’s head! OMG! I could tell by his quick replies, which were misspelled by auto correct, he wasn’t prepared for that! 
I told him I could meet around 3pm. He told me to be ready for a BIG surprise. I thought he was referring to his p**** so I replied, ‘It’s no surprise I know your p**** is BIG.’ He sent me laughing emojis and said he had another surprise. He asked me not to take this wrong or get offended but asked if’d I wear a dress & heels. OMG Andrea! I thought that was so sweet! He’s making plans! I assured him I was OK with his request and thanked him for the ‘hint’ because a woman should never get caught off guard.
    We flirted and made our final plans. Before we stopped, I told him we’re going to practice his driving while I’m sucking on his BIG p****. LOL

    I did my morning run and housework. My husband and Edward went to play golf. They’ll watch basketball at the club bar afterward. I showered and got ready for Logan. I packed my gym bag just in case I’d have time to do my afternoon run.

    I did my hair and only wore red lipstick. I don’t wear makeup and Logan has noticed. Numerous times he’s made comments about my natural light olive skin. I wore a mid thigh pink sundress with white polka dots and 6inch white sandal heels. Spring is HERE!!

  • Cont.
    I got in his car and immediately started giving him oral. He did well driving and didn’t pop this time. I have a feeling he thought ahead. When the garage door shut, he asked me to wait and he’d come get me. He rushed inside and came back wearing his sports coat and tie. He opened the car door and handed me one red rose. Andrea! My heart melted! He led me inside to the kitchen and he handed me another rose! OMG! The table was set and he had made baked salmon and wild rice! There were more roses on the table and candles lit. He kissed my hand and handed me another red rose. I was now holding three roses! He asked, “Will you be my date for dinner this evening?” OMG!! This is silly but my mom raised me to be proper. I don’t know why but I curtsied and said, “Sir, it would be my pleasure and honor.”

    I was so nervous I was shaking. My emotions were all over the place! I was so aroused I wanted to jump him but I also wanted his plan to play out. We kissed, he pulled my chair out and brought my plate to me. OMG! This was unexpected!! We held hands and ate. We had an amazing conversation. BTW: He re-assured me he’s not falling for me. One day he’d like to do this for someone and wanted to practice with me. However, he did add he’d love to go on a real date with me one day. Andrea! Those words made me blush, I felt my skin warm from flushing. I think Logan knows how to make me blush. I told him this is the highest honor a woman can have. Roses and a hand cooked dinner. I said, “You will get rewarded for this!” He gave me a cocky grin like my husband used to give me when he’d done something SO romantic he KNEW I was going to ride him hard!

  • Cont.
    The salmon and rice was amazing! Our conversation was heart felt. He said, “I feel so comfortable talking to you about anything.” He thanked me for going along with his silly plan and for playing along. I told him it was my pleasure! He said he’d tried in the past to ask a girls his age to a nice restaurant but they’d rather ‘dollar menu’ at Micky D’s. I told him he’ll find a girl that enjoys this treatment. He said he hoped so but he’s glad I’m having a good time. I said, “YES I’m having a wonderful time, I’m so honored and I SWEAR you’re going to get rewarded for this SOON!”

    I thanked him for the meal and asked if I could be excused. I stood and told him it’s my turn to serve him. I cleared the table and washed the dishes. He helped dry and put everything back. Again, he said, “You can’t stop being a mom, can you?” I would never tell him this but hearing him say that THAT MAKES ME SO AROUSED!!!

    He lifted me up, sat me on the island, pulled my panties off and buried his head between my legs! I know I was dripping wet as gave me oral! OMG! I gushed on him and climaxed. I was so embarrassed!! Also, I got very vocal during and I was still wearing my heels. I know I was shivering and kicking my legs in the air! I was afraid I’d hit him in the head. LOL

    I finished climaxing and he rammed his hard p**** deep inside me! OMG! We kissed while he pounded me! I wrapped my legs around him then he popped!! It was A LOT!! He went deep and we French kissed while he swelled and pumped me full. I knew I wouldn’t make it to the bathroom so I let him finish. I asked him to hand me a paper towel before he pulled out. He couldn’t reach them.

  • Cont.
    Sorry for the TMI but a huge thick glob fell out and all over the counter top and floor!
    I cleaned and disinfected his mother’s marble counter top and the floor! LOL
    While I was wiping up Logan’s sperm, I thought OMG if his mom, which is younger than ME, only knew what just happened in her kitchen. LOL
    We kissed until he was hard. I told him to sit in his dad’s favorite chair because I want on top next!
    I straddled him in his dad’s favorite chair as he squeezed and spread open my butt. We kissed. He pulled my dress off and tossed it across the room. We had passionate slow s** and I felt him slide a finger in my butt. It didn’t hurt so I didn’t wave him off. He picked me up, took me to his parents bedroom, sat me on their bed and handed me another red rose. Whew!! He took off my heels and kissed my tiny feet! WHEW!! I gave him a foot job, wrapped my toes around his p**** and rubbed up and down.
    I said, “Mommy needs her kitten pounded! Sweetie! Mommy a BIG deposit!” OMG! Andrea! you were so right! His eyes lit up and we had pure primal, rough & raw s** on his parent’s bed for a long time! This time it was intense! The sounds of wet skin slapping echoed in the room! He was like a hard pounding machine! He made me climax and go numb twice! OMG!!
    To finish, I bent over the bed for doggy until he popped. He smacked my butt and said, “Make a baby with that!” We both know I’ve had my tubes tied and that can’t happen but OMG! I wasn’t expecting that comment! Whew! I gave him a long French kiss for that!

  • Cont.
    BTW: That gave me great memories of my first year of marriage, my husband used to call his stuff ‘baby batter’ and each time he left me a ‘deposit’, he’d say, “turn the oven on and start cooking!” I told a group of female friends that one time. They got offended and said they’d divorce if their spouse ever said anything like that.
    I take it as a compliment. I miss being pregnant! I’d carry Logan’s child if I could.
    TMI: I had to dash to drain. Sorry. Let me know if I need to stop that detail for you.

    To tease, I put on my heels, made the bed and straightened the room while naked. I looked at the the family photos and noticed Logan’s mom and dad are an adorable couple. There were many photos of Logan as a baby up to his senior photos. I walked around the house naked too. I even went to the kitchen and got a glass of water. I stood by the rear sliding door and admired their back yard.
    When it was time to go, I put on my panties. They were on the kitchen table. I walked to the living room and put on my dress with a built in bra.
    He took me back to my car.
    We can meet Sunday. The church letter came in the mail on Saturday and it’s my turn to read scripture before mass at both services. It’s too late to get a replacement and Logan’s parents are scheduled to come home around 2pm.
    Andrea, thanks for all of your advise! Logan and I had a great time! I’m sure Logan will never look at the kitchen island, his dad’s favorite chair and their bedroom the same. I’m glad I took your advise and said ‘mommy’ to him. He told me ‘that did it!’.
    He want’s to go on another date soon! OMG! He’s so mature for his age!
    Sorry for the length. It’s late. I’m exhausted physically and mentally.
    I hope we can meet someday!

  • Sorry. I meant to say we can not meet on Sunday. It's really late. TTYL

  • Michelle

    Let me know how it goes with Logan. Allison’s husband wanted to have a family movie and game night with Hope and Jaideen. Alison called me and said she was disappointed but assured me her and the girls would be over in the morning and that her hubby was going to take my son to the gun range so that leaves both of our homes open for fun and lots of s**

    Not planning on any sexual activities tonight so Jim has some time to regenerate in preparation for 2 h**** mature women and 2 young college girls who all desire his monster.


  • Andrea,
    I'm glad Jim is getting some R&R time. LOL While I was a Logans, I opened the refrigerator to get a bottle of water and there were Red Bull cans in the door. OMG! I had images of Jim's monster.
    I'm enjoying my time with Logan right now but I'd REALLY love to meet Jim one day. Meeting you two is on my bucket list.
    1. Girl time with the gorgeous Andrea (AKA Sexy Sandra Bullock look-a-like)
    2. Submit to Jim and allow him to pound me until he has no energy left and his monster goes soft. I want Jim to pound my 'kitten' until it's so sore, I'll need a few days to recover.
    3. Allow the Sexy Sandra Bullock look-a-like clean me out after her hot husband is finished with me.
    4. Go home satisfied.

    Please keep me updated when you have the big event!
    Andrea, thanks for your advise and telling me you look like Sandra Bullock. I'm so 'girl crushin' on you right now!
    I'd also love for Jim to pound me deep and hard with his 9inch monster.
    What's Jim's favorite position. I'd like to practice with Logan next. Logan is great to have s** with but I'd like to imagine Jim is the one pounding me.
    I'm 5"1' and as of 3-27-2021, I'm down to 110.2lb. I'm also very flexible.
    Jim sounds like a very experienced person, Logan and I are only doing the basic positions and are in an amazing routine right now.
    Logan went through a 'p*** phase' by wanting to try these 'off the wall' moves but he quickly found out they are not comfortable and for 'the camera angle'.
    What move would Jim enjoy pounding me best?

  • Michelle

    Glad things went well with Logan and that you got to have s** in his parent’s bed. That’s soo sexy

    I would have been tempted to leave that little sexy messy love juice in the kitchen. I bet Logan’s mother would have been so proud to see how her son has become such a talented lover. I know that when I shared information about my experience with Kyle (Alison’s son) it made her so hot and she was eager for a lick of me. Last year when Alison became my son’s first it made me so hot. She said she could tell he was Jim’s son and that when she talked about giving him a bath as a boy he asked her to bathe him. She said she did just that and before she knew it she was in the tub riding his young c***. It made me so proud when Alison said my boy made her have multiple o******.

    As for Jim, he is easy. He always tells us his favorite position is the favorite position of the lady willing to receive.

    That being said, he loves to give oral. He also loves it when the woman rides him or when Allison or I lie on the edge of the bed with our legs in the air. I guess he loved the point of view where he can watch it enter in, watch the b****** bounce and see the facial expressions of extreme satisfaction


  • Michelle

    It was an incredible night Jaideen and Hope wee insatiable. They were keeping Jim busy and when he could not get hard anymore (which never happened before) they started focusing on me. OMG getting oral from two lesbians is amazing. They did everything right. They even made my o***** once by them both sucking on my breast and not doing a thing down low

    I woke up this morning to the girls sucking on my breast and Jim giving me oral. I orgasmed so hard I was numb. They then thanked me for a wonderful night of incredible s** and I returned the thank yous.

    I got up to make bacon eggs an pancakes. I can hear flesh pounding in bedroom. I’m naked just wearing an apron. I can’t help but pet my kitten while cooking. Just hope I don’t get any curtly hairs in the food.

    Jim was so attentive last night making sure I got plenty of attention. He also asked if I though Alison would be interested in joining us. He said “ I have only been with 4 wonderful women in my life and I would love for us to share a moment together.” Hope and I both answered “Sure”. But then Hope said, “the only problem is that means less Jim time for me and Jaideen and we know how much she loves Jim and how
    Much Jim loves that flaming bush of hers “. Jim replied “Hope look around Andrea and Jaideen are bushy a d you are right I do love bushy p****. But I love f****** you because you are Hope. I remember holding you as baby and giving you a both as a young child. Ncome over here.” He had me laying on the bed and was pounding me and about to climax.

    He then pulled out asked Hope to lay down squeezing his swollen monster in her he pumped two or three times and said. See. I couldn’t wait. I was pounding Andrea and it was amazing I wanted to c u m but it wasn’t until I got inside you and them boom!


  • Andrea or shall I call you Sexy Sandra Bullock? I'm not kidding! I bet you are gorgeous!
    That's an amazing night! Thanks for sharing the hot details! It's impressive they were able to wear Jim down! LOL Andrea, I'd love to let Jim pound me until he's worn out! I would love that! I want Jim's monster so bad! I want you to clean me out afterward!
    I'm meeting Logan in a few. I think he has plans for us. I'll tell you the details later. I can't wait to see Logan.
    Your story about last night has me so wet, Logan is not going to know what hit him when I get on his p**** today! I plan to have s** in his parents bed. I hope he's planning to as well. LOL
    I need to get a few things finished before I meet him.
    I hope we can meet soon. I'm having images of Sandra Bullock between my legs now!! Andrea! How do you get inside someone's mind so easily?? LOL

  • Andrea,
    I LOVE chatting with you! You have the best ideas! You and Logan are amazing! Do you two chat behind my back?? LOL Just kidding. I can’t believe this!
    Ok before you replied, Logan messaged for me to do the SAME thing!! He told me to meet him at public park that’s always busy around 5pm. Then we’d do EVERYTHING you suggested! I’d ride with him and duck down while in his neighborhood. Since his parents were gone, he could park in the garage and I’d get out after we get there. OMG That’s exactly what you posted!!! I’m so sorry to ramble but you’re a great friend and are so helpful with me.

    I got everything under control for my husband and his friends. The weather outside was perfect. I changed into my Soffe mesh running shorts, sports bra with and a tank top with no sides. I pulled my hair back in a pony tail and put on my pink Brooks running shoes.

  • Cont.
    I did one final round of refills and told the guys they’re on their own for a couple of hours. I’m going out for a run at the low impact track and might stop for a smoothie afterward. Edward says he forgot something from his car and followed me to the garage. He begged me to stay and wear the outfit around them. I told him I needed my afternoon run in. He slid his hand down my shorts and squeezed my bare ass!! He’s done that before because he knows I wear sport thongs with these shorts. LOL He told me he was ‘hard’. btw: I could tell! LOL He asked, “when are we FINALLY going to have s**?” I teased and told him when I get back down to my ideal weight. He squeezed my butt tight and slid a finger around my b******* and said, “When will that be?” I said, “When I drop 7 to 10 more pounds, THEN I’ll consider.” He said, “Consider?” I playfully whispered, “I am married and my husband is the only man I’ve ever been with. If we have s**, I’d be cheating on the man I love with his best friend. I’ll have to think about that one ‘nice and hard.’ when I loose this added weight.” While rubbing his h****** through his pants. I told him I have to now, the quicker I loose this weight, the quicker I can decide to have s** with you. We gave each other a peck on the lips. We do that sometimes too. I left to meet Logan.

  • Andrea, you and Logan’s idea worked perfectly! I met Logan and we I got in his car and remembered it has dark tinted windows.

    He told me he was turning into the neighborhood. Everyone must have been doing yard work. I could hear lawn mowers. Thankfully he was wearing gym shorts. To spice things up, while ducked down, I pulled his p**** out and gave him oral. He was not expecting that and you should have seen him trying to hit the garage remote. When the garage door shut I stepped up my oral game and accidentally popped in my mouth. I wasn’t prepared but I knew the risk. Sorry this is TMI. I hope you don’t think is gross for me to add but I had no choice I had to swallow. Logan was impressed. He told me that was insanely HOT. He’d never imagined getting oral while driving! I told him it was very common for my generation and I used to do it all the time when I was dating my husband. I have a feeling I’ll be taking more rides with Logan later. LOL
    We got out of the car and held hands as he showed me around. We went to his bedroom and it looked like my son’s. It had a desk with a laptop and a few current things but also a few legacy toys he’d kept on a shelf.
    He leaned into kiss but I reminded him I’d just swallowed. He said, “Oh yeah! I forgot about that.” He took me to the bathroom and I used toothpaste on my finger then a couple of mouth washes.

  • Cont.
    I went to his room and he was already naked and hard again! I dropped my shorts and top. We kissed and he laid me on his bed and went straight to my ‘kitten’ for oral!! OMG! Within seconds I was gushing and he had me climax soon after. He’s a master at that now!
    I got on top and rode him then we switched to a few regular positions then he popped while doing doggy. I did the bathroom dash.
    We got dressed and I made his bed and picked up a few things. He made the comment, “You can’t stop being a mom can you?” Andrea, I took that as the sweetest compliment, I know I was blushing, I could feel my skin flush. He leaned in and kissed me again. We sat on his bed and kissed more. OMG! He’s amazing and mature!
We left. We still had daylight so he ran with me at the park. We didn’t stop for smoothies. I’m planning to meet with him again Saturday. The weather will be rainy here but I’m telling my husband I’m going shopping for a few hours.

    I got home, did a round of refills, took a shower and changed. The guys left around 11pm.

  • Michelle

    I’m so happy for you. I wish Logan would have kissed you right after you swallowed. That would have been soo HOT.

    Next time you HAVE to do it in his parent’s bed.

    Also continue to do motherly things and next time Logan says something say things like “mommy is so proud of you. Mommy loves how you feel inside of her. Mommy needs some more of her favorite little boy. Come on give mommy a kiss. Etc. etc”

    He will love it and you will to.

    I’ll tell you more about my night in a different post


  • Michelle!!!


    Jaideen is soo freaking HOT! Watching Jim enter her little black furry kitty was so sexy. She took the monster in its entirety while Hope sat on Jim’s face and the two of them French kissed it was sooo hot.

    I sat in the sitting area of our bedroom watching and petting my kitty. Hope then signaled for me. Hope had me stand between her and Jaideen.

    Then Hope began to lick my kitty and just as I was getting very aroused Jaiden spread my cheeks and began licking my b*******. I then climaxed so fast. The girls laughed. Then Jaideen asked said, “ White Momma, turn around. I want to taste your juice while this Hot White Grandpa fills me with his hot white s p e r m”. She stuck her long tongue into my v***** and flicked it back and forth. I climaxed a second time and gushed in her face as Jim popped inside of her.

    I left the room shaking. She began to kiss Jim and kissing her with the taste of my p**** in her mouth drove him nuts. I just heard him pop again. OMG.

    Jaideen just walked out to the kitchen with s e m e n running down her leg. I got to go.

    I have to lick her clean. That white s e m en running down her dark skin leaving a glistening streak in its wake is making my mouth water.

    OMG. I don’t think I am going to get much sleep this weekend!!!

    Wish you were here. I think I’m could use some help.

    OMG. Got to go

    Love you. Wish you were here.


  • Andrea,
    That's amazing! Now I'm aroused and want to visit! I love to have a turn with Jim but I'd love for you to be my first female! I'm jealous with the weekend you're having! You deserve it! You are a gorgeous and kind woman!
    I'm glad you're having fun with Hope and Jaideen. They sound like fun and I'm glad you're having fun too!

    If we meet, I'd rather us spend some alone time first then Jim can pound me with his monster.

    I know your busy but I have images of you being a gorgeous women.

    I admit I had to sneak to the bathroom and 'pet the kitten' after reading this. Andrea, who is your doppelgänger? I have a few ideas. I'd love to have a better image of you between my legs while I'm 'petting my kitten'.

  • Andrea,
    Sorry. I just seen your post below. OMG! Sandra Bullock! That was one of my picks!! I imagined you looking like Angie Harmon, Kate Middleton, Sandra Bullock, Khloe Kardashian or Bridget Moynahan. I knew you looked like a beautiful celebrity.
    Don't under estimate yourself. You are an amazing woman!
    Sandra has gotten hotter with age and I bet you look gorgeous right now! I can't wait to meet you someday.
    Thanks for that image! I will have better dreams now!
    I'm getting aroused thinking my first female will be with a Sandra Bullock 'look alike'. WHEW!

  • Michelle

    Let me know if you use my advice below.

    I can’t wait to hear how it goes. Jim just got home from doing some lawn work at his parents. He went to take a shower. He was surprised to see Hope and Jaideen. He doesn’t think they know that I am aware of what they did last weekend. He is expecting me to meet him in the shower as soon as the girls leave.

    Little does he know that soon after I enter the shower the girls are going to join us. I am sooo glad we tore out our shower and bath tub making room for the huge shower. We have had soo much fun with the new updated master bath

    I can’t wait to see his face. I also can’t wait to see his huge white monster entering Jaideen. She is so dark and beautiful!


  • Andrea,
    I need advise.
    I just got back from my 10 mile run and Logan’s been texting. His parents are going to the Outer Banks this weekend and he’ll be home alone tonight until Sunday evening. The girl he’s interested in has still not ‘put out’ for him. She told him this morning in class she WILL NOT come to his house while his parents are gone.
    He asked me to come over for a ‘deposit’. He said I can come over after he get’s out of school today or anytime tomorrow or in the morning on Sunday or I can come over all three days. LOL
    I want to but today is busy for me. I’ve got a lot of claims to process for work, my son is bringing his girlfriend over after school to hang out this afternoon. My husband and his friends are coming over to watch basketball later. I’ll be busy with hot wings, snacks and refills.
    Andrea, I need your advise.
    You know how I feel about going to Logan’s parents house. He told me the address and I looked it up on Google Maps. It’s 25 minutes away but they live in a subdivision with houses on top of each other. How would that look? I’m 44, older than his mom and making a ‘booty call’ LOL that was a popular term when I was in college. What if the neighbors see my car or me going in to his house for an hour then leaving? What if someone says something to his parents? I asked about they had a security system and he assured me has the code and will disable the cameras while I’m there.
    He is so mature and nice. We have fun when we’re together and I want to meet him for s** this weekend. Do you have any good advise? Please!

  • Michelle

    This is sooo exciting.

    Have Logan meet you somewhere and pick you up. Leave your car at the rendezvous point and have him drive you to his house and park in the garage. You can duck down while he is in the neighborhood.

    Then your safe and sound without being seen.

    You need to be sure and have s** with Logan in the following locations: his room, the living room, the kitchen and of course you MUST do it in his parents bed.

    I’m so jealous! Just think of how arousing it was for him to make love in your marriage bed. It will be incredible for both of you to do it in his parent’s bed! I’m so excited for you.

    Got to go. Jaideen and Hope are here. They are such a cute couple!


  • Michelle

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Jaideen and Hope have been sending Jim pics of their kittens. The contrast between her dark complexion and afro bush and her pink kitty is so sexy. I caught Jim wacking of to the pic. He was so embarrassed. He admitted that he did not move any furniture at Hope’s this past weekend but moved the heavens and earth for Hope and her roommate Jaideen. He said he could not resist and that he popped her cherry. He also said that he was sorry for cheating on me but “always wanted to be with a black woman and was not disappointed. Watching my white c*** go inside her was so satisfying.”

    I’m afraid I have lost him. I am scared he prefers Jaideen. What if he meets her mom and granny.

    But I must confess. I can’t stop thinking and dreaming of a three way with Jaideen. I want to see her hot dark body riding Jim’s big white monster. And the thought of his creamy white sperm dripping from her makes my mouth water.

    What do I do?


  • Andrea,
    That's a tough one! It's also sad Jim is 'taking matter's in his own hands' when he has a gorgeous wife that's willing to offer relief to his monster anytime he wishes. I wish my husband could get hard like that again. I miss having s** with him.
    I wouldn't worry yet. Those young girls are just having fun right now. It sounds like Hope and Jaideen are a tight couple. Jim sounds like a hot & s** man and I admit I've had many wet moments 'rubbing my kitten' thinking of him pounding my 'kitten'. Sorry Andrea, Jim is HOT!
    I can't imagine either on of them breaking up to go after Jim. You might need to accept he will be their 'toy' for a while until they end the phase they are going through. I remember being in college and experimenting. It's the best years a young lady can have!
    I bet Jaideen's mom and grandmother are beautiful African American women. Do you know if they look like anyone famous?
    It would be a great experience for Jim to give those two women pleasure.
    I wouldn't worry too much about Jim. He knows where home is and it's in side your beautiful 'kitten'.

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    Jaideen’s mother and grandmother are indeed beautiful. Jaideen’s mom has an incredible body more curvaceous than Jaideen and very dark, but the grandmother is curvy with a much lighter complexion.

    I really don’t want Jim to expand his resume of women, but the image of his white monster disappearing into them makes me sooo W E T.

    Jaideen and Hope are to spend Easter weekend with Alison and her family. I am hoping that I can get some girl time with the two girls. I bet they would be incredible in bed. Maybe I can trade some girl time in return for a four way with Jim.

    I spent today with Allison poolside. Enjoyed a few adult beverages and a few licks and kisses

    Hugs and Kisses


  • Andrea,
    You are so lucky to have a female friend like Allison. The females I work with are full of drama. The wives of my husband's co-workers are snobs. I try to fit into their little club but they think I'm flirting with their husbands and don't like that I wear above the knee dresses at my age. I get along with guys better. That's why Edward and I get along so well. He started out being my husband's friend in college but we've both known him so long, he's actually my best friend too. To be honest Andrea, you're the first female I've been able to confide in. I've talked with you and shared things I've never shared with another female.
    I enjoy hearing what an amazing wife and friend you are to Allison. You sound like the ultimate BFF! I bet you are gorgeous!
    I'm a movie junkie.
    OK Andrea, you've given me a good description of what you look like. So, what famous celebrity do you resemble? Be honest! I have an idea but I want you to be honest and tell me whom do people say you look like?
    I'm having images of you between my legs & making me scream!
    I hope we can get together soon! I'd love to experience Jim but I'd love to have some friendly 'girl time' with you first! You would be my first and I want that.

    Edward's and a few of my husband's friends are coming over to watch college ball tonight. I'm making hot wings and snacks.

    BTW: 3-24-2021 11:30pm I'm at 110.6 lb.


  • Michelle

    Many people say I look like Sandra Bullock and I admit that used to be the case but I am not as pretty as I once was.


  • Andrea,
    My week is getting better. I stepped on the scales yesterday and I'm 111.3lb! It's finally coming off!
    I've already told you I tried to have s** with my husband and he couldn't 'rise to the occasion.'. I had erotic thoughts of Jim pounding me and I had to take care of myself! Sorry to l*** after Jim but I've got a small drought going on.
    Edward is working a lot right now. We've been messaging but we can't get a good time established for me to meet at his place and give him oral. He also knows there's no s** until I'm 103lb or less. I can tell by his tone it's driving him crazy.
    The only excitement this week was with Logan. He's such a sweet gentleman! We messaged Tuesday evening until late. I told him my weight issue and I'm busting my butt to get it under control. He blew my phone with compliments. Hot compliments too. He kept telling me I'm the fittest girl he's ever had the honor of having s** with! Andrea, Logan has been with teenage girls! Whew that made me blush! He said I was like having s** with an Olympic gymnast. I think he fibbed about that one! I'm not that fit!
    Things got hot and he reminded me he's in school half a day on Wednesday and asked to stop by to give me a deposit. I agreed!

  • Cont.
    He so sweet! He knew I was feeling self confident about myself so he agreed to come by but I'd need to wear something s** for him. I told him I'm not ready to show off my naked body yet. He sent me a pick of his hard p**** and said, "No sexy bra and panty....No deposit". Andrea! He's becoming a MAN! What a little tease!! I would never allow Edward to see me naked at 111 lb. Logan is a h**** teenage boy and it sounds like the girls his age are well above 111 lb so I agreed.
    He came by around 1230. I was in the bedroom waiting for him wearing a red lace bra & panty set with heels. I opened the garage door for him to pull his car inside. I messaged him to meet me in the bedroom. He did and I could tell he was excited at what he seen! He quickly took his cloths off. I tried not to chuckle at how fast he ripped off his cloths. He is a teenage boy!
    I bent over the bed for him because that's his favorite position. He slowly pulled down my panties but instead of ramming himself inside he rubbed my body with is hands! He unclasped my bra and rubbed my b******! He turned me around and kissed me! I hopped up on his tall body and his p**** was aligned and he lowered me on him! WHEW! He held me in the air and we kissed as he first entered me! That moment was hot!
    He laid me on the bed and began kissing my b****** and licked my belly button! WHEW! He worked his way down and gave my 'kitten' some attention with is tongue. He removed my heels and sucked my toes! He got on top and we had slow s** until I gushed and climaxed! He asked for doggy. We were in process of switching and he made one more slow & deep thrust and that was it for him. We hugged tight and kissed as he filled me up! I wrapped my tiny legs around his muscular body while he filled me with everything he had!!
    We kissed afterward, I made the quick dash to the bathroom to drain. Sorry TMI! We got dressed and he left.

  • Michelle

    Anne Marie headed back to New Orleans this morning. She came by to say bye. She was hoping for a three way but Jim went to the office we had a long hug and she told me how much she appreciated my hospitality and couldn’t the size of the monster and how eager Jim is even at his age. She invited us over any time.

    When Jim came home his phone was “blowing up”. While he went outside to add chemicals to the pool I checked his phone.

    Jaideen was sending him many messages with photos of herself. I couldn’t believe how beautiful she is. She had pics of her privates it was so beautiful to see her pink inside with the contrast of her dark skin.

    She also sent a photo of her, her mom and grandmother. It was taken last year at her graduation. She captioned the photo “ Three HOT Black Queens”. “Three generations of hot black women. In the photo Is my mom (Jada at age 35), Granny (Kiandra at age 51) and me at graduation age 18.

    They are all so pretty. Her granny looks 41 tops not in her 50’s!!

    She said in another message. I told my mom and granny that I had s** with a man this weekend and I loved it. My mom said I want to meet that man. And my granny said she wants to “get to know that boy”.

    Jaideen, then wrote, “boy will they be surprised when they meet you and find out you are white and old enough to be my granddaddy.

    I’m really concerned that I could lose Jim as these ladies are amazing and he has commented how beautiful Hope’s roommate was.


  • Andrea,
    Sorry for the late reply. I've been busy with work and trying to get this excess weight off. Ugh!! It's going slow! I'm at 112.2lb today! I'm feeling so tired from this liquid diet and juice cleansing. I'm not young any longer so my knees are feeling the 20 miles per day. I'm trying to split it up to 10 in the morning and 10 in the afternoon. I have new running shoes but the concrete is not forgiving. I'm going to take a day off from running and try the low impact track at the park tomorrow. It sucks because that's a 20 minute drive one way. I'd rather leave from the house and run through town. Sorry I sound whinny.
    I don't have much to update you with.
    I didn't get to meet with Edward for oral. I was feeling bummed so I tried to get my husband hard and have s**. It's been weeks since we last done anything. I tried and tried with no luck. I'm thinking it's me and he no longer finds me attractive. I haven't heard from Logan in two days. He usually messages me but I know he's getting busy.
    Jaideen sounds like she comes from a line of beautiful women! OMG! You're description sounds hot! Jim is so lucky to have you as a wife! I bet you are gorgeous! I'd love to spend time with both of you one day but I've got to loose more weight!
    Going for my afternoon run.
    You are gorgeous and a wonderful friend. Thanks for listening to me vent.

  • Andrea! 
I just got in from a morning run and OMG that’s one HOT night!
    I wish I could have joined! Allison and Anne Marie sound like beautiful women. I was an only child and never had the chance to experience a special with a sibling. My husband is my best friend and I love him so much!
    Allison and Anne Marie are lucky to have a wonderful and gorgeous friend like you that’s willing to share her husband’s p**** with. Allison and Anne Marie will have a close bond that can never be broken thanks to you!!

    BTW: I’m sure the redhead sisters are beautiful but Andrea I’m betting you are the most gorgeous of all. I’m confident Jim was having images of you when he was pounding the sisters. I’m sure if you asked he’d admit to having images of you when he spent the night with Hope and Jaideen.

    I get wet thinking of Jim’s monster pounding me one day! I want it all! I want you there too!

  • Michelle

    Your so kind. I just hope Jim was not thinking of Jaideen and her dark hot sexy body.

    I just can’t get those images of her riding Jim reverse cowgirl with her little firm bubble butt and his hands around her tiny waste.

    Hope called me and said she really enjoyed Friday night and said “I know that I should not have done that but Jaideen was jealous and I wanted her to expand her sexuality and experience Mr Jim as well. Jaideen told me today that she enjoyed it and wanted to repay you with a girls night sometime in the future.”

    She went on to say that Jim was actually older than Jaideen’s grandmother as both her mom and grandmother started families before they graduated from high school. She said Jiadeen is the first girl in her family to go to College. According to Hope, Jaideen is 18 and a freshman. Her mom is 34 and her grandmother is 51. So Jim is actually older than her grandmother!

    No wonder why she called Jim her “h**** grandpa”.

    I want to ask Jim how it went with his visit with Hope but I want him to remember where his monster’s home resides.

    I’m going to let you go as Jim just finished the lawn and went into the shower. I want to make sure he has no issues in the shower. I think that the “monster” may need some taming.


  • Andrea,
    I'm so jealous of what you have access to 24-7. LOL
    Take care of the 'monster' and it will take care of you!

  • Andrea,

    I hope you don’t think I’m whining but this is VERY embarrassing for me, I stepped on the scale yesterday and I’m 112.7lb!! That rounds up to 113lbs with a BMI of 21.3!!!
    I’ve never been over 109lb, unless during pregnancy!! Thankfully, I haven’t visited my mom in person since I packed on 10lbs! OMG!!
    I’ve facetime with mom a few times and THANK GOODNESS that’s it! She could always tell if I’ve gained one ounce! If I had been able to visit mom, she would have kept me strait!!

    This Covid thing is driving me crazy!
    It’s very frustrating because my gym is still closed. I’ve been on the treadmill and doing my yoga, however, the treadmill is not the same as running outdoors! I’ve been SO careful of what I eat!
    I know working at home isn’t helping either because I’m sitting more. At least at the office, I’d walk around all the time. OMG! I’m so embarrassed.
    The only thing I can think of that did this is was the few times I’ve eating out with Logan. I rarely eat out. When I did, I only ordered a side salad but I did share dessert and had a glass of wine! OMG! I’m panicking! I’m so sorry for the drama Andrea! Please don’t think bad of me.

  • Cont.
    I’m going to have s** with Edward soon but I’ve got to loose 10lbs first! I can’t have him see me naked at 113lb with a BMI of 21.3! I’ve stared in the full length mirror naked last night and this morning. I don’t know where that @#& 10lbs is! I still have my thigh gap and I laid on the bed wearing panties and I still have a bikini bridge! OMG! I’ve know Edward for a long time. Even back in college we’d all Spring Break together. He remembers my soccer body in a bikini! 

I’m stressing out right now! It will take me a couple of weeks to loose this! I was hoping to have s** with Edward earlier than that! Maybe this week!

    I can’t mention the 10lb to my mom! She’d go off on me and call me irresponsible and blame me for my husband’s ED. I could hear her now, “He wouldn’t have that problem if you were fit!”.
    Andrea, I’m so sorry to vent on you like that.

  • Sweetheart don’t worry. You are still beautiful.

    I lost my thigh gap at 45. As a lady gets older she gets more curvaceous at least that is what happens to me.

    As for the ED thing, Alison is supper hot and her hubby has not been able to get hard for more than a decade. That is why I invited her into our marriage bed as her and I were already enjoying some girl time why not share Jim’s monster as it is more than enough for me and such a shame for a good friend to go without.

    Don’t fret your weight. You are gorgeous


  • Andrea,
    Sorry, I've been a little too busy to reply.
    Thank you! You are so sweet to say such kind words! (Blushing!). Andrea! I'm sure you are a beautiful woman! Actually, I bet you are gorgeous! Thank you for being a supportive friend. I want you to be my first female! I know you will give me numerous climaxes before you turn me over to Jim! OMG! I can't stop thinking about him stretching and filling me with his sperm!
    I'm just glad I noticed my weigh was creeping up before my mom found out. For her age, she looks amazing and before Covid, she volunteered at the YMCA to teach yoga and aerobics. She's also an avid swimmer! She does not look her age and took pride in making sure she stayed around 100lbs.
    I called the gym, they're open but limiting the number of members. Plus, there's a ton of strict Covid protocols. I've decided not to risk it and do stuff around the house.
    I did a 10 mile run this morning and this afternoon. I did 100 stomach crunches, lunges, military presses and planks. I also found my ankle weighs so I'll wear them when jumping rope and from now on.
    Went to the fresh market and picked up fresh veggies for a juice cleanse and make smoothies. I'll be on the liquid diet for a few weeks.
    Sorry to vent like this but I need to get back in shape.
    Edward messaged while I was running. I'll meet him tomorrow and give him oral. I'm definitely not taking off my cloths around him until I'm back down to 105lb or 103lb. Preferably less than that! OMG! I'm also need to get by weight back under control in case I meet you and Jim soon! Hope and Jaideen sound like beautiful young women. I'm 44 and no match for those young girls but I'm super self conscious about weight and BMI. I want to look my best when I meet you and Jim.
    Still stressing,

  • Michelle

    The kids were at friends houses last night so Alison and Anne Marie stayed the night.

    Anne went wild. She couldn’t believe how big Jim was. Jim was very turned on my her enthusiasm. Anne allowed me to lick her clean while Jim did me doggie style and she had Alison sit on her face. She was an insatiable animal in bed. She climaxed while I licked her and her vocalization made Jim blow up inside me. She then begged to lick his c** from my p****. Allison licked his c*** clean and then Jim pounded Anne Marie’s ass.

    Alison was beginning to feel a little left out and Jim was in heaven having two beautiful red heads treating him like a king. So I allowed Allison and Anne Marie to share my bed with Jim and I slept in the next room.

    I prepared breakfast and when in to wake them up. The sisters were still naked and licking on Jim’s morning “log”. Jim smiled and signaled me into the room. He said, “Andrea, you are an amazing wife. You take such good care of me. You have amazing taste in friends and I want to a taste of you for breakfast.”

    So I sat on his face and watched Allison and Anne Marie play with his c o c k. Then Alison mounted Jim and rode him while he continued licking me and Anne Marie sucked on my b****** and French kissed me while rubbing her bush on Jim’s chest. Jim explode and I gushed.

    Over breakfast Jim shared how it was the hottest night ever and how turned on he was by watching Alison and Anne Marie licking his c u m from each other’s p u s s y.

    He sure had an incredible weekend!


  • Michelle

    See my reply below.

    If Jim comes home tonight you think I should ask Alison and her sister over and plan a 4 way with Jim to try and top what Hope and Jaideen did to him last night.

    Anne Mary (Allison’s sister) is about 5-4 and very fit. She is 44 and a widowed mother of 2. She told me last night over dinner that she has not been on a date since her husband died 4 years ago. She is a beautiful red head just like Allison but a bit taller and the body of a college student.

    I think a little Irish sister love and me could make Jim forget about his jungle love night.

    Do you agree?


  • Andrea,
    That's a wonderful idea!! I wish I could participate!
    Don't allow him time to recover, a 4-way with HOT aroused MILFs is the cure!

    Edward is messaging me this morning. He's golfing with my husband and want's me to go with them again. He's asking for my tennis dress but it's still cool outside.

    Keep me posted on your idea and please give me details if it happens.

    I'll probably give Edward oral at some point today. He's going to have to wait for s**! When we do. I'm going with the French Maid outfit you suggested! You are so amazing!

  • Michelle

    I spoke with Alison and Anne Marie they are an board with the plan. Alison sent her husband to bring some items to Hope so he will be gone tonight and that should force Jim back home.

    Anne Marie said she is not sure about being with Alison and I but said it has been years since she had a man and that Alison has been talking to her about Jim for years. She just had one request and that she would be the first to have Jim tonight and the last to have him as well. She said, “look I don’t know if I will get into the girl stuff but I want you to know if we do this I get to have him as much as I want”. Alison and I looked at each other and said sure.

    I think once she sees Alison and I going at it she will be drawn in.

    Jim should be back in a couple hours. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    But I have to tell you those pics of Jim’s monster penetrating Jaideen were so HOT. That huge white c*** going inside that dark black body was sooo HOT. Especially the ones where she was riding reverse cowgirl. Jaideen has an amazing tight bubble butt and a beautiful Afro B U S H.


    But Jim is going to get two burning bushes and a hot brunette tonight


  • Andrea,
    Lucky Jim! I hope all worked out and Anne Marie got to experience Jim's 9inch monster. I feel sad for her because it's been years since she has last been with a man. Andrea, you are a sweet friend to offer Jim to her. My husband isn't completely impotent, he is close. I would go crazy if I couldn't get s** often. A woman needs a good pounding to clear the mind! I'll even admit that!

    Nothing big here. I went to the golf course with my husband and Edward. When it was time to leave, Edward asked if I would go with him and we'd stop at Lowe's. He wanted my opinion on shades for his condo and paint color for the bathroom. LOL

    We really did stop by Lowe's but went to his condo afterward. I gave him oral. He begged for s** but I kept telling him I wan't ready for another man yet and I would give him oral anytime he asked. I thanked him for allowing me to give him oral, it's nice holding a hard p**** for a change. That drove him crazy!

    We went back to my house and I made snacks and ran refills while they watched a few NCAA games.

    I hope your evening was more eventful! I can't wait to hear.

  • Andrea,
    Have you heard from Jim?

    I worry they will take him and turn him into their s** toy. I sure hope they're on birth control too! From your previous descriptions, Jim's huge b**** have the ability to produce gallons of sperm and his 9inch monster can remain hard to pump it where it's needed! OMG I want to experience that! With you present, of course!!

    Please keep me posted..

    I had a busy day working at home yesterday and Logan kept messaging me. He was having 'girl' trouble. The girl he's kinda seeing won't put out and he was very frustrated. He confessed he was taking matters in hand a lot and asked if he could make a deposit! Andrea, that was so sweet of him to ask. I told him before he could anytime and now he's starting get bold and ask! I'm proud of the man he's becoming. He promised to be quick. I sent him the devil emoji and said 'but not too quick'. LOL

    I let him in the house and we both ran to the bedroom! I pulled off my shorts while he dropped his pants. OMG He was hard! I bent over and he rammed inside me fast and hard. He bottomed out and I felt his b**** squeeze against my body. His pace was fast and deep! Normally he only lasts a few minutes like that. I was facing the bedroom clock and he started at 12:06pm. He was a machine holding my hips and smacking my butt!! At 12:12 I gushed all over him and he kept it up. I started getting vocal and at 12:15 I had an intense o***** that made me go numb!! He kept pounding!!
    At 12:41 I felt him slow. He took one hand and wrapped my hair around his wrist and pulled slightly!! I've told him to do that in the past!!

  • Cont.
    I felt him swell to expand my v***** to the max!
    He slammed inside me as deep as he could, held it then I felt the pulses of his warm sperm spraying my insides!! I laid motionless until he finished. I made the mad dash to the bathroom to drain. I know he came a lot but not much drained out. I got dressed and wiped up the hardwood floor where I kept gushing on him. We kissed and I re-assured he was welcome to leave a deposit inside me anytime. As long as we can be discrete. LOL He kissed the back of my hand and thanked me. I know I blushed!
    For the rest of the day, I expected to drain his sperm out but it never did. It was like it stayed inside me! I'm glad my tubes are tied. The last time I experienced that, I got pregnant. No chance of that now but it was an amazing feeing for me. I'm glad I experienced it with Logan yesterday!
    Keep me posted about Jim! I worry those girls will take his 9inch monster from you! Then I'll never get to experience it.

  • Michelle

    Logan sounds like he has come a long way. Your so lucky.

    Last night I kept trying to reach Jim and/or Hope but had no luck.

    Hope was active making posts. She had one post with before, during and after photos of Jaideen’s beautiful little black bush. Her body is so beautiful being a track athlete and all, and her bush was so full. I never saw a bush like that it was so cute and her butt is so full and bubbly. Hope has a beautiful GF. Now I know why she was so talented with her tongue. I’d lick that 24 7.

    Well back to the pics, there was the before a during photo showing Jim’s white p**** entering her (it made me wet as it looked so sexy). Then there was a pic with the head of Jim’s c*** and white seman dripping from Jaideen. And a final picture of Hope licking it up.

    Then Hope sent me pics and movies via text of her and Jaideen riding Jim with Jim saying how much he loved f****** i n g them. Jaideen was calling him her h**** old grandpa. In on video she introduced him said he was her first c*** and that he was older than her grandmother. She said that she couldn’t wait to show her mom and granny and that Jim promised to be their first white man if they were interested.

    Hope sent me a thank you about 3 AM and said that she was sorry. That she shouldn’t have shared Jim but it was an amazing experience and Jim couldn’t get enough of Jaideen.

    I have to figure out how to top that and keep Jim from running off with Jaideen or her family


  • Michelle

    Jim just texted me that he arrived and was going to take the girls to dinner then get the couch first thing in the morning.

    I tried calling him but it went to voicemail and he did not reply to my text.

    Hope then posted to social media that “Jaideen’s man has arrived and boy are we going to have fun tonight. And we are going to “ride” off into the sunset and through till dawn”

    I wanted to call Hope when I saw her post but her mom and aunt are here. I don’t want to create a scene.

    Going crazy,


  • Michelle

    Jim left headed to the university to “help Hope get her new couch”.

    I don’t know what to do. She has made posts in social media showing pics of her and her roommate/GF. Both wearing their track tights. They look so cute. Hope is short very pale with fire red hair and her roommate (Jaideen) is a tall very attractive African American girl with an very beautiful dark complexion.

    Hope is saying in her post that Jaideen won her first collegiate track medal two weeks ago and she was so proud of her. She said that they are going to celebrate tonight.

    Hope posted that her first male lover was coming over tonight and that she can’t wait to share him with Jaideen. She said that it will be Jaideen’s first man.

    She said that they were each other’s first lovers and that they want to share the same first man.

    Hope said she can’t wait to see his huge white c*** enter her beautiful black h o l e s. Hope also said that she can’t wait to see the contrast of his c** dripping out of her and that it will be fun to lick it all up.

    I am horrified. I should have never let Jim be with her alone. He is almost 3 times their age. He is my husband and not their s** toy!

    Should I grab Alison and go there to stop it?

    What should I do?

    Freaking out,


  • Andrea!
    Sorry I was busy and just now seen this post!!
    BTW: Logan was messaging me all morning and desperately needed to leave me a deposit! LOL I'll leave details later.

    You have every right to be concerned! I think those two girls have something planned for Jim and it doesn't sound good. Most of my husband's friends are 'players' and one thing I've heard them say. Once you're with an African American woman, you won't go back. The stories I've heard from guys are pretty graphic. They'll admit those women will s**** your brains out!!

    Hearing the way Hope was talking on her social media account. Do you think she was ghosting me in earlier posts?? I swear I did not post those messages and they sound like Hope's tone!

    Andrea, I'm concerned for Jim. I think they will try to get in his mind. You are correct they are young and we are older mature women. We have to step our game up for our men. You need to be concerned.

    All my intention was to have Jim pound me with his 9inch monster!!
    My bucket list fantasy is to meet Jim and have s** with him without ever talking to him. I don't want to meet him before. I want you in the room watching! I want you to be my first! I would love for us to meet. Have s** with JIm. I want his p**** so bad! I want to feel stretched like I'm giving childbirth again! I want him to bottom out inside me and go where no man has ever gone before. Afterward, I want you to kiss me then clean me out! I want us to have s**! Then we will all leave.

    I admit, I might consider hooking up with Jim again but I want us to be friends and I'd love for us to hookup often! I'm afraid once we get together. I will want to hookup with you more!

    Please check on Jim!
    We need him!

  • Michelle

    You are so lucky. You have had Logan and now Edward.

    Jim and I were together last night we wade love. It was passionate but boring. I want Jim to pound me like he does Allison and Hope. The bruising on the monster is gone so don’t worry.

    But I could tell he is looking forward to helping Hope “pick up her new couch”. I really don’t like this. I just know she is going to seduce him, and she is going to get the pounding I desire. I really wish she stayed a lesbian and didn’t enjoy him. She is a great licker. She taught me so much in our couple of sessions.

    Well guess it’s going to be a boring night hear with Alison and her sister. Her sister as I said is 44 and a widow. She is very pretty but very prim and proper. It’s not going to be fun. I was hoping to have some time with Alison to take my mind of what Jim and Hope are probably doing


  • Andrea,
    I hope you had a good St. Patrick's Day! I'd love to hear about it if you had fun!

    My husband had a few meetings so he went to the office for a few hours. Edward had work at the office but he messaged me most of the day. I worked from home and put the corned beef oven to slow cook for 8hrs. Edward still thinks I’m planning a hookup with ‘Billy Bob’ and it’s driving him nuts. LOL
    My husband came home at 5 then Edward came by at 6 with a bottle of Maker’s Mark. He quickly got my husband buzzed on an empty stomach and he nodded off in his recliner.
    As promised, I changed into a green shirt and short tartan skirt. I pre-planned and bought some Red Bull’s for my son and left one out on the counter. BTW: Andrea, I love holding a Red Bull can now. I have images of Jim’s 9inch monster stretching and pounding me.
    I was in the kitchen getting the corned beef out of the oven and Edward came up and slid his hand up my skirt to confirm I wan’t wearing panties. After I got everything out of the oven I stood while he fingered me. I rubbed the tent he was pitching. I sat two pot holders on the floor and put my knees on them and unzipped his pants. His huge p**** popped out. My original intent was to rub it with my hands. It looked so beautiful and was so hard. I sucked it. He didn’t last long and popped! There was nowhere to put it so I swallowed it all. It was a lot. He must have been saving up for weeks!
    We adjusted ourselves like nothing happened and had dinner. My husband finally woke up long enough to join us.
    My husband didn’t drink much after dinner. He was afraid of getting a nasty hangover.

  • Cont.
    Edward left soon afterward and we messaged most of the night.
    He was thankful for oral and said I was good. He hinted at more but I told him I’m not ready yet. I told him my husband’s p**** has been the only one inside me but I’m willing to give him oral anytime he wishes! I will even make special trips to his house anytime he asks. WOW! That blew him away. He asked one more time about my fictitious ‘Billy Bob’. LOL
    I could tell he REALLY wants to have s** with me first. LOL I finally told him I’ve moved on and want him to be the first inside me next. It was difficult for me to allow Edward to leave without having intercourse. I want to tease him but I'm thinking when I'll explode first when we finally have s**.

    I want Jim to be my #2 but I'm thinking I'll succumb to Edward first. I hope you are OK with that. I'm hoping we can meet one day. I'd love to experience Jim stretching my tight v***** out! I bet the first time will feel like child birth! OMG! I'm so wet for both of you right now! I'm positive I can take all of it. I still have images of Hope taking it a***! WHEW! I would love to be part of that!

  • Michelle

    I’m fine with Edward being your second as long as I am the first woman to get a lick of you and I am the first woman you lick.

    Jim is planning to visit Hope this weekend. She asked for his help getting some furniture moved in to her apartment. She said she needed us of his truck. I believe she is just trying to get some as Alison was not aware of Hope’s request. He is planning to drive up there tomorrow and then drive back on Saturday as he is planning to go fishing with some friends on Sunday.

    Alison said her sister is coming into town this weekend and recommend that we hangout together on Friday night. Her sister is in her mid forties but lost her husband to cancer a couple years ago. It was soo sad. So I guess it will be a boring Weekend for me.

    St Patty’s day was uneventful. Jim and I got our vaccine and just spent the evening “enjoying each other’s company”. I do love him, but s** with just us is just boring. He is a great lover. He does focus on my pleasure, but when we are together he is so gentle. He “makes love” when we are together, but I really enjoy watching him be more aggressive with Alison and/or Hope. And the sounds he made when he was with Hope alone was soo sexy. The way he made her scream was incredible.

    I long to be f****** e d like that!


  • Andrea,
    I'm so glad you and Jim got your vaccine.

    It's nice hearing you and Jim still have hot s** and still make love. My husband and I used to do that all the time till 5 years ago. We've tried and tried again but he can't get hard. I dream about Jim pounding me. He sounds so HOT!
    I'd love you to give me oral then hand me off to Jim. He's tall and I'm short. I bet he will make me squirm and squeal!

    I got a text from Edward asking me to have lunch at his place. To tease, I only agreed to oral. He promised to behave and keep his p**** out of my 'little kitten' until I was ready. LOL
    My other limit with Edward is NO kissing! I told him this can't get emotional. He gave me a sad emoji but agreed.

    It was raining here so I wore a knee length khaki skirt with long sleeve shirt and my pink rain boots. BTW: No panties.

    I started out first and gave him a surprise foot job. He REALLY enjoyed that. He was impressed my small feet and long toes can squeeze him. LOL
    He went between my legs next! OMG!! WOW! He's talented! Whew! I wasn't expecting that and gushed on him. We 69ed for a few. I made him pop and that was it.

    He told me he's cool with the arrangement but wanted to know when I'd be ready. I said, 'SOON! I'll be ready for your p**** VERY soon!'.

    Edward is hung! Maybe close to 9inches but not thick as a Red Bull can! I compared him to Jim's and I've never seen it. LOL You are lucky Andrea!
    He's longer than my husband & Logan. I can tell when I deep throat him. When we finally have s**, he'll definitely go deeper than either of them.

    I'm planning to have s** with Edward soon. He's been a good friend for a long time and I can trust him. He's been with many women and that excites me because I know I'll get the ride of a life time. LOL I only hope he enjoys having s** with me. I've only been with two guys. The first was my husband and the other a young 18 year old that was eager to have s** and popped early. LOL

  • Cont,
    Sounds like you are in for some heavy 'girl fun!'. I'm jealous. I'd love to be there and let you be my first! You sound gorgeous and I'd be honored to lick you first! You would have to be patient with me. I know what I like but I've never given oral to a female before. Is there someway I can practice? Before I had s** with my husband the first time, my mom had me practice on a banana. She told me the tongue swirl and deep throat technique.
    Sorry, that was TMI. Like I've told you earlier, my mom was cool and she wanted my first time to be special. She taught me to be submissive and give pleasure.

    Andrea, I worry about Jim's p**** when he has vaginal s** with Hope. I'm hoping they only do a***. It's sad thinking his p**** hurts badly when having vaginal with her.

    However, I know Jim has the best nurse, you! I know you will take care of him until he gets back to 100%.
    Please keep me posted and I'll keep you posted.
    There! I finally admitted it!

  • Andrea,
    Your evening with Alison sounded incredible! I’d love to watch the three of you ‘play’ sometime! Of course, I’d jump right in too! I think you two girls would be fun to play with. However, I’d love to play with you first! Alison sounds beautiful too but I want you to be my first at everything and Alison can be my second. I can’t stop thinking about Jim’s amazing tongue playing with you two also and then using his monster on both of you. I want part of the action too!
    I read your post and had to slip off to the bathroom to ‘tickle my kitty’. I tried getting my husband hard but nothing happened. Plus, he’s had too much bourbon tonight.
    I was busy working on claims today. The snow in Colorado is going to keep me busy for the next few day or weeks. Those poor people are getting hammered!
    Edward texted me today. He’s still worried I’m going to sneak off and have s** with my fictitious ‘Billy Bob’. LOL He asked me how I could find a guy like that attractive enough to have s** with (I cleaned that up a little). LOL I told him the guy promised to have a hard p**** for me to ride and that’s all I need right now. I’m not getting anything hard at home.
    He’s starting to come up with ideas for me to meet him at his condo. Andrea, this one will be easy. I know if we start having s** at his place, we will be doing it all the time. His work is hours are flexible and I’m always leaving to run errands. I just want to tease more and make him pop quickly the first time. LOL I’m I being too much of an evil devil? 
I invited Edward over for a St. Patrick’s dinner. I have two corned beef briskets marinating right now and I’ll start to slow roast them tomorrow. My son is going to a friends house to hang so it will be the three of us again. After Edward get’s my husband drunk again, I’ll change into a short plaid skirt and see if he feels me up again. I’ll keep you posted!
    I’m so glad you, Alison and Jim are having fun! I wish I could experience Jim’s hard p****!

  • Michelle

    I really can’t wait till we meet.

    I want you to experience Jim as well


  • Andrea,
    Do you have St. Patrick's Day plans?
    I think tomorrow is going to be fun!

  • Michelle

    Hope went back to her college today. She came by to say goodbye and gave Jim and I a big kiss and hug. She is sooo sweet.

    She said she would be home for Easter and that she hoped we could spend sometime together then. She also told Jim that she wouldn’t allow another man in her panties. That her “special regions” are for him to enjoy.

    After she left Jim and I had s**. Jim said, “ Hope is so sweet. I enjoyed being her first. But I much rather make love with you and Alison. I hope she finds a young man to have fun with. Her p u s s y. Is just too tight. It hurts. “


  • Andrea,
    I spent the day teasing my husband and Edward at the golf course. LOL Between holes, I was messaging Logan. I fibbed and told Edward I just joined a hookup app and I was messaging a guy. That got in his mind and he tried hiding his erect p**** but I kept looking at his ‘tent’ winking!
    The ACC tournament was on when we got home and my son was out with his girlfriend. I told Edward to stay and I’d get some snacks together. They got into the bourbon and after a few shots, my husband was nodding out in his recliner. He’d told me he was still tired from traveling and the late delayed flight.
    As soon as my husband was out, I changed into a thin white sundress with no bra or panties. I hate skorts! lol
    I made sure to bend over so Edward could see I wasn’t wearing panties. That made him squirm!
    He tried whispering ‘are you wearing panties?’ I acted like I didn’t hear and he followed me to the kitchen. He repeated and I said, ‘you tell me?’ I stood as he slid his hand up my dress and felt my bare butt. Then he felt me in the front and rubbed my smooth v*****. I said, ‘you got your answer.’ I let him rub my c*** and massage my 32Bs.
    He asked who I’m messaging with on the hookup app and if I was going to meet with him soon.
    Just to tease, I took my phone and Googled the image of an old man. I saved the perfect pic. It was a man that looked like a rough Billy Bob Thornton, 70ish, missing a couple of teeth. LOL

  • Cont.
    I show Edward the pic and told him this is the guy I’ll probably hookup with soon. I told him he uses V***** and promised to give me a climax. He bragged about his oral skills and told me I would enjoy meeting up with him. I said, ‘I hope I can put a smile on his face.’
    Andrea! I wish you could have seen Edward’s reaction! lol
    He begged me not to go through with it. He begged me to hookup with him instead. We stopped our conversation because I heard my son pulling into the garage.
    He went back to the living room and my husband woke up. Edward stayed for dinner then went home.
    I’ll keep you posted.

  • Wow!

    Michelle you are amazing. I can’t believe you allowed Edward to “feel you up” while your husband was in the house. That is sooo brave and sexy!


  • Andrea,
    YES! It was HOT! He commented how wet I was too! It's funny that he thinks I'm wanting to have casual s** with 'Billy Bob'. lol
    We messaged last night. I've got a few more teasing moves before I go through with having s** with him.
    I am going to wear my French Maid costume for him as you suggested! You give the best advice! I love chatting with you!
    I can't get the image of Jim pounding Hope's tiny butt! Whew! I want to be there so bad! I want to be next!
    I'm glad Jim is not infatuated with the young 20year old. Us older women need to keep our 'stud' to ourselves. It sounds like you've got a great guy! He knows how to 'play' but also knows where to 'stay' and that's with you!
    How is Jim's p****? I don't know if you seen my post below. I was very concerned about it. I can't get it out of my mind! I hope he's not to raw from Hope's tight v*****!
    It's great she's willing and can take that monster in the butt!
    I had a college roommate that was shorter and thinner than I. She was dating a TALL basketball player. He was black. In private, she told me he was 'hung' and hurt her. She couldn't take all of him! She said he laid it on her belly one time and pointed where the tip was. It was WAY past her belly button. She said he runs into that problem a lot and suggested her try a***. They practiced, used lots of lube and she became an a*** queen! She claimed she could take him easier 'there' and could also climax!
    I want Jim to lay his monster on my belly before we have s** the first time. I'm short and already have an idea how far inside me he will go. I'm also confident he's going to reach some virgin territory in there too! My husband's above average but I also know he's not as big as you describe how big Jim's is. Inside me, he will be in 'untouched' area. I get so aroused thinking of you videoing him pounding me!
    I hope we get to meet this year! I've been stepping up my exercise routine and yoga! Cont.

  • Cont.
    I'm not out of shape but I want to be extra 'lean and tone' for Edward and later on, Jim. I hope Jim finds my body attractive! By your description, he's a tall and hot guy with a monster! WHEW!!!

    In the past, I was never brave enough to try a***. I've known Edward for a long time and I only plan to have vaginal s** with him soon.
    Andrea! I want Jim to be my first 'back there'! I think he'd be wonderful being my first! My husband has never been 'there' and when we get together. I want you to be my first 'down there' and Jim to be my first 'back there'!
    OMG! I'm getting aroused right now! I bet you are gorgeous! I bet Jim can pound me into another world! I want him to!
    Please give me some ideas on how to tease Edward! He seems very interested in having s** with me. I want to tease him so bad that when we finally get together, he pops early! lol
    Thanks for your amazing ideas! You are a great friend and I can't wait to meet you and Jim one day!

  • OMG

    Jim would love that. Hope has made him an a*** fiend. He was doing Alison doggie style earlier today and he tried slipping it in her ass. She stopped him but admitted to me later that she wanted him to do it but was embarrassed. I told her that he did it to me lat night and it hurt at first but was incredible.

    Maybe he can do that to you while I lick your kitty. That way you can have two firsts at the same time. Or heck make it three first and you can lick my kitten.

    As for length, Jim loves to lay it on your belly before he gets busy. He does that to Alison and the base of his head is past her belly button.

    He is so amazing. Got to go. Want to give him a suck and offer my other two holes before he goes to bed. I hope I get all three filled tonight as I only watched him and Allison at lunch as we had to make it quick as he had a conference call to make.


  • Andrea!
    OMG! I’m in shock Hope took all of Jim in the butt! I’m impressed! That last post of your got me so aroused, I had to change panties! Sorry that was uncalled for TMI.
    I was raised Catholic and when my mother talked about to me about s**, she said some women do that instead of vaginal intercourse so they will remain a virgin on their wedding night. Oh boy! When I started dating my husband and we were getting serious and I decided to have s**, my mom encouraged me to do a*** first. Just in case this was just a teenage crush and I’d still be a virgin. I’d already given my husband oral and knew he was too big to try that. Thankfully, he’s never tried and I never offered.
    Logan was interested but I told you that story. He’s just young and watches a lot of p***. He got a finger half way inside and it hurt bad. I could never imagine Jim going in there! Ouch!
    I want to meet Hope so bad now! I’m impressed! She’s so young and knows how to use her body. Andrea, I want you to lick me first but now I’d love for Hope and I be bent over the bed with our butts in the air and Jim takes his turn with us. I think it would be hot if I walk in while Jim is pounding Hope’s tiny b******* and bend over for him. With your permission of course.
    I would love to see Jim pull out of Hope and see the large hole Jim has left. I would bend over and tell him to ram it inside my v*****! Did Jim unload inside Hope’s tiny butt? I would want him to pop inside my v***** but if Hope wanted it Jim could go back. I’m sorry to have such naughty images of your husband. Please don’t be mad. I’m dealing with a husband with ED. 
I’m glad Hope gave you oral later. That’s a perfect way to thank you for offering up your husband’s 9inch monster!

  • Cont.
    If we get together. I would need to do something special for you Andrea. What could I possibly do to repay you for letting Jim pound me into a numbing climax? You are the sweetest person in the world! I can’t wait to meet you one day! I’m sure as soon as I see Jim’s 9inch monster, I will be yours! I can’t believe I’m typing this. I got so aroused! I would let Jim be my first ‘in there’. He’d get top billing over my husband! Please don’t be mad at me for saying that.

  • Michelle

    I don’t know for sure. But I think Jim did fill all three of Hopes holes with sperm.

    As for your writing how much you want Jim. I’m fine with that. It actually turns me on.

    I’d love to watch him pound your ass. However, I don’t think I’d want to share him with you and Hope together. If he had two young beautiful women at once he would never be satisfied with Alison and I again.

    Alison also is in college so she is not home often.


  • Things are starting to play out. I was busy messaging Edward for around an hour this morning. lol

    He messaged to see if my husband made it back and if I thought he’d be up for a game of golf around noon. I told him his flight was delayed a little, just message him and see.
    To be naughty, I added ‘If so, then golf is the only thing he will be ‘up’ for.’ lol (devil emoji)
    There was a pause….
    Edward messaged, ‘Ok Michelle, I know we flirt. Has he told you anything about his issue?’
    I explained what I knew. He did too.
    Andrea! I took some of your words and I could tell it drove him insane!
    I said, ‘I love him very much, I’d never want to leave him but my ‘kitten’ has been so lonely for so long! I have urges and needs. He tries and get close but I need to climax! People may see me as an old woman but inside I feel like I’m too young to only experience s** a few times a year.’ I begged him not to say anything about our conversation and added, ‘I get so frustrated at times and taking care of my urges alone is not the same. I wish there was a way I could blow off some steam a with random guy.’
    It worked! Typical male thinking with something else kicked in! LOL

    He got me aroused with all the hot and naughty compliments! Said I look amazing for my age!
    He messaged, ’Michelle! I’ve known you a long time and you are married to my best friend. I hope you’re not serious and just rambling. You’re a perfect wife and mother, I’d hate for you to mess things up by getting caught having s** with a random guy (I cleaned that up).
    Andrea, he was going crazy!! LOL

  • I replied, ‘A random guy has no emotional attachment and would never ‘kiss and tell’. I have friends using hookup apps and say it’s the best experience. Most guys are in town for business and it’s a quick meeting at their hotel room. ‘no strings attached.’ He asked if I joined an app yet and what I’m looking for. LOL
    I told him not yet but I might today if you two go golfing. I might even have a ‘date’ while you two are gone!
    To make his head spin, I added, ‘I’ve always wanted to hookup with a much older man. My profile would say I’m looking for a sexy and distinguished sexy looking business man, mid 60s, tall, white hair and fit. Like the men at the golf course. I don’t think a man like that would tell anyone.’ He replied ‘OMG! Those guys need V***** to get it up! Plus! they brag all the time about ALL the women they have on the side. Please reconsider!’ I said, “I don’t care what makes it hard, I just want something hard and attached to a man so I can ride it as hard as I can to climax. Older men last longer and V***** is a guarantee I’ll get to finish!’ Then I added, ‘I don’t know of anyone that would want to hook up with a 44 year old woman that’s had 3 kids.’

  • Cont.
    I could tell this was driving him crazy!
    He said, “I hope you’re just venting and not serious but if you need to blow off some steam, my offer still stands. I know we’ve joked in the past but I’m serious. I want to be your first affair’ I will not tell anyone!’ Then he reminded me of the time he had a condom on and I was going to allow him two pumps but we got interrupted. I replied, ‘what about the bro’ code? Plus, you brag when you drink with my husband. I know all your business. lol I can’t trust you wouldn’t accidentally slip up.’
    Andrea, I could tell in by his tone, I was in his head.
    He said, “Please let me have s** with you before some random old guy does.’ (I cleaned that up). He promised to never tell. I replied, a thinking emoji then ‘I’ll give you some thought. If I do hookup with a random guy, you’ll never know and my secret would still be a secret.’
    Andrea, I would have loved to witness his reaction to that message!
    He quickly replied, ‘do it with me first! PLEASE!’ There was long pause then a long and lengthy message came back. I could since the urgency in his tone. LOL
    My husband started texting Edward at the same time. They scheduled a 2pm tee time. Edward told my husband to invite me to drive the cart for them. I’m sure to keep me pure! LOL
    I put on a cute pink golf skort and pink polo with my pink Chucks. Yes! I love pink. Edward arrived at our house sporting wood in his shorts. I made sure to tease him all day! I’ve got to go do drink refills and snacks. Edward stayed watch college basketball. I need to go for now. I’ll post more later.
    Please tell me more about You, Allison, Hope and Jim!
    I want you to be my first Andrea! I can't wait to experience your tongue between my smooth legs! Would hope be interested in a three-way with a 44 year old woman that's had three kids?

  • Michelle

    Hope is a sexy 20 year old lesbian. She went down on a 49 year old woman with three kids who is past her prime (me). I am sure she would lick you up and down in a New York minute and take her Texas time doing it.

    I girl three way with her could be interesting as she could teach us how to eat P U S S Y like a lesbian. She was freaking amazing!

    But I still want to be the First Woman to put her head and tongue between your legs, sweetheart


  • Michelle

    Last night I had some time alone with Jim. We talked about the night he spent with Hope. He said she was very sweet but couldn’t believe how she just couldn’t get enough. He said she was born Iee than any of his frat brother back in the day.

    He said he was surprised she was a virgin. I reminded him she was a lesbian before he got inside her. He said, “ oh I know. She is an amazing kisser. She is very talented with her tongue but she is terrible at sucking C O C K.”

    He also said, “ I never had the opportunity to pop a cherry till this week and I have to admit I did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I mean it’s nice to know you were the first and all but it’s kinda sad. I’m old enough to be her dad. I used to give her baths with my kids when she was young. But the sounds she made and how she squirmed as I entered was amazing”


  • He also said, “ I never had the opportunity to pop a cherry till this week and I have to admit I did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I mean it’s nice to know you were the first and all but it’s kinda sad. I’m old enough to be her dad. I used to give her baths with my kids when she was young. But the sounds she made and how she squirmed as I entered was amazing”

    I asked him how he enjoyed the previous evening. He said, “ well, baby I don’t think I ever had that much s** in one night. It was fun but to be honest Hope’s P U S S Y is just too tight. It actually hurt me when we had s** but she wanted it so bad I couldn’t no do it. We also did a***. As you know it was my first time but it was actually not as tight as her v*****. She said her roommate and her ride BBC d***** up their butts and then enjoy oral. “.

    I was like OMG. My hubby would never do me up the butt but he just admitted to having Hope be his first. I told him, “”Jim I’ve asked you for years to do a*** and you said no. Alison has begged and you said no. Why Hope”.

    He said, “ I got tied up in the moment and when I slipped it in and it actually felt more comfortable I couldn’t stop. I told her she was the my first ass. She was so happy. Your my first and I’m yours that’s so sweet.”
    . He is amazing.


  • Andrea,
    I've been busy today. I had to reply to this one. How's Jim's p**** today? I was worried Hope's tight v***** didn't hurt him too much. She didn't make him raw did she? I worry about his p****. I can't get the size of that monster out of my mind. I'm sure you took care of it today. lol

  • Andrea,
    Logan deposited his last load inside me today. I got two! LOL He left class at noon and we met at the hostel. Guess how we started? Doggy! After 5 minutes he popped. LOL I did the dash to the toilet to drain then we sat by the river and talked. We discussed this is will probably be the last time we have s**. We held hands, kissed and he considered me a good friend and asked if we could still message from time to time. I felt honored, told him YES and felt flush. He said my neck and face was red.
    We walked back to the hostel holding hands and the ‘couple’ was outside playing with their dog. They gave us a funny look. Logan opened the door, picked me up, we kissed and he carried me across the threshold.
    We took the bunk bed mattress off and put them on the floor and had s**. I got on top first. I did cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. He got on top and pounded me to a climax! While I was at my peak! Logan pounded me silly and it continued my climax. We laid naked on each other and kissed until it was time to leave.
    Funny Part:
    We were giving the ‘couple’ the key and thanking them for a WONDERFUL time and one of says, “Please do not book us again!” I was shocked! She added, “We could hear you two having s** all the time! Morally and Ethically, we do not want to be part of ‘brother/sister’ incest in our hostel. It’s intended for AT through hikers. Please leave and never come back!”
    We did. When I got home, Logan and I messaged about it and got a good laugh.


  • Cont
    My husband’s flight was delayed because someone wouldn’t wear a mask on the plane. I prepped for him like I always do when he’s gone. I did hair, make-up, pantyhose, cute lace panties, mini dress and heels. I greeted him and he told me he was ready for s**. We ran to the bedroom like mischievous teenagers. He asked me to stand and turn around so he could admire me. He’s so sweet to think I’m still attractive. At that moment, I felt a little guilty for braking my vows and having s** with Logan. We kissed and I started giving him oral. He was soft.
    Andrea, I did everything! I was near exhaustion and I finally got him to lay on the bed and I gave him a foot job while wearing the pantyhose. He got hard enough for me to get on top. It occurred to me, this was the third time I’d had s** in the same day! lol
    It was also the second time my husband had been inside me on the same day Logan had. I was so aroused for my husband! He struggled but finally popped. I didn’t get to climax.
    He asked if I was happy only getting s** what few times he can perform. I kissed him and told him yes. He was exhausted and went to sleep.

  • So sad. You deserve more than that. I am glad you had Logan but now you need to c** to Houston so we can share Jim.

  • Andrea,
    I got up later and read your reply! OMG! It must have been so hard for you to be in the same house and hearing Jim pound Hope’s ‘tight kitten’ like that. How did you not break into the room naked, bend over and tell Jim to give you some too!
    Hope is so young to be ‘out of order’ the next day! I’m sure Jim’s ego was huge if he heard that. I bet you feel bad for not giving her a break. LOL Just kidding! She knew what she was getting into. I bet she’ll never get plowed like that by any other man again.
    I would love to have seen her wearing Jim’s shirt while sperm covered! It was so sweet for her to thank you for her gift. Her mother taught her well! She sounds like a kind girl. I’m being naughty….Knowing she looks like Lilly Cole, I would have struggled to not want to kiss her and lick some of Jim’s sperm off her face or leg! How did you stay composed?
    Please don’t take this the wrong way, I love my husband but his issue is a problem. I have sexual needs and I wish I was in Hope’s position! Logan is amazing and he has given me climaxes than my husband has in the past two years combined! I’d love to experience the exhausting feeling of being stretched and pounded so hard I can say ‘I out of order’ afterward!
    I’m glad she gave you oral before she left. You are the luckiest women in the world! I’m jealous of your situation!
    BTW: The image of Hope between your legs got me aroused! I had to ‘tickle my kitten’ after reading that! I hope it’s not TMI for you. Please let me know if I shouldn’t include when I do that. We’re friends and you’re the only person I’ve confessed that behavior with.

  • It was so hard not to want to clean Hope up and kiss her but I knew she was proud and that walking put like that was a badge of honor. I know that she was trying to lay claim to Jim, but I knew he was mine.

    So while they started making noise again I just sat there and fingered myself. It was so HOT I started with two but ended with FOUR fingers


  • Andrea,
    Thanks for the advice on what to wear. You are a mind reader. I have a French Maid Costume! It’s a short naughty one I got a long time ago and only worn it once and I’ve worn it a few times for my husband in the bedroom! It’s a low cut tie up bustier. Not to brag but it enhances my 32Bs nicely! I like your idea with the garter belt with stocking and no panties! Why wear panties with that outfit? They’re coming right off! lol I have the perfect heels too!
    That will be the perfect outfit! You are awesome!
    It’s 3am. I’m going back to bed. I’ll keep you posted with Edward updates.
    Please keep me posted with your adventures.
    I hope someday we can meet! I want to feel your tongue between my legs and Jim pounding me! I want to sign up for the ‘Hope Experience!’ You make me wet each time read your adventures!

  • Michelle

    I’d be honored to bury my face between your legs and share my precious Jim

    Will be also extremely honored to be the first kitten you lick

    Cant wait


  • Michelle

    I commented on many of your post below, but had to share what happened last night and this morning

    Last night around midnight I was watching Netflix downstairs and Hope walked out of the bedroom wearing one of Jim’s dress shirts. It was huge on her tiny frame she was so cute as she tried to walk to the bar to pour Jim a drink. Poor girl had s e m e n in her hair and was walking bowlegged. You could see she was draining as fluids glistening as I’d drizzled down her leg. She told me as she walked past me back to the room, “Ms Andrea, I don’t know what to say but THANK YOU. This is the best birthday ever. I never dreamed that s** with a man could be this incredible”. Then I heard Jim say, “Andrea, let the girl go. She is paying the toll. I need a drink and we are just getting started. This girl said she wanted to become a woman and by GOD she is going to be a flabby old woman when I am done with her”.

    I never heard him talk like that he was so forceful. I could tell he was loving it.

    This morning they woke up and I cooked breakfast. They told me they were both very sore. Jim said, “Andrea, I am sorry that I lost control last night but I never had p**** so tight that it hurt my d***. But it hurt so good. I just couldn’t get enough. I had to have it till I dry heaved when I c u m. Then I had to do it one more time as I remembered how we used to do it till I couldn’t c u m. I love you. Thanks for allowing me.... I promise I will do the same for you tonight if you will allow”

    After Jim went to work. Hope and I talked and cuddled. She wouldn’t allow me to touch or lick her kitten as she said it was “out of order”, but she gave me some incredible oral and the thought of her f****** Jim hard all night and now pleasuring me was sooooo sexy.


    That’s so HOT! I wish I was on the receiving end of Jim’s 9inch getting that pounding! I feel so sorry for you to only get to listen and not participate. However, you are the kindest, sweetest and generous person in the world. That’s a 20th birthday gift Hope will never forget. I bet her young ‘kitten’ will be super sore tomorrow! Jim’s a machine! You are so sweet sharing his monster with your best friend and her daughter.
    I keep forgetting to tell you! I have pink rhinestone cowgirl boots! I got them when I went to Nashville a few years ago! I’ve never worn them during s**! I want to ride Jim wearing them! PLEASE! Would you approve?

    BTW: I’m home alone tonight. Logan had a family function so I stayed home working on claims. I just checked and read your reply. I will confess, I actually got so wet thinking of Jim pounding on a beautiful redhead that looks like Lily Cole. For the first time! I ‘tickled my kitten’ in my home office. I made myself gush and had to Swiffer the hard wood floor. I know TMI! Sorry.
    I had images of Jim pounding me the same way Hope is getting it while you record us. My image was Jim going all the way in HARD and DEEP! I’m being vocal and you’re screaming ‘pound that little French W** harder!”
    I hope that’s not inappropriate. I will confess only to you, heck, Logan does not know this!
    You know my mother’s French and speak the language fluently. I was raised to be ‘proper and lady like’ and this only something for bedroom fun. When my husband and I started having s** early in our relationship. I’m not good at it but I love naughty talk. He’d say naughty things to me. I love being called a “naughty French W**!”

  • Michelle

    Your post arouses me. I would love for you to wear your boots and I would love to yell dirty commands. That is soo sexy


  • Cont,
    Andrea, we’re tight enough that I’d like you to call me that. I’d like the first time we meet, you introduce me as a gift to Jim. Something like ‘my sweet husband! You are so wonderful, I bought you a gift for the evening. One night with a French w***re. I hope Jim smile at me with approval…..I’m nervous he’ll thing I’m not attractive or not want to play along. Jim is naked and I tell him he has the biggest p**** I’ve ever seen. I hope Jim is hard when he first sees me. I’m nervous he won’t. If not, I’ll do whatever you say to get him hard. Next, you will tell us what to do and we get busy. When finished, Jim can just walk out the door like nothing happened. I want to be Jim’s present the first time we meet. What should I wear?? Please give me a hint on what would turn Jim on? Give details! I want him to get hard seeing me. I know I’ll be wet for him! Your description of Jim has not left my mind. The last time my husband and I had s**, it was difficult for him because I was thinking of Jim and wanted to get wild.

    The second time Jim pounds my ‘kitten’ I want him to talk naughty to me. The naughtier the BETTER! When finished I want him to smack my butt hard and say something like ‘that’s how we welcome French W**’s to Texas!” I know that sounds corny but ‘back in the day’ my husband used to say things like that to me when he finished. It was all in good bedroom fun. He had better things to say. What you would have Jim say or would he just walk out of the room?
    I climaxed with images of him buried deep pumping me full and you have the camera very close. The thoughts of your tongue being my first licking me out afterwards. After that, I’d like us to share our first kiss and we can share Jim’s sperm. I bet you’re a great kisser. I’m a passionate kisser with each kiss. I’m getting hot again thinking of us making out after my ‘kitten’ get’s worn out by your Texas Stud!

  • OMG. You are getting me sooo WET. Jim is always ready and eager to please he is erect before he gets his pants off. I have always wanted to watch his monster get hard but never had the pleasure as he is always hard and ready to go it seems.

    I’m also so glad you want me to lick you clean and then kiss. That would be incredibly sexy.


  • Cont.
    My sweet and gorgeous friend Andrea,
    Here’s my idea for Edward but I’m not as confident as you. For over 20 years, Edward has seen my ‘kitten’ as forbidden fruit. I like your idea of using my bed again but things are about to get crazy and my home will not be available. My youngest will be home for he rest of the school year and my husband is working from home 50% of the time. I don’t expect I’ll be hooking up with Logan after tomorrow night. He’ll be busy and he also enrolled in summer school. I know we will still message. We’re tight friends now. He said, ‘I know you’re older than my mom but I can talk to you about things I’d never discuss with her. I consider you one of my best friends.’ He made me blush! My mother was great raising me. I’m the same way with my sons. They’ve always been open with me. I’m positive this will be the last time Logan and I have s**.

  • Andrea,
    This must go down at Edward’s place. My house is about to be busy. Here’s more information. I have Edwards gate code and a door key (it’s a code now) to his condo. He gave it to me to me years go so I could check on his place. While there I’d light clean and do his laundry when he was away on travel. I still do.
    This happened when I’d just turned 39. I remember because I was bummed knowing I was turning 40 within a year. Edward was turning 40 the next month and was picking on me about it. He’d day he didn’t mind turning 40. Edward was at our house and the boys were camping with my in-laws.
    Edward was at our house for dinner. We were hanging and decided to play poker. For fun we placed funny bets. Yes! I stink at poker and YES! There was alcohol involved. I was having wine and was buzzed, the guy were drinking Wild Turkey. It was getting late, my husband was nodding so he folded and we decided this would be the last hand. Earlier I’d asked Edward what he wanted for his 40th birthday. He called me out and said, “I want you to clean my condo wearing the outfit I pick for my 40th birthday if I win this hand.” I looked at my husband and he slurred but was alert and said, “Babe! You’d better be sure cause you know Eddie, it’ll be skimpy so my only rule is I need to be there so you two don’t (have s**) I cleaned it up.” I had two pair and thought that was good. He had a full house.
    We took Edward out to dinner and went to his place. The guys opened a bottle of whisky and Edward told me my outfit was in the bedroom and I could change. I was expecting something outrageous but it was a cute pink bikini with very cheeky bottoms he bought from Victoria’s Secret. He knew to get me xsmall and I still have it and can still wear it. However, it’s too cheeky to wear to any of the Carolina beaches, it looks like a thong when you move around. I wear it around our pool to get a tan.
    I cleaned while they drank whisky and watched golf.

  • Andrea,
    I’m thinking of sexting with Edward then telling him I’ll be waiting in his condo after work.
    Got any ideas on how I can get him aroused? I’m going blank and I’d like this to go well!
    What should I wear or just sit naked?? How can I start the conversation? I don’t want to say, Hey I’m ready to have s** with you.
    I want to tease a little and make him explode VERY quickly. LOL
    I apologize for bugging you so much.
    I know you are busy and I’m sure it drove you crazy listening to Hope scream and moan with pleasure while Jim was plowing her with his 9inch monster! The image has me shaking right now and I’m trying not to break away to ‘tickle my kitten’. lol Darn, I’m going to ‘tickle my kitten for the second time today!” Thanks Andrea! You are amazing. I wish you were between my legs right now!

  • Andrea,
    I'm back! Whew!
    Chatting with you is intense!
    Something else I'd like to mention to you. If I have s** with Edward, I'm going to make him wear a condom. He's been with lots of women and I'm sure he will have no issue with my request. He's tried so long and been creative to get inside my panties. LOL
    I wanted you to know, just in case, it works out I can have s** with Jim's 9inch monster that's thick as a Red Bull can. I LOVE SAYING THAT!
    I've decided I'm going through with it. I just need your help and advice on how to do it. I'm so glad our paths crossed!
    Have a great day!
    Your BFF

  • Michelle

    I’m not a fan of condoms but if Eddie is the player you say he is I agree that it would be best. I want your kitten to be nice and clean so that you can enjoy Jim without protection and so that I can lick that sexy slit clean.

    As for what to wear, how about a French maid suit, a sexy low cut bra with a garter belt and stockings (no panties) or nothing at all.

    I’d love to see you in a French Maid outfit when we are together with Jim. You can pretend to be our maid and then I can seduce you. We can make out while Jim walks in and lays the WOOD down on us both.


  • Michelle

    It’s driving me nuts. Jim and Hope have been in the bedroom less than 30 minutes and she is soooo loud. OMG!!! I want to go in there and watch.

    I was sitting in the family room trying to read but I could hear her moaning and their flesh clapping together. She is not going to last all night. He is doing her so hard she is going to break her.

    Well since I couldn’t read downstairs I went upstairs but could still hear her moan. We live in a 3,000 sqr foot home and I can hear them throughout the house she is going to have a great 20th birthday! I called Alison and she said she could hear them when she went outside!


  • Michelle

    Did you see my advice on Edward?

    What are your thoughts?


  • Andrea,
    Sorry I got really busy today. My work got super busy with claims. I did see your advice and I just now got to type this out. You are so amazing! Thanks for the additional info on Jim’s ability to pop! I’ve had naughty thoughts thinking of being stretched by his huge p**** then getting pumped full of his warm sperm. I want to meet him so bad. I want YOU to video as I to enjoy his p****. I want you to do anything you want to me after he pops inside me. I consider you my BFF because none of my other friends are so generous and never offered their husband’s p**** to me. Whew! Andrea, you drive me crazy!

  • Here’s my Edward situation:
    WOW! We are on the same page and you read my mind! You are awesome and spot on!
    As I’ve said before, I’ve have a great relationship with my husband and we were VERY sexual active until a few years ago.
    You are SO correct, the situation with Edward could get complicated but I guess I need to toss out more information so you can help me better.
    We’ve known Edward since college. He was in my husband’s fraternity and we remained friends because he got on with the same engineering firm as my husband. My husband and I got married and I started having kids. Edward’s family is from Georgia and we’ve always made it a point to include him with everything we do. Cook outs and Vacations. He’s fun to hang with but also a MAJOR PLAYER! He’s HOT and can find some gorgeous women. When we hung out at college, he said his goal was to ‘nail as many women’ as he can! I can say he’s doing well. Some of his ‘friends’ will chat with me when he brings them to cookouts. They brag about his size and performance. His ‘lady friends’ admit ‘I’m just with him for the s**!’. That drives me crazy!
    We’ve had a couple of VERY close calls. One time in college, my husband (fiancé at the time) had too much to drink and was passed out on the couch. We were outside alone. He had his hand on my leg and moved it up. Was wearing a denim mini skirt and let him. He whispered ‘I want to have s** with you.’ I cleaned it up. lol I did nothing as he slid his finger up my skirt and massaged my panties. I know they were wet. Something happened and we had to stop and that was it.

  • Cont
    The second time was years later. I’d given birth to my first two but not my third. I had my pre-baby body back and we went to the beach without the boys. My parents kept. We rented a house at the Outer Banks for a long weekend. Edward bought some expensive limited edition bourbon. He turned my husband loose with one and he got wasted and had to go to bed early. I was wearing a bikini and we were outside enjoying the ocean. I was on my third glass of wine. I’m a light drinker too. I was feeling buzzed and very aroused. Things got heated again and I let him rub his hand up my leg. He said he wanted to me my first affair. He was begging to ‘just stick it in once’. He slid one finger between my bottoms, I opened my leg and his finger went in. He rubbed my c*** for a few. He stood up and I sat on the wood railing to make things easier. He had his p**** out. He’s HUGE! I pulled my swim bottoms to the side. His large head was about to touch my opening when we heard my husband make a crashing sound. He’d fell trying to go to the bathroom. End of that one.
    That was the closest we came to intercourse. We’ve had fun flirty moments since and he still whispers ‘I want to be your first affair.’ He doesn’t know about Logan. So, I want to have s** with him and make him think he’s my first affair. I know if we had s**, he would not tell!
    What’s your advice?
    Thanks for being a wonderful friend! 


  • Oh yeah! I need to mention Obviously, the second time was before I had my tubes tied, I was not on birth control and Edward offered to and was wearing a condom. We'd both agreed I'd let him go in then two pumps. However, as you read, nothing happened and his condom covered p**** never touched my v*****.
    Please give advice! You give amazing advice!
    I would have never gotten this bold if I hadn't started having s** with Logan. Again, I'd like to tease Edward and make him think I'm the second man to ever go inside me. I want him to think it's a 'one time & no strings attached' event but I'm willing to have s** with more. I know he'd never tell. He's all about 'scoring tail'. He's with beautiful women all the time and that makes me nervous. He has a lot of experience.
    Andrea, please HELP ME!
    I'm short. My best asset is my tone legs and butt.
    We've played 'cat and mouse' so long and I'd like the moment to be so HOT for him, he pops early. lol. I want to playfully laugh and say, "That's it?" but I'm also confident he'd pound me into next year! WHEW! I hope that happens!
    Sorry I'm rambling and bugging you.

  • OMG, Michelle

    That is so HOT. If Edward is that willing and will not talk then you need to give him a ride. He has been waiting for it for over 20 years.

    That being said, wait till after Jim has his chance to fill you up and stretch you out. I don’t want you to be stretched out by Edward.

    I want to see you squirm, scream and moan while Jim is entering you and stretching your little kitten. Yes, I’m selfish. But I really want Jim to be your number 3.

    But I really think the 3 way with your husband would be hot. I bet he would love it. I also bet that watching his best friend f****** his wife will make him rock hard in no time flat. I also bet it will make him much easier to “prime” when you guys are alone as he will remember how hot you were when you were taking them both on.

    💋 Andrea

  • Andrea,
    Thank you for the advice! You are great!
    Want Jim to be my #3 but this might be my best option right now. I doubt we will make it to Houston this year. BTW: You know how to get me wet talking about Jim stretching my tight 'kitten'. LOL WHEW!
    As much as I'd love to catch a flight to Houston, meet you! Kiss you first! Then have you escort me to your bedroom. Jim enters naked and hopefully already hard for me! If not, I swear I'd do my best to get him that way. With your permission first. Then, I would allow you to be in control and we would do everything you command.
    Would you say something to me like "This is Jim! You may use his 9 inch thick p**** tonight but I get to like all the c**." Would you do that for me?
    Please give me more advice on how to tease and get Edward. If you help me, I will try it very soon and tell you all about it.
    You have made me want to experience life! I feel young again!

  • Michelle

    I don’t think you need any help seducing Edward. Seems as though he is yours for the taking.

    Just invite him over while your hubby is gone at work or out of town and do your thing in your marriage bed


  • Andrea,
I didn’t have s** with Logan yesterday, he had to help his mom clean out the garage and do some landscaping. I guess it was nice to have a day to rest and recover. LOL He’s a machine and has started to last a long time now. I guess the right term would be ‘he can hold his load longer.” Lol We texted till late so I had time to type his out before crashing.
    He doesn’t think the girl he’s seeing is going to work out. This is her first year of college and she made an agreement with her friends and a sorority that she will be a LUG ‘lesbian until graduation’. NO GUYS PERIOD! If she violates that rule she will be banned from the sorority and they will harass her on social media. She’s already seen that. She was worried about meeting Logan for the first time and she only allowed him to give her oral because she was afraid her sorority sisters would find out. If they did she could say he only did oral. That’s the issue she’s running into. My advice was for him to move on. NOT because I want him. lol I know our time is about to run out. My husband will be returning soon and my son is preparing for HS graduation and looking at entering college soon. Also, Logan plans to attend Clemson this summer.
    I think this is too complicated of an issue for a 18 year old boy to deal with. I told him there are other girls out there and they’d be willing to sleep with him. He texted back a devil smiling emoji. He told me he wanted to ‘have s**’ (I cleaned that up) as many times as he can, as hard as he can, go as deep as he can and finally ‘dump’ as many loads as he can inside me before he goes to Clemson. That got me HOT and I was very flattered.
    Do you have any other relationship advice I could give him or do you agree he should just move on?? Cont.

    You’re description of Hope and Jim together have me soaking wet! I REALLY want to join you and Jim one day! I’ve gave it some thought and I would love for you to video (using my phone only) of Jim stretching me open and going all the way inside! I’d love for me to be on the edge of the bed with my legs on Jim’s chest as he goes all the way inside. I’ve had my tubes tied so with your permission, I want him to pop inside me. Does Jim pop hard or drizzle out? My husband used to pump thick loads so hard I could feel it hit against my walls. Logan is that way too. I’d love for you to record his sperm leaking out around my v***** and his p****. I want him to hold it inside till he’s finished then pull out. With your permission of course! I want you to record that moment on my phone!
    When Jim is finished, MY V***** IS YOURS! Jim can record us or he can sneak off and have a beer while we have fun. You two sound like fun!
    Good Night

  • Michelle

    Jim explodes. He is amazing and when he explodes it is so much and it continues to pulse and deposit more and more.

    I like it when he stops and lets it just pulse and jump inside me as he finishes.

    I would never take that enjoyment away from him or from any lady I allow him to be with.

    I’m so happy you will let me record it as I’ve wanted to record him and Alison from below as they do it doggie style but she refuses to be photographed or recorded.

    Alison, Hope and her husband are coming over for dinner tonight to celebrate Hope’s birthday. Jim is going to grill ribeyes. Then after dinner Hope is “going out with friends”. I will “get a headache” to signal Alison and her husband to leave while Hope actually spends the night at our place. Hope and Jim will have their romp in the master bedroom. I told Hope and Jim that nothing was off limits but I wanted to be able to hear them and I expected to hear a lot of moaning tonight or I was going to be disappointed

    I also wanted to live up to my promise to you for having Jim to yourself and totally alone we we meet up.


  • Andrea,
    I've been busy working at home and approving estimates.

    Logan texted and wants to 'hookup' later.
    He took the girl to the hostel but they just hung out. No s**. He said he's full and needs to make a deposit. I told him he'd better be ready to make two or three since he withheld on me yesterday.

    Does Hope look like a celebrity? If so who? I'm dying to know.

    Maybe you two will get to hook up today.

    I'm going to meet him at the hostel. He sounded frustrated so we'll start with a quickie then decide if he wants to do dinner or come back to my place for the night. We both agree we are not spending another night on that bed at the Hostel.

  • Hope kinda looks like Lilly Cole with short hair.

    We did spend the morning together. She is very talented with her tongue and her silky smooth l**** are so nice to kiss.

    She was so sweet. Very complementary of me and my body which is not what it used to be.

    I couldn’t help but offer a night with Jim to her for her birthday on Thursday night


  • Andrea,
    I had to Google Lilly Cole. Whew! She's beautiful! Thanks for that image. I bet she looks amazing between your legs! Since she's experienced with women, could she send you over? I got aroused when you told me who she looked like.

    It's sweet you are giving her to Jim for her birthday! Will they be alone? Is she on birth control? Wouldn't it be wonderful if Jim could knock her up? Sometimes I wish I hadn't had my tubes tied. I loved being pregnant! I'm small compared to my husband. He's very tall. I stayed aroused during my pregnancy knowing my tiny belly was full of something a large man like him put inside. I wanted s** all the time and thankfully he gave it to me. I gushed the most and had to pleasure myself a few times each day.
    All three of my sons are over 6ft tall. That's why people think I'm a sister and not their mother. I sometimes wish Logan could knock me up. I think we would make a beautiful baby.

    Gorgeous Hope would look HOT with Jim's baby in the oven.

    Logan and I met at the hostel. We had quick s** then went for a walk. He didn't have s** with the girl. She's afraid to be with a guy. She wouldn't give him oral but she felt comfortable giving him oral. She's confused and doesn't know if she wants to have s** with a guy...EVER! I asked if he was able to send her over with his tongue. He said she acted pleased but didn't know if she was faking it.

    I wanted to take him home and comfort him but he had plans. We went back to the hostel and had s**. That bed is not comfortable so it wasn't that enjoyable. He had me close at one point but the bed was shaking so bad he had to stop. I did doggy so he could get off. We kissed for a few then left.

    My husband was sending me naughty texts last night. He always does when we're away. He's missing me and will be back Friday evening.

    Logan and I are getting together tomorrow. I'm hoping he can spend the night.

    I'm jealous of your adventures.

  • Oh yes! Hope had me going over the top in no time. She is a very talented young lady. She really know how to use her tongue

    As for birth control, I don’t feel it’s my place to ask. Alison is a good mother so I’m sure she is.

    I was thinking of letting her have “alone” time with Jim tomorrow night for her birthday. And no I would not like to see her carrying Jim’s child. He is mine and I am the only one that can carry his babies


  • Andrea,
    I am so jealous you have experienced a mother, daughter and son. WOW! You are an amazing lady. I'm hoping we can meet sometime.
    Sorry about the comment for Jim to knock Hope up. I understand your boundaries. I respect and would love for you to be my first! You sound fun and gorgeous!

    Logan spent the night and he 'rocked my world'. A little TMI but I am raw and sore from the pounding. He finally got bold and smacked my butt during doggy hard. My butt is a little red from that.

    I enjoy hearing about your experiences and you give great advice.
    Now that I've finally took the plunge and experienced my first affair, I've thought about sleeping with my husband's best friend Edward. He's a sexy HOT guy, a 'MAJOR PLAYER' and we flirt often. He's always with a different woman when he comes over and all his 'lady friends' are gorgeous!

    He's the only guy my husband has no problem allowing to pat me on the but when he's at our house.

    Edward has been drunk and whispered he'd like to 'no strings attached' hookup but we played it off.

    Now I'd like to go through with it.

    Got any advice? It's not uncommon for us to message each other.
    I can't wait to hear from you,

  • Michelle

    That’s a tough one. Would your husband be mad if he found out? Would he believe Edward if he told your hubby he was with you?

    The reason I’m a bit concerned is guys tend to brag to their friends when drinking and carrying on.

    Having s** with Edward in your marriage bed would be so hot. But oh so dangerous.

    I would approach it this way. Next time he is over and being flirtatious be flirtatious back. Be bold let your husband see the back and forth flirtatiousness.

    Then that evening make some comments about how cute you find Edward. See how your husband reacts. If he doesn’t seem to be concerned ask him if he thinks Edward would be interested in a three-way. If your husband is supportive then go for it. I’ve always wanted to have a three way with Jim and another guy, but he is against it. Jim is not aware of Kyle or my son’s friends, but I did not intend for that to happen and were one time incidents.

    If you can score the three way that would be awesome and paves the way for more time with Edward in the future as you will both now know your hubby is fine with him laying pipe inside you.

    Good luck


  • Michelle

    Oh and great job with Logan.

    Nothing better than being raw and sore. Hope was telling me that Jim was amazing and that he “hurt so good” and that she gets wet when she moves a certain way as the soreness reminds her of his huge manhood.

    Her talking about it made me smile and a little wet down there. It’s so hot knowing that my husband drives her mother crazy and that he pounded her so hard that he tore her up and she wants more.

    One thing for sure. Is she is no longer a lesbian. She now desires “Jim’s monster”

    Hope that I will be able to watch you try and tame the monster as well as be your first to lick and be licked.

    ❤️ Andrea

  • Michelle

    Sorry been a crazy day.

    As I said earlier Hope will turn 20 later this week. She is so petite.

    She has short bright red hair and the darkest green eyes with the most full and distinctive red eye brows to match. Hope is very fare skinned with quite a few freckles.

    She is 4’10” with tiny feet and hands. With such bright red hair and eye brows it’s a shame that she is shaved down below but she has such cute and puffy l****. Her breast are a cups and she wears a 32A cup. Not sure of her exact measurements but I do know she has a 22 inch waste. She is so tiny and soo cute she looks like a doll.

    Her little b****** are so cute and perky. She has faint pink areoles which cover almost her entire breast and large pokie nipples. She hates her body and her hair color. Through most of HS she dyed her hair black.

    If only she knew how beautiful she really is.


  • Andrea,
    Thanks for describing Hope to me. She sounds beautiful like you and her mother. She’s lucky to have inherited her mother’s small frame and hair color. I bet her mother was disappointed when she chemicals touched it for the first time to change it to black. However, hopefully it’s back its original color for good. I’m impresses she’s shaved smooth for her age. I get Women’s Health and they say the younger generation’s preference is ‘wild’ and not even trim. The percentages of smooth for a female to be bald is slim. Logan confirmed that with me. He’s said I was the first smooth for him and he LOVED it. I told him that’s the way my generation kept things.

    Hope is so lucky Jim was her first. She sounds amazing and I bet Jim’s 9inches enjoyed her. Allison sounds like a beautiful kind mother. It was nice of her to stay and coach her too. My mother wasn’t in the room for my first time but she coached me and prepared me for what was to happen. She made sure we alone and not disturbed. My mother was more excited when I lost my virginity than I was. LOL

    My first time was OK but follow-up s** later on was better. I remember like it was yesterday. It took him so long to get it in. We used lube and it kept slipping out. It hurt like a mother when the head got inside. I could fell something inside me popping as he inched inside! I admit, I teared a little and he asked to stop. We paused because the pain was so bad. My mother warned me it could hurt ‘a little’ or ‘a lot’. It hurt a lot for me. I wanted him to finish so he slowly got all of it inside me. Thankfully, after a few slow thrusts he was ready to pop and it was over. Remember we were both young and my husband couldn’t hold his load at that time either. Just as Hope, I’d bled like I’d started my period. Thankfully, mother told me to have towels down. Cont.

  • Cont.

    My mother asked for the details the next day. She asked if that was it? I told her yes. She asked if we did it again after my hymen broke? I told her no I was in pain. She was got snippy with me, she never did before. She said it feels much better after the ‘channel is clear’ lol and we should have had hard s**. I blushed. She told me to have him come over and do it again in my room. She will leave for the grocery. I’m glad she encouraged me to get back into the game quickly! WHEW!!

    Hope is lucky Jim could continue as long as he did! I had a great ‘first time’ but I wish it was the experience Hope had. I only had boys, if I had a daughter, I would want her first time to be like that. Actually, I’d make arrangements for Jim to do it! He sounds like the perfect ‘virgin slayer’ lol. Sorry, I grew up during the Buffy the Vampire Slayer time.

    My day was slow. I had to work from home and Logan was with the girl all day. I think he’s making progress. He texted and asked if they could go to the Hostel to ‘hang’ today. I approved. I hope he has luck! He’s a hot guy and very mature. The girl he’s interested sounds very immature but maybe she’ll agree to have s** with him. I’ll find out tomorrow.
    Thanks for chatting,

  • Michelle

    Sorry to hear you and Logan did not have s**. If he did anything with that young girl I bet he was thinking of you.

    Hope texted me lat night she couldn’t stop telling me thank you and that she never thought s** with a man could be so exhilarating. She said that she doesn’t think she could ever give up women but now sees why her mom insisted she find a man.

    She said that she wanted to come by in the morning for coffee. I think she expects Jim to be here but he has to go to the office today for a meeting.

    I Ave to admit that I’m kinda hoping for some girl time. Hopes little shaved p**** is so cute and wet. I really enjoyed my time with her the other day. I want to nibble, suck and tug on her puffy smooth l****. I want her to lick me as well as she gave me the best oral ever.

    I also want her to tell me all the dreams she has had about Jim and that she wants to be with him again. I was thinking of offering Jim to her for a night as a gift for her twentieth birthday. I hope your not upset that Hope may become the second woman he has been alone with. I know I promised that to you but she is so cute and found the pleasure of a man. A pleasure I have enjoyed since I was 14 (now 35 years). But only 25 of that with Jim. I spent 10 years searching for Jim and Hope was blessed to have him from the start.

    It’s kinda crazy. I always wanted my son and Hope to “hook up”. They are within a year of each other and bathed together as children. I remember how they used to play with each other in the bath. Hope would pull on joeys wiener and Joey would point poke and rub on her “front butt”. Alison and I wanted so bad for them to be together. Now I’m sharing Jim with her and getting wet with anticipation of some girl time.

    Crazy, crazy crazy


    Ps. I hope Alison stays home as I want to be with Hope alone. :)

  • Andrea,
    I brought Logan back to my place this afternoon and said he wanted to give me oral first. OMG! He’s so sweet!
    He started out with his tongue…HE IS SO GOOD!
    Then he moved a few fingers ‘in and out’. He gave my c*** some nice flicks!
    I was dripping wet. He was hard and wanted to pounce me right then!
    I took your advice and we did 69. That was his first time and while licking me, I could tell he was r****** my butt and sticking the tip of his tongue in my butt too! I normally don’t like that but he was being so easy. TMI: I’m glad I cleaned VERY GOOD down there before he came. I’m picky about things. BTW: My husband has NEVER went there! He knows better!
    I got on top first and he grabbed my b******.
    I grinded him hard! He communicated when he was close so I could slow down. He pulled my butt cheeks open and pounded me more. He tried to slip a finger in my butt. I allowed him to get the tip inside but I pulled him back. He’s young and curious and I’ll have a talk with him later that’s not an area to explore unless a girl tells you to go there. I don’t know about you but that’s a mood killer for me.
    He asked for reverse cowgirl so he could watch my butt and his p**** go ‘in and out’. I gladly did! We did a few more positions. He got on top and pounded me into another intense o*****! While I was climaxing he kept pounding me harder and deeper!
    I bent over doggy so he could pop. As usual, it was a lot!
    I made the quick run to drain and came back. We laid in bed naked and talked.
    I looked at the clock and we’d been having s**, non stop for 90 minutes! That’s big because he held out and only popped once!
    He admitted he took matters in hand twice before coming over so we could have s** longer.
    I told him that was so sweet!

  • Michelle

    Alison and Hope did come over this morning. Hope was super sweet. She just talked about school and her GF/roommate till Jim left to buy some supplies to detail his truck.

    Once Jim left she opened up. She said that when she arrived at home yesterday she heard Alison making a lot of noise. She said “ I knew Dad was not home so I investigated and saw you guys. I was horrified to see my Mom having s** with the two other people I love like parents. But then I saw how beautiful Andrea was. How talented she appeared to be and how gorgeous your bush is. I realized that I had wanted to be with you since I reached puberty.” I was shocked. I did not know what to say.

    Hope went on to say, “ I also saw how huge Mr Jim is and that Mom really enjoyed him. I think I may want to have him be my first guy. He has always been so sweet to me and like a father. I am sure he will be gentle.”

    We then made a plan. Hope is going to help Jim wash the truck (they are finishing up now). She is going to wear a skimpy bathing suite and be very playful. She looks amazing.

    Then when Jim comes in to shower before grilling dinner. Hope will sneak in the shower followed by Alison and I’ll wait in the bedroom

    BTW, before Jim got back Hope and I enjoyed some girl time. She was amazing. Never orgasmed so quickly from oral. She is so petite and perky. Her b****** are tiny.

    I’m so excited that Alison and I will be there when Jim becomes her first. I just hope he doesn’t hurt her. She is a junior in college and will be 20 next week


  • Andrea,
    That is so HOT! I bet Hope is beautiful and a virgin! Jim will be a lucky man to be her first. I remember my first time. It took my husband a long time with lube to get inside me the first time. OUCH!
    But after the first time, it's all fun!
    Maybe you guys should teach Hope and I will teach Logan. Then we can get them together.
    You are amazing to chat with!
    You're adventures are getting me aroused! I'll be meeting Logan again soon. He's staying with me again tonight.

  • Michelle

    Well Hope was a virgin. We met Jim in the shower as planned.

    Alison and I kissed on Jim urging him to be her first while Hope kissed and sucked on his manhood. She put both hands on it and still had c*** to suck. She was so cute. She was so excited.

    We then went to the bedroom. Hope wanted Alison and I to suck on Jim she was so cute. She kept moving around to find the best POV. She was amazed by the amount of sperm when Jim exploded. She then quickly asked if she could taste it. She was a bit tentative at first but once she got a taste she quickly licked it all up. Alison was so proud to see her lesbian daughter show interest in Jim.

    Then Hope asked if she could watch he mom have s** with Jim. She watched with amazement as Jim’s c*** disappeared into her mother. She then asked me if I’d lick on her to help her get ready.

    Alison climaxed rather quickly and did so with much exuberance. She gushed like crazy. Hope then said, “Ms Andrea, you are very talented with your tongue. Probably the best I’ve had and your beautiful bush tastes amazing. But now is the time for me to have a man inside of me. Thank you for sharing Mr Jim.”

    I then moved away for Jim and gave Hope a big kiss. She was so cute and so WET. Alison and I knelt on either side of Hope and held her hand. Jim did NOT use lube as he doesn’t like it and he had very well lubed p e n i s thanks to Alison.

    As he eased his way in Hope squeezed our hands tight. Jim got his head inside and asked if she was ok and if he should continue. We looked down at her and she smiles and screamed “Yes, I want it all just like my momma. I want you to c** inside me like you do to my momma as well”. Jim continued to put it in little by little. I never saw him so gentle. After a couple minutes he was in. He said, “ Oh my God! Hope you are soooo tight. I can’t believe how good you feel. Oh my GOD!”

    Hope then said, “ Mr Jim, .... contd

  • Contd

    “Mr Jim thanks for being gentle. You feel amazing inside me but now that you are inside me I want you to f*** me like the naughty girl I am. I’ve watched you do my momma and Ms Andrea now I want you to do me. Do me hard!” Jim looked to Alison and Alison smiled saying, “ That’s my baby girl. Jim, you better do as she says”.

    Then Jim began to move in and out slow at first then faster and harder. Hope squeezed our hands as she screamed and moaned. Alison and I leaned over Hope and kissed. As we kissed Hope climaxes and Jim blew his load inside her. He pulled out and there was blood on his monster and all over the sheets. Hope lied there in pain. Alison asked if I was going to lick it up (as I always do to her) and I said, “ Alison I would love to. You know I love licking you clean. But this was Hope’s first. I want her to fill the love a man leaves behind.”

    Hope replied and said, “Thank you. I want this to stay inside me forever.” Then Alison gave me a kiss and went over to Jim and licked his p e n i s clean.

    I just watched. In awe of the whole experience. Jim was amazing. I love him so much. But I’m beginning to think I enjoy watching him even more than being with him.

    Michelle, sorry. Jim will be your #3 but you will be his #4. I thought you would be our first one smooth down there but Hope was smooth.

    I don’t know how she took it. It was amazing

    Jim said she was so tight that it actually hurt. But he smiled and said, “It hurt but I liked it. But I admit I like it hairy down there better.”

    I hope you have a great evening with Logan. I intend to take Jim for a ride before we go to bed. He is so sweet.


  • Andrea,
    That was one hot day! I'm so glad Jim was Hope's first! Logan is asleep in my bed. I got up to get a drink of water and read this. OMG! I'm going to wake Logan up by giving him oral and riding him. This post was so HOT!
    Just so I can have a better image of Hope. Can you provide more details?
    Plus, if she looks like anyone famous?
    She sounds beautiful!
    She's a woman now and Jim introduced her to womanhood. She is so lucky to have a real man do it with a big p****.
    A girl's first time should be special and it was. She will thank you and her mother for years.
    My mother made sure my first time was special with my husband.
    I've got to go and ride Logan.

  • Andrea,
    Yesterday was amazing! We met at the hostel in the afternoon. I got there early and was waiting for him inside. I gave him passionate kiss when he door shut, bent over the bed and said, ‘You big sister is ready for baby brother to deliver his deposit!’. He pulled out his hard p****, grabbed my hips, rammed it inside me. He pounded me fast and hard for not even a minute till I felt him go deep, swell and pop. btw: It was a lot!
    I did the quick run to the toilet to drain. Can you tell we’ve got into a routine. lol
    The weather was nice so we walked along the greenway along the river. We sat, held hands and talked. He opened up for the first time about the relationship with the girl he’s pursuing. Logan and his mother are tight but he felt better talking to me. He showed me some pics from her Facebook page. The girl is cute! She’s also into him a little but she told him she just came off a bad break up and her ex-girlfriend is stalking and threatening anyone that talks to her.
    She’s even having people blow up their social media accounts. Also, she’s only dated girls in the past and never dated a guy. He wanted my opinion.
    I suggested, if he really likes the girl and she likes him, he should pursue but covertly. The girl suggested that too. She told him she’s interested in dating a guy for a change. Andrea, do you have any advice?

  • Cont
    He asked if we could go back to the hostel for more s**. He’s so cute. He acted almost ashamed to ask in a bashfully way. He asked if I’d be willing to try a few more positions he’d seen watching p***. If he started having s** with the girl, he wanted to try them but had a feeling she wouldn’t be open to it. I held his hand, looked deep into his eyes and agreed. I said we are ‘friends with benefits’ and I will try anything you want. All you have to do is ask. BTW: He knows my limits. No a***.

    We went back and had s** for around an hour. I don’t know what he’d been watching but most of the positions were uncomfortable for him as well as for me. To finish, I bent over and he popped inside me again. He thanked me for being a good friend and agree that was a learning experience he’d rather experience with a friend than a girlfriend. I told him to keep things simple when he gets in a relationship and make sure to pleasure ‘HER’ then you can pop later. Even if that means she wants control. I told him ‘you are a hot and sexy guy! I get wet thinking about all the s** we’ve had so far! You will rock your next girlfriend out of this world.’

  • Cont.
    We left in my car. At the house, I threw together some turkey and cheese wraps and we sat at the dining room table. He kept looking into my eyes and I looked into his. He talked more about school, life and his relationship.
    We started flirting and things got heated.
    I said, “I know we’ve had s** in my bedroom before and I can’t stop thinking of us in the same bed my husband has s** with me in.” Just like you said, he grinned. I said, “That’s the same room and bed my husband knocked me up with my youngest.” I told him about that night. I was ovulating and so aroused. I asked if he’d like to re-live that with me. I stood up, he tossed me over his shoulders and we went to the bedroom. He playfully tossed me on the bed and was out of his cloths within the blink of an eye. I got on my knees and gave him wet gagging oral. He pulled off my shirt and I dropped my skirt. He got on the bed and I told him to lay back. I got lube and sat between him and gave him a foot job. He complimented it and my recent pink pedi. He took the bottle of lube and squirted too much. My feet and toes were slick and sticky going up and down his hard p****. I told him to communicate and DO NOT pop. There was lube everywhere as I mounted his super slick p****. We watched as it went in. I rode him hard but he asked me to slow. We kissed then he rolled over on top to control the pace. When he’d get close he’d slow and pause. This is the hot part.
    I got on top and rode him hard and fast till he popped. I didn’t stop. I could fell him get soft and the look on his face was sexy! He was soft and I was rubbing him against my c*** till I gushed and exploded! He popped while soft.
    That’s why I had to change the sheets.

  • Andrea,
    Please believe me when I tell you I was busy Friday.
    My son stayed the night with his girlfriend, her family was leaving for the Outer Banks early and said it would be easier if he stayed with them. I waited till my husband’s Uber picked him up around 830am. I went to the spa for a much needed manicure and pedi. I came home and packed my dress and a few over night things. Did my hair (went with a quick updo) put on red lipstick, a pair of xsmall thin capri leggings. They leave nothing to the imagination so I couldn’t wear panties. Even a sport thong shows a line. Normally I wear them with long shirt but not today. I wore a long sleeve white shirt with black thin horizontal stripes and 6inch black sandal heels and left. I had to show off the new pedi!
    Logan and I arrived within 5 minutes of each other. The lesbian owners were outside with their dog trimming a grapevine. They’re a cute couple and appear to be late 20s. I wanted to act surprised to see Logan. I got out of my car jumped up wrapped my arms and legs around him. He held me my butt and we kissed like we hadn’t seen each other in years!
    I’m small and he’s tall and strong!! While still in the air, he said to the girls, ‘Thank you for allowing my big sister to rent this place for the entire week. I’m on college break and it’s half way for us.’ Andrea, I can’t tell you how aroused I got! Not bragging but I could pass for his older sister. He gave my butt a smack and squeeze and we kissed again. Cont.

  • Cont.
    I wish I had my phone out for the look on their faces. lol
    One girl asked, ‘You two seem awfully close. Are you full brother or sister, or step brother & sis?’ Logan answered, ‘We’re full 100% brother and sister.’ He told them a quick story that our parents were much older, super religious, 7 children and he was as late in life surprise. Prior to that I was the youngest. He said there’s 12 years between us. When he came along, our parents were so old and our siblings had moved out my sister raised me and we’ve always been close and do everything together. He said, ‘I love my big sister, she’s taught me everything about life.’
    The girl said to me, ‘Are you wearing a ring?’ I’d forgot to remove my wedding set. I told her my husband hates the outdoors and would rather stay at home when I visit by baby brother. We pecked on the lips.
    Logan said, ‘Nice meeting you two. Hey sis! Let’s wait to unpack the car. I say we go inside first. I’ve got something I need to give you RIGHT NOW!’ I rubbed his crotch in front of them as he carried me inside. He took off my heels and kissed my toes. I removed my leggings. They had a large wet spot in the crotch. He was already hard and I bent over for him. He thrusted his hard p**** inside me, grabbed my hips and pounded hard and deep. I noticed we didn’t pull the curtains but I didn’t care if they watched! I knew the primitive walls were thin so I made sure to be extra vocal with moans.

  • Cont.
    I did as you suggested.
    I said stuff to make the moment hotter. ‘Oh yes, your big sister has missed you so much! I can tell you missed me too!’ It didn’t take him long before he popped. I said loudly, ‘Oh YES! give your sister all of it! Don’t waste a drop!’.
    After a quick dash to the toilet, I didn’t fix my hair and we went back outside to bring in our bags. I know they heard us because they kept looking at us funny. Logan tried to talk to them but they grabbed their dog and said, ‘We have to go!’
    We walked along the pathway and talked until it was time for dinner.
    I wore a mid thigh ‘fit & flare’ dress with heels. He wore khaki pants, polo shirt and his private school sports coat.
    Dinner was ok. I admit I kept checking my phone to read your replies and reply back. My mind was worried you were upset. Logan said he was having a great time and asked me to put my phone up. I did and we went outside near the fire pit. I checked my phone and replied to you one more time while waiting for our check. I asked Logan to drive so I could reply to you. I told him my husband started getting chatty and I didn’t want him to think anything was odd.
    We got undressed, got on the bed and I got on top and told him ‘be calm, we have all night and all week together’ He was already hard and didn’t want oral. He’d unloaded inside me a few hours earlier so I didn’t ask for oral. He was ready for s**. I admit I was too!
    He rubbed and sucked my tiny b******. I asked him to suck them. He did! Whew!
    He got on top was pounding so hard, the bed started creaking like it was going to break. I had to wrap my legs around him to slow him down. He found my spot, I could feel myself gushing, the room was echoing with a wet slapping sound of two bodies coming together. Out of no where I climaxed! It was intense. He started to stop but told him to go fast and hard! He did!
    As I was coming down, he swelled and exploded! Cont.

  • Cont.
    I told him my husband has never done that to me and I love his p****!
    We cuddled and dozed off together. I woke to pee around 2am to pee. Thankfully! That bed SUCKS! I know that’s not a proper word but I have two boys and I can’t think of any other word to describe that mattress!
    I started reading more of your replies and could tell by your tone you were upset. I tried to read some of the ghost posts but it was hard using my phone. I understand why you got upset with what few things I’d read. Plus, my phone screen had lit up the room. I didn’t want to wake Logan. He looks so cute sleeping. I typed the reply to your questions as you asked. Sorry for the grammar, I was using my phone. I hope you noticed I typed another reply. I mistakenly thought Allison was tall from your previous description of ’five foot even’ as 5 foot seven. lol sorry about that. She’s an inch shorter than me and I bet cute as a redheaded doll. Does she have cute freckles too? I’d love to see her fire red bush. I’m getting aroused thinking of being in the middle of you two and Jim of course. lol Cont.

  • Yes Alison does have freckles especially on her chest. Her areoles are such a light tone of pink they blend in with her fair skin

  • Andrea,
    Thanks! That's a hot description!

  • Andrea,
    I imagined beautiful Allison sitting all the way on Jim's 9inches while Logan was pounding me. I gushed, climaxed and went numb on him again.
    btw: He did think he's king of the world after that one!

    I'm imaging Allison as a beautiful woman. Does she look like anyone famous?
    My mental image is Marcia Cross from my favorite show Desperate Housewives. Marcia has that sexy but evil smile that arouses me!

    Andrea- I'm imagining you look like Sofi'a Vergara! OMG The hottest woman in Hollywood! No man or woman would turn a night with her!

    I'm imaging Jim as a 6"2' Hazel/green eyed man that looks like Jason Statham but with a sexy voice like John Wayne.
    My husband and I have a 'free pass' list and Jason Statham is on mine!!

    Please let me know if I'm close.
    Please tell me if you, Jim or Allison have been told you look like someone famous.

    I had a dream I was riding Jason Statham while being licked by Sofi'a!!!
    Logan and I had fun. Actually, Logan had lots of fun! He's like a kid in a candy store when we're in bed together. He knows he can have s** anytime he wants it AND when he's hard, he wants it. lol I don't mind!
    You were right from the start. Logan and I needed to have s** in our bed.
    I'll leave you this teaser before I go back to sleep.
    I had to change the sheets before we went to sleep because of my gushing and all of his sperm. lol
    He's like a machine!

  • Well you are close with Andrea’s look alike but of coarse she is much shorted and a little more curvy.

    You are way off on me as I have not aged well. Ten years ago maybe but the last decade has caused some things to move around.

    Who is your look alike?

    Oh and by the way, Alison said she was going to come over later with Hope (her daughter). I’m actually a bit nervous that she may have heard us or saw something as that bedroom door was not the way I remember leaving it.

    Wish me luck. I don’t want this to end


  • Andrea,
    YES! I was hoping Allison looked like a short and curvy Marcia Cross! WHEW!
    Just teasing but I'm actually interested in having my first female experience with her! The red fire bush his hot too!
    I can see why Jim loves 'having fun' with her!
    What is Allison's foot size? I'm size 5
    I want to give Jim his first foot job! However, I'd be fine if Allison did.
    I'm sure you are gorgeous and I still want you to be my first female.
    Good Luck with Allison and Hope this morning.
    Hopefully things will work out and everyone has fun!
    Please keep me posted!

  • Andrea,
    Please believe me when I say I didn’t pen those replies. I think we both know it’s a long shot we will meet. It’s nice chatting with you. You have experience with what I’m going through now. I’ve used your advise and it’s darn good advise too! Logan loves hearing he’s bigger and better than my husband. I told him he makes me wet when I know we are going to be together. I told him I have a more intense climax with him.
    Andrea, let me know if this is the last time I need to reply. I’ll be upset but I’d like to know the direction of our friendship. I’ll be sad but also ok if we never meet. You are amazing to chat with and you have an amazing friend in Allison are so lucky to have Jim.
    I have to add. I would love to experience Jim’s 9inches. You make the rules. I’ll be good and behave.
    Logan and I are messaging today. That mattress at the hostel made us both sore. We plan to meet at the hostel this evening, I’m sure we’ll go in and have s** immediately, and leave his car there. We will go to dinner and he will ride with me to my place. He can duck down while driving through the neighborhood and I will park inside our garage. Logan is staying with me tonight in my bed.
    God Bless,

  • Oh wow a night with Logan in your marriage bed.

    I bet you will enjoy the most intense o****** ever. I wish I were there to watch. Logan will love it.

    Be sure that there are pictures of your husband in the room and near the bed. That will drive Logan crazy and make him more aggressive in bed.

    Enjoy my sexy friend


  • Michelle

    Please do tell how it was in the morning. I am getting all excited just thinking about it

    Logan is going to feel like a KING



  • Michelle

    Well today was a lot of fun, but could have went real bad

    As I said this morning Jim, Joey (my son) and I had breakfast with Alison and her husband. Joey and Alison’s hubby went to the hun show and the range. As soon as they left we retreated to Allison’s Master bedroom. Even after more than ten years of being together this was the first time she invited Jim into her marriage bed.

    At first I was not into it as like I stated earlier I had been upset with your posts, but Alison had been “practicing” and was determined to take all of Jim. We quickly got undressed and she went to grab her cowboy hat.

    She was so eager. She had Jim lie down on the bed on his back with his feet dangling off the foot of the bed. We proceeded to lock his manhood and and kissing each other. Then she said, “Andrea , I want to try it again. I know I can take him, but I need your help getting him in and need you to coach me on how to bring it in slowly”. So I did. Alison turned her back to Jim and began to mount him reverse cowgirl.

    She eased down on him. I watched her stretch and could not resist the temptation to suck on her breast and kiss her. She then said, “Andrea, I want to take all of him but I’m not sure. Can you lick my c*** to make me supper wet so I can take more?”

    I did and that petite 5 foot tall woman took all of him. She then rocked back and forth on him as I continued lick. She then gushed!

    As we moved to change positions we thought we heard a noise. We got dressed and noticed the door to the bedroom was not fully closed. We walked into the den and saw her 19 year old daughter walk out of the kitchen. She came home from college early.

    I don’t thing Hope saw or heard anything as I’m pretty sure we stopped just before she arrived or so I hope.

    Going to be a slow week with Hope home for spring break


  • Andrea,
    What does Hope look like? Is she built like her beautiful mother Allison?
    She's 19, perfect age for fun!
    I remember you saying you took the virginity of one of Allison's sons.
    Maybe you should investigate to see if she's still a virgin. At 19 probably not.
    However, if she's fooling around with boys her age she's not getting the experience she deserves from an older, mature, HOT & hung man like Jim.
    I hope I'm not out of line with this one but it sounds like the slow week could turn into a busy one for you and Jim.
    Please keep me informed!

  • Hope is a sweet girl. She has bright red hair cut short and is quite petite. She is about 4 foot 10 or 11. Hope is a little shorted than her mom. But so tiny and delicate.

    I recall her spending the night at our house when she was small. Her, my youngest son and daughter were great friends. Her and Joey are the same age.

    I remember giving them baths together as children. She always acted like a little momma to my daughter which is 2 years younger than her.

    She is so petite and sweet such a cute girl. She looks like a fragile doll.

    Yes, you are right that I was blessed to take Alisons oldest sons virginity but that was only because he was so nervous and they both asked (Kyle and Alison) if I would teach him.

    As for Hope, I don’t think that will be the case. She has experience. She had multiple girlfriends in HS and I am sure she is active in college as well.

    It’s such a shame she is so cute. But she cuts her hair relatively short and started going EMO in middle school.

    I’m afraid there is not much opportunity there.


  • Andrea,
    That was HOT!
    Do you want me to post mine and Logan's Friday evening?
    I'm leaving soon to meet him at the hostel then dinner.
    We are coming back to my place to spend the night.
    That bed is terrible!!!

  • Please post about how the it goes tonight.

    I have to admit seeing Alison able to take Jim was amazing. She said she practiced with a BBC d**** 3 times a day all week long. And it worked.

    What’s crazy is before she mounted Jim she sat on his hips and held his erect manhood up to her and the tip of it went past her belly button.

    I did not think there was any way that would fit inside her.

    It was amazing. I just hope that her daughter Hope did not arrive home till after we were done as Alison was even more vocal than usual

    Enjoy your evening. Going to bed now


  • Why don't you b**** whores just get it on! Do a two-way, three-way H*** do a four-way with your f****** dog!
    I bet Jim doesn't have a 9 inch c*** the size of a Red Bull! BECAUSE HE DOESN'T EXIST!
    If he did he wouldn't be with you! He'd be making $ with his c***!
    I'm calling this one FAKE


  • Andrea,
    It’s 2am and Logan’s asleep now. I think he’s exhausted. lol
    I was so worried you were upset I couldn’t truly get into things tonight and this bed is not comfortable.
    I wanted to quickly answer this post.
    My name is Michelle Laure’ My mother’s name is Marguerite Laure’
    You have blue eyes and Jim says it’s one of your best assets
    You’re 5”9’ 36D large maroon areoles with nips like erasers
    Allison’s 5’7” her mom was born in Australia she has a cajun accent.
I’m imagining both of you as two beautiful tall leggy women with a full bush.
    If interested I’ll update with more detail it’s hard using my phone. I also tried reading some of the ghost posts but again I only have my phone and it’s time consuming right now.

    We arrived and the lesbian couple was outside with their dog and trimming a grapevine.
    Logan gives me a big hug squeezes my butt and we french kiss. He said he was on college break and thanked them for letting his older sister rent this place for the week. He told me Sis! Let’s go inside first and unpack later I’ve got something to give you. This hostel is primitive built with thin walls. I bent over and he was doing me doggy we didn’t close the curtains and I made sure to be vocal. He didn’t last long. I did the quick dash to the toilet and we came back outside to get our bags. I didn’t even fix myself. lol They seen us and we tried to talk to them but they Had to go. lol
    I’m exhausted.
    Andrea can we chat later? or is this it?

  • Andrea,
    I feel so silly. I've had time to read through the old posts and I notice you said, 'Alison is 5 foot even'. I seen that wrong! I always imagined her as five foot seven.
    Allison has red hair, 36C AND one inch shorter than me! I bet she's adorable! I can see why you love playing with her! I can see why she has issues with Jim's 9inches too! I want to meet her too!! Whew I bet you two are HOT when together. Then add a hot sexy Texan that's hung.
    I'm jealous of you two!
    Do you still want to hear about me and Logan's evening?

  • Michelle

    I just don’t know. Your post really hurt me. I thought we were friends. So much so that I was willing to share something really special. Something that means the world to me.

    I have to admit that the way you describe yourself physically has been quite a turn on. The thought of watching Jim with such a petite woman is quite sexy. Your recollection of details was pretty good but I am not convinced as they were not totally accurate as Allison is NOT a tall lady.

    I really want to believe you. I want to see you try and take in all of Jim (Which I don’t think you will) but deep down inside (pun intended) I want you to win the bet as the description of what your intend to do with him is so incredibly and I want him to have the chance to enjoy another woman alone.

    I also very much want to lick Jim’s c** from your p**** as I love doing that when he has s** with Alison and it is a special bond we share and one I want to share with you. I also love watching Jim in action from below as he does Alison doggie style but that doesn’t happen often as she views that position as primitive an unladylike. The thought of you licking me while watching is something I dream about. That is why I said if you do that I would leave the hotel room and allow you to finish the night with him.

    I can’t believe that I have share so much with you and willing to give you two nights with the most incredible man ever, my husband and then you wrote such hurtful things.


  • Andrea,
    I'm getting ready to leave the hostel and go home. I will post a details if you are interested later today. Logan and I will come back to the hostel for s** later this evening. It's only 35 minutes away.
    I had to explain myself when I said Allison is tall. She's 5"7' and I'm 5" 1'. It's a running joke with my husband and son's. I think everyone is tall. LOL
    Please understand.
    Even after the long night of getting pounded by Logan. Your detailed description of Jim having s** with me is turning me on! I'm sure Logan and I will have s** one more time before we leave for the day.

  • Michelle

    We are at Alison’s. Just had breakfast together. Her husband and Joey just left. It was so hot. After all these years I don’t ever recall sharing a meal together like this. Alison was sitting next to her husband and across from Jim. I could see her undressing Jim with her eyes as her husband had his arm around her. It was so HOT.

    Jim helped clear the table and seeing his 6foot 2 frame next to Alisons tiny 5 foot frame was so cute. As her hubby and Joey drove off. She turned to Jim and I and said, “ Well, there is not rodeo this year due to CoViD, but I’ve been practicing a bit this week and I’m ready to go Reverse Cowgirl Bareback”.

    She is more excited than usual and insists on us going to her bedroom which has always been off limits for Jim.

  • Michelle

    Just so you know. I spent a good portion of the night upset and Andrea asked what happened.

    She is so sweet. She arranged for her husband to take my son to the gun show today and then to the range. Her husband asked Jim to join them as they are friends and do a lot of fun and outdoor stuff together. But Jim said he couldn’t that he planned to work on taxes. My daughter has a few friends over to study for midterms so Jim and I are going to have brunch and more at Alison’s today.

    She is so sweet for arranging this time so quickly to make me feel better. I expected for you and I to develop a similar relationship. I envisioned that at som later date something would happen that made you upset and Jim and I would fly down to help take your mind off of it. I also envisioned us attended each others children’s weddings as “old friends” and finding a way to sneak off and have a little fun together.

    Well for the first time ever, I am getting ready for some time with Alison and Jim and I am not that excited. I usually feel aroused while getting ready but not today. I’m not even sure I want to do it. Maybe I should just stay home and clean house.

    But Alison was so sweet to set this up at the last minute. I guess I’ll go. Jim was so excited. He said laughing, “ I bet you she was embarrassed that last time when she tried to ride me she could not take it all. I bet she has a huge d**** she has been using to practice.” He is so cute. He knows he is amazingly gifted. But he is so clueless as to my feelings sometimes

    🥀 Andrea🥀

  • Michelle

    Also interesting that you call yourself a lady and say that you’d make every hole available to Jim.

    Neither Alison or I have ever experienced a***. So who is a lady and who is NOT.

    It’s a shame that this is falling apart as I really thought we could have a close friendship and have some fun.

    You’d get to watch a three some and meet Jim. Then you would enjoy Jim while I watched and get involved in the end. You would get your first woman licking you clean after Jim and if you wanted an opportunity to lick me while I watch Jim enter you doggie style.

    Shoot If you could take ALL of him and lick me you had two nights with an amazing man. The first time that man would have s** without me in the room. A real treat. But your true colors are shining through.

    I’m sad.....

    I wanted to be your first and I wanted Jim to have the option to enjoy another woman. And shoot now I learn that you are a regulars w**** and do a*** tooo. That would have been a great for him as I would never do that much less with something as big as him.

    Sorry but unless you convince me otherwise I don’t think this is going to work

    Enjoy your little boy and your hubby who can hardly get it up. You had a chance at a once in a lifetime experience with a man that is mature, trained in how to pleasure a woman, hung like a hoarse and has the s** drive of a teenager.

    So sorry


  • Oh and Michelle,

    Regarding your comments about my history. I answered them below.

    But let’s be honest. Seems like the one that is more likely to be carrying a disease is you sweetie.

    You may have only been with 2 men but you are active with both currently and the one you been riding the most has been with 8 lovers in the past couple of years.

    I know that I have had a history but that is history. Your exposure is much more recent.

    Seems to me that we hear in TX should be more concerned about what you could bring us than what you could take home from here!!


  • Andrea!!!
    Someone is adding to our conversation. I did not make that entry.
    I’m sorry if you thought it was me.
    I would never question your past. Because that’s were it belongs. In the past.
    I would never ask Jim to wear a condom. That’s what got me interested in meeting with you and Jim.
    I’d love to join you and Allison.
    I’m having dinner with Logan and we’re going back to the hostel soon. I only have time for this quick entry and didn’t want you to be mad at me. 
Let’s chat later. I’ll update you with Logan and I.
    BTW: We already had s** before we came to dinner. LOL

  • Michelle

    I doubt that is the case.

    You just see that you went to far and now your opportunity is slipping away.

    I can’t begin to tell you how angry I have become.

    I need to go before I really say something I shouldn’t


  • Andrea,
    Please not believe that was me.
    We can chat tomorrow?
    We're waiting for the waiter to bring the bill. Then we will be busy for the evening and I won't have time to clear this misunderstanding.

  • Michelle

    Like I said. I think you are just scared you are going to lose your chance to experience the most mind numbing and p**** stretching s** a woman could ever wish for.

    Not to mention a chance to be the only other woman besides me to be with him alone.

    And a chance to see two experienced woman rock the world of a man they love.

    I was willing to offer you so much then you turned aggressive.

    I just need a break.


  • Andrea,
    Logan's driving now.
    I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm sorry someone broke into our chat and ghosted me.
    Please believe me! I would never say those mean things. I'm not that type of person. I've been busy all day and not had time to type something that long.
    I'm say you are upset with me. Please don't. I worry if people are upset with me. In this case, wrongfully upset with me.
    I've been with Logan most of the afternoon and I have had time to read those posts which are not from me! I can tell you I didn't post them and I've read a few of the first lines and that's nothing I would ever say.
    My images of you and Allison are that you two are beautiful women.
    I think Jim is HOT! Let me add this quickly before I go.
    I read your one post about Jim in a cowboy hat! HOT! I'm from NC and guys were cowboy boots wear cowboy hats drive big loud trucks and I like that!
    I think you are a sweet woman. I stepped out of my comfort area to admit I want you to be my first. I was looking forward to spending the night with you and Jim. I must go for now.

  • Michele

    I really don’t know what to think. You implied that you thought I was a w****. You stated that your over riding goal was to make sure that Jim became infatuated with you.

    Last night you just came short of calling my cowboy hat idea hickish. And now you say it’s HOT.

    You said earlier today the only reason you would be with me was to get JIM. Now you say you want me to be your first woman lover.

    Who are you?

    What do you really want?

    I offered you so much. I’m hurt. Don’t know how else to say it.


  • Andrea,
    See below. I'm using my phone and it's hard to reply. That's the last post I typed. I was talking about myself and the relationship I have with my mother. I don't know who is posting the other stuff. There are a lot of pantyhose fetish people on this site. I hate you are sad. I'm afraid you are so jaded we will never get together. I am sorry it had to go this way. You had me open to meeting you and Jim. I believe Allison is a cute redhead and would be fun to hang with too.

  • Andrea,
    My name is Michelle Laure'

  • Is that your real name?

    Are you really interested in me and Jim?

    What color are my eyes?

    Did I describe to you my b******? If so share it back with me.

    How tall am I? Did I mention Allison’s height if so tell me?

    If you are Michelle you will be able to tell me.


  • Andrea,
    I do consider you a goof friend and I have no intention of stealing Jim from you. Please remember, you are the one offering Jim to me. You are encouraging & enticing me to have s** with your husband. Before my husband’s s** drive slowed down, he had the drive like you say Jim does now. I would never share my husband! He will tell anyone, his p**** belongs to me. Long ago, I was asked to swap. Thankfully I got out of that situation.
    I’ve told you numerous times I’m a very sexual and passionate person. That’s how I am. My mother told me, when having s** with a guy make it the best experience ever! My goal is for them to always remember me. She said, “No woman want’s to have the reputation of being a lame prude in bed!”
    I admit the 9inch Red Bull can hanging between Jim’s legs gets me wet and aroused each time I imagine it! OMG! I can’t shake image of that thing stretching me open! I desire to experience it! At age 53 and still able to get hard and pound two women at the same time! WHEW! I’ve never been with an older man. Jim is 9 years older but the more you explain what he looks like, I would let him do anything to any hole I have AND for as long as he wanted. I’m 44 and my body has created 3 sons, I know I’m not a supermodel but I would give my body to him. I’m positive his 9inch monster would satisfy me so well. From what you tell me, I know he’d make me go numb! I promise you this! After he does, I will worship and caress it with my hands or feet, get him a beer and cook his favorite dish afterward. What is Jim’s favorite dish?

  • Andrea,
    OMG! I definitely did not post this! 'I would let him do anything to any hole'
    Absolutely NOT!
    My husband will even tell you the answer to this one! He's never been there because he KNOWS not to ask!
    All joking aside! Even if I was into that, Jim's 9inches and thick as a Red Bull can! I admit I couldn't take that! NO WAY! OUCH!
    Your husband sounds like a hot Texan.
    I hope Jim is making you and Allison happy today!

  • Sorry but I’m not into the ‘girl’ thing. I’m sure you and Allison would be fun to play with. My goal is to get Jim’s 9inches inside me. However, I’ll play along and do whatever you ask to accomplish that. Remember you offered him to me. Cont.

  • Andrea,
    I did not post this one!

  • Oh and about the girl thing. You never been with another woman. I was not into it either but Alison and I were drinking and Jim was in Europe for a month a d one thing led to another and I never looked back.

    Now I still prefer Jim because he is so big and fulfilling

    But don’t knock it till you try it honey


  • Cont.
    Right now I have two men telling me they are in love with me.
    I mentioned earlier I want Logan to pursue the girl his age. After we started having s**, he immediately started saying he’s falling for me and asking if there’s a chance I’d divorce so he could marry me. I keep reminding him we are just friends having s** with ‘no strings attached’. Logan is a great friend but I need to remind him he’s just my ‘boy toy’. LOL
    I never thought I’d cheat on my husband. I always had fears I’d get caught. Since I started meeting Logan for s**, I now see it’s easy.
    However, Logan is starting to become VERY emotionally attached. I admit I have feelings for him too. I’m hoping this next week I can slow him down enough so we can ‘make love’ I’d like to experience that with him. I also want this. When Logan is an old man, I want him to say I was the best he’s ever had! S** with me was better than his wedding night with his wife!
    Andrea, we’ve never met and live over a thousand miles away. There is a small chance I could meet up with you two. I’m hoping so. I do not want to take Jim from you. I do want to have a wonderful experience of passionate emotional s** with his 9inch monster. I promise we will only have s** as many times as you allow and I will move out of your and Jim’s life.
    I’m not into females but I’m willing to do whatever you require to get to Jim and his 9inch monster. Cont.

  • Andrea,
    Logan has never said he's in love with me or asked me to divorce! He's know's I never will!
    As I've said numerous time before, he's very mature. Actually, he know we're just having a sexual relationship and he refers to me as a place to make his deposits. Lol

  • Cont.
    Please don’t worry about me stealing Jim. I just want him to have an experience of a life time and when it’s over admit I was the best he’d ever had. I’m confident he will. After all, I will only be his third. While you’ve had countless. I will take care of his 9inches. I promise!
    My husband should find out about Houston while in Atlanta. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Andrea,

  • Also, hearing your sexual history, I’d now insist Jim wear a raincoat because he routinely puts his beautiful 9inches inside a place many have before.

  • Andrea,
    That's mean and down right horrible to say to someone!

  • Andrea,
    I must apologize if the above post sounded insensitive. Please forgive me!
    I had no intention of it sounding that way. You’ve always been up front when we chat and you are a sweet person. I imagine you and Allison are gorgeous women! Jim is so lucky to enjoy both of you at the same time.
    I can’t tell you enough what an honor it is that you want me to have s** with your prize possession, your husband! I can’t wait!
    I’ve decided to come to Houston this summer even if my husband’s company doesn’t send him. I’ll suggest visiting my friend in Beaumont. I just need to see if what my husband says about is company’s schedule. We can chat about details later.
    I’m currently waiting for my husband’s Uber to pick him up so I wanted to type a few things that’s been on my mind recently.
    You said previously, you’d more ‘lovers’. It’ just now clicked you REALLY have had many ‘lovers’. Not counting Allison’s ‘lovers’.
    I have a few more questions for you:
    Are you currently seeing other ‘lovers’?
    If so, how many?
    Are they the same person or different ‘lovers’?
    If not, has it been 10 years since the last time you were with someone other than Jim?
    Has Allison been with anyone other than her husband or Jim within the past 10 years?
    What is your and Allison’s combined total?
    When Jim and I finally have s**, I would still feel comfortable having him wear a condom.
    I can’t risk bringing something home to my husband. I’m also considering my health as well.
    I will bring them. I’m sure Magnum XL will work just fine.
    I can’t wait to be stretched open by Jim’s 9inches.
    The last time I will have been stretched that far was during child birth of my 17 year old. He was 8lb 1oz. WOW! It’s hard to believe it’s been 17 years!

  • Andrea,
    NOT ME!
    Read this one again. Notice the tone and language compared to my other posts.
    BTW: Jim's size and not wearing a condom got me interested in meeting you in the first place.
    I could go on and on about how fake this post is.
    My husband knows I'm not good enough friends to fly to Beaumont to spend with my friend that lives there. Spending a day or two with her is one thing. She's needy and kinda rude. She's from CT and I met her in college. We don't talk often and are actually Facebook friends now.
    My husband knows my time with her must be short.
    I hope you, Allison and Jim have a great time today!

  • Michelle

    Your tone concerns me.

    I had many partners before Jim but since we met I’ve only had 2 other partners. Alison and her son Kyle. I told you Kyle was like 14 years ago and it was because he was a virgin and scared of falling flat on his wedding night. The other is Alison and we have been enjoying each other for like 15 years or more.

    Alison’s only lovers are her husband (but not for years due to ED), Jim and I.

    I can tell you that Jim will NOT wear a condom. I tried to get him to do so for contraception and he refused. He said it just does not feel the same.

    Look you are the only one that knows I had an active life in High School and College

    But I don’t know why I am telling you as I am just not sure our plans will work. You seem like you want to “own” the “monster”. The fact is I think you have become a “monster”.

    I was just trying to share some enjoyment. You should be grateful not demanding.

    👋 Andrea

  • Andrea,
    I enjoy being playful with you!
    Sorry but I don’t want to see Jim only wearing a cowboy hat and boots. I think of cousin Randy on Christmas Vacation when he’s emptying the RV into the storm drain. I’ll pass.
    I understand I’ve not experienced countless random men like you.
    My mother taught me to be competitive and each time you have s**. Make sure he can say it’s the best he’s ever had! Remember! My mother is from France!
    I can say proudly and honestly, I’ve been with the same man for over 20 years. He’s over 8inches in length and when he first experienced ME! He never strayed. Unlike Jim. I know my husband would never agree to a three way with any of my friends even if I begged him to. He knows how good I give it to him. I think that’s why he’s making every attempt to get things back to normal working order.
    I recently began having an affair with a 18 year old stud that’s had s** with 8 other teenage girls. When we first had s**. What did HE say? “You are the best I’ve ever had.”
    Sorry Andrea, it’s not about how many notches you have on your bedpost. It’s about giving ultimate pleasure to the p****!
    After Jim experiences me and after I take all of his HUGE p****. I will be submissive as he presses his huge b*lls against my butt and pumps me full of his manly sperm intended for you but inside ME!
    When he pulls out, I will asks him who’s the best you’ve ever had. He will say “you are.” I will tell him I want him any time I wish. He will agree.
    I would never take him from you or Allison, however, I will impress him so well, he will want me every time! Don’t believe me? You admitted you don’t wear dresses often or pantyhose.

    BTW: I just put a pair of my lace thongs in each of my husbands pants and suit jacket pockets when I packed his cloths.

  • Andrea,
    I did not post this one either! The 'ghost' strikes again!
    Notice the language and tone!
    I did not post this one! Please believe me.
    The last part makes no sense. My husband and I have been married too long for me to put panties in his pockets.
    Especially my lace thongs.

  • Michelle

    I don’t think I like the way this is going. I thought we were friends

    Now you are telling me your intent is to wrap Jim around your finger and make his heart yours. Your intention is to make him long for you

    That does not seem very friendly

    Looks like Alison was right that your intent is to steel him. But not from just her. From me as well


  • Andrea,
    I have a question:
    Would Jim like me wearing pantyhose, thigh highs with a garter belt or nothing? I have tan and tone legs. Sorry, I have small feet. size 5 shoe.
    I've had a busy day and taking a break to imagine him naked with all 9inches hard for me.

  • Andrea,
    Not me! I would not discuss pantyhose vs thigh highs.
    OMG That's weird!

  • He loves garter belts. But when he gets really riled up everything comes off.

    He may be in his early 50s but he acts like a college kid in bed.

    I was just thinking about your size compared to him though. He is a foot taller and about 120 pounds heavier. He has developed a bit of a dad bod. But 6’2” 225lb is not too bad.

    It will be amazing watching the two of you.

    I still don’t think you will be able to “win the bet” though


  • Andrea,
    I've had 3 sons and my husband is at least 8inches plus. He's worn me out before. I'm sure I can take Jim. The length does not frighten me. His thickness....I can't get that out of my mind.
    Dad bod. Whew!! You had to do that to me. I love Dad Bods. Especially with a little beer gut.
    Not only will I win the bet. Jim will be telling me I'm the best he's ever had.

  • Andrea,
    I didn't post this one either!
    You can ask any of my friends, 'beer gut' is not in my vocabulary. lol

  • Michelle

    The combination of length and girth is the challenge. When you get that girth deep it stretches areas that never stretched before. That’s why I had to marry him the moment I experienced him. I think I told you earlier that the night we first had s** I told him two things

    1) I want to be with you the rest of my life

    2). You are perfect. I think God made you to fit right inside of me.

    Up until that night I had more than my fare share of experience so I knew what I was talking about. I had BBCs and everything in between. Jim was an awesome combination of length and girth.

    A combination I needed to make my own. And he has been mine. Only other woman he has been with is Alison and I have been there every time they have been together.

    I really don’t think you will be able to take him. That is why I’m confident I will not lose. But if I do you deserve it. And if you eat me out and allow me to be your First Lady Lover, I consider that sufficient trade for a chance at a second evening

    I hope I’m wrong for your sake as Jim will rock your world. He will make you numb and walk like a cowgirl when he is done


  • Andrea,
    I did some wine shopping and picked up a few pair of pantyhose. Logan get’s a little excited and he gave the last pair a couple of runs. lol Andrea, do you or Allison wear pantyhose? Most women today don’t. I do (my mom always insisted I do). Growing up she said women that don’t wear them with a dress have no class. I find it very hard to find a place that sells them anymore. I guess I should say good quality. I normally order them online, Sofsy or Hanes. I was running low on my ‘nice’ ones so I got a few from CVS. They will do for one time use.

  • Andrea,
    I did not post this!
    Wine shopping? Logan is 18!
    This entire post is weird!

  • Don’t where them too often mostly with a dress.

    But don’t we’re dresses much any longer.

    Was just thinking. When we meet up at the hotel for the time the three of us are together would you like Jim to wear boots and a cowboy hat. He looks so good in a cowboy hat.

    It would also be so cute to see you wearing it while you ride. You may even be able to squeeze your breast in it as well. I know I did when I was younger but they are too big now.

    We usually go down to the Rodeo every year and spend the night in town. Alison usually joins us and she would wear his hat. It’s so cute and sexy.

    No rodeo this year but maybe that is something we can do this weekend. I think there is a gun show in town so I can get Alison’s husband and my son to go and have Jim say he needs to work on taxes.

    Then Alison and I can take Jim for a ride wearing his hat.

    Can’t wait!


  • Michelle

    Want to hear something crazy?

    I was talking to Alison and we determined that if we don’t meet up until after May the combined ages of us ladies will be 150-151. That is crazy. And Jim will have just turned 53.

    We also determined that she and I had a combined sexual experience of 75 years and Jim just 26 as I was his first.

    I guess we are some h**** old hags.

    I think you said your hubby was your first. Wouldn’t be crazy if we could get 100 years of experienced ladies in the room? How long have you been with your husband? Will we get close to the century mark?

    Oh and I am still waiting on those measurements and cup size


  • Andrea,

    I’m so sorry for not posting my measurements earlier. I hope this isn’t too long but it’s a little more about me.
    I’m 5”1’, brunette, blue eyes, 105lb, 22” waist, 33” hips and 32B. I was a 32A, almost a B, most of my life. When I started having kids they swelled. I’ve had three son and breastfed them all. Now they’re a solid 32B and still perky and I like them. I’m petite, anything larger wouldn’t look right on me. Logan enjoys them and I hope your husband Jim will too. I played soccer in college and I’m still active and fit. I have my mother’s shape and she always stayed onto me about my weight. Not in a bad way but she would only allow me eat healthy, small portions, and exercise. That’s why she pushed soccer. It would have been tennis but I was very bad at that. lol. I also had to wear a dress and heels when I wasn’t practicing soccer. I wore a dress or skirt to school. At 14, she made me wear heels for proper posture and build calf muscles. I was the only girl at school my age wearing a dress, pantyhose and 5 inch heels. When I had my first period, she took me to get on birth control. She gave me the talk and told me never to be ashamed if I decide to have s**. My mom believes s** is a beautiful thing to share with someone you love. I was sent to etiquette camp every year and I had to attend debutant classes too. ‘cross your legs and proper posture’ all the time. I was taught to curtsy at a young age also. Wonder if any young girls today know what that is.

  • I have skinny ankles. As a teenager, Mom had me step on the scales and used calipers to check my ankles three times a week. For my height, I was supposed to weigh between 95lb to 110lb. I was warned at 108lb one time! and never got a free pass during the week of my period. She’s say, ‘VOUS connaissez les règles! VOUS savez ce qui se passe cette semaine! Si vous aviez travaillé plus dur les autres semaines, vous n'échoueriez pas!’ Oh yeah, my mom will only talk to me in French just to keep me fluent. I never failed another measurement or weigh in.

    I guess I should add my mother was a flight attendant with AirFrance. My grandparents died during the war and my mom was an orphan at a young age. At 10, she was allowed to get a job with AirFrance cleaning and doing odd jobs. When she was 14, the airline expanded and there was shortage of attendants. She applied and was hired. She met dad when she was 20. She finally quit when he got sent back to the states for discharge.
    Go figure, today girls in their 20s have kankels. Cont.

  • My mother is great and we have an amazing relationship! We’re actually like sisters and I’ve shared everything I’ve ever done with my husband in the bedroom. Mom taught me to act feminine, be submissive, always be fun and flirty. Spoil your man so he will never stray. Her advise is so true. If tempted, I’m certain my husband would never act. He know’s my s** drive for him and I’m always ready to rock his world when I’m called.
    The only time my mother started to tell me something naughty, I cut her off. I feel bad because she was about confess something to me on my wedding day. I was in my dress and it was about to begin in 20 minutes before show time. Mom and I were alone having our last ‘mother/daugher’ moment. Mom knew I was having s** with my husband before we got married. She set up everything for us so I could to loose my virginity. She allowed him to spend the night all the time. At this point, mom knew he was my first and only.
    She asked if I was ready to go through life being married and only experiencing s** with one guy. I was confused. Mom started to confess she had lots of lovers before she met dad. I cut her off. No one wants images of their mom getting it on. lol

  • Andrea,
    This is my last post!

  • You sound gorgeous. Jim is in for a treat!

    I am actually a bit nervous now as you sound absolutely gorgeous and I’m just a h**** MILF with a little junk in the trunk and sagging b****.

    I’m so excited to be the First Lady Lover you will enjoy it I am sure.

    I have to admit though after talking to Alison she is concerned that you will take her place. She said, “this sounds exciting but I fear where this is headed. This young girl is going to replace me. Why would You want to share Jim with a 57 year old grandmother with 5 grown children and 7 grand kids when you have a hot tight young thing like her?”

    I told her, “Alison you are like a sister to me and a second wife to Jim. Heck we seldom make love unless you are there. Jim actually asked a few times if we should invite Alison over as we started for play.” I also laughed and said, “ Alison, you may be almost 57 and a grandma but your kitty is still tight. Remember last weekend when I allowed you to take a ride you couldn’t take it all”

    She laughed and said, “Well yes. He is BIG and I’m petite. It’s not natural for a small lady like me to have that inside her, but I love it and don’t want to lose the opportunity.”

    I told her, “And you won’t. Jim loves being with you and he loves your furry and firey 🔥B U S H and so do I.”

    She is so sweet.


  • Michelle

    You still have not told me your measurements. I really want to know so I can create a mental image.

    I’m 38-28-40 with a D cup. My breast are not perky anymore after breast feeding three kids but I have large maroon areoles with eraser size nipples. Jim says my b****, eyes and ass are my best asset.

    Alison tells me that Jim is my best asset and that I am very talented with my tongue.

    So what are your measurements and your best assets?


  • Michelle

    So I have to know a couple of things

    Your bust-waste hip and cup size.

    Also regarding the last part where I lie beneath you and Jim while you do the doggie style. Will you want me to film his massive manhood entering your tight little kitty and stretching it into next week.

    Also will you take up the second challenge which will afford you to finish that night and the next (if you fit all of him inside you). In other words will I be the luck lady to be the first to have your tongue inside of me.

    I was imagining this as Jim performed oral on me this morning before I got up to make him breakfast.

    Your husband seems sweet. You say he has ED but you guys have had s** twice this week that’s not bad.


  • Andrea,
    I'm so fascinated with your description of Jim's 9inches. I want to be alone with him so bad.
    I have an idea, if you allow me to be alone with Jim's so I can be his third.
    I will let you do anything with me. I would love for you to be the first female to lick me 'down there' and I'm open to us having s** while Jim watches. If you teach me and guide me. I'd like to experiment with you, I'd love to send you over. When we are finished, I'd like to be with Jim alone.
    The three of us could play the next day.
    Also, I'd prefer not getting videoed. Logan has also asked and I make him turn his phone off when we have s**. I'm sure he brags about us but I don't want anything showing up later.

  • Sweetheart

    I don’t have to video. I just thought you would like to see that package at work as it enters and drives you off the edge.

    I do however want to lie beneath and watch. And if you feel so inclined to lick me while getting it doggie style your welcome to keep Jim that night.

    Also if you can ride him and “Win the bet” you have him the following evening as well. Both times to yourself as you will have earned it!

    I would love ❤️ the idea of spending a day playing with you and the idea of letting Jim watch is amazing. When Alison, Jim and I are together everyone is involved. He has never had to stand by and watch.

    I think that would drive him crazy. We should plan that for the day of your role play (assuming you can take it all). Then I can tell him that a evening with you is his reward for being a good sport while the girls play and my reward for you in allowing me the honor of being your First Lady Lover.

    Shoot you got me all HOT. Now I’m going to need to go next door and see if Alison has some “sugar”

    💋❤️🥰 Andrea

  • Oh and regarding the video. If you want I could film it so you can watch it and then we can delete it. I would never include faces just the action of him entering your kitten and your sexy little kitty eagerly stretching to accommodate his girth. Then the b**** to the walls pounding that follows.

    Like I said above, I don’t need to capture it, but thought you may enjoy watching your “BIG” accomplishment


  • Andrea,

    I’m impressed too! However, I spent a long time getting him hard enough to ride. I was exhausted doing that!! Plus, he kept taking pee breaks.
    Bottom line, we had s** and both climaxed but it’s not the amazing s** we normally have. It’s not the hard pounding s** Logan is giving me on the side AND it’s by far not the v***** stretching, cervix pounding s** you are having!
    My husband is doing a great job cutting back on bourbon and not eating salty junk food at night. He told me he’s not as bloated any longer. Two weeks ago he stopped taking some medication for cholesterol. He’s always claimed when he started that stuff the problem began. I think it’s the junk food and bourbon too.
    I’m a little busy today. Getting my husbands cloths ready for his Atlanta trip this coming week.

  • You are such a good wife. I don’t think I could patiently work at getting Jim hard.

    When I want it I need it.

    As for getting his bags ready, I bet knowing he will be gone and the plans you have makes you smile and makes you drip 💧 a little. I know I would.

    It’s going to be so hard for you not to smile when he leaves knowing how HARD Logan is and how he will be there as soon as the car leaves the driveway


  • Got carried away with the last reply.

    3 messages.


    Please read and let me know what you think

  • Michelle

    Sorry to hear about Logan and that other girl.

    But I’m glad to hear he still knows the best place to “deposit” his juices.

    The thought of you guys making love in your “marriage bed” drives me crazy.

    You need to be sure and worship him. Tell him how much better and harder he is. Tell him how your husband has ED issues and how knowing that he is always ready in willing makes you feel sexy, wanted and like a woman again. He will eat that up.

    Alison tells Jim that and he starts doing it harder. Men love to hear that they are providing something that the other guy cannot.

    Be sure to check out my replies from this morning. I included a little more background on myself and Alison

    I can’t wait till we meet up. Are you planning to spend the first part of the week with us or with your friend in Beaumont?

    Do you want to stay in a hotel or with us? I still have 2 kids at home.


  • Andrea,
    If you still have kids at home, I suggest a hotel. I do not plan to stay with my friend in Beaumont. That’s just a cover for us three to get together.

    Option 1: We play by your rules.
    I drive to a hotel. You tell me what Jim would like to see me in. Give details I have a lot of cloths. Please help me here. I hope you allow us to 69!
    You answer the door and take me to your bedroom. Hopefully he will be naked and ready for me.
    On this day, you are the only one allowed to speak. You direct us.
    I think it would be more intense if the two of us have s** without talking.
    I win the bet by taking all 9inches of Jim’s p****! Jim loves my p**y so much, he explodes inside me!
    Finally, you become the first female to every have your tongue inside me and lick all of your husband’s sperm. Thus, I admit this is getting me exciting. I bet you are gorgeous!

  • Michelle

    I like your confidence, but I don’t think you can take it all.

    Jim loves 69. I’ve always wanted to watch him do 69 with Alison. She loves sucking and getting eaten but said she can’t imagine doing both at the same time. I’ve always wanted to 69 with Jim then keep the juices in our mouths followed by a deep French kiss. He will not do it with me but if it’s part of the rules to follow my commands he will do it. (I’m so excited as that will open the door for me)

    As for licking you, I can’t wait! I’ve never licked a smooth p****. That’s so HOT!


  • Option 2. My way
    I spend the day at the spa getting ready for Jim. We meet at the hotel bar. I’m wearing a mini LBD with 6 inch heels, garter belt & cuban style thigh highs with lace at the top that shows at the hem of the dress. btw: no panties! I pretend to not know English. I can only speak French. We have a drink together then dinner. He shares his story and makes his best moves to seduce me. I look into his hazel/green eyes and listen intensely to every word. I only reply in French. I continuously cross my legs and place my hand on his. He finally places his hand on my knee and explores north. He discovers I’m not wearing panties, I’m also smooth and wet. I open my legs more so he can explore. We lean in and kiss. They play music and we dance to a few songs. We get close during the slow song. I can feel his hard p****! I remove my shoes and stand on his feet. We kiss. His hands squeeze my butt. The music ends and he asks me to come to his room. I wink say “oui”. We hold hands to the elevator. Cont.

  • Cont.
    Inside the room we kiss and he unzips my dress. I’m only wearing a bra, garter and thigh highs. I unbuckle his pants and give them a tug. His 9 inch and thick p**** is released. I say, “tu es grand!” I take it with both hands and lick then try to suck him. I lay on the bed and he buries his gorgeous smooth head between my legs. I can only imagine what his tongue feels like. Whew! I wish he was doing it to me now! He gets me on edge, I kick my thin legs in the air and moan with pleasure! He lays on the bed and I straddle him. We watch as the head disappears. I slowly lower down. He has his hands on my butt then unclips my bra. He pinches my nipples and sucks them as I keep inching down. I have all of him inside and rock back and forth. He is deeper than any man has ever been before! I moan in pleasure. We kiss. He begins pumping me and tells me he’s close. I get off and lay on the bed beside him. I’m still wearing my cuban thigh highs and give him a foot job. (This is up to Jim. My husband prefers I wear pantyhose during his foot job. Jim is so big, I’ll do whatever he wants!). Jim get on top and pounds me hard and deep until he explodes inside me. We kiss until he’s finished.

    We shower together. I wash Jim’s hot body with with a sudsy loofah. I take a long time washing his 9 inch monster. He recovers and we have s** in the shower. He carries me to the bed and he gives me a numbing climax!! We pass out with exhaustion.

    In the morning, I’m wearing Jim’s white dress shirt and I’m in the small kitchen area cooking him fresh crepes. He’s awaken with Kcup coffee. I bring it to him in bed and speaking French I say “tu m'as tellement baisé que je voulais te préparer le petit déjeuner” We get dressed and Jim goes back to you.

    Andrea, Do you think Jim would enjoy me? Is this too forward?

  • OMG. My p**** is soaking WET and my nipples are so hard. I caught my self rubbing my kitty while reading this.

    All I can say is that Jim would love that! I am now concerned. You seem so confident. If you do that he won’t last long. But he is capable of popping at least twice before being done.


  • Andrea,
    I'm glad Jim can still pop twice in one night. If you let me have him alone just one time, I promise to take care of him, I will be super submissive, spoil him, make him feel like the king of the world then send him back to you.

  • Michelle

    Sweetheart, Jim can pop much more than twice in a night. He can pop twice (3 times once) before he needs to rest.

    When I ride him he usually pops before I climax. But I just slow down a bit then have him suck on my b****** or talk dirty then I climax. If you are really good you can get a third one before he starts to soften but the third one is rare but a site to see. It is very intense as he will moan like a woman but there is little to no s e m e n.

    Jim recovers quickly. If you get him going he can go all night. That’s why I have kept the three way relationship going with Alison as he is more that I can handle on my own. And I want to keep him satisfied if you know what I mean ;)


  • If you are able to WIN THE BET. The only restriction beside him still being mine is that you don’t use him up.

    Because when your done with him I want him to be with me. Don’t you dare make him shower. I want your juices all over him.

    When we are done with him he is going to need a vacation. Hehehehe

    He will need to ice those testes as they are going to be dry.


  • PS.
    I confess, I wish Option 2 could be Option 1 but it’s your call.
    I think of Jim all the time now. Logan is quick fun but I think Jim could rock my body out of this world.
    Love M

  • Oh, BTW

    I thought you wanted to watch Jim, Andrea and I first.

    Are you not interested in that? Shoot if Andrea and I get boring you may want to jump in. :)

    But on the other hand you sound so beautiful Jim may leave us standing there while he sweeps you off your feet and pounds you into next week.

    I like the option 2 for you and Jim assuming you win THE BET.

    What is your body measurements? Jim is working from home tomorrow and I want to have an image of you in my head as I lick Alison clean after Jim makes his early morning deposit after morning coffee of course.

    🥰 Andrea

    Note the 3 hearts (Andrea, Alison and Michelle) hehehe

  • Andrea,
    My plan was to have s** with Jim twice. I want Option 1 and Option 2 when we get together.
    I forgot about watching you and Allison with Jim. Let's fit that in first and I'll stay an extra day.
    I'm sorry I was not very clear. I was shaking nervous typing this.
    Here's my plan:
    Watch you, Allison and Jim Day 1
    Option 1 = Day 2 or Day 3
    Option 2 = Day 2 or Day 3
    You decide.
    I'd love to be alone with Jim the first time (Option 2) but it's your call. He's your husband and you own his 9inch monster.

    I'm 5"1', 105lb, brunette, blue eyes, olive skin. Part English & Scottish 50% French. Size 5 shoe.

    Please let me know what you would command Jim to do to me in Option 1. I'm getting wet chatting with you. I bet you are a great lover to Allison.

    btw: Logan is texting me. I just bragged at how much harder he gets than my husband. I told him I can't wait for him to make his next deposit. He's sending pics. I may have to leave and meet him somewhere. Sorry if I don't reply tonight.

  • Michelle

    I understand. A lady needs to be sure and get every deposit she can.

    BTW what are your measurements? Bust-waist- hips and cup size?

    I was getting wet reading your messages as well. I don’t consider myself Alison’s lover. We are close friends and I help out my friends in need. When her youngest and my oldest was small we hung out together a lot as we are neighbors. Jim was traveling a lot internationally and I had the baby blues. Not sure how it happened but we ended up in a “close” friendship. Neither one of us had been with another girl before.

    Advance a few years (about 8-10) and her oldest was getting married and was a nervous virgin. He always told Alison how pretty I was so she asked me to seduce him and build his confidence. That’s when I realized how fun it was to “teach” young men. I was 35 at the time. Then a couple years later later she shared with me that her husband had ED and she hadn’t had a man since just after her oldest got married and we arranged our first threesome and the rest is history.

    We are like sisters. We spend a lot of time together and we both love Jim very much. Well I love him and Alison loves his HUGE c***. When we are together the says it’s “our” c*** but I correct her and say it’s MINE and I just share.


  • As for what I would command You guys to do in option one.

    Well first we would set the rules that you guys have to do as told and cannot speak or make a sound other than moaning of course.

    I will then ask you both to strip down and come to me as I sit in a chair. I will “inspect” your bodies. Rubbing my hands over your sexy bodies as I inspect them. I will then grab Jim by his manhood and walk him towards you. I will say something like, “Michelle you are a dear friend for many years. I love you like a sister and trust you with my prized possession. My husband and his huge c***. Don’t forget that he is mine and mine alone”. Then I will grab your hand and place his hard c*** in it.

    I will then tell you to give me a kiss and drop to your knees and suck him. I’ll keep commanding that you take more in your mouth until you gag and then I will gently push your head saying take more.

    Then I will command you to stop. Tell Jim to lie on the bed and have you do 69 while I watch and finger myself. (I’ll command that you climax together as Jim is good at that.)

    Then I will tell you to get up and give Jim a kiss to say thank you. At that time you will give him a deep French kiss mixing your climax juices. As you kiss him you will slide down toward his c***. If you can you will slip it in or at least try. (Jim will not
    know that I intended to allow intercoarse).

    Hopefully you can slip it in but if not that’s ok. As I will stand up and say, “Michelle, that is not what we agreed to.” Jim will be heartbroken. Then you will beg me for it”. I will tell you “OK. Shut up you can try him but I bet you cannot handle all of him”.

    Then you mount that bad boy and ride him hard. Make sure he makes you nice and full then you will lie down next to him and kiss him. I will then walk toward the bed and say. “Wow Michelle you are more woman than I expected.” I will then spread your legs and clean up the mess.


  • Cont

    As I clean you up I will lift up my skirt and say, “Jim, is that how you thank your wife? Get behind me and get to work”. He knows what that means. He will gladly come behind me and do me doggie style. The thought of his hard c*** slipping inside of me covered in your juice is making me so WET.

    Hopefully I lick you well enough to make you climax as Jim usually is gentle with me but gets rough when Alison climaxes.

    Then we take a little break and share a bottle of wine and shower. Jim and I first then you enter as I dry off.

    When we are all clean I will place a blanket on the floor and say we are not done. I’ll lie down and direct you to get on all fours above me. Then I will say, “Jim, Michelle came a long way to spend time with us. She has been a close friend for years and has proven that she is a very deserving woman. Her favorite position, like mine, is doggie style. Now as I lie hear watching and filming you. “

    (If you choose to lick me that would be great. But not necessary. )

    As you two finish up I will say, “Michelle, you are in town tomorrow night as well, right? I have some volunteer work to do but you guys should go to dinner and plan a time for us to go to NC and visit”. I’ll tell Jim on the way home that I really enjoyed the evening and that if you make any advances or if he feels any urges on the following night he should just go ahead and act upon it. That he has my full blessings as Michelle is a dear friend and practically family

    Setting up the next night in that manner will make it more natural and sensual.

    Oh BTW, if you do lick on me while I film the doggie style from below I may arrange for you to have Jim that night as well.

    I so want to be watch Jim inside of you. I want to see him rock your world

    I also want to be the first woman to lick your beautiful kitten. And I want to be the first kitten you lick as well.


  • Andrea,
    I got up to check your messages. I love your idea!
    I read this got back into bed and went to work trying to get my husband hard. It took a long time but he finally got on top of me and we had an amazing climax together.
    If we meet. I want to do everything mentioned here. Thank you for getting me in the mood.

  • Also, I didn't get to meet Logan last night. We messaged till late. He's so sweet and mature for 18.
    btw: Don't feel sorry for me that Logan has a girl. He needs that right now. He's starting to fall for me and I think he needs to send his emotions to her. I'm having to remind him we are just friends with benefits.
    About her: He likes her but she's heard he's a 'player' from her friends. Actually, Logan has had s** with two girls she hangs with. They encouraged her to meet Logan.
    Last night they were at a friend's house hanging and shared a joint. He said they kissed once but that was it.
    I said, "If I was her age, single, sharing a joint with a hot guy my friends had already been with, I would jumped you right then! I would make sure you went he went back to his hot baseball teammates and brag I was your best ever!"
    I was so lucky to have met my husband in school. He was so HOT and we only went out once before we started having s**. OMG! I was so attracted to him. He used to say he was addicted to me.
    I'd watched my mom and dad over the years. They had a great marriage. They always showed PDA. Mom would do everything for dad to make his time at home pleasurable. She said, "Treat your man well, spoil him and he will never stray." I listened to her and we eventually got married and I have 3 sons.
    My husband leaves tomorrow morning and will be gone all week. My son is also leaving for the outer banks with his girlfriend and her family.
    Logan and I will have dinner together then back to the hostel for the night. We are bonding well and I'm starting to feel bad. I'm married to a wonderful man and having s** with a guy my son's age. But chatting with you has me wanting to spend the night with you and Jim. I can't get the images of Jim naked out of my mind! Logan messaged he can't wait to start making deposits. lol
    I am so glad I've had my tubes tied.

  • Andrea,
    It’s been a boring day. Logan told me last night he was hanging out with a girl and will text me later. He told me he didn’t know how this was going to go. He knew the girl wouldn’t put out so he told me to be ready for a quick deposit tomorrow afternoon.

    I need to address your question about me ‘down there’. I hope this is not a deal breaker but I’m smooth. Very smooth. Sorry.

    My mother was born and raised in France and she’s an example of of a classic classy lady. She was always proud of her French heritage and I was forced to speak French fluently. My mother always wore lipstick, a dress, pantyhose and heels. She’s also a perfectionist with personal hygiene. I was sent to etiquette camp every year and at 16 my mom asked my OB-GYN about electrolysis. They had a place there and I had that area and my arm pits done. I still remember how bad it hurt to this day. I was sensitive for a week! I hope this doesn’t change things.

    Work was slow today so I had time to think about meeting you and Jim. I’m hoping this works out. So you live North of Houston. My husband’s company usually has the convention at the Marriott Hotel Downtown on Main Street. I have a good friend that lives in Beaumont. I’ll tell my husband I’m renting a car to stay with her a few days. He’s busy the first three days so he won’t miss me at all. I need to be free for him on Friday night. That’s the banquet and I will make an attempt to have s** with him that night. That will free me up to meet you two. This is exciting! I hope we get to come to Texas this year!

  • Michelle,

    Jim prefers bushy. As I said earlier he would not do Alison till it grew back.

    But if your as sweet as you seem on this site and as sexy as you seem I am sure he will be unable to say no. Especially if I tell him you are a dear friend and that I approve. We will need to pretend we are ole friends.

    So you need to fill me in on your plans of what you plan to do with Jim (IF you can take ALL of HIM inside of you). BTW, just taking it all once or twice doesn’t count. You have to ride him deep and hard. Being five foot two I don’t think you can do it. That is why I have no issue with our little bet.


  • Michelle

    You seem to have some ideas as to what you desire for your time with Jim.

    Can you tell me more? Don’t hold back. I am really turned on by the fact he turns you on. I can’t wait till we get together.

    I have to ask you a personal question on Jim’s behalf (he is not aware of our conversations). Jim likes bushy ladies. Alison shaved once and he told her that he was not going to stick it in a bald p**** that she was a beautiful red headed woman and that real women have hair down there. She was shocked and actually teared up.

    Three or four weeks later she came over to swim in our pool and showed Jim her growth and we went straight to the bedroom. We have been getting together 3 or more times a month for the last 12 years or more.

    So are you shaved or bushy?


    What do you plan for your night with Jim?

    Love ❤️

  • Andrea,
    I will need to spend time replying to this comment. It's getting very late and I get very shaky when I think of being alone with Jim. I have had a few dreams lately about how our night would go. I promise to reply.
    Also, if Jim has never had a foot job, please give me the pleasure to be his first. My husband loves them and tells me I'm great at them.
    Have a great night!

  • Michelle,

    Assuming you can take all of him (a BIG assumption) you will be his first.

    I will anxiously await your reply. I am WET with anticipation!


  • WOW! You had an amazing evening. Your detailed description has me aroused. Jim is so lucky and your description of Allison, she’s SO cute! I bet Jim has a huge ego knowing he’s having rock star s** with two gorgeous women. I still imagine Jim being a sexy confident man. I still have images pop into my mind of him standing naked and his 9inches standing tall. I would love to straddle him. I hope we are going to Houston this year!
    My mind is going crazy thinking of you, Allison and Jim together. My husband have always had an amazing s** drive till 5 years ago. I often think if I hadn’t met my husband when I was young, I’d probably be in the high double digits.
    It’s sad Allison cannot take all of Jim and she’s had 5 kids too! The feeling of a man going so deep he’s ‘boys’ slap against my body drives me crazy. It’s sad Allison never experiences it. Does his thickness bother her?
    I feel I can ask you anything.
    I’ve had 3 boys and my husband is not 9 inches, probably 8 inches and he’s went pretty deep inside me before. I really think I could take Jim. If you think Jim could hit my cervix, I’m up for your challenge. I know Jim would go where no other man has been inside me before. That’s driving me crazy thinking about it.
    I sorry but I’m not interested in ‘girls night’ with you and Allison. I bet you two look amazingly hot together. Sorry. I think you are sweet and awesome to offer.

  • That’s ok about the girls night a felt that may be going too far.

    As for Alison, she is like 5 foot tall tops so the length is an issue and the girth was hard for her at first but she says, “Nothing makes a kitty purr like a good stretching”.

    I hope you make it down here this year.

    Do you and Logan have plans while your hubby is in ATL?


  • I swear! Jim sounds so HOT! I hope we go to Houston this year. FYI: We usually stay a week. I’m just rambling but I think I would enjoy watching you and Jim first. Heck, Allison too. I think that would help build my confidence. The next day I would like have s** with Jim while you watch. After you witness me riding him and taking all of his 9inches! I’ll pay you the $50 and spend the next day alone with him.
    Andrea, I don’t want to take your husband, as I’ve said before, I’m a sexual romantic. I’d love to spend the day doing my hair and make-up and wearing a short evening dress with heels. I want to have dinner and hopefully dance closely then go back to our room alone.
    I have another question. Would Jim appreciate a foot job? I can’t get Jim’s size out of my mind. When my husband first began having issues, I got exhausted trying to get him hard. My jaw was tired as well as my hands. This is embarrassing to admit but I have small feet but long toes. My husband loved for me to take lotion and give him a foot job. A few time’s I got him to pop that way. Is that something Jim would like? I’m thinking with his size and thickness I could make him smile. Is that something you would approve we do alone? What is your limits if I can be alone with Jim?

  • Michelle

    The thought of you watching Jim, Alison and I makes me sooo WET. That is so HOT. I’m Hope my performance is up to your expectations.

    As for the foot job, I don’t believe Jim has had one. I’d ask him, but I am not interested in doing that if he said yes.

    As for the limits, if you can ride him and take all of him inside with your petite frame you can do anything you wish (even a foot job) as you will have earned it.

    So you want him the entire night?

  • Andrea,
    I finally had Logan at my house today.
    Here’s how it went.
    I work from home and have flexible hours. Logan started sending me messages around 10am. He was getting out of school at noon and asked to come by and deliver my panties I’d left in his car and leave a deposit. lol He’s starting to say that to me when he wants to meet for s**.
    I told Logan my concern with the security cameras. He told me how to disarm the system from my app on my phone. He is so smart with electronics.
    He came over. We went strait to my bedroom. I stepped into the bathroom to freshen up and take off my skirt. I came out and he’d already dropped his pants and had my cotton panties on his p****. He said, “I told you I wanted to bring them back.” I playfully took them then gave him oral. He asked me to bend over and grabbed my hips and quickly slammed himself inside me. He pounded me fast and hard for a few minutes till he popped! I did a quick dash to the bathroom to drain. I told him he pounds me harder than my husband. I opened the drawer with my special occasion panties and told him to pick a pair. He picked a pair of red lace Victoria’s Secret thongs. He put them in his pocket and left.
    We’re starting to chat this evening. Do you have any ideas I can say to make him want me badly?

  • Michelle

    You are a monster. You really have quite a s** drive. If you are with Jim for an entire night you might “break” him. He’s over 50 you know.

    As for Logan, tell him that you were thinking about him all day. Tell him you need him.

    Tell him next week while your hubby is traveling he needs to spend the night so you guys can “play husband and wife”.

    Tell him you want to have s** with him in your “marriage bed” that will drive him nuts. Tell him that you didn’t know how to say this before but after this morning you knew it was true and had to tell him that you actually much rather have him inside you than your husband.

    Tell him your kitty craves his c*** and that she has never purred like he makes her purr.

    I don’t know what else to say as you seem to be doing really well on your own


  • Andrea,
    Thanks for your compliments and wonderful ideas. You are so correct!
    Logan told me today was the best for him because we had s** in my bedroom. He also said he can’t get it out of my mind when I told him he pounds me better than my husband.
    He sent me another pic with my panties hanging off his p****. lol He’s so much fun!

    I rented the hostel the same week my husband will be in Atlanta. Logan will be on break from school too. My son is going to the outer banks with his girlfriend and her parents. My original plan was to use the hostel as a place to hook up but now that we’ve broken in my bedroom and I know how to disarm the security system. I will probably have him over for a few quickies.
    I would like work with Logan’s stamina that week. He’s still in ‘h**** teenage’ mode. I don’t mind because he’s the only s** I’m getting on a regular basis. I would like for him to last longer. I keep imagining Jim can go a long time since you and Allison have him occupied all the time. lol I want to experience Jim. I’d love to meet up with you two.
    We will see how next week goes. Logan told his parents he’s staying with friends a few days so hopefully we will be spending lots of time together. I’m hoping we go out to dinner every night. While in public, Logan said if anyone talks to us, he plans to tell them I’m his older sister. He thinks that story is hot. He went on and on about how he’d love to be chatting with people before I arrive. Telling them he’s been away at college and he’s meeting his sister for dinner. He said I walk in wearing the LBD I wore the first time he seen me. We hug then passionately French Kiss in front of the people. LOL Then we go to our table and show PDA the entire time. I admit that makes me hot. We will do that one night. He’s starting to open up emotionally when we chat and are together.

  • Michelle

    The more you compare Logan to your husband the more confident he will became. That is how I booster my first students confidence.

    Kyle, Andreas oldest son, now 38 was getting married 14 years ago. He was a virgin and nervous about his wedding night I spent a weekend with him about a month before his wedding teaching him his way around a woman’s body. To this day he tells me his best sexual experiences have been with me. I was 35 then and in my prime. Just about a year after number thee and still nursing.

    About a year after that is when Andrea expressed interest in sharing Jim. I took her sons virginity so I felt I owed her a favor. But I am the one who has been enjoying it the most. It makes me excited ever time I think about watching Jim squeeze his huge package into that petite little ring and the sounds she makes are better than any p**** you could ever imagine.


  • Andrea,

    I’m so glad I didn’t offend you. I had a sigh of relief. That’s the last thing in the world I’d want to do. I’m glad we’re open and you don’t mind me being bold or forward l****** after your amazing husband. Each day I’m having urges to meet you two.

    Sorry the reply is late but last night got busy. My husband came home with flowers and we had s** for the first time in months. He admitted he was neglecting me, had backed off on drinking and asked if we could reconnect. He knows I’m a romantic and a sucker for passion. I’m also glad I’d taken a shower and cleaned ‘down there’.
    I had to spend a long time doing oral to get him hard enough to start. I was so aroused he went in easily. I’m sure there was some of Logan’s sperm still left inside providing extra lubricant too. We took a few breaks for him to pee but he finally got me off. When he popped, it wasn’t as much as normal. We talked and I think he’s going to make plans to see a doctor. He’s been asking his friends at work and they are also thinking prostate.
    I casually asked if he’d be traveling to Houston this year for training. He said the company is pushing virtual meetings but they recently opened up the company travel policy. That’s why he’s traveling to Atlanta next week. I should know something soon if Houston is still happening.
    I’ve never been with a woman much less have a female lick me out. Since you are willing to share your hot husband, I’m beginning to be open to the idea. I bet you’re gorgeous. Allison sounds like a beautiful woman too. Do you know her DNA? After having 5 kids and being able to play with Jim as much as she does. I bet she looks amazing and I’d love to talk diet and exercise with her.

  • Cont.
    I checked my phone and I had a SnapChat message from Logan. It was a pic of my panties dangling from his erect p****. He said, “did sis leave something in my car?” We messaged for a few. He's into the brother sister role play. lol I didn’t tell him I just had s** with my husband. I want him to think he’s the only person satisfying me at this time.
    I enjoy sharing my experience with you. 
I REALLY enjoy hearing about Jim. I’m so jealous he get’s to play with you and Allison together.

  • Michelle

    I’m glad you had a chance to be with your husband. I bet it was very arousing to know that Logan’s sperm acted as lube for your husband. That is so HOT. And to have their sperm inside you churning inside is so sexy.

    Alison and I did surprise Jim in the shower last night. She walked in first (we tore our our garden tub and put in a huge walk-in in shower with multiple heads in the ceiling and walls). When she walked in I heard Jim say, “ Alison! What are you doing here. You shouldn’t be here without Andrea. “. She walked closer to him and gave him a kiss. He said, “Alison, you really shouldn’t be here without her. “. Then I turned the corner and we both laughed. He was so cute. He was following the rules.

    Alison and I then dropped to our knees and began playing with his manhood. Licking it and kissing each other. We then stood up and began to shower each other. Alison started to finger me and I her. Jim stood and watched while stroking himself

    We moved to the bedroom soaking wet. Pushed Jim on the bed and played around. Then I whispered to Alison I want to watch you ride. She was so excited. She needed a little help getting Lined up but he went in fine. However she couldn’t take him all the way in as he was hitting her cervix and “bottoming out”. She was so sad She wanted to be able to take him all. Allison tried for a minute or two longer then dismounted.

    I jumped on top and took him all. He does hit my cervix a bit but I am a bit deeper being taller and I rocked back and forth as the tip of c*** flicked back and forth on my cervix.

    Alison was sitting on his face getting the tongue. While sucking on my breast. We both started to o***** and the. Began to French kiss. As Alison and I climaxed Jim shot a load inside me.

    It was amazing. I only wish you were there to enjoy. You and Alison are both petite. I wonder if you are deep enough to ride him. Watching Andrea try was so cute.


  • Andrea,
    Thanks for sharing your story about measuring Jim in the shower. That was so HOT! 7 inches hanging! 9 erect! OMG! You married a monster! You are being very naughty to me. LOL I'm so jealous you have access to that equipment all the time and after all these years, he still gets hard for you. When you tell me about Jim. I desire to meet him more. I hope I'm not being too forward again? If so tell me. I must admit. I can't get him out of my mind!

  • I’m happy that you are interested. As for your question about Allison she is Irish but her mom was born in Australia. She grew up in New Orleans so she has the cutest Cajun accent.

    I bet you two would get along amazingly well. Shoot maybe we we should have a girl 3 way. Who needs a 9 inch monster anyway?

    Or the three of us could rock Jim’s world.

    The opportunities are endless.

    If you do come down to Houston you do have to take Jim for a ride. After watching Alison last night I bet you $50 and night alone with him that you can not take him all in while riding on top.


  • Michele.

    I also tried leaving you a note about Jim as you asked about hair etc.

    Well, he is folically challenged. He is pretty much bald on top and keeps it short on the sides and back. Alison and I call him our “s** puppy” as we both love to pet his head while he eats p****. And he is very talented with his long tongue. Some time he uses his tongue and inserts it into my v***** and curls it up to my g-spot. He is an amazing man.

    He has very sexy green/hazel eyes.

    I am so turned on that you find yourself thinking about him. If you ever come down to Texas let me know and we can work something out


  • Andrea,
    I am so sorry earlier for mentioning I’d like to be alone with your husband. I was unaware that’s your agreement and respect you so much. I would never try to take your husband! I’d be very jealous if a woman was alone with my husband too. I am so honored you are offering him up to me. I can’t apologize enough. If I decide to take you up on the offer, I’d be more than willing to your terms. I’m so sorry but I still think of his p**** entering me. Whew!

  • No problem sweetheart.

    I want to share him. He is amazing. And it’s so sweet that you will be his third and he your third as well.

    That is so cute


  • Andrea,
    I would like to thank you for sharing more details about your wonderful husband Jim. I love a tall man! At 6” 2’, smooth on top, Hazel/green eyes and as big as a Red Bull can! OMG Whew! I would love for him to seduce me. My all time role playing fantasy is for my husband’s best friend Edward to seduce me at a hotel bar.
    However, I would love to gain the confidence to fulfill my fantasy Jim and you.
    I’m short and I have a xsmall mid thigh red ‘fit and flare’ evening dress with no back I wear with matching 6inch heels. My feet are small too. Size 5. (Thanks mom LOL). I get lots of attention when I wear it to my husband’s banquets. I would love to meet Jim in a hotel bar. He’s sipping bourbon and talking to his male friends. I would love for him to motion for me to approach him. I’d love for him to put his arm around me and kiss me. I’d love for him to treat me like I’m a prize and lead me back to his room. I want his friends to watch him lead me away knowing we are going to have s** soon.
    We enter the room, you Andrea! are sitting in a chair watching. Jim uses his best technique to seduce me. I would love to suck him. I bet I can only get the head in my mouth. You told me so much, I’d would love to experience his talented tongue inside me. I would love for a strong tall man like Jim to pick me up and set me on his huge p****. I bet he feels wonderful entering. What’s Jim’s favorite position. I’d love for him to take control but I’d also like to ride him too. You are watching! Please tell me what we need to do! Would you insist he wear a condom with me? If not, could he pop in me? Is this too forward? I’m so sorry if it is. I really enjoying talking to you. You are helping me become bold.
    So you’re in Texas! I live near Charlotte, NC. However, before Covid, my husband traveled to Houston many times per year for training and seminars. I’d usually go with him on one of the trips. I’d shop during the day and we’d go out at night. It’s a long shot.

  • Michelle

    OMG! You are getting bold. But I love it.

    We live just North of Houston!

    Jim’s favorite position is when I ride him. I don’t allow Alison to do that with him as that is our position and I love the way he holds my b****** while I ride and sometimes he sucks my breast while riding as well.

    That being said, I’d love for you to ride him. You seem so sweet and I could not deny you your desire.

    As for condoms, no way. We are friends I want you to experience Jim naturally. When he pops he explodes and you can’t experience that if it is wrapped up.

    And sweetie, you can’t be too forward with me. Feel free to share your desires.

    But I have to admit I have a desire as well......

    And that is to lick Jim’s c** from your cute little kitty. I always do that to Alison.

    Love to share Jim but I like to lick his juices out. Hope that is not too weird. It was uncomfortable for Alison at first but I make her climax most every time and sometimes Jim joins in by doing me doggie style.

    Still interested?


  • Michelle

    The first part of your Hiking post did not publish.

    That being said it was so nice to here you tow got together again. I saw he filled you with sperm. Hope you were able to climax as well.

    It was so cute to hear that Logan was dripping out and down your leg as you hied back to the car.

    You sound like a couple of high school kids who are discovering each other. That’s so cute.


  • Andrea,
    Sorry the first part didn’t post.
    I met Logan at a state part this afternoon. We sat in his car, kissed and I took off my panties. He fingered me and I gave him oral before we headed out. btw: I wore a loose khaki skirt. The temperature had dropped but it was nice to be outside. We hiked to a run down picnic pavilion a mile from the top. He sat as I rode him. He held my butt and I was close. He told me he was close so I stopped. Poor guy. He popped anyway. LOL. We laughed and kissed until he finished. TMI: I had to squat in the woods for a few to drain. Sorry about that. We went to the top and we were holding hands and I sat on his lap on the bench. We heard noises and it was an older couple with a tripod and large camera. Logan asked me to remain on his lap. The man was rude and asked when we were going to leave. They watched birds and didn’t like people around. Logan said he was in from college and I was his older sister. OMG! That was hot! The woman said, “young lady are you wearing a ring?” Logan squeezed my butt and I said, “Yes, my husband will not hike with me. My younger brother always goes with me so I don’t go alone.” She said, “You two must be close.” I was still on his lap and we were holding hands. Logan said, “We are VERY close.” Then he kissed me passionately. They gave us a weird look and Logan said, “Ok sis, you ready to go?” I stood up and he smacked my butt. We hiked back to the pavilion and had s**. I bent over.

  • Michelle

    You are amazing!

    After reading your post this morning I got so HOT knowing you were going to be with Logan and that you were l****** over Jim.

    I heard Jim in the shower so I grabbed a sewing measuring tape to get some exact measurements.

    He is 6 inches when flaccid and almost nine when rock hard and just over 7 inches in circumference which is slightly larger circumference than a 12oz Red Bull can and about twice as long!

    His head is a full two inches on its own and a nice perfect helmet with a big ridge before reaching his shaft. Oh and his head has a cute beauty mark just left of center before the tip.

    He told me if I woke up his little soldier I would have to make sure he got his PT in. So he did get hard and I sucked him off. But Jim was not done he was turned on that I was measuring his c***. I told him that Alison wanted the dimensions to get a d**** made for us when he travels.

    We had some fun in the shower then he carried me to the bed with his manhood inside me. He set me on the edge of the bed and started to make love. I told him, “Jim we have always make love and you are amazing. But I told you that watching you with Alison drives me crazy. “ he said I know and I glad we enjoy that time together.

    I then told him “ Damn it Jim I need you to F*CK me HARD! “. He then pounded me. My b****** were bouncing all over the place and hitting me in the face.

    When he was done he got dressed and went to work.

    I then lied in bed numb and called Alison. She rushed over and licked my p****. It was incredible.

    Jim should be home soon. I’m going to tell him to take a shower before dinner. Alison will be waiting in the closet and we will both meet him in the shower.

    I can’t wait!

    Just wish you were here!


  • Andrea,
    You had one hot day! You're making me aroused. I'm so jealous of your situation. I hope we get to travel to Houston this year!

  • Andrea,
    You are so lucky to have a man like Jim in your life. I am so jealous! Thank you for your further description of Jim. I’m thinking of a very hot, sexy confident man! What’s his hair color? Please tell me salt and pepper! If not that’s ok. btw: I can’t get the image of Jim’s equipment out of my mind! Thanks! Seriously Thanks! I’ll never look at a Red Bull can again without thinking of being pounded by him. Whew! It’s so sweet for you to offer him up. I haven’t given it up yet. I need more time with Logan. I admit, the more you tell me about Jim, the more curious I’ve become. As I’ve said before, I’m very vanilla and I hope you would understand if I did decide to take you up on that offer, I’d like to spend time in a bedroom with Jim alone first. I think I’d have to get on top of him first and slowly work my way down. I’m sure Jim would have me wet but something that size and I’m small, I’d have to have lube on hand. Whew! I bet giving oral to Jim is amazing too! OMG I just had a naughty image. Sorry. I’m l****** after your husband again.
    I’d need to get my nerve up first before inviting a third person in. You are so sweet to offer your husband. I’m so honored. I’m still giving it thought. My image of Jim is driving me wild. My hands are shaking while typing this. Thank you Andrea!
    I wish my husband had a s** drive like that. If he did I probably wouldn’t be messing around with Logan. lol Cont.

  • Cont.
    I bent over and we did doggy. The wet slapping sound echoed. I’m sure that couple heard us. I’m shocked they didn’t come down to investigate. He got off and I swear his second load was more than his first. On the hike back, his sperm drained down my leg. Lesson for next time. Take my panties with me and bring napkins. Logan had napkins in his car and I went to the bathroom at the trail head to clean up.
    I sat in his car. We talked and kissed till it was time for him to leave. I got home in time for a quick shower and do laundry before my husband arrived.

  • Cont.
    I wish my husband had a s** drive like that. If he did I probably wouldn’t be messing around with Logan. lol
    Your friend Alison sounds like a fun too! I don’t have any female friends I would want to share an experience like that with. Most of my friends are male and also my husband’s single friends. I get along with guys better. Most females are drama filled and I’ve been accused of flirting with their husband’s over the years. My personality comes across as friendly and my husband and his friends tell me wives are jealous and intimidated by me and my youthful look. He’s being kind. I hope you don’t think I’m boasting, it’s not proper for a lady to do that but over the past 5 years my husband has stopped exercising and his diet is not good. He’s aged a lot! When our family is out together. They think he has three sons and one daughter. (blushing admitting that).

    Logan was very flirty tonight. He sent me some full body naked mirror selfies! His young ripped body drives me wild. He’s butt is so muscular and cute too. He talked me into it so I sent him one back. However, I was wearing a bra and thong panty. That’s a big step for me. I know we’re using Snapchat and this stuff goes away but I only sent from the neck down. He’s so sweet with his compliments. We decided we can’t wait another week to have s** again. I got online and the hostel is booked. He suggested a secluded hiking trail tomorrow afternoon. I know the trail, it’s not busy. The weather will be perfect and we can hike 5 miles to the overlook and have s**. I’ll let you know how that goes.
    BTW: I’ll probably be thinking of Jim in my sleep tonight.

  • Michelle

    I’m honored that my description of Jim makes you HOT. He still makes me HOT as well after all those years. To describe him a bit further he has the absolutely most sexy Hazel/green eyes. He is mostly bald on top and cuts his hair short on the sides. Both Alison and I call him a “good puppy” when he goes down as we love to rub his head as it feels like a little puppy.

    A little puppy with a long tongue. He loves to give oral and does it very well. When he is really wild he likes to stick his long tongue inside and “tongue f***” as he calls it.

    As for being alone, I don’t know, he is my husband. I was his first and until Alison his only. We have an agreement that I have to be there.

    He is amazing and I don’t mind sharing with a couple of close friends but I don’t want to lose him.

    After all, if you guys do hook up he will be your third and you will be his third as well.

    If you want the first time I can just be there to coach as you both are not too experienced and I have been handling that monster for over 25 years.

    As for Logan, s** on a trail is amazing. Tell me how it goes.

    Also let me know if your still interested in Jim. He has always wanted to hike the AT.


  • Andrea!
    OMG! Sounds like Jim is VERY well endowed! Whew! You are SO LUCKY!!
    I’m 5’ 1”, size 2/small & only 105lbs. My son drinks Red Bulls and those cans are thicker than my wrist! I hope you don’t mind but your description has put a naughty image in my mind of your husband Jim having s** with me in front of a mirror. Again! You are a lucky lady and I can see why you don’t mind sharing. If my husband was that big, I admit, I’d loan him out to a few of my bi*chy friends. lol.
    Thanks for the sexting tips. I must confess, the way I was raised, I can’t use the F word. My mom is French and I was never allowed to use profanity because ‘it’s not lady like’ lol.
    I’ll try using the c word to describe his p**** during s**.
    I like your tips. I could only come up with ‘I think of your p**** all the time’. Your stuff is very good.
    As for telling him I’m an old lady that wants to be pleasured. lol I made a comment about my age once, he quickly told me I look 25 and when we’re together, I’m 25 and I’m never to mention being an old lady. He said I look younger than his mom and I’m hotter than his ex-girlfriend. He showed me a pic of his ex. OMG! she was thick! Girls that age should be in the best shape of their life! Sorry that was not nice. Thanks for the tip though.
    I just told him I love feeling him swell and fill me with his warm sperm. I told him he can do that as many times as he wants. I got a pic of him hard. WHEW!! You know what I’m talking about.
    Now I can’t get Jim’s out of my mind. OMG! You are so lucky!
    We’re still chatting.

  • Michelle

    I really want you to get with Jim. He is 50 and about to turn 51 but has the s** drive of a 16 year old. I know I am blessed to have him. That is why when we first had s** I told him I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and we were married in less than a year (and no I was not pregnant).

    When he makes love to me it is truly making love. He is so big but so gentle. I crave it rough but he said that he cannot do me rough as he loves me and being rough would not be making LOVE. He is so sweet.

    But when we get together with Alison he goes wild. I think it is her fire red bush that drives him nuts and the fact she is very, very vocal. It’s amazing to watch that petite little thing take a pounding.

    I love to lay beneath her and watch while Jim does her doggie style. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed that POV earlier today. Alison is 5 foot even with 36Cs. She is 55 and a mother of 5. Prior to sharing her and I would play and use BBC d*****. I used them when Jim was away internally on business.

    Even after the practice and 10 years of sharing she told me it still hurts when she is with Jim but said she would follow us if we ever moved. When Jim is done with her he leaves her p**** agape and full of sperm. It is soo sexy and I love hearing her scream and moan. You can hear both pain and pleasure in her moans.

    It’s just natural for such a small woman to have such a large c*** inside of her.

    I just know you would love it. And I would love to watch.

    It’s such a sin for a young beautiful woman like you to have a husband who has ED. That is why allowed Alison to enjoy Jim and to be honest I think I enjoy it the most especially when I get to lick her clean.

    I’m just glad you found Logan as you are beautiful and young. You need to be fulfilled

    And if you want to be more than fulfilled “STRETCHED to the point of EXTACY”. Let me know and Jim is yours.


  • BTW, I am happy that you had such naughty images of Jim.

    As I was writing this I was having those images as well. I would love to lie below you and watch him enter you for the first time doggie style.

    Would love for Jim to be your third.

    And I would love to be the first woman to lick you as I clean up the mess that Jim deposited inside of you my sweet.


  • Andrea,
    You are an amazing woman! I love hearing your stories and I would also love to have coffee with you sometime.
    I will admit, I’m vanilla and I don’t think I could ever get that far out of my comfort zone.
    That’s so sweet of you to offer up your husband. Telling me he’s well hung has now provoked my curiosity.
    The only time a woman ever asked me to have s** with her husband was years ago. I’d given birth to my second son and a month later we were at a vendor’s banquet. A VP at my husband’s job and his wife were swingers. She took me a side, told me her husband would love to have s** with me and asked if we could swap. She couldn’t believe I’d given birth a few months prior. I tore badly and had got my stitches out a week ago and was told to be careful. Thankfully, she left me alone.
    For the moment, I’m enjoying my affair with a younger guy that stays hard when we’re together. lol My poor husband. I wish he’d see a doctor about his issue.
    I agree I need to be very careful to not get caught. I think using this hostel will work for now.
    I’m still not comfortable bringing Logan back to my place. It’s just too risky. We have security cameras and my husband can access them from his phone anytime. He’s not one to check on them but that’s an easy way to get caught.
    Thanks for your ideas. I’m starting to use them and I can already tell Logan’s confidence has went off scale. lol
    He told me I’m 4 years older than his mother. lol I actually think that’s hot!
    He’s very mature when we chat. Whew! He knows how to compliment and get me aroused!
    I told him he’s much more experienced than I and he’s second man I’ve been with. That fed his ego. Cont.

  • Cont.
    I used your coaching method to encourage him to slow down and that paid off big for me! Whew! During our late night chat session I said, ‘It took my husband a long time to make me gush, have an intense climax and go numb! It only took you a few times!” He told me I was much better than any of his past ‘girlfriends’ then had some HOT replies about what he had planned for me next.
    I compliment his equipment. You’ve given birth so you know what we’ve been through, however, he has no clue. lol
    I fibbed and told him he was so big I’ve never been stretched out like that before. He asked ‘compared to your husband’s’ I told him he’s much bigger and thicker and I love his more. I’m sure he slept well. lol
    The next time he makes me climax or gush, I definitely plan to tell say, ‘you pound me better than my husband and I love your huge p****,’ I’m not good at naughty talk. Is that ok? Got any ideas.
    We’re starting our chat session. Got any naught things I can tell him?

  • Michelle

    You are really blooming. I really mean what I said about what I said about sharing Jim. He is about 9 inches long and almost as big around as a 12 oz Red Bull can. I’d love to watch him make you gush.

    As for dirty talk with Logan, tell him that he makes you feel like a princess. That your husband has never been as hard as he gets and that that makes you feel so so sexy. Tell him that you can’t stop thinking about him and how amazing it feels when he explodes inside of you.

    Tell Logan that you want to do 69 next time as you want the two of you to climax through oral stimulation and then kiss each other with juices in your mouths (my hubby loves that).

    Tell him that last night you had s** with your husband but did not o***** until you started to think about how amazing it feels when he is inside you.

    Tell him you long for him. Tell him, “I know that I am older than your mom. But I am so happy that we met and that you are willing to make an old Lady feel like a HOT MILF.” Tell him your happy you are the “ Mother he loves to F***” because I love it when we F***.

    Be sure to use the F-word. Young men find it sexy. Refer to his p**** as “my c***”. Take ownership of him. He will love it.

    Tell him your p**** (yes use the p word) needs him inside of it. And be sure to tell him that you never wanted to be with someone so bad. Tell him he is amazing and he “ really makes your kitty purr”.

    Make pet names for your s*x organs. Urge him to name your v*****. Ask him what you can call his p*n*s.

    Have fun my lovely. And remember Jim is ready when you are as long as I can watch.

    Go girl!


  • BTW, if you do take me up on sharing Jim. There is no need to swap. Just want to watch as watching Jim with you would make me gush. Shoot I’m getting WET just thinking about it.

    Or maybe I’m getting wet thinking about Logan. :)

    Have fun!

  • Michelle

    I replied to your post below so please read, but forgot to add a couple of things

    1) Be careful. Don’t get caught.

    2) It’s impressive that you are now the woman who Logan has had s** with the most. Enjoy it and don’t let him get board. Try different positions and build his confidence by getting him to bring you to o***** even if he has to continue after he pops.

    3) At some point you do need to have s** with him in your bedroom. Trust me. It is intense. I can assure you that you will climax quickly and the intensity will be incredible. Especially if you can have s** with your husband before Logan arrives. But if you want to have incredible s** with your husband, have Logan c** inside you a few times and soon after seduce your husband.

    The best feeling ever is having your husband eat your p**** and tell you how wet and sexy it is while you know it is filled with the c** of a young man and he doesn’t even know.

    I did that this summer. I did not intend for it to happen but it was amazing!


  • Andrea,
    WOW! You sound like an outgoing and amazing woman! Your story is HOT! I bet you could write a book and it would sell!

    Logan and I just finished chatting for the night. Whew!

    A little more about me.
    I’m 5’ 1”, 32B, blue eyes, shoulder length brunette and smooth olive skin. I’m part English and Scottish but 50% French. My dad was drafted for Vietnam and stationed in Europe a year before he got out and met mom in France. She’s got great DNA and I get most of my physical trades from her. btw: She looks amazing for her age too. I can speak fluent French because she insisted I learn. I was also sent to Etiquette camp for a week each summer.

    I love my husband and he still looks great for his age. We just don’t have s** very often. I think all the years of drinking bourbon are giving him problems down there. The last few times we had s**, he kept going soft and had to pee. I think he should tell his doctor. Sounds like prostate. Sorry, I’m sure that’s TMI.
    My husband played basketball and baseball in high school and I played soccer. Once we met, we were always together. When we started having s**, we were doing it all the time.
    In college, he got a partial baseball scholarship and I got a soccer scholarship. The athletic department really helped develop my body. They had us on a strict diet along with exercise and body conditioning. They had us do yoga for flexibility. I’m not one to brag but I starting getting ‘male attention’ once my body began to change. I bought my first bikini, got my belly button pierced and started turning eyes. At parties, I danced with lots of guys, got felt up and ‘hit on’ a lot. But once they found out I was taken they were respectful. My husband got me an engagement ring sophomore year. He said he hoped it would keep guys away. lol. It’s an inside joke we have. Back then, guys respected a girl with a ring. I’m sure times have changed. Cont.

  • Cont.
    I’ve lived a boring life until now. I’m still in shock I started having s** with Logan. Something in my mind clicked the first time we danced and he squeezed my butt. I became so aroused. Then he whispered ‘lets leave this place and go (have s**)’. I cleaned that up. lol I wanted to so bad but the timing wasn’t right. He’s bold and confident, he reminds me of my husband at that age. I never thought I’d go through with it but there’s no turning back.
    He told me at dinner this past Friday, he’s had s** with me more times than he has with any of his past ‘girlfriends’. I’m not one to brag but he gave me some very nice compliments about how I make him feel in the bedroom. I blushed.
    Since the last time we did things ‘my way’ and kept it slow, I’m hoping he’s starting to turn the curve from his h**** teenage s** drive that want’s to rush things. Also, I’ve almost broke him from wanted to do things he’s seen watching p***. I know he’s young but he’s also discovered that some of the positions are for p*** only. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed each time we’ve had s**. He loves doggy and I do too! But I remember my husband at that age and he could do it many times a day but he’d also pop quickly. But in his defense, we were limited on time with our ‘window of opportunity’. When we got to college and had our rooms, we were able to stop rushing things.
    I think Logan is like that too. It’s starting to sink in with him why I’m getting us a room away from town and not meeting at each other’s house. I know we would be rushed if he was coming to my place. I would be so nervous if I went to his parents house, I’m sure I couldn’t enjoy it.
    When I reserved the hostel for a week, he said he couldn’t wait to spend the night with me again. He’s so mature and sweet!

  • Michelle

    Logan is a very lucky young man. You are really teaching him the finer points of how to pleasure a woman. Men today need to develop that talent and not be focused on themselves as it’s easy for them to pop but it takes talent to make a woman “numb”. :)

    You sound gorgeous. You actually sound about the same size as our neighbor. However, Allison is 55 and a red head. She was having similar issues with her husband and that’s why I agreed to the threesome 10 years ago and never looked back. My husband is 6 foot 2 and hung. And red heads have always driven him crazy. So it is amazing to watch her take him b**** deep and watch him f*** her like they were in high school. There is just something amazing about watching him pound her. Allison and I would enjoy wine together when the kids were young and we did get a bit frisky from time to time so she is always open to me licking her clean when they are done.

    If I’m lucky and able to get her moaning my husband usually jumps behind me and makes a deposit.

    We had such an evening last night after my last text.

  • Continue’d

    As for me, I’m 50 long Dark brown hair with blue eyes. I’m five foot nine. I’m not in as good of shape as you. Even though we both have 3 kids. I think they took more of a toll on me and I started gaining a little weight after I turned 45.

    My measurements are 38 - 29 - 40. My family immigrated to the US prior to the revolution and according to DNA testing I’m 5-7% African American and have a bunch of other ethnicities as well but mostly Welch and Portuguese . Guess I’m as my grandma would say a Hienz 57 or a mutt. My b****** are not a perky as they once were after breast feeding 3 kids but they are a set of nice healthy 36 Ds with large maroon areoles with protruding nipples the size of pencil erasers. I also keep a rather full bush as that is what my husband prefers.

    I would love to get to know you better. Wish you lived near by so we could meet. Shoot I’d be willing to share my husband with you if you would be willing to do a three way with Logan.

    Sorry for being so forward but I really like you and want to get to know you better. Hope you are not offended


  • Andrea,
    I feel like we’re becoming friends too! You are so kind!
    Thanks for voicing your support and input. In all my years of marriage, this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this and it’s been a VERY long time since I gushed or had an o***** that intense. Today, my body feels like I’d done two hours of intense yoga.
    Same here, my husband is the only other person to take me ‘there’. lol However, it makes sense because my husband is the only man I’ve ever been with. We’re from a small town, dated in high school, went to the same local college, got married and started our family soon after. It’s hard to believe Logan is my #2.
    I keep saying this but Logan is very mature for his age. We starting to connect while communicating about different things. He told me his plans for college his career path. He’s so adorable too. He recently starting seeing a girl and was telling me about her. He paused and said, “I’ll stop seeing her if you want me too.” I showed him my ring held his hand and told him not to stop seeing her. We both had a good laugh.
    Gotta go, Logan and I are starting to message.

  • Michelle,

    That’s so sweet. You are a very lucky lady. I met my husband a year or so after college. But I had A LOT of experience. I lost count at 30. In high school and college it was a game to see how many I could “bag”. But when I met Jim I knew there was something different and when we made love I was his first and he rocked my world.

    We have been married for 25 years now and about 10 years back for his 40th my BF and neighbor offered a 3 way and it has been a tradition to get together for special occasions ever since.

    A few years back when her son was going off to college she asked me to be with her son. Her son “prefers” men but he is a sweet boy and very well hung. He was my first experience with younger men and it was so satisfying.

    I’m 50 now and I love my hubby but frankly I prefer watching him f*ck our neighbor hard and then lick his c** from her fire red bush than have s** with him.

    But my real desire is giving young men experience. There is nothing better than their eagerness to please and how HARD their c**** are.

    Sorry if I have shared too much


  • Sweetheart,

    How did your Friday evening go? I just finished having s** with my husband but couldn’t stop thinking about the fun you must be having. I love my hubby. Been married 25 years and he is incredible between the sheets.

    But there is nothing better than a young man that is eager to please. They are so HARD. Makes a woman feel wanted.

    Hope you had a wonderful evening. Hope you either final reached a climax with Logan or got the chance to blow him off. Or better yet Both


  • Hey Andrea,

    Logan found the perfect location.

    It’s a hostel 35 minutes away near a AT trail head owned by a lesbian couple. It’s a small converted building for hikers to spend the night. I can make a reservations online and $60 per day, cash on arrival and it was available Friday. My husband didn’t ask but I was going to tell him I was having dinner with friends and would be late.

    The girls are very nice and they knew we weren’t hikers. lol
    The hostel is small with one full size bed, two sets of bunk beds a tiny shower and bathroom.
    It’s so nice, I reserved and pre-paid for a week in March. I expect we will spend a few nights there but it’s so close we can come and go when we want to. I like having that option. They let me book the entire week. Plus, I paid them extra. I could tell by their smile they know what’s going on.

    I gave him oral first. Then I laid back and he kneeled by the bed and gave me oral. OMG!!
    Embarrassing part. I probably shouldn’t tell this but while giving me oral, he popped. He tried to squeeze it but it still happened. I cleaned the mess on the floor then he continued giving me oral until he was ready.
    I got on top. Our bodies connect well! His large hands squeezed my ass. I straddled him for a long time and was close! I placed his hands on my b******. He rubbed them softly and I told him it’s OK to suck them. He did and sent me over. OMG! it was intense! I actually gushed and made a wet spot on the bed. He wanted doggy to finish. His pace slowed, he pulled me tight, I felt him swell and release. To feed his ego I bragged about his size and said, “I love your c**k.”

  • Wow! You figured this out! I’m so proud of you. I’m so glad you two were able to enjoy each other orally. I love oral myself. I really like giving it but absolutely love getting it.

    So cute that he popped giving you oral. It must have been his first time. I bet he loves you. You are teaching him so much. Next time you guys need to 69. That will blow his mind.

    I’m so happy that he was able bring you to climax. Was that the first time he accomplished such a thing?

    Next time you are together you should continue to feed his ego. Tell him how much you love the time you are together and how he makes you feel so beautiful and desirable. Tell him that you get WET just thinking about him. Tell Logan that he is a better lover than your husband and that you can’t help but think of him when you and your husband are together.

    If you feed his ego you will be able to keep him as long as you want and you can make sure that you have many more “practice” sessions in your future.

    I’m so jealous.

    BTW, what is your name. We should be on a first name basis by now shouldn’t we?


  • Andrea,
    I'm Michelle,
    Also, the second part is below this comment. I was cut off at 2000 letters.

  • Sorry I replied before seeing the second post Machelle.

    You are incredible. I had thought I was a sexy MILF with some of the escapades I have had with my son’s friends and such but your experiences with Logan are incredible.

    I’m so jealous!

  • He went to his car and gave me a rose he’d forgot to bring in earlier. I told him he will get rewarded later. The hostel is small so I purposely stood naked while touching up hair and makeup in the mirror. I could see him in the mirror staring at me. I’ll admit I felt arousing. He rubbed my legs after I put on my pantyhose and we kissed. He’s tall so tall I wore heels this time.

    During dinner, he kept one hand on my leg and we talked about many things. He’s very mature and told me his plans for his future. For dessert, we shared a piece of cheese cake. I told him we’re going to go slow and communicate when we get back. He gave me compliments and said he’d try not to pop early. lol
    At the hostel, he asked to remove my pantyhose. For some reason, I was honored he asked! We spent time kissing. Whew! he’s a good kisser! S** was passionate! When I sensed he was getting close, I’d whisper for him pause and we’d kiss. He was on top, we were kissing and I had my legs wrapped around his. He found my ‘spot’ and with amazing rhythm he was massaging it perfectly. I didn’t think it was possible but he sent me over!! Twice in one day! It was so intense and toe curling! I went numb! He actually asked if I was OK. Thankfully, I didn’t gush like the first time. While I was getting off, he popped inside me. We kissed until he finished.
    I was drained physically and mentally. I got home around 11pm.

    I just got in and had time to write this. My husband left to golf and son isn’t home yet.
    btw; I’m Michelle.

  • Michelle.

    Wow! That is amazing. Looks like you guys are made for each other.

    I bet your gushing was incredible. I’ve been married 25 years and have many lovers, but only gushed 3 times. All were with my husband and that is why I married him. He is also the only man that has made me numb.

    I can’t believe that this young man is that talented. I am so happy for you. Your time with him sure has paid dividends. Your Spring Break is going to be amazing.

    It’s going to be difficult to pace yourself with him.



  • LoL... u sound like my friends mom. She was at my school just like u. I’m going to show him this. He’ll Laugh his ass off.

  • Hello sweetheart,

    Andrea here.

    Do tell how did it go? Did you get to read the suggestions I left yesterday.

    Can’t wait to hear more!

  • Andrea
    I just finished another late night chatting. Whew!
    I think we’re going to meet again before March. Both of us can’t wait and we’re discussing a plan. My son is staying with a friend Friday and my husband is going to a friend’s place to watch college basketball. Logan and I are going to meet at a restaurant downtown. For now, it will only be dinner. I don’t know if we can pull off having s**. We’re working those details. Again, not going to his place and we’re not coming to my place. I’m not doing car s** either. I might research hotels at the downtown area. We both agree we’d like to see each other for dinner.

    By now, I thought my husband would ask who I’m messaging all the time but he’s yet to notice. He’s too busy following sports and right now he has his face on ESPN and other news worried about Tiger Woods.

    I wanted to reply to a few of your questions about our first night. Neither of us did oral. Things went so fast we just dove into s** and we stopped using a condom, I would never ask or expect him to it after that. I offered a couple of times but he didn’t need it and was ready to pounce.

    This was the first time he’d spent the night with someone. I assured him I’d be ready and willing anytime he was. I could tell he was excited to have s** anytime he wanted. He was like a kid in a candy store.

    One of the times we were not using a condom, he pulled out, popped on my stomach and had to bring me a towel. I reminded him it’s ok to leave it inside. He said he’d seen it watching p*** and wanted to try it. From then on, he left it inside me. lol

    The time I was on top, he popped quickly but stayed hard. I wanted to and tried to continue but he said he felt like he had to pee so we paused till he recovered.

    During our late night chat sessions, he REALLY enjoys not using a condom and mentions it a lot.

  • Awesome. Looks like you guys really connected. Next time your on top if he pops but is still hard keep riding. After all when your in that position you are in “control”, assert you dominance. If he wants to stop role play a bit. Tell him, “Mommy is in control. You been a bad boy. You been making a mess now it’s Mommy’s turn “. This role play will make you more aroused and will drive him nuts. He will love being dominated.

    Also don’t skip oral pleasures. I don’t know about you but I don’t feel as though I’ve been completely “serviced” unless there has been some tongue play down there. I think oral is a lost art and it’s our job to make sure young men learn how to do it. I’ve never met a man who didn’t love eating p**** after he tried it.

    You may also try sucking him off before you have s** that way he lasts longer.

    I am so happy for you but you got to o***** as well. Not just for your enjoyment but so Logan can feel a since of accomplishment. He will feel as though he conquered the world when he is able to make you climax.

    As for Friday, a local hotel may be risky depending on the size of your town. Don’t underestimate car s** though. I mean shoot do you really want to waste the opportunity to feel that young hard c*** exploding inside of you.

    I’m getting all WET just thinking about it.

    Stay in touch


    BTW, you know my name. What is yours?

  • Andrea I finally got time to update.
    Sorry, I’m not good at details but here’s how it went. First, it was a little more difficult to pay with cash at the Hilton. They have to have a credit as a deposit but allowed me to pay with cash paid when I checked out and they promised the charge would come off. It’s ok the bill is in my name but I was worried about something showing up. I’m positive the guy at the front desk knew what was going on. When I insisted on cash he gave me the spill then assured me it wouldn’t show up and no one would know.

    We got to the room and waisted no time kissing taking our cloths off. At the banquet it was dark. Now I got to take in what he looked like. Whew! He’s ripped, hard and ready to go. I offered oral but he was ready. I let him start. He insisted on a condom and I didn’t mind. He kept trying to hold back but after a few minutes he popped.

    We kissed until he was ready again. This time he wanted doggy. He lasted longer, I got close but still popped before I could get off.

    We went to dinner at the hotel restaurant. We held hands and kissed like a couple. We came back and had s** again. This time I got on top & he popped quickly.
    We talked, kissed then had s**. We fell asleep. He woke up hard. We did it and went to breakfast. We came back, showered together, kissed a lot and had s** one more time before we checked out. I will have s** with him again. The second week in March.

  • OMG! You are a monster and I am so jealous.

    Six times you are amazing. Logan is such a lucky young man. You must be so damn sexy. That boy couldn’t hold his load. I hope you praised him and told him how good he was.

    Did he wear a condom every time? Did you tell him that he did not have to worry about getting you pregnant?

    I really wanted you and him to experience each other without a condom. I bet he was quick to regenerate. That’s what I love about young men. My husband is 50. He is always ready to go but he is one and done.

    SIX times! I knew it was going to be incredible. I’m so happy for you. Did you ever get to show him how a real woman o******? If not don’t worry. You have another chance in March.

    Be sure to coach him a bit. Get him to slow down and change rhythm so he lasts a little longer. Most of the young men I have had the pleasure of coaching lasted quite a while.

    You must be 44 but look 18.

  • Thanks for your encouragement and support Andrea.
    We just finished messaging each other for the evening. Whew!!
    I am 44 but people mistake me as younger. I credit being a vegan and exercise.
    He's very confident and claims I'm his #8. I have no reason to doubt that.
    Doggy is his favorite and we only used a condom the first two times. He admitted I was his first without and LOVED it! He's an athlete and keeps complimenting my fit figure and loves my 'firm ass'. lol
    I can't wait till we get together again in March!
    I know where you are coming from and I would love for him to slow down and last longer but I think that will come in time. He admitted most of his prior experiences have been 'one time.' He's very attractive and I can see why girls find him attractive. He's only had s** with the same girl more than once - two times. We both want a FWB relationship and to be honest, I enjoyed the raw s**. It's been a long time since I've experienced that.
    He's very mature and understands things. I'm hoping we can continue. We're messaging a lot. I hope so.
    I told him I'd love for him to 'get me off' next time. He sent a volcano emoji. lol. He's a sweet guy.

  • You are amazing.

    I’m so glad you got him to take off the raincoat

    You need to notch your belt. He may have had some experience but you were his FIRST. Your v***** was the first one he truly felt and e********* in. That is such a special moment you shared.

    I hope he gets you to the finish line in March. I bet that will be his First as well.

    Did he eat you out? Did you ever get to suck that 8 inch c***.

    My hubby is 8 inches and that is the perfect size. Big enough to satisfy but not too big.

    Be sure and let me know how it goes in March.

    I can’t tell you how happy I am for you


  • Sorry had to stop as my husband came in and asked what was for dinner.

    I was going to say that I like doggie style as well but found that I usually orgasmed faster when I was riding but saw that he erupted quickly.

    I think the poor guy was just so excited. You provided Logan a night he will never forget and for that you should be proud. I know that one of my son’s friends once told me that the night he and I spent together was better than his first time and wedding night combined.

    I’m sure Logan will say the same. And being that you have plans in March he will have more great memories. I just hope he is able to bring you to o*****.

    Maybe you can have him eat you out first next time. Have him bring you to the edge and then let him do the missionary. There is now doubt he will erupt quickly but if he brings you to the edge you will as well.

    Or you could ride him after oral and not stop until you are finished.

    Stay in touch my lovely


  • BTW, what do you look like?

    I’m 50 and a mother of three ages 21, 18 and 15. I have dark brown hair and blue eyes. I am five foot eight and my measurements are 38-28-42. My cup size is D and the young men always like it doggie style. They tell me I am the “Mother they love to f*** with the dump truck ass”. Personally I prefer being on top as I love to see their faces.

    Tell me a little more about yourself and Logan so that I can make sure my dreams tonight are accurate.

    Also want to have an image of Logan in my mind when I do my wifely duties later tonight.

    So jealous


  • Opportunity knocking- invitation like this is rare

  • So true. As an older woman it’s our responsibility to take advantage of these opportunities. We need to teach these young men how to treat a woman.

    I’m 50, I had so many partners in my early years that were absolutely terrible. If we have an opportunity to “train” the younger generation we need to do so.

    That way he will know how to pleasure a young lady and become a great husband

  • Thank you for your kind response.

  • For both of you this is a chance of a lift time, If you do take him up on it just hope know one ever finds out. I would have never known if my wife did not tell me.
    As a young man, that was my biggest dream to have s** with an older woman who only wanted s**.

  • As a mature woman of 50, I can tell you we all dream of “teaching young men how to treat a woman”.

    I have had the opportunity about 8 times. Three of them were friends of my son. Three the neighborhood and two from Church. That being said, I always make sure they are of legal age. I wait until they are 18.

  • You are going to do what you desire. I came home after work one day to my wife crying, I thought someone had died it was hard for her to speak. She went to a party days before that I was going to go to but had to go to work, the party was for a young man who was staying at a friend of hers for a month, he was from England and now going home in a few days. At some point was asked if she would run out and pick up some food they had ordered, he asked if she wanted some help? Sure lets go, well one thing led to another and she got f..... in the back seat of our car.
    She has a very high s** drive and we have s** at least twice a week, not that bad. Anyway yes we are still married. She said know one else knew what they did and he had gone back home.

  • That is so sad. Your wife’s young lover is gone. I bet she is heart broken. There is nothing better than a young hard c*** and I bet his accent made her dripping wet.

    But good for you. You will get your wife back. But I bet she will be thinking of him a lot. I know I would.

    The thought of a young hard c*** with a British accent makes me WET

  • Honey, show that young man how to treat a woman.

    Make him scream! I love f****** my daughters ex boyfriend. He was a terrible f*** at first but after a few months I have him trained. He is the best f*** ever.

    He knows all the things that drive me crazy as I taught him. But best of all he is always so HARD and he lasts forever

    Go for it enjoy it

  • Thanks,
    We were both up late last night texting and I've decided to go through with it.

  • How was it? Did he know what to do our did you have to instruct him.

    I remember the first time I did my daughter’s BF. He was so excited he jumped on top and had the darndest time getting his c*** inside of my p****. Once he did he was pumping me like a bunny and blew his load in no time flat.

    I held him and hugged him. Told him it was OK. Then I went down on him and rode his c*** nice and slow. He was sooo cute. You should have seen him when I began to o*****.

    We have been f****** on a regular basis since Thanksgiving and he is a supper stud now. He is the best s** partner I ever had.

    Train him up right.

    And remember practice makes perfect and intense orgasmic s** makes you younger.

  • I haven't had s** with him yet. We are planning. I must be discrete! I can't have him at my place and I do not want to go to his. I'm sure his parents have security cameras like we do plus nosey neighbors. A hotel is an option but would leave a credit card trace. We're started to text today. Any ideas??

  • You can always pay cash at a hotel and book it under an alias. Just be sure the front desk does not see you together.

    Have him stay in the car. Go check in. Go back to your car and give him the key. Have him go in a few minutes later and meet you in the room.

    Be sure to go to a nice Hotel like a full service Marriott or Hilton. The front desks of those hotels are not usually right by the door so he can come inside with our looking suspicious.

    It will be a little more costly but there is more privacy and the beds are nicer. Be sure and have some wine or beer in your bag to help with the mood a bit.

    Also make an entire night of it. Have him tell his parents he is going to see a friend and you do the same. You need to make the night special for him as he is going to be nervous. Be sure the two of you do NOT have trackers activated on your phones.

    Enjoy that hard young thing. And be sure to reply to this string sharing how it went.

    Also don’t wait too long. Young men can change their mind quickly. Get him while you can. I guarantee if you do he will be yours for as long as you want him to be.

  • Thanks!! I didn't know paying cash was an option at a Hilton. There's one an hour from here. Good tip on the phone tracker too! The plan is Sunday evening and all day Monday. Logan's took care of the excuse with his parents. I'm telling my husband I'm going shopping Sunday and coming back Monday. He'll never expect anything. Thanks again for the info. Logan and I are chatting on Snapchat and he's been sending me selfies. OMG!! I can't wait!

  • Oh. BTW.

    How big is Logan’s tools. Does it look bigger than your husbands? I bet you it is 10x harder.

    You are so lucky.

    I’m sooo jealous

  • You go girl!

    I’m so excited for you I’m actually a little WET.

    Has Logan been with a girl before? Or will you be his first. Most young men lie about their experiences. Tell him it’s ok to be a virgin. Tell him it’s your first time with anyone other than your husband (even if it’s not). That will make him more comfortable to admit if he is a virgin.

    I hope he is a virgin. If he is he will explode when he c***. It is incredible to experience such a thing.

    If he admits to being a virgin be sure you are on the pill or take the morning after pill as you are going to want to experience it when he explodes. You also want Logan to enjoy the full experience.

    Be sure you give him oral and spend some time teaching him how to lick p****.

    Oh my gosh. I’m soooo excited for you.

    By the way what’s your name sweetheart? My name is Andrea.

  • Logan is confident and mature for his age and has had other 'girlfriends'. I believe him. That's why I find him so attractive. We finished another evening sexting. He told me the positions he wants to do. WHEW!!
    He plays baseball and has ripped ABS. He's hard in each pic. I'm guessing average size. I can also tell he's thinner than my husband's but I don't care. Sorry but I'm not comfortable discussing and comparing 'sizes'. I'm positive we will have s** multiple times once we finally get together.
    This is going to be fun for both of us.
    We made the final plans. We meet at the Hilton one hour away on Sunday around noon. The hotel restaurant is open so we'll have a nice dinner together too. We'll leave Monday. I'm nervous but also excited.
    I got my tubes tied after #3. Originally, I was still going to insist on a condom. I don't want him to use one now.

  • Oh. Just wanted to share something with you to try.

    I did this with my son’s friend a few weeks back before he went back off to Lubbock for college. He had been watching me for years. I knew he had the hots for me and I for him as well. He runs track so he is ripped.

    Anyway, he came by to say bye to my son but he knew I was home alone. He apologized and gave me a hug. I could feel he was EXCITED and so was I.

    We degas to kiss and next thing I knew his pants were at his ankles and I had his BBC in my mouth.

    Now here is what you need to do to Logan as I did this same thing to Ty and it drove him wild.

    Lay him down on the bed. Lick and suck him. Get him ready to finish. Then straddle him. Kiss on his neck, nibble his ears. Give him deep tongue kisses. Tell him how much you want him.

    Rub your WET p**** on his abs. It will feel incredible.

    Lean over him putting your breast in his face as you continue to rub your dripping wet p**** on his abs. It will drive your c*** crazy (it drove me insane).

    Then as he sucks on your nipples slide down his belly. His c*** should be pointing straight towards his chin. Slide down slowly pushing your pelvis down on his belly. Then his c*** should slip right on in. Give out a big moan and French Kiss him

    Then move up and down on him with your breast brushing against his chest.

    I guarantee he will blow his load in no time. Then bring yourself up right and ride Logan till he loses another load. If he asks you to stop tell him “ Logan, sweetheart. You are being silly. Mommy needs you. You can’t just do your thing. You need to make Mommy moan and scream. Now shut up and let me show you how a real woman Fu*ks.”

    It did that and Ty shot another load while I told him that. I then rode his c*** for about 3 more minutes had the best o***** ever and Ty came a third time.

    Tell me how Logan does.


  • Oh wow!

    So excited for you. Glad you have your tubes tied. Even if he has had other girls I’m sure he never had an experienced woman.

    I also know that the younger crowd these days use condoms all the time. I know the young men I have “trained” never had s** without one until I allowed them to “feel what a woman feels like from the inside”. Their faces when their c**** went into my wet p**** where priceless. The younger crowd are not very open to giving oral but coax him to. My son’s friends who have tried always thanked me later.

    I’m sooo excited. Logan will be sooo HARD. Even if your husband is longer and wider their will be nothing better than that rock hard pipe Logan will lay inside you. Be sure and ride him hard. Your husband is probably one and done but I bet you can make Logan e******** in you two or more time.

    Be sure and tell me how it goes.

    Enjoy! Ride Logan hard and show him what a woman feels like on the inside. Don’t hold back.

    If you guys get tired watch a p**** our two and try to f*** along with them. I did that with my daughter’s boyfriend a couple weeks ago. It was amazing

  • You will love this let him call you mommy

  • Or c** and sext with me and I'll give you more o****** then your husband dose f****** you. And I'm probably older then you and you husband and can last up to four hours sometimes and I have high s** drive and I'm a very vocal talker.

  • What do you take? gino8xx@yahoo

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