Watching men sucking men

I am a straight, bi-curious married ma. I have spent the day watching p*** with men sucking men and eating their c**. If there was a man here right now, I would suck his c*** and eat his load. How can I find a c*** to suck?

Feb 19, 2021

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  • I'm a boy you can suck me of I want it you can have my c** in your moth

  • My ex wife had previously been in an abusive marriage. I told her my fantasies about being dominated by her and she agreed to try a few things. At first it was her on top. Then one day she said she wanted me to get on the floor and lick her boots. I was always quite jealous and eventually she did the most incredible thing. I got home from work and she texted me to say she was out with a male friend of hers. It got later and later and I was getting quite angry. She sent me a picture of what she was wearing. Short black skirt, black tights and black knee boots with pointed fronts and three inch stilettos. Then she sent a photo under the table, her hand was on his thigh and there was a visible bulge in his jeans. The next photo was a close up of her hand wrapped around a very big, stiff c***. I was shaking. She texted me to say there was nothing I could do about it and when she got back she expected me to thank him for taking her out and to be the perfect host. They got back around 1am. She told me to thank him. I did, but she said I needed to kneel before him. I did. He unzipped his jeans and his rod popped out. It was hard and bobbed up and down . She told him he was much bigger than me and he really was. Then she said I had to thank him properly. The next thing I knew, he grabbed my head in both hands and pulled me to him. She told me to suck him. I did. I felt utterly humiliated. Within seconds I felt him throbbing, then the shock of him spurting, hard, in my mouth again and again. He grunted and groaned as I started to taste his sperm filling my mouth. He told me to swallow and I did. I could hear them both laughing at me. She loved it and so did he. Over the eight years we spent together he was always there and I sucked him off regularly for her pleasure. When I see her now she always talks about wanting me to suck her present partner off, I have agreed to and he wants it too , I can't wait for that...

  • Im straight . and went for massage . whatever way he was touching me turned me on .when he turned me around he never said a word about my hard c*** just kept rubbing me down then held it n looked at me n slid it into his mouth . wow . best ever

  • I have had the same thoughts for some time, and have tried to find someone on craigslist etc, but no luck yet. I really want to try being with a man sometime, and think about it more and more. I would like to find someone my age (73) and would like him to have a small cut tool. that is what I fantasize about. Really wonder what a d*** feels like in my mouth and in my ass.

  • I've always been bi-curious then one afternoon in a friends sauna I passed out. He carried me over to a massage table and revived me and i saw he was hard.
    He said carrying me nude got him aroused and next thing I knew I was sucking him then swallowed his c**. Now we meet up when ever we can and our wives no nothing

  • Im straight guy 50 .married and never ever had gay thoughts until ricky my daughters boyfriend came into my life . wat started as a bad thought in my mind has now become reality . every chance we get we make love . and iv never had love like it . the feeling of c****** inside him happened n now w both want it to never stop . my wife knows something is not right .

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