I feel used

After a company function to celebrate my becoming a millionaire for the 40th time probably my fiance and I were at a club, We met up with my boss and his wife, It was kinda weird seeing them there but we sat and had a couple drinks with them, They invited us to come back to their place with a group of other couples so we went.
Needless to say their place is a mansion and quite extravegant but we all partied and did some hot tubbing in our underwear and then my bosses wife offered to give me a tour of their place, We walked and drank wine and talked and it didn't even kick in that I was still in a T-shirt and my thong, My fiance had given me his T-shirt he had on under his button up which of course was white so obviously it was see through, I am a brunette so I have dark nips too.
Pretty much every place we stopped there was more wine and my glass just ended up more and more full, Eventually we met up with my fiance and my boss and another guy from work, My fiance later told me that my stupid shirt was not offering me any sort of coverage but anyway they were out on the patio smoking a joint. We joined in and then more wine and more joints and the next time I looked at my bosses wife she had ditched the coverup she was wearing and was just in a sheer bra and panties sitting on my bosses lap and everyone was looking at me.
My boss is like 50, His wife early to mid 40's and the other guy from work is late 40's, My fiance is 24, I am 20, Brunette, Green eyes, 5'6", 135 lbs, B's, She is a barbie doll, Blonde hair, Blue eyes, 5'2", 130 lbs, and has massive fake b****, Like huge DD'd at least and is absolutley gorgeous like you wouldn't even believe. I have a lot of tattoos which everyone was surprised about because I always keep them hidden at work, She calls me to her and I stand in front of her while she runs her hands over my tattoos and talks to my boss about them and then I have my back to them and she lifts my shirt but I feel her hands on my back and then....Other hands on my bum, Even as drunk as I was it made me nervous and then my fiance is in front of me, My shirt comes off, hands are everywhere and the rest is a bit of a blur but....
At one point me and her are kissing, All three guys are around us touching and groping us, We somehow end up in a big massive bedroom and then my thong came off and so did all of her underwear. Suddenly I am watching her suck off the other guy from work, My fiance is behind me groping me, My boss steps up in front of me and then I have my boss's c*** in my hands while we all watch his wife. My fiance sits me down and sits on the back of the couch behind me, Pulls my hair back and out of the way as my boss slides his c*** in my mouth.
I was so F'd up, I am sitting nak3d sucking off my boss while my fiance watches and my boss's wife comes and sits beside me, Then there is some switching back and forth, I suck my boss, the other guy from work and my fiance is getting sucked by my boss's wife. We transition to the bed which I don't recall but then me and her are making out again and then I am on my back, legs spread wide, My arms above my head with my fiance holding my wrists and I am holding his c***, My boss is POUNDING me, Like harder than I have ever...Yeah hammering me, Sucking my nips and then my fiance puts his in my mouth and my first tag team is with my fiance and my boss.
Somehow my boss and the other guy switch places and he was surprisingly big but was considerably more gentle thank goodness because he would have hurt me if he was as rough as my boss was.
After a bit I look over, My boss's wife is sitting on my fiance's face and jerking him (My fiance is pretty big) and her husband is behind her telling her what to do, They switch and I get on my knees and elbows, My husband is doing his boss's wife missionary, Somehow I end up on top of her...You know, going down on each other, My boss is in me from behind and my fiance and I are going to town on her...and then it happened, I felt it building but couldn't stop it, She had ahold of my hips, My boss had settled into a rythm and the guy from work was in my mouth.
I pushe dthe guy from work back and started shaking, My fiance started twisting my nips and I sooooo didn't want to, I have only done it twice and this was not the time but I lost control and with my face buried in her thighs I screamed as I started coming, It was ridiculous, I could feel like a full body ripple from my shoulders to my...Yeah and I came, not just regular but full, Like...Full and I was shaking and screaming and squirting. My boss's wife quickly squirmed out from under me and I stayed on my knees and had my head on the bed, He pulled out and had his hand in there working me and keeping it going for way too long and I fianlly collapsed on the bed.
The entire bed was soaked and everyone was staring at me, I was exhausted and just laid there while all three of them were all over her and me and I drifted in and out. I was done, Like done done and just laid there like a rag doll while they man handled me and eventually my boss tossed my salad and while he did that I watched my fiance give his wife a half facial and half in her mouth while the guy from work did her and finished inside. I did end up going again but don't remember most of it but i don't think I got off again and def not like the first one.
There was a lot that went on and I am quite certain I went multiple times with each because I would drift in and out of different situations with each guy, With her and so on. I woke up at home in bed, Naked, Sore, Sticky and just feeling plain gross, I got up and showered and when I went to the living room the guy from work and my husband were on the couch, I was in a towel and he said he should go, I was so foggy I just stood there and he came up, Kissed my cheek and grabbed my towel opening it up, I felt a scared wave wash over me and a ripple of goosebumps as he pinched my nip and then whispered in my ear "F*** you're amazing" and then walked out the door.
I looked at my fiance and said "Why was he here?", He said "Huh", I said "Why...Was...He...Here" and my fiance said "you don't remeber coming home?", I shook my head no and he said "Ooohhh....Uuuhhhh....You invited him"
I sat down and put my elbows on my knees and rested my face in my hands, I heard him chuckle and looked over, I said "What are you doing", I grabbed his phone and him, My boss and the other guy had a chat going, he sent the nud3 pic of me saying "I think she is feeling rough" and you can see my b****, My boss sent back one of his wife sprawled on her back nud3 saying "I think g******* Barbie is too". I lost my s*** a liitle...Ok, More than a little and he got off his phone.
It's Monday of week 3 since and here I sit in my new office at work, They guy who was there that night requested me as an assisstant...Obvioulsy my boss said yes, Two weeks, I have been to my boss's upstairs office 6 times and once his wife was there and he watched me and her then she watched me and him, My "New boss" has asked me to stay late 4 times...Lovely, Keep in mind we are only open 5 days a week so it has been every day, This is what my life has become, I am a work wh0re for both my boss's and they just want to take turns and f*** me constantly. Who's going to call me to come to their office today...FML.

Feb 19, 2021

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  • You enjoyed it, remember you yelled out when you orgasmed you have regrets but you had fun in the moment

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