Sleeping pills hipnotise you

A friend was here and asked what the medicine in a bottle was and mom said it was sleeping pills. He asked if she would wake up if someone messed with her and she asked what kind of messed with. He said like feel you up and have s** with you and she asked why he wanted to know that. He was just curious so she said if he was gentle with her she probably wouldn’t wake up and he said when is she going to take some.
I Said mom could you take some now and she said if she did she would sleep for an hour and wanted to know if we wanted to sleep too. We said yes then ok and she took some and told us to take one and go lay down in my room. She went to her room and we didn’t take any but waited for her to go to sleep. After ten minutes we looked in and she was in bed asleep.
He felt her on the cover and she didn’t move. The we both felt of her on the covers and rubbed her all over. She didn’t wake up. So he pulled the cover up some and slid his hand in and rubbed her leg then I did it and he rubbed on her b**** on the covers and she rolled toward us and scared us but we stayed there and then I could reach way in and feel her but. Then he rubbed her but too and I pulled my peter out and picked her hand up and put my peter in her her hand and rubbed her hand with it. He said squeeze his D*** and she did. We stayed real still and she didn’t wake up so I started moving her hand back and forth and he said kick the covers off. She moved her legs and stopped. He said do it and she rolled onto her back and kicked her legs legs a little. Then he said do it again and she got the cover off her B****. He said she is hipnotised and he said is it ok to suck your B**** and she said yes then I started squirting. I pulled it out of her hand and we ran out laughing. Now we are going to do more things later and she hasn’t said anything about what happened.

Mar 1, 2020

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  • Totally fake

  • OP is a particularly retarded virgin. Not very creative either =)

  • They were not sleeping pills !!!!! They were ASPIRIN !!!! When i was about 14 i used to sleep in bed with my mother . The first night it happened we had just gotten into bed when my mother said that she needed to take some sleeping pills . After she took those pills she turned out the bedroom light . About twenty minutes or so later she rolled over and through her over me . Shortly after that her hand made it's way under my '' T '' shirt then down in side my boxers . Her hand wrapped around my d*** and gave it a little squeeze or two . I had just started to doze off when i realized what was happening . I had no idea of what to make of this . Mother continued gently squeezing my d*** . I got embarrassed because my d*** was getting hard . Mother continued squeezing my d*** until i had a big b**** . Then she began slowly moving her back and forth over my d*** . No longer embarrassed and breathing pretty hard and arching my hips in time with mother slow hand movements . My d*** was really getting hard , Mothers hand began moving faster and faster . I began to moan pretty loud because i was just about ready to c** . And c** i did ????? It never felt like that before , I shot so much c** that my boxers were soaked . John

  • Don’t mess around next time. Suck those boobies and f** her real nice. She’ll be wanting to take a nap every day.

  • Surely she knew what you were doing to her!! She enjoyed too. Next time you may f*** her too!!

  • What a bunch of pathetic tools...

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