I want to be a Kpop Idol But my mom doesnt support my dream

I am 15 and wanna be a Kpop Idol (p.s I'm Indian) But my mom was like " I would rather die than have her choose that career." " You need to understand, you can only live in this world by studying" " You shouldn't make your passion your job" I am so confused and torn apart, I really wanna be a Kpop Idol, My friends, my dad (a lil bit) are supportive of it, but I don't know what to do? Plz write your suggestion down below.

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  • Fashion Fophead, your not Korean. Get on Bandcamp and download some actual music and pay struggling real musicians for there efforts not some pop twit agency mass production scam

  • The k in kpop stands for Korean. You Korean brah? Nope, but you’re definitely really ** stupid.

  • Listen to your mother. The world doesn't need another Kpop idol. When I was your age I wanted to pitch for the L.A. Dodgers. That dream didn't work out either, mostly because I wasn't remotely good enough to make even the middle school team. I did, however, get a great education and career and am currently living happily with an excellent retirement and fabulous grandchildren and great grandchildren. My baseball dreams came true as I strike them out at whiffle ball with stats better than any Dodger ever had! God bless you kid. You will find your way. Choose to love your parents.

  • You can be anything you want but get a degree and a career so that you can fall back upon it.
    Many people have two birds in their hand so if one career doesn't click, the other helps them sustain themselves.
    At your age, it's routine to get carried away by tinsel but your mom has seen hard realities of life.Therefore, go by her advice and simultaneously pursue something that may lead you to nowhere. You will still have a productive qualification.

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