Wakeing up hard

My mom is poor and I need to share a bedroom with my sister. The beds are separated but we can see each other. I am 13 and wake up with an erection every morning which sometimes sticks out of my boxers or otherwise sticks out like a pole. My sister is 12 and sometimes she pulls on it or tries to rub it to make fun of me. I am a heavy sleeper and yesterday morning when I woke up I was actually spurting white goo. She was shocked and had some on her fingers and face. Now she wants to do it again but this is embarrassing so I told her she had to take off all of her clothes so I would not be as embarrassed. She is really cute with a thick patch of hair on her p**** . She let me touch it and rub it before I let her stroke me. I shot my biggest load ever onto her face and hair . We both just laughed but I know this is wrong and we need to stop. She says no way and wants do do it again after mom leaves for work What should I do?

Feb 20, 2021

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  • Should stop i think, can be fun but should stop! good luck!

  • I have thought now a few times plus I don't

  • This is such bullshit I think it’s funny how some fat old bald guy is acting like a teenager give me a break

  • My sister was 15 years older than me and she got married at age 20 and moved away. When I was about 16, she came back home due to them getting a divorce. She had gotten sort of fat while away. One night she came into my bedroom wearing just a shorty nightgown, said she wanted to "talk." He nightie was sort of see through and I was getting erect, one thing led to another and she showed me how to lick girls and then she tugged my pajamas down and sucked on me. After that, we did that a lot until she met some cowboy guy and moved away again. I think most brothers and sisters mess around growing up.

  • That is just WRONG

  • I’m 16 and my sister is 9 I have a hard one for her and I’ve always wanted to f*** her but I’m not sure how I should go about it I see she watches p*** on her iPad I just delete the history and don’t say anything but now I know she’s h**** might f*** her in her sleep I’m about 6 inches lollagucci is my wickr HMU

  • Double penatration she needs

  • If you won'tfuck her i would love to she is the perfect age

  • Small disk and shoud be shot

  • Bullshit

  • Sweetheart, She is your sister. That is wrong

    If you are truly 6 inches and 16 you should find a nice MILF to teach you the ropes. Having s** with an experienced woman will be much better, safer and less immoral

  • My father and mother both are employed and when me and my sister come back home after school we are alone. So while we play started tickling each other and later it developed to tickling on our private parts. Further we developed it in to full fledged s** that too before the age of myself 10 and she as young as 8 years. Now I have stopped it but she cant and begs for s**. She even m********* in the nude and do not wear dress at home when we are alone at home.

  • Waking, it's spelled waking

  • Let me give you a little motherly advice.

    It is perfectly normal for a little boy your age to wake up with his “little soldier” standing at attention. But you seem a bit young to have e******** (the white stuff).

    It is also normal for a young girl to make fun of her brother and find an erect p**** a interesting new toy.

    That being said even though it is natural you are brother and sister and should NOT play with each other’s privates. You should save that for that special someone you marry

  • Who evey post this yes shouldnt do this please

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