Female Superiority Fetish

From the time I was a boy in my early teens, I came to realize that I was aroused by the concept of female dominance. I was captivated by images of confident, assertive women in positions of power and authority. I had obtained the book "The Natural Superiority of Women" by Ashley Montague along with various articles suggesting that the female is actually the stronger s** overall. I had also been influenced by movies and shows portraying a female dominated society at some time in the future. For whatever odd reason, the idea of a society ruled by women is intensely arousing to me. Any scenario involving women in positions of authority was a huge turn on.
I am fascinated by the power of feminine energy, and the way women use it in daily life. It is also a turn on to observe signs of female empowerment in current events. I am in awe of the outspoken feminists leading the way for women's rights, and their influence on society. The rejection of toxic masculinity is an example of their success.
It is also intriguing that women are becoming increasingly dominant in education, earning the growing majority of advanced degrees. We see the effects of this as women are advancing in the workforce.
Every aspect of the empowerment of women in general has become the theme of an obsessive fantasy world., bridging the gap between fantasy and reality.
To imagine that 100 years ago, women had just won the right to vote, and today, they are rising to high political office. Then to imagine if they made that much more progress in the next 100 years. As the empowerment of women gains momentum, could it expand beyond equality? Are we gradually evolving into a female dominated society? In my greatest fantasy, we are watching it happen already.
Most people think this is pretty weird, so I'm embarrassed to talk about it.



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  • Nothing to be embarrassed about and I have seen it too. My stepmom was dominant and assertive and I saw her build a company in a man's world.
    Some of her woman friends were the same.
    In school I was drawn to girls like her and married one eventually.

  • Nothing better than women like you who get on their knees 😘

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