Three Themes That Need to Disappear

Why do you people have no imagination? It's always the same old ** on this website. "I'm a guy who likes to dress in women's clothing. Don't I look dainty? Don't call me a homosexual though even though I tuck my ** in. Look at me I'm absolutely gorgeous." OR likewise: "My wife and I went to a party. Everybody wanted to ** her. I watched her eat ten loads. It was so hot." Why would any self-respecting husband or boyfriend fantasize so much about other people ** his woman? Why isn't he fantasizing about ** other women? Now that would be logical and normal. Maybe their ** don't work anymore who knows. Or likewise: "I'm a dweeby perpetually unshowered gamer boy with no friends who doesn't leave the basement but I fantasize about ** my Mom, my Aunt, my Sister, and Grandma. And then dressing up as a woman and rubbing myself until its time to diaper up. Don't I look dainty." Really makes you feel optimistic about the future of our country reading posts like these. Please for the love of God people...get some originality and write different kinds of posts from time to time.

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Im feeling suicidal after failing 2 semesters and lying about it

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