Walking around looking for used condom sperm drink

In summer i walk around where hookers work and i ask them to save the condom, they look at me but they save it filled 1 cup and used d**** and use the Sperm some one never meet, drink and lube. a few times having gay s** i use it lube!

Feb 25

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  • It sounds like it is not safe.
    Be careful!!!!!

  • I am not doing nothing worng, i am not hurting no one, its how i life and i take used condom from hookers,they save it! its my body so not doing nothing worng

  • Thank you only life once so use it and enjoy life!

  • That's pretty sick man.

  • I am clean no aids hiv i enjoy haing c u m has lube

  • Well if u seen this post i will not u r here looking! right iwill not stop and take used comdoms and use it for lube

  • You filthy diseased mange-ridden Hep-having AIDS-carrying f*****-rat-b******. You're disgusting and you are a threat to the public and the American way of life. Turn yourself in to Anthony Fauci and beg for mercy. Until then please stop sucking d*** and eating ass. You're mentally ill and immuno-compromised.

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