Contemplating suicide because of ruined life due to pandemic

Almost everyone in my family are out of work and we are barely scraping by. We are having trouble buying food and paying the bills. I'm seriously considering taking my life and my question is, does anyone else feel this way? This f****** pandemic which is looking more and more like a plandemic or scamdemic has ruined the lives of my family and everyone I know. I f****** hate it.

Mar 29, 2021

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  • It’s a plandamic, this is what they want us to do . This is what I say do what to take every penny from the damn government as you can. And keep you and yours safe. Don’t fall for this bullshit. I’m not saying people are not dying from covid, I’m saying this was all plans out and like the animal kingdom, the strong and smart will survive

  • Your not alone. Our Government is using the pandemic to bankrupt working Americans

  • Not exactly.. But it is another government military biological weapon that got out of control.

  • I want to as well, pretty bad. The home environment sucks. My uncle, aunt and cousin pressured my mom to add their names to the house. That is why they are toxic to me. My family actually has been toxic for awhile. My boyfriend told me he wanted rich women. I think I am disfigured because a pimple turned into a keloid. My school loves failing students to make money and I think professors are making the material harder than it needs to be. I'm just tired. I want painless suicide to be legal.

  • My toxic family will gloat at me because my boyfriend dumped me.

  • Getting a degree and wanting a better life seems so far away.

  • If you are a believer visit the nearest place of worship and seek help

  • You’re near the finish line. Don’t give up now!

  • You or your family is not the only one.
    Lot of families going through bad phase.
    Don't be weak. This time will also pass.
    You have only one life to live.
    Keep trying.

  • No don’t be weak, and take your life. Your family is already going through a lot apparently, and the last thing they need is your death on their conscience. Help your family out in anyway, shape, or form that you can. Your death won’t make anything better for your family. You’re not the only one out there being affected by this, always remember that, and cherish, and appreciate those around you.

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