Heroin abuse

I work in drug & alcohol treatment, as an intake administrator. For the past half a year I've been abusing heroin daily. I'm totally wired to the drug, and need it to avoid getting sick. I'll smoke heroin and conduct an intake interview with a heroin addict fifteen minutes later. My habit is supported by embezzling funds from the admin dept. of the non-profit treatment center.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Heroin is the best drug.

  • People have done much worse than you to support their heroine habit. It's totally out of your control. Some people rob their poor ass grandmas whom they love to feed their habit. Nevertheless, if you want to have a life you've got to go for treatment. As you know, you aren't going to get off heroin yourself. It's impossible. You have to check in someplace for treatment. If it is a reputible medical facility there is no reason anyone should have to know. But, you should also resign your position, quietly. You don't belong in that job. It's like asking a recovering alcoholic to be a bartender. There might be a tiny percentage of people who could do that, but I'll be my ass AA wouldn't recommend it! Abstinence from drugs will be a lifelong battle and you don't need any temptation once you become clean.

  • What you have done is criminal. YOU need to get control, just like anyone you are trying to help. You should remove yourself from your position but keep active in the place. It is a good service for the public. You'll give it all a bad name if this all goes public. Prepare to be fired.

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