I know this is going to get a lot of

I know this is going to get a lot of flame on this or whatever, but that's not what I'm writing this for. I'm not writing this for anyone to tell me heroin is dangerous, or bad, or that I shouldn't do it. I know all of the consequences that come with diving into this drug. I'd like to say CURRENTLY I'm not an addict, I don't "plan" to become one, though no one does. I'm not approaching this with no knowledge of, I'm completely aware and trying to be as safe and cautious as I am able. But as this drug is, maybe someday I may be confessing my downfall.
Anyways, I found this kind of ironic and funny - but my confession -
Me and my boyfriend ( who doesn't use ) have developed a sexual fetish related to heroin.
My boyfriend is a Dom, and I'm a submissive.
The fetish:
My Daddy holds all of my drugs.
I beg him over and over to please give me my fix. He tortures me and tortures me till he finally gives me my fix, he has complete control over my mind, and because of my physical desire for it, my body too.

Hehe, pretty messed up isn't it? That's how it is.
I've done heroin about three times now, so more often do we play this type of game when I don't even have the drug! It makes us wild, especially me.
When I DO have the drug - ****, I'm the sluttiest ***** in heat I've ever known.

On a side note: Because of how rarely I use, this sort of sexual fetish has kind of become a kind of way to control drug usage, which makes me a bit happy. It's like having a treat now and then, and I don't look at the drug as means to get happy quick or something to depend upon.

Anyways, that's my confession! Please don't say stuff about using heroin to me, I have many friends of whom I promised I'd stay safe that I do not want to let down.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • This is a LIE. For someone who actually has first hand experience with heroin, I can tell you right now you're full of s***. Nice try, but you ain't shocking anyone - liar.

  • I can't lie, that is really weird, and quite dangerous. probably shouldn't do that.

  • Heroin is probably the worst drug you can ever do. My mom came off a heroin addiction (without methadone), and the withdrawals nearly killed her. Be careful! If it is just a fantasy, can't you use something a little less addictive? Oh, and by the way, what kind of boyfriend do you have that is getting off on you pretending to be a junkie???!!?!?!? That is sick!

  • Wanted to let everyone know I used for about two weeks and got my thrill of it and now I've stopped. Can't say I'll ever regret it, either. - Poster

  • You're lying too

  • Sorry, I mispelled crave. dam fingers don't work that well anymore.

  • Addiction is something that does not come on over night; It's a slow process. You always think that you are in control, and you can stop anytime, but the truth is changes occur in your brain the very first time that you use it. The more that you use it; the less high that you get, thus the higher the dose needed, and that is when you are an addict. You will grave the high; it will be your life.
    If you manage to get your self off of it. Anytime that you are in the same situation you will grave it. It will draw you to it.

    I suggest two things find another game to play, because you are playing with fire. If you don't stop, you will lose everything.
    I have never met an addict that did not say the same things you are saying. Anyone who says they can control it is not in control. It's not about being careful. It's about being smart.

    I hope these days are fun, because the rest of your life is going to suck. GET use to the word ADDICT to describe yourself. Your pretty boyfriend will be long gone on to someother women who likes to play the game.

  • stop using junk now.

  • em get some help



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