Drug users..

I'm attracted to drug users.
Heroin users, meth users...
I look for track marks. I look for signs of any sort of drug use.
If a man does not use a substance I am not interested.
It is so hot...
I think I'm strange though.
I imagine fantasties, I get off on the thought of a man shooting up.
I know this is not normal...
How can I change my mindset?

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  • Stay away from those no good junkies.they ruin their lives and everybody around them

  • I find them hot,too. And they are super sexy when stoned.

  • Well thats not good im 20 and have been a drug user for 9 years and a iv user for 2 of them, i always warn a girl about my problems becuse i know how selfish and destructive i can b, but it could b their persnality, bad drug addicts have usually been through alot and have a understanding of life that other people cant comprehend because theve experienced situations others havent, ive been disowned by people, in prison , homeless, shot at, locked up for bank robbery, and all though these things suck u do learn alot so maby its not the drugs but how the drugs and lifestyle have shaped the person

  • Recognising that you have a problem is half the battle. Now contact your doctor and let her/him advise you of a competent therapist that can help you detach from your predicament.

    Drug users of the type you mention are very selfish, especially when they need a fix. They are very unattractive in that state and if they have been addicted for some time are not like other people. They may have mental impairments that affect their judgment so they come with baggage you will eventually have to face dead on.

  • I understand the "bad boy" appeal that these guys provide for you. That being said there are a few things to consider.These men are on a self-destructive path and being on board with their lifestyle is only hurting them more. Clearly you have no interest in fixing them and that will only cause you to be either an addict yourself, or to end up being the caretaker. There is absoloutly nothing positive that comes from either situation. Addiction is harsh and more times than not your risking your life for the drug. Being a crutch for the addited is even worse. You wind up getting involved with bad people through association with the addict and putting yourself in danger..Is YOUR LIFE worth it for a couple "good" lays, or even for a fantasy? Addiction can lead to death and your fantasies with then be non existant. Just think about it.

  • You can stop posting the same bullshit over and over.

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