Did I deserve this scolding and threatened to be spanked.

Well I had been threatened with a spanking by a little girl. She broke away from her mother. We had just gotten paid for our weed pipes, stones, and roach clips. We also made a smoking mixture from herbs. I am an experienced herbalist and it would be unethical for a medical herbalist to make it. I'll admit we were rather loud and rowdy and using language that we should've never used. We made quite a bit of money from making these items. The mother came and she said, "I agree with my daughter. All of you should be lined up and spanked by whoever comes by." The woman was as bad as her daughter scolding us, but it would've not surprised me any if all of us did not get loaded up in her van and paddled by the mother. She said, "Using the Lord's name in vain. Using some of the filthiest language a fellow like you and your friends could use. You are in the front of a public library...not in the inside of a bar." She kept scolding all of us and finally the bus came. This happened in Charleston.

Mar 3, 2021

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  • Get spanked with barb wire!!!!!!!

  • Kill yourself

  • Absolute balderdash and nonsense.

  • Yes it is bullshit. This crap has been winding up in my email. They must think about you before that can be a critic.

  • It is funny you talk about ethics and your swearing out in public with out a care who can hear you and your friends.
    You sound like you don't care about anyone else, just your self!!
    I'm glad I do not know you!!!!!!!

  • BULL S***

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