I asked my mother to give me a spanking

When I was about 18 or so, I had a deep desiree to be spanked by a woman.
My mother had never given me more than a scolding and was unaware of how I felt. But non the less I aproached her and told her how I felt, and blushingly asked her to give me a bare bottom spanking over her knees.
She was surprised to say the least, but listened to me and we talked about my desiree.
She told me if I wanted to feel what a spanking felt like, she would give me one. But she would be the one deciding how hard and long she would spank me.

I agree and felt my mother taking my hand and leading me to her bedroom. She pulled a chair out, grabbed her wooden hairbrush and sat down.
I was embarrassed when my mother unbuttoned me jeans and pulled them and my underpants down to my ankles and told me to bend over knees

Red in the face from embarrassment I did as she told me to and was laying across my mothers knees about to get a bare bottom spanking with her hairbrush. And then she gave me a long hard spanking that left me crying real tears and kicking me legs in pain and desperation.
My mother was determined to make sure I got what I see ked and used her wooden hairbrush very effeciently.
I was so embarrassed when my mother stopped spanking me and told me to stand. She then led me to a corner of her bedroom and told me to stand there with my red bottom on display.

I had grotten the first spanking of my life and was hooked for life.

Now my wife is the woman that spanks me when I feel Ineed to be punished or behave like a naughty little boy.

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  • It may be that you were feeling as if you had to have such control over your life at 18 that you were feeling pressured. The spanking brought you back to a time when you didn't have to feel that. In a sense, it freed you from that.

    I was curious about those types of spankings when I was younger. My cousins got them from my aunt (I posted in another post) and when I was staying with them, I got one then. I undoubtedly deserved it but I was surprised that she spanked me the same way she spanked her own son and daughter....standing up with your hands either on the dresser or on the bed. I thought she'd make an exception for me....nope! Nevertheless, it somehow created a bond between us. She was definitely in control, but other times that I stayed there and got spanked, there was a trust between us then. When she would close the bedroom door, I would lower my pants and underwear and get into position without being told or asked to. Once she did on over-the-lap spanking that I found particularly embarrassing because I felt so vulnerable.

  • It's nice that you have such an understanding mother, and awesome that your wife is willing to indulge your needs. Treasure them, as women who will accommodate you are rather scarce.

  • So hard for a guy to ask his mother for a spanking. One day I was
    on the back porch playing with my tablet and she came out and
    she sat down next to me and started to brush her hair with her
    hairbrush. I could not hold it back anymore. "Please spank me, Mother"
    We talked awhile and finally I found myself naked over her lap. My
    fantasy never imagined it could hurt so, so much!


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