Did I deserve this scolding and threatened to be spanked.

When I went to a vocational school in Charleston WV. We had made roach clips, stone, and pipes. I still see some of them in drug shops. There was four of us and the "head shop" was beside the public library. Well, like a bunch of guys usually do..talking loud over our good fortune of finding someone to buy our stuff.

Little did we know, a group of various aged girls was outside of the library studying. One of the older girls came up to us and told us to, "keep down the noise, please." I said after she left, "Ignore her, she is just a women's libber. You treat them like a man they get upset." The way this alley or street was built was strange. It amplified sound. We sat on the curb and started dividing the money we had earned from out hard work.

We tried to keep down our conversation, but some rather spicy language was also floating on the breeze.

This alley or street was only big enough for one car to pass through it. This was a very old street and it was a small block. It was made of brick and originally it was probably cobblestone.

We were heading to the bus stop and these girls had blocked one end of the alley or street and the other end was blocked by another group. The spokesperson of this group began to scold all of us. They took turns scolding us. Finally one of them said, "You need your hineys turned cherry red. I mean it. I doubt if any of you boys had ever gotten a good and proper bare butt punishment." I told her, "Never and never by the likes of you rag tag group of roundheads." She said in a loud voice, "I thought so. You have a cute one under those tight jeans. You need to be treated like a little boy. Sent to your room to await punishment." Finally the I said, "Enough of your hot air. We need to catch the bus. Go away, gnat."

There was more of them than there was of us.

Mar 4, 2021

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