I'm stuck in a rut. I'm aware I have to make an effort to rejoin society again. But, this rut of mine is hard to relinquish.

I'm not sponging off the government to fund this selfish rut of mine. I worked hard for 20 years, have my own home without a mortgage, have my own finances to support me, I'm debt free, fortunately.

Maybe I require more time, to regain my enthusiasm for life once more. But to be honest, what is there to enjoy?

I've travelled the world, I've met and forged a good life with my partner, we're healthy and physically fit I think. I workout daily, I meditate, I read, I write, I cook, I clean, I spend time with loved one's. Perhaps, I'm not in a rut, perhaps I'm just content and feel like I shouldn't be. What do you do with your life, when you believe you've accomplished everything you aspire to, by the age of 36. What else is there to do in life now?

Mar 8, 2021

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  • Who wants to re-join society when many of the people are dishonest and do the wrong thing by you?
    Create you own world that makes you happy.
    Some people don't deserve your presence.
    This world is full of like minded people like yourself.
    When you connect with people like yourself, you will see that LIFE is beautiful despite all the conundrum that is going on around you.

  • Mentor a child

  • You're in paradise.
    Look around you and be grateful for you have accomplished and for all you possess be it material possessions or otherwise.
    Think of others not so.fortunate.
    Perhaps donate to or help charity to accomplish that feel good factor

  • I can relate. I just finished a 10 year period and I'm assessing how, or what's the best way to rejoin.

  • I feel you, it's difficult.

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