Um > <

Sometimes I feel really scared of myself @.@. I'm female, 18 years old from Vietnam. I work hard to create an image of a person with great determination and talents > < ). 2 Days ago, I even walked outside naked at midnight since there were no people and masturbated in a pretty-safe spot. I felt so bad but I just couldn't help it. Guess I'm ruined now, haha ^ ^.

Mar 26

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  • Dont be i do it too i started going naked at home when nobody was about and using things inside me to get off. I went outside into the back garden and used a hairbrush in my kitty a few times naked and really enjoyed it but scared to get caught but id love to go for a naked walk sometine soon

  • There is Nothing wrong with s**, of any kind as long as no one gets hurt unless they want to.
    But religion dose have some issues with it and they will tell you when to and when not to...
    Just enjoy the experience!!!

  • Nothing wrong with you I do it all the time some times when driving i pullover in a parking lot and do it

  • There's nothing wrong with that. It was your own intimate time.

  • Being h**** can make a person do crazy stuff😜 I did that on our second floor balcony . Stroking it nude until I finished . (At night)
    Maybe the girls across the way got a free show ,idk

  • No sweetie you’re not ruined at all. I do that too

  • You had safe s**. No reason to be ashamed of it.

  • Bạn là một chàng trai và bạn sống ở Mỹ

  • Tên em là Mai. Cảm ơn anh đã đọc ^^

  • Đây không phải là nơi cho câu trả lời. Đây là nơi dành cho những người bệnh

  • Well, it's fine if you don't believe me ^ ^ Thanks for reading

  • I believe you because i do it.

  • No regrets. the more people do it the less taboo it will be.

  • Self pleasure is just so incredibly amazing. Keep doing it if you enjoyed it

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