Deep dark secret

I have to get this off my chest ... I am in my late 20’s now with kids (lady) . I had a childhood friend I grew up with . My mom and his mom were best friends . They eventually had a falling out and havnt spoke since we were 7 maybe 8 . I can’t remember . When I was young I started to know about s** and how it felt good . I literally humped this childhood friend... I feel so ashamed and felt like I sexually assaulted him in a way . We were both so very young . Abs I feel in a way this could be the reason why they had a falling out and why my moms friend won’t talk to her ( they recently ran in together after all these years ) ( my mom has no idea as I basically put it out of my mind until recently and now I feel like s*** about it and keep having anxiety over it ) I have not told anyone this. My mom had another friend and her daughter we had an experience but then I guess she got nervous and pretended she was asleep . No actual touching . Just dry humping . I don’t know why I did those things ... to be honest I still hump my pillow ... I was even caught by my mom when I was a child .
Thank you for allowing me to tell my secret anonymously

Mar 30, 2021

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  • I like Zebras in my pants

  • Wow, I'm 44m, and this mirrors my experience from my childhood almost exactly! Our mum's were besties, we were around 8yo and they lived on a farm a bit out of town. We were at their property one day and the girl and I were mucking about in the spare house, she takes her shirt off, grabs my hand and rubs it on her chest and starts kissing me then puts my hand down her pants to play with her. Anyways, her sister interrupted so that was it. I'm guessing she had been hearing about s** from friends and stuff and was curious, but TBH I had no fricken' idea what was going on! Our families lost touch at some point.

    So I have been the guy on the other side of the equation!

    Should you feel bad about it? H*** no! Maybe I am just a typical guy but once I finally found out what s** and remembered that day and what she was doing to me, I have since seen it as a missed opportunity! I was confused at the time for sure, but I have no regrets about what she did and we remained great friends. So I doubt your guy would be too cut up about it, maybe he'd even like a second shot at goal?

    FYI, we met up again when we were 17 (legal age here) and she hadn't lost her virginity yet and wanted to lose it to an old friend she could trust, so we tried to sleep together but ironically she was so nervous that her opening was too tight and I couldn't push in! Another lost opportunity!

  • It's natural. Nature plays it's role in everyone's life.
    Take it east. We all have only one life to live.

  • I love suck c***

  • You need to get some help

  • I wish i was your pillow

  • Lol u like dry humpin

  • Only when you mom is on the rag.

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