Kissing a family friend

My wife and I have been friends with another couple for a few years. This guys wife was rather unhappy and sexually unfulfilled at home. She discretely asked me to kiss her at her house, I hesitated saying your husband, please don't put me in a bad situation. She said it's ok I just want to be kissed since it's been years. So I gave her an innocent respectful kiss on her lips.She got frustrated and said not like that I want one like this, and gave me her tongue and put my hand on her breast.I stood there taking full advantage of her kiss and touching her breast.I spun her around and put both of my hands on both her b****** and started kissing the back of her neck.She pulled away and turned to kiss me, I let her, we were making out like teenagers. She reached down and felt me I was hard as a rock. She said I want that with you someday soon, I'm still waiting but admit I fear the day she comes for it. I feel so guilty I did that to my wife and I know I can't go through with having a sexual fling with anyone outside my marriage. What I did was so wrong already. If my wife found out what I already did with her I know it would hurt her but not end my marriage. However if I go for it and she finds out I'm sure it's quite possible my marriage will die. I'm not taking that chance even though I admit I'd love to try her out for the fun of it. I love my wife more than anything and I'm not happy I went as far as I did with our friend.


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  • Dont do it, self control, discipline, be true to yourself and your wife, it's all you got.

  • Stick with your wife not a s***

  • Send your friend to me if u don't want her. You gonna get crucified for kissing her if wife finds out. U might as well go all the way and make it worth the pain she is gonna put you thru for life.You have eaten the whole elephant,dont let the tail defeat you.

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