Dear Simon

This is a confession to my old pal Simon.
Yes, I f***** your sister, even though you told me not to. How could I resist?
Your sister was an alluring piece of tight ass. you thought her an innocent, little flower. However you are wrong, very wrong.
I took your sister, not out of spite, but because she begged me to.
She rode me like a wild beast and took it all. It amazes me, that you didn't hear us. You sister is a scream, and a seeker of pleasure.
Her o****** were sweet on my c***, and she made me feel so good.
So f*** you, Simon. you will never know.

Apr 1, 2021

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  • Didn't you have a sister to f***

  • Guess what simon’s father already raped your mama and u came out along with the s***

  • Tell me what?

  • Simon : to be honest with are the worst BS writer.

  • Hey douchebag the guys talking about Simon in the post Simon didn't write anything it's Simon sisters that he f***** wake the f****** put the meth pipe down would you incest doesn't make you retarded but this fool is smoking meth that makes you f****** retarded

  • Simon doesn't know Simon doesn't know Simon doesn't know Simon doesn't know SO DON'T TELL SIMON

  • I shall tell the simon

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