Wife fulfilled my fantasy

My wife is 40 and in great shape for my birthday last year she surprised me by getting her mons tattooed. We found a place where she was comfortable getting her c*** pierced and a tattoo above her p****. There was no s**. Just her stripping nude in the back of the tattoo palor and a cute guy piercing her c***.

We have gone back to get her full back done from her butt to her neck, her b******,undrboob and side of her legs. You wouldn't know about her piercings or tats since it's her big secret.

She has gotten more sexual and spends alot of time at home in the nude. She says why does she need clothes when she has beautiful tattoos.

It's a big surprise but I live the ink.

Apr 5, 2021

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  • I watched my wife get a l**** piercing, it took one heck of a lot for me to talk her into it. But finally she agreed.
    The place I took her to was run by an older man about 60 or so, and he had one helper, a young fellow maybe 25.
    She turned bright red when she had to drop her panties, lie back and spread her legs right in front of her.
    I had talked to the guy ahead of time so he knew the deal, he told her to prevent any chance of infection he needed to rub this anti bacteria stuff in, so he spent maybe 15 minutes being sure he did a good job.
    It was not only hot to watch but hilarious, he caused her to get off twice, she tried to hide that but couldn't.
    She almost laughingly accused me of having that done deliberately, which I denied of course.
    Then she told me she wanted to get a nipple ring, telling me with a grin that they hadn't seen them yet.

  • My wife has the names of her previous sexual partners tattooed on her lower belly. I wanted her to do it and went with her to the tattoo parlor and watched the guy tattoo her. He said that he would cut the price in half if she would f*** him. My wife was very h**** and needed to f*** so I said go for it. While he was f****** her the other two tattoo artists came back to see what was going on. They f***** my wife after the first guy finished. Then he tattooed three more names just below her belly button. Now when my wife wears a bikini to the beach the names of the three tattoo artists are visible for everyone to see. If guys ask her about the names she tells them that they all f***** her and if they want to come back home with us she will show them the other names. Once she pulls her bikini bottom down the guys f*** her. More names need to be added and I hope that she gets totally covered in guy's names. It always make me h**** when I see all the guys that have f***** her.

  • Sounds expensive

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