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I work at a major haircut franchise. I’ve been at the same store for almost 10 years and have quite a few regulars

Last weekend one of my regulars came in. He is a middle aged guy. Probably 50 or so. He is fit and kinda handsome, but mostly bald. He comes in every 2 weeks or so to get trimmed up. He usually comes in in jeans but I noticed while he was waiting that he had a tear just left of his zipper and I could see flesh. I purposely put on the cape but only covered the right side.

I reached across to grab the cape allowing my hand to brush that area and it was flesh. I felt it and it was huge and hard. He smiled at me in the mirror. I smiled back. Covered him with the cape and proceeded to cut his hair. When done I asked if he wanted a wash and massage. He smiled and said yes. He never said yes before.

We went to the back. As he laid back he pulled the cape up. Is I washed his hair I could the bulge move. It made me so HOT. I then went around to startle him and rub bulging manhood with my crotch while I stuck my breast in his face and continued to message his scalp.

As I finished his shampoo I caught myself telling him I want you inside of me. We then went into the office and I had the best s** ever with a man old enough to be my father. He was huge and amazing. Needless to say I did not charge him for his haircut and asked him to c u m inside me anytime.

I hope there was no camera or I am going to get fired for sure.

Apr 6, 2021

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  • Did have this happen to me once, years ago. When I had longer hair, I'd knot up the back with a pen or something, and pull it out. Was a bad habit, but I didn't think much of it. My hot, blonde, sexy hairstylist women worked out of her home, and had a bedroom off of her shop, and noticed I was thinner in the back of my hair on each side, from pulling. She asked if I was doing it, and said it wasn't good for me. Made me a deal that, if I stopped pulling it out and it was full and regular by my next cut, usually every month or two, she'd do my cut in her tiny bikini that I'd seen her in a few times.

    I agreed, and stopped pulling for two months. Got there, proved it, and she made good on her promise, changing into that tiny bikini. Finished my cut and saw how bulged and hard I was for her (a gorgeous, blonde woman in a tiny bikini hovering over me and cutting my hair..Getting hard took about two minutes), took me into the small bedroom, told me how much a catch I'd become, and we had wild s** on the bed. It was the only time, but that's also due to my moving and not going to her as much. Still the best cut and afterwards I ever had. Damn she was so sexy.

  • S lu t

  • I’ve been seeing the same hair stylist for several years and wish she would do this to me. I often fantasize about her and she is often flirty, but neither of us have ever crossed that line.

  • If you have been working there for 10 years you should know if there are cameras.

  • No you didn't. You naughty, naughty boy.

  • Wow..every guys dream

  • It’s crazy. I know. But it was so hot. I’ve been cutting that guys hair for years. He is old enough to be my dad, but for some reason I just couldn’t resist.

    He came in yesterday with flowers. I told him when I got off work and he met me at my apartment and we had s** all night.

    Turns out he is the man of my dreams

  • That’s awesome. You must have a great body. Large b******.

  • So you had fun hey there guy!

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