I spent my days in the hospital and she made the days bearable

For my honeymoon we went on a trip to Europe, Italy and France. While in Italy we went to this park up in the Alps and there were some four wheelers and my husband and I rented one to go sightseeing. He lost control, we went head over heals and the four wheeler landed on me and I broke my long bone in my left leg. A helicopter rescue, down into the valley to a hospital, an operation to pin my leg together.

I was recovering the next day and this nurse came in to give me a bath. Obviously I couldn't get up, my leg was pinned and I couldn't stand. So it was a sponge bath. She was very professional and kept the sheet on me as she got all of my clothes off, I was naked under the sheet and she gently washed my face, arms and hands, my feet and legs (taking care not to disturb the wound of the operation). She got to my torso, washed my b******, but she took her time and was gentle but firm, taking a good long minute to wash my nipples.

Then she moved down, across my stomach, to my p**** and she washed me opening my legs, being very thorough. She didn't smile, but I think she did, she was enjoying my p**** in her hands. When she looked up at me, she smiled and started to work my c******* with both of her thumbs. She worked me until I was pretty hot and she took a moment to run two fingers in my v*****, f****** me. And back to my c*** and this time with her thumb and forefinger she worked me until I climaxed for her. She smiled a big broad smile, and helped me sit up to wash my back.

She had me lay back, and helped me hold my one good leg up washed my butt crack with a wipey, and my butt hole too. Gentle and thorough. When she left, taking her wash sponge and pan with her, she patted my p**** and smiled at me.

I hurt for the next ten days, before I was able to be released to be put on a plane to fly me home. Everyday like clockwork she came to give me a bath, everyday she worked my c*** to climax. Everyday she patted my p**** when it was time to leave. She spoke Italian, I spoke English so we said things to each other but we did not understand. It made the days bearable. And I did not tell my husband, none of his business as far as I was concerned.

Oct 6

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  • My wife had an affair with her best friend's husband. He was laid up in the hospital for 2 weeks with a bad back, or something. So their freq f*** sessions were interrupted! She took care of that.....
    The nurses caught her sucking him off and/or beating him off so many times under the sheets that they thought she was the wife.....laughed and closed the door for their conjugal privacy!
    It all came unwound when his wife and 2 kids came to check him out of the hospital on his last day!
    I left her. His left him.

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